The Laws of Harmony

The Laws of Harmony

Judi Hendricks / Oct 13, 2019

The Laws of Harmony Sunny Cooper has been running since she was eighteen from the New Mexican commune where she grew up and from the haunting memory of the freak accident that took the life of her younger sister Now at

  • Title: The Laws of Harmony
  • Author: Judi Hendricks
  • ISBN: 9780061687365
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sunny Cooper has been running since she was eighteen from the New Mexican commune where she grew up and from the haunting memory of the freak accident that took the life of her younger sister Now, at thirty two, Sunny voices radio spots in Albuquerque while struggling to hold on to a floundering relationship But when a second tragic accident and the devastating truSunny Cooper has been running since she was eighteen from the New Mexican commune where she grew up and from the haunting memory of the freak accident that took the life of her younger sister Now, at thirty two, Sunny voices radio spots in Albuquerque while struggling to hold on to a floundering relationship But when a second tragic accident and the devastating truths that come to light in its aftermath turns her world upside down, Sunny runs again.In the town of Harmony on San Miguel Island, she takes a new job, learns to ride a motorcycle, and makes some surprising new friends But the past is never far behind A startling discovery along with an emotional and revelatory reunion with her estranged mother is forcing Sunny to step out from the shadows of yesterday to embrace an uncertain future.

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      • Judi Hendricks

        Judith Ryan Hendricks was born in San Jose, California, when Silicon Valley was the Santa Clara Valley, better known for orchards than for computer chips Armed with a degree in journalism, she worked as a journalist, copywriter, computer instructor, travel agent, waitress and baker before turning to fiction writing Her experiences at the McGraw Street Bakery in Seattle led to her first novel, Bread Alone and the sequel, The Baker s Apprentice The third book in the series, Baker s Blues, will be published in August 2015.A life long infatuation with the Southwest provided inspiration for Isabel s Daughter and her fourth book, The Laws of Harmony Hendricks fiction has been translated into 12 languages and distributed in than 16 countries worldwide Her nonfiction has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle and Tiny Lights, A Journal of Personal Essay, Grand Gourmet in Italy and The London Sunday Express Her short fiction has appeared in Woman s Weekly in Britain and AMERICAN GIRLS ON THE TOWN, an anthology, in the U.S and U.K She lives in New Mexico with husband Geoff and dog Blue.


    1. As a fan of Judith R Hendricks, I immediately loved The Laws of Harmony. However, as it ended, I felt deflated, sad that I couldn't continue on the character's journey and that made think about the story itself and I discovered that there were a lot of unfinished aspects to this book. Is it just me, or isn't that out of character of the author?The Laws of Harmony is ultimately a story about reconciliation between a woman and her avant-garde mother. But there are major underlying themes throughou [...]

    2. It's been a while since I read a book where I truly liked and cared about the characters. So many seem like flat, watery, black and white photographs. But this terrific author was able to create Sunny, who is anything but a plain picture. Her problems are real, her life is believable, and her choices are understandable.While I was propelled to read because of the story, I was enchanted to read because of the writing. Judith Ryan Hendricks is a wonder, knowing just when to throw in a descriptive [...]

    3. I have loved this author's books and am thrilled to get an advance reading copy of this. The book is due out in January. If you haven't read this author, try BREAD ALONE, a terrific relationship story set in a Seattle bakery.

    4. Sunny Cooper is a middle aged woman who does voice-over work and lives with her boyfriend, Michael, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her relationship with Michael has been strained since she refused to marry him, but though they’re unhappy at least they have each other. Then Michael is killed in a mysterious auto accident and strangers start showing up at Sunny’s door, claiming that Michael was involved in a business scheme that cheated them out of money. Reeling with grief and unsure how to resp [...]

    5. This is the story of Sunny Cooper who grew up in New Mexico on a commune. Her life was affected in many ways as she grew up in this environment both in positive and negative ways. A tragic event made a great impact on her life and as a reader you learn what this event is as Sunny confronts and faces this as an adult. As an adult, in her 30's, she is living in Albuquerque, and finds herself in a relationship with Michael and a best friend Betsy who both betray her in many different ways. Sunny ma [...]

    6. Judi Hendricks is an author I discovered only recently. I must say I do love her writing style and the depth she brings to her characters. I enjoyed the story of Sunny (birth name “Soleil”) who was born on a New Mexico commune and lived there with her parents and brother and little sister. Sunny never took to commune life and she decides to go college in Alburquerque, cutting most of her ties with her family for long periods of time.Sunny’s story is rather captivating especially her flash [...]

