Autumn Lover (Maxwells, #1)

Autumn Lover (Maxwells, #1)

Elizabeth Lowell / Jan 19, 2020

Autumn Lover Maxwells In the Brisk Chill of Autumn Ravaged Hearts Will Be RebornReturning to her Wyoming ranch at the Civil War s end Elyssa Sutton finds it picked bare by scavengers and coveted by determined men Yet the

  • Title: Autumn Lover (Maxwells, #1)
  • Author: Elizabeth Lowell
  • ISBN: 9780380769551
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the Brisk Chill of Autumn, Ravaged Hearts Will Be RebornReturning to her Wyoming ranch at the Civil War s end, Elyssa Sutton finds it picked bare by scavengers and coveted by determined men Yet the proud young woman vows never again to abandon her Ruby Mountain home, though it means enlisting the aid of a dark and dangerous stranger who lives for revenge alone.Hunter MIn the Brisk Chill of Autumn, Ravaged Hearts Will Be RebornReturning to her Wyoming ranch at the Civil War s end, Elyssa Sutton finds it picked bare by scavengers and coveted by determined men Yet the proud young woman vows never again to abandon her Ruby Mountain home, though it means enlisting the aid of a dark and dangerous stranger who lives for revenge alone.Hunter Maxwell has suffered from the savagery of outlaws and the faithlessness of a woman And he will trust no female nor will he rest until the raiders who destroyed his family pay for their crimes.A woman in need, a man in pain, in fury and fire they must now stand as one to fight for something cherished, something lostd for a passion neither dreamed could live.

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        Individually and with co author husband Evan, Ann Maxwell has written over 60 novels and one work of non fiction There are 30 million copies of these books in print, as well as reprints in 30 foreign languages Her novels range from science fiction to historical fiction, from romance to mystery After working in contemporary and historical romance, she became an innovator in the genre of romantic suspense.In 1982, Ann began publishing as Elizabeth Lowell Under that name she has received numerous professional awards in the romance field, including a Lifetime Achievement award from the Romance Writers of America 1994.Since July of 1992, she has had over 30 novels on the New York Times bestseller list In 1998 she began writing suspense with a passionate twist, capturing a new audience and generation of readers Her new romance novel Perfect Touch will be available in July of 2015.To get a full list of titles as well as read excerpts from her novels, visit elizabethlowell.


    1. 2 stars for the story, 3 stars for I don't know what but it made me finish the book. Let's talk about pushing the wrong button in this review. I usually can find some compassion in me to see pass rudeness in misguided masculinity. My asshole radar in Romanceland is a lot less sensitive than most fellow ladies I know. But dude, Hunter, you are an asshole.That being said, Elyssa the heroine, didn't do better than Hunter in terms of not pushing the wrong button for me. She was running after Hunter [...]

    2. Últimamente no sé que pasa, pero libro que leo, libro que no consigo conectar con los protagonistas ni ver su amor por ningún lado.A pesar de que esta serie me encanta, los dos últimos libros de esta serie han echo que mi interés decaiga bastante sobre todo por los protagonistas.En esta ocasión tenemos a Hunter, personaje que si mal no recuerdo sale por primera vez en el libro anterior. Tras ayudarlos a ambos con una banda de forajidos que han sembrado el terror por la zona, los Cuppelpers [...]

    3. Elyssa is desperately trying to make a go of the Ladder S Ranch, but as a woman running a ranch in the sexist wild west, things are not easy. She needs to get her livestock to market or she'll go broke, and when the Culpepper's, outlaws from Texas decide to move in on her things become dire. Her hands are being killed or run off by the Culpepper's, her cattle and horses are being rustled. And someone on the ranch is feeding the Culpepper's information allowing them to run rough shod over her ran [...]

    4. Oh wow what a disaster I was cruising along enjoying the ride and then the heroine decided that she will play doormat for 75% of the ride while the hero continues to treat her like trash and continually degrade her because he thinks he knows better.I can't decide who I hate more- the jackhole hero or the idiot heroine. I really enjoyed the setup and even went along while the hero compared the heroine to his selfish deceased wife but I thought eventually he would see around that and realize who s [...]

    5. DNF 11%. Goodness me, I have forgotten how repetitive this author can be. I was able to look past it in previous books, but the hero's constant references to the heroine being a flirty little girl with "swinging hips" just got too tedious and too misogynistic for me to ignore. She was manhandled and disrespected by another man, and instead of defending her, he accused her of inviting the attention by swinging those busy pendulum hips of hers. And there really is no rhyme or reason behind his vic [...]

