Beautiful Ghosts

Beautiful Ghosts

Eliot Pattison / Feb 21, 2020

Beautiful Ghosts Disgraced former Beijing Inspector Shan Tao Yun has been living in the remote mountains of Tibet since his unofficial release from a work camp Without status official identity or the freedom to retu

  • Title: Beautiful Ghosts
  • Author: Eliot Pattison
  • ISBN: 9780099422846
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Disgraced former Beijing Inspector Shan Tao Yun has been living in the remote mountains of Tibet since his unofficial release from a work camp Without status, official identity, or the freedom to return to his former home in Beijing, he s lived with the forbidden lamas for the past year But now there s apparently been a murder in a ruined monastery and the very officialsDisgraced former Beijing Inspector Shan Tao Yun has been living in the remote mountains of Tibet since his unofficial release from a work camp Without status, official identity, or the freedom to return to his former home in Beijing, he s lived with the forbidden lamas for the past year But now there s apparently been a murder in a ruined monastery and the very officials who exiled Shan are after his help In a baffling case involving the FBI, Chinese Ministers, and British relief workers, Shan travels from Tibet to Beijing to the U S to find the links between murder, missing art, his former gulag, and his own long unseen son.

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        Edgar Award winning Eliot Pattison has been described as a writer of faraway mysteries, a label which is particularly apt for someone whose travel and interests span a million miles of global trekking, visiting every continent but Antarctica An international lawyer by training, Pattison first combined his deep concerns for the people of Tibet with his interest in fiction writing in The Skull Mantra, which launched the popular Inspector Shan series The series has been translated into over twenty languages around the world Both The Skull Mantra and Water Touching Stone were selected by for its annual list of ten best new mysteries Water Touching Stone was selected by Booksense as the number one mystery of all time for readers groups The newest installment, Soul of Fire, was included in Publisher s Weekly s list of Best Book of 2014 Pattison s fascination with the 18th century American wilderness and its woodland Indians led to the launch of his second critically acclaimed Bone Rattler series His dystopian novel, Ashes of The Earth, marks the first installment in his third book series, set in post apocalyptic America A former resident of Boston and Washington, Pattison resides on an 18th century farm in Pennsylvania with his wife, three children, and an ever expanding menagerie of animals.


    1. By now the pattern of the plots of these Inspector Shan mysteries is well established. We've got the official from Beijing who is corrupt and criminal, who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims. We've got the Chinese official who is the good socialist, who initially appears to be an enemy of Inspector Shan, but in the end proves to be an honest ally. We have the misguided American who during the course of the book is converted to the wisdom and peace of Buddhism. And, of course, we have Shan, [...]

    2. Ever had a book that ended so perfectly that you were moved to tears? Read this one and you can add it to your short list.

    3. This is the second Inspector Shan book that I have read, and I am hooked on this series. Inspector Shan is a disgraced former Beijing Inspector who lives, without stats or official identity, with forbidden llamas in Tibet. He is told by Chinese officials to investigate a murder in a remote monastery site and, the investigation quickly leads him to the world of Buddhist art as essential to teaching the religion and way of life. Shan must carry out his work while continually aware of the tensions [...]

    4. I have a theory: the first of these novels has a lower average rating than the later ones. Not, I think, because it's worse than the others, but because while many may pick up the first book of this series, only the ones who like the first book stick with it. (I know, I know - but did I say it was a groundbreaking theory?) And you really should read these books in the right order. And I think if you love this series, you love it wholeheartedly. But then, I can only speak for myself.For some reas [...]

    5. This is the fourth in the series where Shan the Han from Beijing who was sent to the Gulag in Tibet because he was too honest, helps his Tibetan Buddhist monk mentors, Lokesh and Gendlun. The usual plot comes forth, there is a misguided American who is converted to the peace of wonders of Buddhism, Corbett, the artist FBI man, an official from the Chinese government who is criminal and corrupt in this case Ming, stealing art, and a Chinese official who is a good socialist mean at first but hones [...]

    6. An Inspector Shan mystery set in Tibet.It starts off in the same muddled and confusing way that I remember from The Skull Mantra, but it improves; the 2nd half of the book is well plotted and tense, the ending is very moving.The story involves art theft and the looting of ancient places in Tibet, an ancient ruined monastery, a Chinese emperor and his nephew of more than 200 years ago, and most intriguing, Shan's son who he has not seen since he was a small boy.I was interested in the "mudras" wh [...]

