The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall

Gunnar Staalesen / Aug 22, 2019

The Writing on the Wall A case for Varg VeumBergen Norway Young teenage girls some from very cosseted backgrounds are being drawn into prostitution partly for kicks but also to earn money for drugs and trendy clothes Ma

  • Title: The Writing on the Wall
  • Author: Gunnar Staalesen
  • ISBN: 9781900850582
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • A case for Varg VeumBergen, Norway Young teenage girls, some from very cosseted backgrounds, are being drawn into prostitution, partly for kicks, but also to earn money for drugs and trendy clothes Matters take a turn for the worse when the local magistrate is discovered in a luxury hotel, clad only in women s lingerie and most assuredly dead Private detective VargA case for Varg VeumBergen, Norway Young teenage girls, some from very cosseted backgrounds, are being drawn into prostitution, partly for kicks, but also to earn money for drugs and trendy clothes Matters take a turn for the worse when the local magistrate is discovered in a luxury hotel, clad only in women s lingerie and most assuredly dead Private detective Varg Wolf Veum is called in by anxious parents soon after to look for their missing daughter, whose body is found dumped beside the road in an isolated spot Clues point to the Bergen underworldwill Veum escape with his life this time

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      • Gunnar Staalesen

        Gunnar Staalesen is a Norwegian writer Staalesen has a candilol degree from Universitetet i Bergen and he has worked at Den Nationale Scene, the main theater in Bergen.


    1. Gunnar Staalesen's Varg Veum is a true original. His name can mean "lone wolf", "persona non grata" and other negative labels, and Varg manages to live up to all of them. His background as a sociologist working in child services (before he went postal on a child abuser) tends to attract him to cases involving children, and this is no exception. Varg is hired by a mother whose teenage girl Torild has disappeared. As Varg digs deeper, he finds that Torild was embroiled with some very unsavoury cha [...]

    2. This is the first one I've read. Stood alone just fine. I enjoyed it sufficiently to look for others in the series.

    3. Originally published in Norway in 1995, Gunnar Staalesen's The Writing on The Wall is set in Bergen Norway in the early '90s. Private Eye Varg Veum returns from the funeral of his ex-wife's most recent husband to find the distressed mother of missing 16 year old girl Torild waiting to see him. Around the same time Bergen is buzzing with rumours about the death of Judge Brandt after he is found dead in a hotel room wearing flimsy female underwear.Veum starts digging into the last known sightings [...]

    4. I came to this series from seeing the Norwegian television series based on the books. Prior to that, I had never heard of Staalesen or his detective Varg Veum. More than any of the other Scandanavian mysteries, this one has its roots firmly in the private eye tradtion of Hammett, Chandler, and Ross MacDonald. In fact, the book reminded very much of the Lew Archer novels. I started off really enjoying the book, but as it continued, it seemed to go on and on, and while it did pick back up at the e [...]

    5. The Writing on the Wall is a compelling Scandinavian crime novel taking place in Bergen, Norway, dealing with murder, corruption and men if privilege. The hero, Varg Veum, a former social worker turned private detective is portrayed as somewhat of an outcast. In fact, the expression varg i veum, in Norwegian means persona non grata, outlaw or pariah. The police often treat him this way, but it's never fully explained why. However this is the 11th book in the series, and while it reads pretty eas [...]

    6. I only bought this because it was on 's 99p daily deal offer. I suspect I wouldn't have paid a full £1 for it, however it was far preferable to most of the turgid pot-boilers that count as contemporary 'thrillers'. This tale certainly cements the notion (cf. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc) that those Scandinavians are a bunch of dirty underage-prostitute-murdering thugs - which is nice. Unlike the unfortunately prolix aforementioned Girl with Dragon Tattoo, this was at least a quick read, with [...]

    7. In truth this book took me far longer to read than I expected. Was it because I was not fully engaged? I'm not sure. I have to say I was not fully convinced by Hal Sutcliffe's translation into English. I found it far too anglicised for my taste. Were there really mentions of Inspector Morse in the original? Possibly, but much of the book was full of English expressions that seemed to diminish the Norwegian feel of the characters. I enjoyed it to a certain extent, but not as much as I'd hoped.

    8. A combination of poor translation, community college creative writing class techniques, moralizing, pitifully weak female characters and over-convulted plotting made this a hard book to get through. But, I did want to make it to the end, hence I gave it two stars. I usually give one star to books I could barely finish or I started to skim after awhile. If I could have given it 1.5, I would have. I'm not doing too well with Scandinavian crime fiction, though Henning Mankell is significantly bette [...]

    9. just reread this because the library recommended it and a few other books by Saalesen. Odd to do that when the entire Fairfax County Public Library System only has this one book by him. Okay, he is Norwegian, and this is a pretty bad translation. But why recommend books not available to borrow?Anyway, the book is a little graphic in areas and a pretty awful story line, but it is a murder mystery/crime novel. Set in Bergen. Art and I watched at least one movie based on the Varg Veum detective, so [...]

    10. The ending didn't completely satisfy me, but I enjoyed the Norwegian setting, the clear (translated) prose, and a likeable private detective. As the crimes involve prostitution and drugs, it was nice to balance that dark world with a relatively noble protagonist whose demons weren't worse than the antagonists. Gunnar Staalesen is not as easy to find in the US as Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbo, but I'll keep my eyes open for him.

    11. Enjoyed this. Minor quibbles: a few editing errors, and perhaps a bit of an unpleasant twist at the end. I like Varg Veum though, a first person POV from a private eye who is a former social worker rather than a former policeman, and I also very much like the setting of Bergen, some of it recognisable to me as a tourist (but was I really inadvertently in the red light district? ) Set in the early 1990s.

    12. Excellent, hard to put down P.I. novel. The main reason Writing is excellent, above average, is because of its particularly twisted, sleazy revelations (in regards to its storyline and its characters). Worth owning, this.(This review originally appeared on the Reading & Writing By Pub Light site.)

    13. I don't know why I read this book to the end. Perhaps it was so I could play spot the mistake, or wonder which creative writing course the author took (he used all the tips for writing a punchy line). Or maybe it was so I could just say, I read it and I won't be reading another one. This was dull, predictable, and the descriptions read like a child's comprehension exercise.

    14. This was an easy read, but only partially absorbing until the clever twists at the end.It was the first book by this author that I've ever read and I thought there was somematerial that must have occurred in earlier books that I wish I had been more privy to.I'd read another by this author (in my queue: "Cold Hearts") but hopefully the next oneis a bit more exciting/interesting.

    15. Didn't realize this was the 11th of a series until I was halfway through - might explain why it was somewhat disjointed at times. Or maybe that was just the translation. A fun little distraction for the metro.

    16. Given the reviews I perused, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book was better than I anticipated. In fact, despite the grim and rather sordid subject matter, I found I enjoyed it. The protagonist was a sort of Norwegian Philip Marlowe crossed with Andrew Vachss.

    17. Bergen, Norway seen as an average tourist never will. Prostitution, drugs, gangs, and murder. Very well told.

    18. Toujours un plaisir de retrouver Varg Veum, et l'atmosphère particulière de ses enquêtes dans les milieux "souterrains" de Bergen. Il me tarde de fouler le sol de Bergen et de Stavanger !

    19. Very good, gripping read, fast moving. What else to say! Set in Norway, sometimes takes a few paragraphs to determine the gender of a new character.

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