Chicken Sunday

Chicken Sunday

Patricia Polacco / Sep 19, 2019

Chicken Sunday After being initiated into a neighbor s family by a solemn backyard ceremony a young Russian American girl and her African American brothers determine to buy their gramma Eula a beautiful Easter hat

  • Title: Chicken Sunday
  • Author: Patricia Polacco
  • ISBN: 9780698116153
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • After being initiated into a neighbor s family by a solemn backyard ceremony, a young Russian American girl and her African American brothers determine to buy their gramma Eula a beautiful Easter hat But their good intentions are misunderstood, until they discover just the right way to pay for the hat that Eula s had her eye on A loving family story woven from the authoAfter being initiated into a neighbor s family by a solemn backyard ceremony, a young Russian American girl and her African American brothers determine to buy their gramma Eula a beautiful Easter hat But their good intentions are misunderstood, until they discover just the right way to pay for the hat that Eula s had her eye on A loving family story woven from the author s childhood.

    Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco Mar , Chicken Sunday After being initiated into a neighbor s family by a solemn backyard ceremony, a young Russian American girl and her African American brothers determine to buy their gramma Eula a beautiful Easter hat But their good intentions are misunderstood, until they discover just the right way to pay for the hat that Eula s had her eye on. Chicken Sunday Patricia Polacco Apr , CHICKEN SUNDAY is named after the chicken dinner that Eula Mae feed the children every Sunday after Church This is another multi cultural book teaching children that it is okay to have friendships with people who are different Incidentally, Patricia remains close to these boys to this very day It also exposes children to different types of racism. Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco, Edward Miller Chicken Sunday is a moving story about understanding others Tricia and her two neighbors Stewart and Winston often spent Sundays together They would walk to church together, and have fried chicken for dinner, hence the title. Sunday Chicken Recipe Taste of Home Nov , Directions Preheat oven to In a large bowl, combine soups, cup butter and rice Pour into a greased x in baking dish Top with chicken pieces Drizzle chicken with remaining butter Sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika Bake, uncovered, hours or until chicken juices run CHICKEN SUNDAY by Patricia Polacco , Patricia Polacco Drawing on her Oakland childhood, Polacco tells a wonderful story about helping her beat friends get an Easter hat for gramma Unlike the narrator, Miss Eula and her two grandsons are Baptists they re also, in Polacco s vibrantly individual pictorial characterizations, African Americans. Chicken Sunday YouTube Feb , The Book of Psalms KJV Audio Holy Bible High Quality and Best Speed Book Duration The Two Preachers ,, views

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        Patricia Polacco Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Chicken Sunday book, this is one of the most wanted Patricia Polacco author readers around the world.


    1. This picture book by Patricia Polacco is again an absolute gem. Another (autobiographical) story, Chicken Sunday is a glowing and wonderful tale of friendship, understanding, sensitivity, forgiveness, creative craftmanship (and so much more). It is a story to make you smile, to make you cry and to make you feel hungry (and not necessarily for Miss Eula's chicken suppers, but more for the friendship, the love and the easy acceptance of different cultures and religions presented). I really appreci [...]

    2. What I love so much about Patricia Polacco's works is that her books are mostly based on her real life as a child. Well, her book “Chicken Sunday” is such a book and it shows the multicultural friendship that Patricia has with two African-American boys, Stewart and Winston and the story details the three friends' determination to prove their innocence when a group of rough boys threw eggs at Mr. Kodinski's shop! “Chicken Sunday” is truly one heartwarming book that you should definitely c [...]

    3. Wow! This is a stunning story that brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful and touching. In an understated, gentle way it brings to light the evils of prejudice, the loveliness of kindness, the rewards of entrepreneurship, the joy of selflessness The sub-story with Mr. Kodinski is so powerful in the subtle way its told--I felt pierced right through when I got to the illustration that reveals the tattooed numbers on his arm (i.e from a concentration camp) he is handing the children a gift. Childre [...]

    4. This wasn’t one of Polacco’s titles that appealed to me as a vegan, given that I thought chicken on Sundays was what it would be about, and that is part of it. But I was able to dissociate enough to put that part in the background.The rest of the story is fabulous. Once again, this is a story from Polacco’s childhood. This Russian-Jewish girl and two neighbors who are African-American boys, in a “solemn ceremony” become sister and brothers. The boys’ grandmother is raising them, and [...]

