Flatland / Sphereland

Flatland / Sphereland

Edwin A. Abbott Dionijs Burger Jr. / Sep 21, 2019

Flatland Sphereland Flatland the classic speculation on life in four dimensions Sphereland a continuing speculation on an expanding universe

  • Title: Flatland / Sphereland
  • Author: Edwin A. Abbott Dionijs Burger Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780062732767
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flatland the classic speculation on life in four dimensions Sphereland a continuing speculation on an expanding universe

    Flatland Store Get Flatland and Sphereland on DVD The Flatland Store is the place to get the exciting Flatland The Movie DVD Flatland The Movie is an animated film based on Edwin A Abbott s classic novel, Flatland The DVD stars the voices of Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Tony Hale, Michael York, and Joe Estevez Bonus features on the DVD include interviews with the stars and Prof Tom Banchoff discussing Flatland and the th Dimension. Flatland The Movie Flatland The Movie is a short animated film which was released to video in The cast includes the voices of actors Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell and Tony Hale.The story is based on the science fiction novella Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions written by Edwin A Abbott Flatland Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions is a satirical novella by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott, first published in by Seeley Co of London.Written pseudonymously by A Square, the book used the fictional two dimensional world of Flatland to comment on the hierarchy of Victorian culture, but the novella s enduring contribution is its examination of dimensions. Digital Downloads Get Flatland and Sphereland on DVD The Flatland Store is the place to get the exciting Flatland The Movie DVD Flatland The Movie is an animated film based on Edwin A Abbott s classic novel, Flatland The DVD stars the voices of Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Tony Hale, Michael York, and Joe Estevez Bonus features on the DVD include interviews with the stars and Prof Tom Banchoff discussing Flatland and the th Dimension. Flatlandia Flatlandia Racconto fantastico a pi dimensioni Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions un romanzo fantastico fantascientifico del scritto da Edwin Abbott Abbott.Narra la vita di un abitante di un ipotetico universo bidimensionale che entra in contatto con l abitante di un universo tridimensionale un racconto molto popolare tra gli studenti di matematica e pi in generale tra Dimension from Wolfram MathWorld Feb , Dimension The dimension of an object is a topological measure of the size of its covering properties Roughly speaking, it is the number of Kristen Bell Biografia Kristen Bell, discendente da una famiglia di origini irlandesi e polacche, nata e cresciuta a Huntington Woods, sobborgo di Detroit.Sua madre, Lorelei Bell nata Frygier , un infermiera e suo padre, Tom Bell, lavora come direttore del telegiornale WOAI TV di San Antonio.I suoi genitori si sono separati quando lei aveva due anni e suo padre si risposato. Hot Topics Mathematics and Programming Hoagies Gifted Click on Shop Hoagies Page before you visit your favorite on line stores including , Prufrock Press Prufrock code HOAGIES for free shipping and many Thanks for your support Donations Your donations also help keep Hoagies Gifted Education Page on line. Kate Mulgrew Katherine Kate Kiernan Mulgrew .April in Dubuque, Iowa ist eine US amerikanische Schauspielerin.Mulgrew ist vor allem fr ihre Darstellung in US amerikanischen Fernsehserien bekannt Ihre wohl bekannteste Rolle ist die der Kathryn Janeway, die sie sieben Jahre in der Serie Star Trek Raumschiff Voyager verkrperte. Kristen Bell Wikipdia Paralllement la srie, le cinma commence lui faire les yeux doux En , elle reprend le rle qu elle avait jou Broadway dans la comdie musicale Reefer Madness Reefer Madness The Movie Musical.Le septembre , elle assiste la e crmonie des Emmy Awards et y chante la chanson Fame.La mme anne, Kristen et le casting de Veronica Mars sont nomms