    7. A tale of a free spirited upbringing in a commune which Sunny leaves as soon as she is able. She believes she is happy and that her life is good and then things begin to spin out of control, her finance is killed in an automobile accident, after burying his charred remains Sunny discovers he had been having an affair, with her best friend, that he was a gambler who was deeply in debt and that he cheated investors out of thousands of dollars by laundering money through his start-up companies. Sun [...]

    8. For the most part I really enjoyed this book. Being from NM, I really enjoyed the NM references, especially being away from home is was like a nice little visit back to the state for me. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind living on the NWestern island Sunny ends up on either. Hendricks' writing style is easy to read and follow. The book was rating a possible 4 stars for me but after a while I got a little weary of her reminiscing, although I still see where it was valuable to understand Sunny's char [...]

    9. A patient at my work recommended this book to me. She had lots of good things to say- Said she writes like Barbara Kingsolver and you know I luv me some Barbara so I'm givin it a go.This was a nice cozy read. She writes in a way that is easy and comfortable. So easy to just get absorbed in a well told story; although I really didn't see a Kingsolver resemblance. Maybe because the main character is a strong independent woman??The format was fresh- It had a strong mystery theme but somehow that ca [...]

    10. As always, Judi Hendricks excels at evoking setting and mood with sensory details--food, plants, landscape, music, humble dwellings. Both sun-baked New Mexico and the moss-drenched Puget Sound island seemed totally real and were thus lovely to read about. Though I zipped along through the book with interest to see what happened with many of the various twists and turns, I felt ultimately a bit frustrated by the ending. I guess I'm more of a romance-novel fan after all, and had higher hopes for s [...]

    11. This is the kind of book that makes me hate my Nook. After I finished the e-book, I thought it was so good that I had to buy the paper copy, a habit I can’t afford to keep up! Hendricks is my favorite kind of writer – she effortlessly combines the humorous and the, well I wouldn’t use the word dark, but the serious anyway. I truly loved following Sunny, the protagonist, as she pieced her life back together with no small amount of sass. I particularly liked that the characters’ growth was [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book .It was the first one I have read by this author and I love the way she incorporates food into the story seamlessly. I also feel that she creates her characters in such a way that you really like them even with all their flaws.I also feel that she has a gift for crafting setting. the first part of the book takes place in the Southwest and the other part in the Northwest and in her desriptions of both places she captures them so well.I want to try to make her prize winn [...]

    13. When I got to the last page I said to myself "This a great book." It is a truly human story and it gave me some major insights into my own life. I can't wait to go back through it and underline some key quotes and lines. I love a book that reminds me that life is good and that I am good too even if both of us have our flaws, ups and downs and unresolved issues.

    14. I had read Judi's 'Bread Alone' series and loved it therefore, I was looking forward to reading more of her work. I found that from the start, this book was quite vague in describing the events that Soleil, or Sunny as she liked to be called, had gone through, or was going through in the present-day. The death of her sister, Mari, is only mentioned at times, with hardly any attention to how it had affected her in the present time. I also didn't like to hear about Sunny's life on the commune, it [...]

    15. Sunny Cooper grew up on a commune in northern New Mexico, and her childhood memories aren't exactly happy ones. Her parents split up, her little sister died in a tragic accident, and there was very little she could call her own. Those experiences have shaped her into a self-protective woman who doesn't attach herself to much, materially or emotionally. When her boyfriend disappears and she begins to learn just how much she didn't know about him, she realizes it might be time to give herself a fr [...]

    16. The book begins with Sunny living in Albuquerque with her boyfriend of three years, Michael, and immediately the reader can sense trouble in the relationship. Sunny is determined to talk to Michael about the problem, but he doesn’t come home from a business trip as planned. A police officer arrives at the apartment and breaks the news to Sunny; Michael has been killed in an accident. Sunny is in shock and because Michael has no family, she alone must plan his memorial service. About a week lat [...]

    17. I have some mixed feelings about the book so I settled on three stars. I found it to be more literary than the first two books that I read by the author but I also found the first section of the book to be a little bit of a turn off. It was jolting. It probably made the other two sections more powerful in many ways but as a reader, I didn't care for it.This is the third book by Judith Ryan Hendricks that I've read. I found this book to be different from Bread Alone and The Baker's Apprentice in [...]

    18. Sunny is a likable character. Albeit a bit scattered and not quite sure where her future will take her, but she's easy to relate to and she is far from perfect. The story is told in three parts. The first part gives you the current, here and now info and includes some flashbacks to Sunny's childhood growing up in a commune in New Mexico. Part two focuses on Sunny's new life in the small town of Harmony, the friends she has made, her new job and the entire "rebuilding" process that must take plac [...]