    5. Title: Chicken SundayAuthor(s) name(s): Patricia PolaccoISBN (or ASIN): 0-399-22133-6Publisher: Philomel BooksPublication date: 1992Format: HardbackDescription: Children’s Picture BookPolacco has written and illustrated a book that highlights a memorable time of her childhood. The book is dedicated to her best friend Stewart Grinnell Washington, who is a major character in the book.Polacco (Patricia) moved to Oakland as a young child and the Washington family were neighbors. She would sometime [...]

    6. Three children want to find a way to raise money to buy a gift for their grandmother, but he becomes angry with them due to a misunderstanding. This is a really sweet story, probably one of my favourites that I've read from this author so far. Plus, I love how accepting the two families are of each other, and how they blend together, given the era you can tell it was probably 'set' in. (This is another one where I'm not sure if it's actually fiction, or another story from the author's own life - [...]

    7. Patricia Polacco has done it again. She has written such a lovely story, so touching and sincere, that it gave my tear ducts some exercise. We discovered her books a few years ago and have been reading as many as we can find at our local library. I love the ethnic diversity and genuine acceptance of this story; color, religion and national origin are not ignored or pushed aside, but they are embraced by the main characters in the story. I love that the Washington family cared for Patricia as one [...]

    8. Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco is an autobiographical tale of friendship, love, understanding, courage, sensitivity, bravery, wrongful accusation and forgiveness. A young Russian-American girl and her African-American "brothers" determine to buy their "gramma" Eula a beautiful Easter hat she admires. Their good intentions are misunderstood when they are accused of vandalism, until they discover just the right way to pay for the hat.The text is placed on ample white space. Two memorable sente [...]

    9. Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco is a story about three friends who come from different backgrounds, who became a family. In the story, Ms. Eula, takes the three children Stewart, Winston and Patricia in as her grandchildren. The children come different walks of life, Patricia is a European Jew while Stewart and Winston are African American Baptists. In the story, the trio work hard to buy Ms. Eula a nice hat. Patricia Polacco, based this story off her own life experiences. It is apparent in h [...]

    10. After a recent reunion with a family who was so kind to me when I was young, this book resonated in a timely manner, and affirmed the fact that people can make a difference in our lives. When a young Russian girl befriends African American brothers in her neighborhood, they vow to treat each other as family.Visiting every Sunday, Patricia loves the chicken Sunday dinners after church. She grows to thrive in the family, and together she and her family of brothers vow to find a way to purchase a h [...]

    11. Chicken Sunday is a tender story about understanding others and making other happy by doing nice things for them. Patricia and her two neighbors Stewart and Winston often spent Sundays together. They would walk to church together, and have fried chicken for dinner. Stewart and Winston's gramma always admired a certain hat on their walk to church. The kids didn't have enough money to buy hat but were determined to work for it. On their way to strike a deal with the hat make they are accused of th [...]

    12. Another incredible story inspired by Polacco's childhood.Patricia Polacco spent many Sundays with her neighborhood friends and their grandmother, Miss Eula. They would attend church service, glance in the shops on the way home, and then eat a big fried chicken dinner. The children saw Miss Eula admiring a lovely pink Easter hat in Mr. Kodinski's shop and they decided they would do odd jobs to earn enough money to buy her the hat. They were going to ask Mr. Kodinski if he had any odd jobs when a [...]

    13. Genre- Picture BookReading Level- K-5Topic and Themes- Wrongful accusation, working together, friendship and loveCurricula use- Read AloudSocial- DiversityLiterary Elements- A group of diverse friends are wrongfully accused of stealing. They work together to clear their names.Text and Pictures- Text and pictures go together to tell the story. Beautiful colors Summary- "Chicken Sunday" by Patricia Polacco. Patricia's maternal grandparents are from Russia and her paternal grandparents are from Ire [...]

    14. Not only do I love Chicken Sunday for the simple beauty of the language; the artwork, too, makes this one not to miss. I especially loved the photos displayed in the background of the artwork and the religious icons placed throughout Miss Eula's home. I also love how even though her grandmother passed away, she is still somehow very much alive on the pages of her books. For those of us who are devoted readers of all things Polacco, it would make an interesting aside, a sort of "Where's Waldo" ki [...]

    15. After the narrator's beloved grandmother dies, the grandmother of two of her friends takes her in and treats her like one of her own grandchildren, sharing food, music, and fellowship with her. All three attend church with Miss Eula where she sings in the choir. When her boys, Stewart and Winston, and the narrator notice how much she longs for a beautiful hat in a store window, they plan to buy it for her. But before they can earn enough money for it, they are accused by the storekeeper, Mr. Kod [...]