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        From Biography Base Edwin Abbott Abbott December 20, 1838 1926 , English schoolmaster and theologian, is best known as the author of the mathematical satire Flatland 1884.He was educated at the City of London School and at St John s College, Cambridge, where he took the highest honours in classics, mathematics and theology, and became fellow of his college In 1862 he took orders After holding masterships at King Edward s School, Birmingham, and at Clifton College, he succeeded G F Mortimer as headmaster of the City of London School in 1865 at the early age of twenty six He was Hulsean lecturer in 1876.He retired in 1889, and devoted himself to literary and theological pursuits Dr Abbott s liberal inclinations in theology were prominent both in his educational views and in his books His Shakespearian Grammar 1870 is a permanent contribution to English philology In 1885 he published a life of Francis Bacon His theological writings include three anonymously published religious romances Philochristus 1878 , Onesimus 1882 , and Sitanus 1906.More weighty contributions are the anonymous theological discussion The Kernel and the Husk 1886 , Philomythus 1891 , his book The Anglican Career of Cardinal Newman 1892 , and his article The Gospels in the ninth edition of the Encyclop dia Britannica, embodying a critical view which caused considerable stir in the English theological world He also wrote St Thomas of Canterbury, his Death and Miracles 1898 , Johannine Vocabulary 1905 , Johannine Grammar 1906 Flatland was published in 1884.His brother, Evelyn Abbott 1843 1901 , was a well known tutor of Balliol College, Oxford, and author of a scholarly history of Greece.


    1. FlatlandAbbott's classic, exuberant look at life in two dimensions and how hard it would be to understand a third deserves a wide audience; much wider than stereotypical maths or science nerds. Not only does it remind us that our direct perceptions are limited and limiting, it also acts as a severe critique and satire on Victorian society and hubris that we would do well to take note of even today. Finally, it ends on a bit of a downer note, telling us how visionaries are often treated as crazy. [...]

    2. Flatland I feel was a speculation on women inequality. If you read flatland you will see that in every "universe" women always have one less dimension. Even though Edwin A. Abbott was always about defending women's rights, in the book he writes women as being stupid sticks instead. I feel the book was just a way for him to expose the injustice to women through a book.Although I think the book was just a speculation on women's rights, the book does have a mathematical aspect. The book is essentia [...]

    3. A classic: I have read this book at least a dozen times. It's a must read for anyone, a satire of many dimensions. While the aspects of dimensionality apply to the math geeks, the pun on straight-laced Victorian society actually mirrors many of the things we face in our society today, but with a different twist. This is a great way for a lay person to understand the concept of dimensionality. If you like this book, I also highly recommend reading Rudy Rucker's Spaceland and Ian Stewart's Flatter [...]

    4. This review is just for Sphereland, as my Flatland review is attached to a different book/version.At the most general level, it was a fun read! Like Flatland, it was divided into easy sections and one always knew of what concept a particular paragraph was explaining. It indeed wasn't as charming as Flatland, but that's because nothing can compete with Flatland's sheer originality. Main parts: Crash course from Flatland (SUPER boring as I was familiar with it), social progression, exploration of [...]

    5. This is one of my favorite books ever. I have tried to describe it to others & when I do, they think I'm nuts. However, I found it incredibly fascinating and thought provoking.

    6. Vilma GamarraIRB ResponseFlatland by Edwin A. Abbott and Sphereland by Dionys Burgere are coupled stories made into one book; one is the sequel of the other. I am evaluating this book based on the development of plot by using fantasy. This is a mathematical, scientific book that explains why people cannot understand a dimension beyond their own, at least not by themselves. It revolves around a society that one day gets a visit from a higher dimension, shpereland that greatly impacts them and adv [...]

    7. “this hard wall that bars me from my freedom, these very tablets on which I am writing, and all the substantial realities of Flatland itself, appear no better than the offspring of a diseased imagination, or the baseless fabric of a dream”i have to admit how interesting this book was. i surprised by how easy and fast a novel with maths as a main theme managed to be. screw that. i was impressed. the mathematical aspect is extremely fascinating: i only now realise how simple geometry isn't so [...]

    8. Flatland and sphereland (flatland's sequel) are more stories of closed-mindedness then mathamatics. It take place in a world completely flat, or so the residents of this flat land think. In this world these inhabitance of geometric shapes have their own society, much like mankind's in the Victorian era, with circles being the most powerful, and circle's offspring being even more powerful. Women are considered brain dead, and are dangerous, because of their points. The main character is a square. [...]

    9. I'm just about finished re-reading these books. You really have to read Flatland first to appreciate Sphereland. Because Flatland was written in 1880s many of the social conventions, while consistent with Victorian English society, grate on post modern American sensibilities. You must understand that Flantland is both a popularization of a mathematical concept and a criticism of the social injustices in English society at the time of it's writing. As such attitudes toward the "irregulars" and "t [...]

    10. I love Flatland! It takes a fun idea (a world that exists in 2-dimensions) and theorizes about life in that world and what happens when a simple shape experiences a visitor from the third dimension. It provides an introspective look at how we perceive religion and reality. 5 stars for Flatland. Sphereland lost some of the charm of Flatland. Naturally it is more difficult for us to write about an encounter with a four-dimensional shape, which is what made flatland so intriguing. 3 stars for Spher [...]

    11. This book would have probably changed my life if I had read it at age 15, but at this point, I am pretty much over books with social hierarchy themes. Still, even considering the idea that no circle is really a circle, but only a polygon with a very large number of very small sides, did blow my mind a little, and kept me awake with doubt and confusion at least one or two nights, which made this worth the read.

    12. كاتب عبقريتنقلت بسلاسة بين أربعة عوالمعالم النقطةعالم البعد الواحدعالم البعدينالعالم ثلاثي الأبعادبل وجعلني أصبح متفهما لامكانية وجود عوالم أخرى بأبعاد أكثر!في هذه الرواية لا حدود لكي توقف عقلك، كذا لا يمكنك أن تؤمن بكمال عقلك الذي هو أسير الحواس المحدودة لجسدك البشري لا [...]

    13. Fantastiskt bra, tycker dock att kvinnosynen var ganska irriterande även om den är typ försåtlig för boken är skriven under den tiden då det var en vanlig inställning att se kvinnan som det svagare könet. Beskrivningarna av flatland som boken börjar med kan vara ganska tröttsamma men de är mer eller mindre nödvändiga för vissa förståelser och en del saker är himla kul.FLATLANDET!

    14. One of those novels that has too many err dimensions to simplify. My favorite part covered the introduction of seeming impossibilities to the local characters and the intellectual madcap adventure that ensues. This book is nice in that the "sequel" is "included" on the reverse - simply flip it over along its horizontal access and you'll find the story continued.

    15. I own this combination book. Flatland is mind-expanding and I recommend it to everyone. Sphereland is a good sequel to Flatland. Sphereland, in my opinion, is not as good as the alternate sequel Flatterland.

    16. Everyone thinks I'm psycho for liking this book. But I've read it twice, and it just never gets old. I love turning my mind inside out into the 4th dimension. However, when it comes to Sphereland, that's just imitation of the original. Abbott is the true genius at work.

    17. This was recommended to me many years ago by the son of a fellow vendor at a birdfeeder trade show in (I think) Charlotte, NC.I recently re-found my copy and it's going back on my to-read list! The concepts described to me just sound so fascinating!

    18. So neat!!! I refer to this book often. Didn't expect that. My nerdiest self loves thinking about the problems and implications of multiple dimensions. What a fun book to start off from. It's given me lots to think about. If you know me and have read the book, let's chat!

    19. These are both fascinating stories. They present many of the societal limitations we create because of our lack of perspective and understanding using simple geometry.

    20. I read these as set books for our Theory of Knowledge class in college. They really expanded my mind, and set me thinking about a dimension beyond ours. Really fascinating!

    21. I read both Flatland and Sphereland back in high school for my Calculus class. While they were not your typical novel, I still think of them 20 years later.

    22. Very strange and a little bit ridiculous. But both Flatland and Sphereland do a great job of explaining geometry.

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