    19. Judith Hendricks has the ability to make a region or a way of life feel so three-dimensional and appealing -- when I read 'Bread Alone', I wanted to move to Seattle and become a baker. Granted, it doesn't take much for me to want this, but still. While 'The Laws of Harmony' wasn't quite as good as 'Bread Alone' to me, and while it seemed to take me a long time to truly get into the story, I very much enjoyed it. Sunny was a relatable character and I loved the vivid descriptions of the New Mexico [...]

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed settling into the life of Sunny Cooper, unsettling though the events of her life are. Judith Ryan Hendricks creates fascinating characters with a variety of backgrounds, and learning about Sunny's past as the events of her present are unveiled made for quick, engrossing reading. So why only three stars? As lovely as Hendricks' writing is, the plot fell apart several times. The first part of the book deals with Sunny's fiancee's mysterious business dealings that are only reve [...]

    21. I love her books and the renewal that women find in them. This book also incorporates aspects of life that I am familiar with, New Mexico, The San Juan islands and growing up in a non-traditional environment. [return][return]This books tells the tale of betrayal, and the path that is taken to recover from it. Her heroine is tested and we see how she survives, and how she moves on from her past. Hendricks teaches us lessons on life, on to to love again, on how to hate, on how to admit who we are. [...]

    22. I met the author of this book along with a couple of other female authors at an event at the Denver Public Library a couple of years ago (several years ago?). I bought one of her books there and ended up buying the other two shortly thereafter. Then this one around Christmastime. Her novels are easy to read, thoughtful, poetic, and best of all full of good food. I love when novels have food in them. Makes me think I need to add food to MY novel, but you know the whole "fat girl gets skinny" them [...]

    23. First, I have to tell you that Isabelle's Daughter by the same author is one of my most favorite books. I've reread it several times. So I was really excited when I saw she had written another book. Hmmmm. Basically it was a bummer. If you haven't read and loved her other books, this might just be an OK - it was goodish - kind of a read. But, I came to it with pretty high expectations. spoiler alertThere was really nothing "wrong" with The Laws of Harmony. It just didn't grab me. I found the bas [...]

    24. Another fabulous read from Ms. Hendricks - with the potential for a sequel. Sunny Cooper grew up in a commune in New Mexico. Her younger sister dies in a freak accident, her father abandons the family, and she has an uneasy relationship with her mother. At eighteen, she leaves her past behind her and settles in Albuquerque, where she makes a living doing odd jobs and voice-overs. She lives with a man who is not what he seems, and when he is killed in accident, Sunny flees once again. She makes h [...]

    25. -____- I did not like this book. It was well written and a nice story, but I was bored. I was bored at the beginning and bored throughout. Maybe I was supposed to learn something about reinvention after reading this. Or about second chances. Or about family and their importanceI don't know. The plot was as slow as the towns I read about. I liked the character, but it didn't make reading the book worth it. Too many questions were left unanswered: What happened to Michael? And JT? Did the mother d [...]

    26. I was drawn to this book because of the location. I grew up in New Mexico and currently live in Albuquerque.I could relate to the main character in her journey for wanting more in life. Sunny goes through a journey in New Mexico, family conflicts, interactions with dishonest people and the realization that she can make it on her own despite the difficult path. Her bravery and courage to leave it all behind was exciting to read. I like the ending, allowing the reader to speculate what happens in [...]

    27. I've read all of Judi Hendricks books, relating a similar story each time about a woman with a loss of relationship with a partner, and on her own, seeking a new life. I don't know what it is about her stories that I'm drawn into, but she adds flavor in cooking, smells, the air around her character, and sense of caution in relationships. I think this book is very much like the last one, to the point it is almost the same story, and was a bit disappointed at the there should have been [...]

    28. This is my second Judith Ryan Hendricks novel. I really enjoy her writing style and how she builds her characters. This was a book that was on the reading list for the women's book club at church. None of our local libraries had it yet so many women ordered it and have been sharing it. This definitely needs to be added into our local library systems. I’m very impressed with how well Judith writes about the Northwest even though it says she lives in New Mexico because she writes it like she liv [...]

    29. I loved Hendricks' other books, so I was looking forward to reading this one. I think she is a delightful storyteller and I really enjoy her descriptions of food and places. I now want to go explore the San Juan islands! My only complaint is that I thought the part of the book that dealt with her fiance was a little over the top. I understand why she wanted to create the situation that she did, but I can't help think she could have made it a bit more in keeping with the feel of the other parts o [...]

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