"There Are Rocks in My Socks!" Said the Ox to the Fox

"There Are Rocks in My Socks!" Said the Ox to the Fox

Patricia Thomas Mordicai Gerstein / Sep 17, 2019

There Are Rocks in My Socks Said the Ox to the Fox An ox gets himself into ridiculous situations made worse when he listens to the advice of his friend the fox

  • Title: "There Are Rocks in My Socks!" Said the Ox to the Fox
  • Author: Patricia Thomas Mordicai Gerstein
  • ISBN: 9780688518516
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An ox gets himself into ridiculous situations made worse when he listens to the advice of his friend the fox.

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      176 Patricia Thomas Mordicai Gerstein
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      • Patricia Thomas Mordicai Gerstein

        Patricia Thomas is the author of Firefly Mountain There Are Rocks in Socks, Said the Ox to the Fox The One and Only, Super Duper, Golly Whopper, Jim Dandy, Really Handy Clock Tock Stopper and Stand Back, Said the Elephant, Im Going to Sneeze, featured on the PBS Storytime series Thomas graduated from Penn State University and has worked as a writer and editor in practically every area of the advertising business She is a member of SCBWI and an instructor for the Institute of Childrens Literature Her programs include The Wordplays the Thing and Midsummer Nights Magic Using her picture books, which range in style from nonsense verse to evocative poetry, Thomas leads children to a discovery of the joy of reading, the adventure of books, the power of their own creativityand the pure, unadulterated magic of words In Words, Words, Words, she explains that words are the basic building blocks of that marvelous, magical commodity known as story But how does a writer successfully put those blocks together It involves both art and craft Thomas tells about those twin aspects of a writers life and answers questions about her own experiences Through lively personal stories and interactive discussion, she encourages students to pursue their own creative goals and offers strategies for helping them become better writers including her own Helpful Half Dozen writing tips Her writing workshops include To Be Or Not To Be The What If Question What if you found a giant beanstalk growing in your yard What if a tornado lifted your house and set it down in a strange land What if an elephant sneezed Asking what if can launch a writer straight into a story In this hands on program, students, collectively and individually, use this technique to spark imagination, inspire ideas, and develop potential story plots Thomas lives in Carbondale, Pennsylvania.


    1. I know that you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover – or its title – but what else can you do when you find a book called _”There Are Rocks in My Socks!” said the Ox to the Fox”_? It only takes a smidgen of intelligence to realize that you have found an excellent children’s book with some highly enjoyable rhymes, and Patricia Thomas’ story does not disappoint! The story line is very simple – the poor ox has rocks in his socks (bet you wouldn’t have guessed that!) and [...]

    2. My very first book that I can remember reading. To this day, it is one of my favorite reads! Reads like a good Dr. Seuss book; timeless and fun.

    3. This was one of my favorite books to read when I was a little kid. I loved how it rhymed and I loved the illustrations. I ran across it and had to re-read it.algia.

    4. This was one of those books that when I was growing up wasn't quite a hit but that was more or less due to the illustrations. The idea is interesting in how the story comes out, the simplicity of the answer and also the interesting situation that the Ox gets into while it will remind many readers of an alternative Dr. Seuss book. The book mostly rhymes and in the spots that it doesn't it is either since the sentence was made too long or the author is repeating themselves on a word. As a result o [...]

    5. I grew up with this book and repeatedly read it as a child. Even as an adult, the writing and illustrations continue to capture my imagination; the verses are catchy and the pictures are delightfully silly yet extremely sophisticated in their rendering. This is an ideal book for any child, one that can easily become a beloved item of childhood while standing the test of time. Rocks is just as much fun to read today as it was during its first publication back in 1979. Perfect for reading at bedti [...]

    6. One of the first books I remember reading as a child with a problem solving theme. The x-ray view of the inside of the shoe at the beginning of the book provides a clear and detailed illustration of the main problem: the poor, large ox has a number of painful rocks stuck inside his sock/shoe. A "helpful" fox tries to remedy the situation with various suggestions but only compounds the painful problem with his expert advice. This memorable book with its hilarious, rhyming text is probably best re [...]

    7. I loved this as a child and have read it to each of my three children. Our youngest one is the latest in line to experience this cute, rhyming tale. Ox has a dilemma by having rocks in his socks and Fox tries to help him but ends up giving him all the wrong advice. The rhythm of the book is very Seuss-like and is enjoyable for read-aloud with small children. The illustrations are cute and whimsical. This is definitely a great read.

    8. Holy rhyming batman!! This book is great there are so many rhyming words it makes you dizzy! The ox wants the help of the fox to get the rocks out of his socks. The ox gets a tack in his back you see where this is going! The bird finally comes to the ox's rescue! Kids would find this so funny.

    9. This book have fun colorful illustrations with a story that will keep children guessing. There Are Rocks in My Socks!" Said the Ox to the Fox can be useful to educators when aiding student in framing their problem solving skills. Rhyming words in the story can make it fun to read. The book is an extended tool to help children build several developmental skills.

    10. this is a great book. my sister had this book as a child and i read it also. now my niece and nephew carry the same copy with them. i love the alternation of color in the book. it also has a very good story line about making choices and would be a good book for helping children find the most reasonable answer

    11. I read this to my son the other night and it certainly reminded of books from my childhood. Well, it was obviously written about the time I was child, but I hadn't seen it before. The rhymes were good and the pictures interesting. He like it.

    12. I loved reading this book to my sons and have been on a search for it. Is no longer published but I finally got a used copy on that didn't break the bank. Can't wait to read it to my grandkids! Seems to have become a classic - wish it would be repuplished. Fun and lively.

    13. This book is full of rhyming and cause and effect. The Ox has many things happen to him that lead to other events. Some of the language is very confusing and hard to follow for younger kids. Also, it teaches community because all of the animals come together to help the Ox.

    14. I read this aloud to myself and it is exhausting with all the rhyming. I loved this when I was a kid and recently reclaimed it from my mother.

    15. Great read-aloud for early elementary school because its funny, rhyming, and a real tongue twister. Many years ago, I turned an old copy of this into a flannel board story.

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