    7. Yet another marvelous excursion by Pattison into the world of Tibetan Religion, Chinese oppression and Western Indifference. This particular foray into the evolving world of Comrade Shan confronts Tibetan Art and the avaricious nature of collectors indifferent to the meaning and importance of the art. Once again Pattison astounds with his understanding and sympathy to Buddhism and Tibet as well as his keen insights into the warped vision of totalitarian states.

    8. Interesting account of the dynamics found between modern-day China (Han), Tibetan culture and customs, and Western influence. Although the novel is a fiction, it's topic and content are heavily weighted in reality and have a significant impact on the reader.For a dumbed-down explanation, think of it as a Tibetan Indiana Jones (minus the whip).

    9. I love this series, set in Tibet where the oppression of the local people and their religion by the Chinese is harsh. Former Beijing Inspector Shan Tao Yun now lives with Lamas and helps solves crimes and mysteries involving them. Lots of spiritual and mystical detail.

    10. Beautiful Ghosts Author: Eliot PattisonReviewed by Fran LewisInspector Shan Tao Yun although released from a work camp in Tibet is still nonetheless considered a persona non-grata in the eyes of many. Attending a ceremony to rededicate an ancient ruined monastery he finds evidence that a murder too place at this revered sites. While imprisoned he aligned himself with monks also sentence to hard labor. Throughout the novel the Skull Mantra we learn more about these monks, Buddhism and how Shan em [...]

    11. This book was harder to follow than many of his others. They spent a lot of time moving in circles and I couldn't always follow why. However, it was an enjoyable book and a fine addition to the series.

    12. I love Inspector Shan series by Eliot Pattison and Beautiful Ghosts is the 4th book of the series.Shan and the outlaw monks are at the abandoned monastery or gompa, Zhoka. The monks have arranged to have a ceremony to re-open it and have Surya the artist and throat singer be the abbot. Unfortunately during the ceremony Surya finds a man who has been murdered and believes he is the one who did it.The monks had wanted to have Shan do a month long meditation to reconnect with his deity, but since h [...]

    13. I really enjoy the Inspector Shan series. This is the fourth I've read and I've reviewed the other three so I won't go into too much detail as to why. If you are curious as to why I like the series and the author so much, I invite you to read my other Pattison reviews.I don't think this one is quite as good as the others. It suffers from a little bit of sameness. About the only departure from the formula is that Pattison introduces Shan's son, now a young man and a convict, to the story. At this [...]

    14. So, I remember reading Elliot Pattison's books in the past, and being totally overwhelmed by the complexity of the characters and the plot, and the foreignness of all the names. Reading this book, I found myself pleasantly surprised with my ability to follow what was going on and keep up with it all. I was about three quarters of the way through the book when I realized, oh yes, I have indeed read this book before. The fact that it took me that long to realize it definitely says something about [...]

    15. Beautiful Ghosts: an Inspector Shan Tao Yun Mystery, by Elliott Pattison, A-minus, borrowed from the Library for the Blind.In this book, Shan Tao must sort out what is happening and why Tibetan friends of his are being murdered. It has to do with rare art created by the Tibetan monks, which China wants to obliterate along with their culture and the continuing power of the Llamas, art which is treasurered by greedy art collectors who will do anything to steal it, and the remaining monks who want [...]

    16. Once an esteemed investigator in Beijing, Shan Tao Yun spent years imprisoned before he is finally released provisionally. During the prison period, he found peace when through interaction with imprisoned monks. Now living in the hills with Tibetan monks, he encounters a murder in a ruined temple. His involvement is coupled with his desire to protect those who gave him so much yet his past continues to plague him. In this fictional tale, Shan finds his son, Tibetan treasures, thieves and murdere [...]

    17. It's been many years since I read Pattison's first novel (which won an Edgar award) SKULL MOUNTAIN and loved it. Sometimes authors just fall off the radar, and this was one of them. I am so glad to get reacquainted to this terrific author who sets his detective fiction in Tibet today and grounds his story in the terrible impact that the Chinese have had on the Tibetan people, outlawing Buddhism, killing the lamas and raping the land. Buddhism is at the heart of the novel - Shan's deep respect fo [...]

