Fatal Revenant

Fatal Revenant

Stephen R. Donaldson / Aug 19, 2019

Fatal Revenant Fatal Revenant The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Book

  • Title: Fatal Revenant
  • Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
  • ISBN: 9780399154461
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fatal Revenant The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 2

    Stephen R Donaldson Official Website Official Website of Stephen R Donaldson current news General Information It will come as a surprise to no one who visits this site that I no longer post much news here. Revenant Trove Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Revenant is an oathbound spirit that protects the Sun Goddess domain A Spirit Wraith watches over you, saving you from death and joining the fight if it is able, so lure foes to you with a Bulwark Bash and destroy them with Spirit Spears and Spirit Storm. Stephen R Donaldson Official Website Official Website of Stephen R Donaldson Published Works The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Could Leonardo DiCaprio s Character Survive The Revenant The movie The Revenant tells the story of Hugh Glass, a th century trapper who was mauled by a bear and left for dead before traveling hundreds of miles in bleak conditions to seek civilization The Humble Mobile Bundle The Humble community has contributed over million to charity since , making an amazing difference to causes all over the world. My All American vs True Story of Freddie Steinmark, Linda Was the real Freddie Steinmark a committed Christian Yes During our research into the My All American true story, we learned that the real Freddie Steinmark was a very committed Christian who went to church on a daily basis and believed in the power of prayer Those who knew him say that he never tried to push his faith on anyone. PS Pro s Missing K Blu ray Drive The Mistake Sony Had Sep , To seemingly many AV and gaming fans, Sony s failure to support the latest and greatest disc based video format in what is otherwise the most advanced gaming console ever Vampire Wikipdia Le vampire est un type de revenant qui fait partie des grandes cratures lgendaires issues des mythologies o se combinent de diverses manires l inquitude de l au del et le mystre du sang Suivant diffrents folklores et selon la superstition la plus courante, ce mort vivant se nourrit du sang des vivants afin d en tirer sa force vitale, ses victimes devenant parfois des Hugh Glass Biography Biography Find out about American frontiersman Hugh Glass whose story of survival following a bear attack inspired two feature length films Man in the Wilderness and The Revenant , at Last Chance GameStop s Deals On PS, Xbox One, And Save cash on console games like Dark Souls Remastered, No Man s Sky, World of Final Fantasy, and this week.

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        Stephen Reeder Donaldson is an American fantasy, science fiction, and mystery novelist in the United Kingdom he is usually called Stephen Donaldson without the R He has also written non fiction under the pen name Reed Stephens.EARLY LIFE AND EDUCATION Stephen R Donaldson was born May 13, 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio His father, James, was a medical missionary and his mother, Ruth, a prosthetist a person skilled in making or fitting prosthetic devices Donaldson spent the years between the ages of 3 and 16 living in India, where his father was working as an orthopaedic surgeon Donaldson earned his bachelor s degree from The College of Wooster and master s degree from Kent State University INSPIRATIONS Donaldson s work is heavily influenced by other fantasy authors such as J.R.R Tolkien, Roger Zelazny, Joseph Conrad, Henry James, and William Faulkner The writers he most admires are Patricia A McKillip, Steven Erikson, and Tim Powers.It is believed that a speech his father made on leprosy whilst working with lepers in India led to Donaldson s creation of Thomas Covenant, the anti hero of his most famous work Thomas Covenant The first book in that series, Lord Foul s Bane, received 47 rejections before a publisher agreed to publish itOMINENT WORK Stephen Donaldson came to prominence in 1977 with the The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, which is centred around a leper shunned by society and his trials and tribulations as his destiny unfolds These books established Donaldson as one of the most important figures in modern fantasy fictionRSONAL LIFE He currently resides in New MexicoE GRADUAL INTERVIEW


    1. I loved the first Chronicles and applauded the second. The third Chronicles began in a cunning way, and I was eager to be swept away into the Land once again. But this book, Fatal Revenant, dragged at my heels.It could be cut by 400 pages and still tell the same story, and the excessive use of anachronistic (damn, he's doing it to me too now, I mean to say old) and downright obscure adjectives highlight the problem: Donaldson insists on telling us exactly what every single thing means, and every [...]

    2. From The Runes to Revenant, with nary a pause (much to be said for holding off on jumping into a series), so some momentum was maintained. That being said, however, this book started to annoy me. The writing, no change there, and I could live with the repetition (just read faster), but some elements of the story and Linden herself were less than palatable. On the journey to Melenkurion, it seemed pretty obvious pretty early on that sometime was seriously amiss, and Linden seemed utterly unable t [...]

    3. Great writing but such a long read. Donaldson is amazing but sometimes his intricate story web can be so tiring. