Compromising Position

Compromising Position

Susan Isaacs / Jun 26, 2019

Compromising Position Long Island housewife Judith Singer is incredibly bored So when a local dentist is found murdered and the police suspect her neighbor that s all the excuse Judith needs to jump in and begin her own i

  • Title: Compromising Position
  • Author: Susan Isaacs
  • ISBN: 9780515077360
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Long Island housewife Judith Singer is incredibly bored So when a local dentist is found murdered and the police suspect her neighbor, that s all the excuse Judith needs to jump in and begin her own investigation In between school runs and making dinner, she is drawn deeper into the case and closer to the police detective in charge.

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        Susan Isaacs is a recipient of the Writers for Writers Award and the John Steinbeck Award She serves as chairman of the board of Poets Writers and is a past president of Mystery Writers of America She is also a member of the National Book Critics Circle, The Creative Coalition, PEN, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the International Association of Crime Writers, and the Adams Round Table She lives on Long Island with her husband.


    1. I saw the 1985 film version of Compromising Positions many years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed it; however, as nearly always proves true, the book is much, much better.Judith Singer, underappreciated Long Island housewife, becomes intrigued by the murder of periodontist and lothario Dr. Bruce Fleckstein. Fleckstein had additional legal troubles that I won’t reveal, so the list of suspects — scorned lovers, cuckolded husbands, mistreated family members, even Mafiosi — is pretty long. But it was [...]

    2. The first time I read this (many years ago) I loved the mystery and all the little details of a murder complicated by emotional blackmail, adultery, and organized crime. This time I was surprised to discover that my life is now very similar to Judith Singer's, and what a difference it is to have that life in 2013 rather than 1978. I keep forgetting how hard it was for many women in the '70s, trying to be defined by something other than their relationship to a man. And yet in the differences betw [...]

    3. It is rare when I proclaim a film adaptation better than the original book. This is one of those occasions. The dialogue is very 1980s yuppie, East Coast- dull, soulless, and self-centered. It sets the tone aptly for the story of the murder of a wealthy (and criminal) dentist with a habit of seducing married patients. Raul Julia, one of the best actors ever, was excellent as the harried detective trying the keep Susan Sarandon's Judith out of his case. The performances in the film make the book [...]

    4. Judith Singer is a bored housewife living in a very upscale neighborhood. Her only activities are carpooling and preparing nutritious dinners for her children. When a local dentist is murdered, she jumps at the chance to investigate. Unfortunately, she is no Miss Marple. Many pages later, she has only collected three clues. In boredom, I put down the book and didn't finish it. She and her suspects are dull as ditch water and I don't care who did it.

    5. If you read this book, or even if you do not, I highly recommend the movie version starring Susan Sarandon and Raul Julia. It's one of those that if I am flipping channels, if it's on, I will be late for whatever I thought I was going to do next----I HAVE to watch it! Oh yeah, the book is fun to read, too.

    6. This made for a great book club: so much laughter about the over-the-top characterization, heavy-handed plot, and snarky one-liners; so much discussion of gender roles and suburban 1970s Long Island; so much conversation about the murder and the affairs Compromising Positions isn't a good work of literature, but damn, this was fun reading.

    7. I read this book in 1978 when it was first published, and I loved it. I thought it was clever and funny, and since I was just starting to read through the mystery genre, I thought the story was well done. I don't agree with myself on any of this after my second read-through. I've read a whole lot more mysteries since 1978, and Compromising Positions is in no way on par with mysteries I now consider to be very good. Actually, Isaacs has written a cross between a mystery and chick lit, but back in [...]

    8. I nearly put this book down a few times. At around 1/3 of the way through, I did say "that's it!", and was going to put it down - the only thing that kept me reading was pure laziness. I don't like starting a new book before I go to bed, so I kept reading that night, and then I was almost finished, so I might as well find out what happened.Here are some of the things that I didn't like:1. I don't buy that she's really that curious about the murder of someone that she met once. All of a sudden, s [...]

    9. This book was written in the 1970's, although it is a mystery novel, I found that reading this story now made it more relevant as a glimpse into the life of a 70's suburban housewife than as a mystery. The story I think was meant to be about a bored housewife's interest into the murder of a local periodontist made more interesting to her because several of her friends/neighbors were suspects.The periodontist was married and had an eye for the ladies as well as having mob connections which lead t [...]

    10. Judith Singer is a mid-thirties bored housewife living in the New York suburbs. When she learns the local periodontist has been murdered it 19s the most exciting thing to ever happen in her neighborhood so she takes an active interest in all the news. When she learns he was also sleeping with half the women she knows and possibly blackmailing them, she decides to do some sleuthing among her friends and neighbors. Her stuffy husband vigorously discourages her investigation, but she continues to p [...]

    11. I've never blatantly rooted for a character to have an affair. I admit it was a moment of insanity, especially considering they intend to continue the affair, rather than divorce their partners. But, whatever, who am I to judge?The mystery itself was interesting enough, but I loved the side characters. The idea of sweet, Christian housewives being involved in scandalous sexual activities is just as intriguing to Judith as it is to the readers.The villains were a little cookie cutter and tedious. [...]

    12. Written with a wicked sense of humour and wit as sharp as a mohel's knife, Compromising Positions, and its unforgettable protagonist, Judith Singer, offers an eye-opening look inside a Nassau county bedroom community and reminds us that what happens behind closed doors doesn't always stay behind closed doors.I'd always considered dentists rather mild-mannered sorts, but Susan shatters that 'myth', and does it with such a wonderful narrative style, weaving completely believable characters (I have [...]

    13. Almost done it. Part way through, I suddenly thought to check the publication date 1978! no wonder some little details seemed odd lol! like salary mentions and phones with cords attached to walls lol!Picked it up randomly from a local library as is the norm for me with picking books. I find it quite laugh out loud funny here and there, find the situation not believable at all but hey it's fiction, some of the dialogue odd but all in all I really like it. There are subtleties about presenting the [...]

    14. This book was published in 1978, I remember reading it during that period and became a fan of Susan Isaacs. Rereading it is a look at a simpler time, bored housewives become detectives and/or have numerous affairs. There seemed to be no problems with STD's and children entertained themselves, just required food, tv, and chauffeur service. This is not great literature but her main character, Judith Singer, is irresistible. There's not a lot of depth to the characters but we aren't required to ana [...]

    15. OK, I must say that I have been eyeing SI's works for a long time. When I saw this pop up on Netgalley, I jumped at the chance to read it. I was really disappointed though. I am not sure if this is the author's writing style or if this book was a fluke, but I found this book to be Peyton Place meets Murder She Wrote. Distressed homemaker in a miserable marriage becomes a sleuth. These books are a dime a dozen and it kind of made me roll my eyes. If it wasn't for my committment to Netgalley to gi [...]

    16. Judith is a smart, independent woman who got married, moved from Manhattan and had some kids. She decided to stay at home with her children, but after a couple of years she can no longer take the boredom. Luckily for her the town's dentist is found murdered and she can now spend her time investigating the case. She is not a cop, but out of pure curiosity she dives deep into the murder, which only upsets her husband and causes problems in their marriage. She starts to spend a lot of time with one [...]

    17. Spoiler alert* I just have to say I thought the sudden fling Judith had seemed oddly placed in the story line. While maybe an affair fit her character being unhappy in her marriage, it didn't fit so much because of what she was investigating (murder rooted in infidelity) and especially because it was with a married detective who seemed too quick and prepared for an affair. The story line diversion seemed misplaced and not necesssary. I am not sure what it gave the story. Maybe to have left it as [...]

    18. A light, fun read. A murder mystery set in a Long Island community of bored women, where everyone is having affairs, no one is really happy and everyone is more concerned with their social standing than with the recently-murdered dentist. Funny and at times sexy, but I would have preferred it funnier or sexier or darker or just more meaningful. It had potential, but ultimately was happy enough to dance around the surface of the waters.

    19. Good enough read but the characters were not likable. A narcissist, a couple busy bodies, and quite a few adulterers. Don't get me wrong, I've been a gossip, and a bit bawdy in my past too. But I hope I had a lot more fun while misbehaving. These people, even in adultery, were rather bland, miserable, and unlikable. I read this two weeks ago and can't remember what happened with the main characters. I was going to go back and check, and then thoughtwellwho cares?

    20. This is an author that just recently came to my attention and if I like the way he/she writes I tend to stick with that author until I've read most everything. This one is crime solver, great sense of humor included. A little pushing boudaries of suburban housewife. Interesting, easy read I don't know that I learned anything but it was entertaining.

    21. 3 1/2 - written in 1978 and dated in some ways but still with a feel good factor and some laugh out loud bits. Clearly the women's movement was just underway but there are good detective bits and a very attractive hero figure. I will read anothe Judith Singer detective book written by Isaacs many years later. Thoroughly enjoyed it as light reading.

    22. Love Susan Isaacs and somehow this one fell off my radar. It's one of her earlier books and I just got around to reading it. This can't compare to Shining Through (my favorite of Susan Isaacs), but very entertaining. Isaac's protagonist reads like a Woody Allen-esque character. Getting inside her head is like being entertained by a stand-up comedian. A good marriage of comedy and mystery.

    23. This is the story of Judith Singer, housewife. Judith has a wonderful husband and wonderful kids, but she's terribly bored, so when a local dentist is found murdered, Judy starts investigating. Made into a movie starring Susan Sarandon.This is a terribly wry, dry book with lots of humor and sarcasm, a fun heroine, intriguing mystery, and lots of depth and real-life drama. Very good read.

    24. Un classico giallo, non il mio genere preferito. Per questo ho dato solamente 2 stelline. Interessante il fatto che la protagonista sia una donna e questo evidenzia come alcuni aspetti della vicenda siano visti da una prospettiva diversa rispetto ai soliti gialli quali Maigret, Sherlock Holmes, ecc.

    25. I read this back in the 80s so the details are hazy but I do remember laughing out loud at some of the protagonist's utterances. A comic thriller with a smart-mouthed heroine who sets out to solve a murder in the area because she is bored with her so-called perfect life, it kept my interest throughout. I imagine it would be pretty dated now but I would still recommend it as a good read.

    26. It's unusual for me to see the movie before I read the book but that's what happened. I loved the movie so I looked for the book. I shouldn't have been surprised that they were different but I enjoyed both.

    27. Just reread this book--first time was around 25 or more years ago. It's a delightful murder mystery. I was pleased to find that there's a sequel. In addition, I think I will look for more by this author for when I want something light to read.

    28. This novel was written in 1978 and seemed dated (the assumption is that every wife is a homemaker and those that aren't are a bit scandalous). I did really like the character of Judith Singer, though her husband and his "I forbid it" did not appeal to me at all.

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