    18. To read passages in this book is to read unspoken thoughts sometimes explained.The following passage epitomizes for me the basic tenor of the book:"Some of us are scared, some confused." She drank deeply from her bowl. "You have good raisins."There is a similar pattern/plot elements to the prior books: monks threatened, somebody/several somebodies dies, Shan investigates many things obliquely, corrupt Han, another Han who initially is hostile but becomes an aid to Shan and some sort of American [...]

    19. Marked as a mystery, Beautiful Ghosts does have some sort of mystery; but the other parts of the plot, the setting, and the characters are so convoluted and twisted that the murder and the theft got lost, at least in my brain. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it. Knowing little about Tibet, and aware of the protests that have accompanied the Beijing Olympics torch relay, I was especially interested in that setting and the culture. It's another world from mine, almost like reading one of Ursula LeGuin's wo [...]

    20. A mystical journey to Tibet and a tragic story of faith and courage in the face of the systematic destruction of a people and their culture, beliefs, and way of life. This book continues the story of Shan, imprisoned and tortured for refusing to bend to his Chinese superiors and his enlightenment in prison through contact with the imprisoned Tibetan monks. After his release, he is part of the struggle to protect the remaining Buddhist monks, sacred places and artifacts from destruction by the Ch [...]

    21. One of the pure pleasures of reading is being transported to another place, and this one certainly fits that bill - it's a haunting portrait of a place and a way of life under siege by outside forces and the relentless march of time. I'll be the first to admit I know beans about Tibet, but Pattison draws the culture and terrain so powerfully that the picture is so intense you can almost feel it as a physical presence. It also happens to be a very sharp mystery as well - the many strands of villa [...]

    22. ExtraordinaryWith each book in the Inspector Shan series, my admiration and respect for Eliot Pattison grows. These are so much more than mystery novels. They are meditations on the meaning of life, modern day Purana stories - examples of how to strive toward a compassionate and enlightened self. As a writer, I am humbled by his ability to weave a deep understanding and love for Tibetan culture, in-depth historical research, creative genius, and great wisdom into a written pattern as beautiful a [...]

    23. I love all inspector Chan mysteries, they go beyond what one would expect. I am always so grateful that the traditions of Buddhism are part of the story line and some of the hidden mysteries are revealed. The problems that Chan faces as a "hidden" Buddhist ex Chinese investigator, are filled with tragedy and moral challenges that hopefully I will never have to face. In writing these expose's on what China is doing to the Tibetans' Pattison supports the efforts of everyone who is trying to help t [...]

    24. The fourth in the series of Inspector Shan mysteries by Pattison, was good, but seemed more contrived to me than some of the others in the series. As usual, I enjoyed being transported to the borderlands between China and Tibet and swept up into the crazy intrigues of competing factions of the police/military/prison system this time aided by Westerners with their own interests, as there is a race to find old artifacts, after so many years of destruction.

    25. I appreciate Eliot Pattison because he offers good mysteries infused with spirituality that is not religious, but rather the kind you associate with "truth." I've read his Inspector Shan series up to Beautiful Ghosts and in every novel there is at least one part that brings me to tears, simply because it touches something deep inside. He has made the people and culture of Tibet real. I look forward to more in this series.

    26. This book is very good, but a little nuts. Pattison has learned to edit himself a bit so the books are a bit more reasonable in length and not so depressing, but this book has a lot of Shan jumping to Beijing overnight and then going to California, then back to Tibet in like a day? It's written very quickly, so it feels very quick. The rest of the book is the standard high quality mystery material.

    27. These books just keep getting better and better. Pattison's work is much like Martin Cruz Smith's, yet neither is derivative of the other. Both are masters of their craft, and their work transcends the genre. They are not among America's best mystery writers--they are among America's best writers, period.

    28. I like Pattison's books about Tibet (the Shan mysteries) because they give the reader an insight into the political situation between China and Tibet. This mystery wasn't, imho, one of Pattison's strongest in terms of story, not bad but his previous books, like Skull Mantra, set the bar pretty high.

    29. Ein guter Pattison, obwohl das immer wieder gleiche Schema der Reihe langsam zu ermüden beginnt. Die Chinesen sind häufig nur Stereotypen und viele Formulierungen wiederholen sich ständig, was manchmal langweilt. Allzu oft verklärt Pattison Tibet sehr stark, was der Spannung aber keinen Abbruch tut. Lesenswert für Tibet-Fans.

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