    6. This is another of the books I've read in my marathon charge through a bunch of Elizabeth Lowell's older romance works, and it's the last of the "Only" quartet and related duology. Unfortunately, it's also my second to least favorite.Lowell's writing here is certainly about on par with the other works, but the biggest beef I have with this story is a hero who really needs to be punched right in the jaw. Right out of the gate, Hunter Maxwell is convinced that Elyssa Sutton is the "town flirt", wh [...]

    7. Lowell writes an engaging story. As with many of her other books, this one ran along the same lines. The Hero had his doubts, strong doubts, that the heroine was an innocent. Called her "Sassy" all the time. Thought her an unrepentant flirt - much like his first wife - and he compared Elyssa mercilessly with his awful dead wife.Hunter had been burned in the past - so he took it out on Elyssa.Lowell does this in her books. I think she likes to see her larger-than-life heroes brought low by the tr [...]

    8. This book was pretty entertaining. I found myself more interested in how an isolated ranch would be run post-civil war than I was with the romance. I loved how they were in a situation where Confederate soldiers, Union soldiers, a black cowboy who was a former slave and Mexicans all put differences aside and worked together nicely in the name of survival.As for the romance, Hunter was not an easy man to fall for as a reader. I'm not sure how Elyssa mangaged it, quite frankly. He really seemed to [...]

    9. I absolutely did not like this book! During the first few chapters, the hero kept referring to the heroine as a flirt (slut) and I was so confused because nothing that I had read so far was describing her behavior as flirtatious. Then I realized that he was just being an ass and constantly comparing her to his late ho'ish wife. The hero was just constantly treating the heroine like dirt and I couldn't stand it so I stopped reading. Based on these other reviews, I am glad that I did and saved my [...]

    10. This was a very good read. I liked the storyline and the strong main characters. Elizabeth Lowell has a real gift for describing the settings and surroundings of the characters. The beauty of the land that she describes is amazing and vivid, you are right there with them. I enjoyed the struggles Hunter was working through and the way he was still able to care and respond. Good book

    11. Ugh, it was just okay. For the majority of the book, I actively hated the hero. I love a good, hard, dangerous guybut he was just unnecessarily cruel with no end in sight. It came right in the end, but his behavior, especially after their "first time" just ruined the book for me. I loved the brother, Case, but am not sure I'm willing to risk reading his story.

    12. It's tough to get into a romance novel in which the hero holds no attraction. If I had to read one more time that Elyssa was just like Hunter's dead wife when she clearly wasn't, I was going to climb into the book and slap some perception into him.

    13. Would've been a pretty good read if Hunter hadn't been so outrageously stupid, stuck in the past, and set on believing Elyssa was a loose woman. It colored so much of the story and got very annoying very quickly.

    14. I'm not sure how I feel about this book, I couldn't handle the way Hunter spoke to and about Elyssa, I felt the author went overboard, especially seeing as Elyssa did nothing that I read about to earns Hunter's disdain and then when's he found out he was wrong, did a complete 360.

    15. i give this book 3.5 stars. I have to say that this book was quite a surprise for me to read. I did not think I would have enjoyed it as much as I did. It was however a struggle to get through, but in the end I am glad that I read it. Elyssa is the owner of a ranch that raises cows and breeds horses. She is an orphan with only a family friend to watch over her. She is in charge of a few men who are trying to help her keep her ranch afloat. She will do anything she can to keep her ranch from fall [...]

    16. I think this might be one of the best historical western romance novels I have ever read. That being said, it did have some irksome issues. Every time Hunter called Elyssa a "tease" or a "little flirt" (which he does so often you could almost make a drinking game out of it) I wanted to reach through the pages and punch him in the face. I also really didn't care for the way he blamed Elyssa for the way other men behaved around her, saying that she deserved the men's unwanted affections just becau [...]

    17. I love Elizabeth Lowell but her westerns sometimes include characters that bug me a little bit. And this was true of this story. I liked it but the tough, hard man brought down by the love of a good woman got a little old. His distrust, and dislike of women was annoying at best and disturbing at worst. Overall, I liked the story, the writing is good as always but I did not like him most of the time. Hunter is hunting down members of the Culpepper family who killed his first wife (a no account wo [...]

    18. Elysa is trying to keep her father's ranch alive after his death. Hunter comes to the ranch looking for work, pretending to be a ramrod. What he is really there for is to get revenge on the Culpeppers, the gang of men who murdered his wife and children. Hunter had a very low opinion of Elysa for no real good reason. His former wife was unfaithful and he assumed and any other beautiful woman would be the same. There were also a lot of rumors about Elysa started by the local men that she rejected. [...]

    19. The only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars was because of the hero. The story was fantastic, the heroine was strong and independent. The plot was exciting with a bit of mystery. Throughout the story the hero continually misjudges the heroine constantly accusing her of being a flirt and acting like a "little girl". While this bothered me a lot, I figured with the big redemption at the end and the hero realizing he was wrong would make it better. Unfortunately, readers never really got this m [...]

    20. Elysa Sutton has recently returned to Wyoming from staying with relatives in England and is now in charge of the Letter S Ranch, after the death of her father. The Civil War has ended and The Culpepper Gang are causing trouble for ranchman and they want her ranch, she needs a good foreman/ramrod. Along comes Hunter Maxwell, he is after revenge of the Culpeppers for killing his family but he is not impressed by this woman he calls a flirt, but he will take the job on to help her anyway.I found El [...]

    21. Almost perfect! The complex web of love and betrayal around Elyssa is made even more complicated when she hires Hunter to oversee her ranch and fight off cattle rustlers. Hunter is tracking down men from the gang that killed his wife and children and sees "Sassy" as nothing more than a headstrong, flirty girl. She's young, but smart, capable and willing to work hard to save her ranch and redeem the men who helped build it up. Such a painful, bittersweet and passionate time they go through until [...]

    22. This book was a typical Lowell western romance. I'm always amused by the themes/scenes that she recycles from book to book! This book in particular had multiple parallels to Beautiful Dreamer, Desert Rain, and Remember Summer. I'm not sure why Lowell has an obsession with mean "misunderstood" stallions (of the animal variety)! While this book won't increase your IQ, it's an enjoyable distraction from real life. Just let your mind wander with the prose and give your inner critic the day off.

    23. Okay, I've learned my lesson. Never, and I mean never listen to a romance novel. You can't skip over the cr**. And the cr** was unbelievably, horribly written. This woman uses just about every cliche in the book. As for the storylineh. Best worst line: "He held her like a rainbow, arched and shimmering in his arms." The only good thing in it is Case, and he's a minor character. He gets his own book in the sequel, but there's no way I'm ruining him by actually reading it. Do not read this. Unless [...]

    24. Yeah I'm going to stop while I'm ahead. No need to read another book that makes me angry.So far, Hunter has a stupid mentality of all-girls-are-the-same and is just coming off as an ass.The heroine is not intriguing. They are both just breathlessly attracted to each other apparently, and I don't care. Also, he's a Confederate soldier I'm guessing, and I don't want to read about the disgusting Confederates who fought to own other humans, those pieces of garbage,thank you very much. I'm skipping o [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this story. Elizabeth Lowell can make a fluffy romance a very entertaining experience. This has everything you would expect in a romance, but this author always seems to throws in some twists to make her books better than average fluff. I will definately be looking for more of her books.

    26. Reading this as an extension to the 'Only' books, I kept going long after I got bored with Hunter's continuous insistence that Elyssa was just like Belinda. There wasn't enough similarity between the two women to keep the tension alive for even a third, much less a whole book.The story was somewhat saved by the continuing tale of revenge.

    27. Not bad. although, I believe I may have found it a bit more enjoyable had a been able to actually concentrate on it but I only got to read in short bursts over an extended time periodAnyway, I like that Elyssa was strong willed & was just meek when it came to Hunter & his ways. overall I liked Hunter however his attitude and the way he treated Alyssa in the beginning was off putting.

    28. I'm very happy to have picked up "Autumn Lover" and finished it under two days. Set in the 1870s, the novel captures the character's relentless struggle to protect, cherish and exact revenge combined with the solitary wilderness of the Ruby Mountains makes it a captivating one especially in this season (Autumn). Already looking forward for the sequel.

    29. Perhaps I'm just getting cranky in my old age, but overbearing, obnoxious, rude, misogynistic "heroes "just don't do anything for me. I couldn't even feel sorry for Hunter for the things that he suffered in the past because he was so rude in the present. I'll probably give books by this author another chance, because I did like some of the minor characters,.

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