    16. A children's story of tolerance and reaching out.My TakeThis was so sweet. A loving gramma who opened her heart and home and encouraged the children to open theirs. A hatmaker who was open to truths and his own heart of gold.The StoryStewart and Winston are brothers to a little red-haired Russian girl and they happily share their gramma, Eula Mae Walker, with her. Sometimes on Sundays she would go to the Baptist church with them and follow it with a fried chicken dinner. They love Gramma so much [...]

    17. This book reminds me of my family in so many ways. We have a blended family but one would never know it if it wasnt for the deviation in skin tones. I love this story because of the family unit involved. Polacco's illustrations are always beautiful and this book is no different. I would share this book with my students and have them tell about their own "chicken sundays".

    18. Not only is this a perfect book for upcoming Easter, I think it is one of Polacco's best. If the illustrations of Miss Eula Mae in her Easter bonnet (and the story behind it), don't form two deep wells of tears in your eyes by the end. . . well, you're not fit for one of her famous chicken dinners.

    19. What a lovely, sweet read of love, caring and friendship. Reminds me of a part of my childhood and my Aunt Jessie and Uncle Claude's yummy fried chicken Sundays where they always made enough for drop in Sunday visits from a lonely single mom and her shy little daughter.Loved the reference to Eula Mae Walker's voice, "She had a voice like slow thunder and sweet rain."

    20. A great story of children who did something nice for another person out of love! In the process, they learn to look more deeply at those around them rather than judge prematurely!

    21. Patricia Pollacco is one of my very favorite authors. She really touches some unique subject matter and has a lot of depth to her books! They are great for discussions!

    22. Title: Chicken SundayAuthor: Patricia PolaccoIllustrator: Edward MillerPublisher: Penguin GroupYear of Publication: 1998Grade level: 3-6Genre: Picture BookTopic: Traditions; eggsSummary: A young girl is such good friends with the neighbor boys. They are like her brothers, and their grandma like her grandma. She sometimes goes to church with them and then to their grandma’s for fried chicken (“chicken Sundays”). One Sunday on the way home from church, they see Eula Mae (grandma) admiring a [...]

    23. This is such a touching, beautiful story is taken right out of the author's life.The little girl in the story was close friends with her neighbours, and especially since her own grandmother died she felt that their gramma, Miss Eula, was now hers, too. She'd go to church with the family and loved to hear Miss Eula sing in her rich voice. On their way, they'd always stop in front of Mr. Kodinski's hat shop that had wonderful hats. The three children wanted to buy their gramma the hat they knew sh [...]

    24. Chicken Sunday is a realistic fiction that is engaging and fun for children. It is age appropriate and can be understood easily, however the book is a bit longer in length so it might be difficult for a young reader to finish in one setting. This book includes a rich, thick plot and utilizes language that are appropriate for the children's ages and interest. The book has realistic characters that are very relatable for children. The illustrations of this book are accurate in terms of setting, pl [...]

    25. This was a great story of life lessons and learning the right way to make amends. Three children want to buy their gramma Eula a special Easter bonnet for Easter from a local hat maker. The kids realize they need to make money to purchase it. Unfortunately they are falsely accused of throwing eggs at the door of the hatmaker's business. Down on their luck, the children realize they must come up with a way to make amends and earn money for the bonnet. They come up with painting some beautifully d [...]

    26. This book is good to read with both younger and older students and would be great to use for discussion in a classroom. Not only does it teach valuable life lessons like kindness, honesty, and compassion, but it also gives a cultural background to many of the characters. There is racism, hints to concentration camps, and different cultural traditions seen in this tiny book. There are so many discussion questions that could be asked throughout this book, so I would highly recommend this to any te [...]

    27. Patricia Polacco's books are always good, but this one is great! The bond that these people have in this book really shows what a family is. My favorite illustration is when they are singing in choir and all of the ladies have on their dresses! This book would be a great book to use when teaching kids different cultures and their traditions. It would also be a great book to teach kids about caring, honesty, respect, and compassion. This book could be read to any age.

    28. The following books by Patricia Polacco are wonderful books and especially good for read aloud time for all ages especially the intermiate grades.

    29. Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco is a delightful children's book. The illustrations are beautiful and the word choice is rich in meaning. Chicken Sunday begins with Patricia explaining how she became a relative of the boys, Winston and Spencer, and Miss Eula. On Sundays, Patricia went to church with Miss Eula and the boys. As they walked hand in hand to church, Miss Eula always admired a hat in Mr. Kodinski's hat shop. However, she could never afford the hats in the store. Patricia and the boy [...]

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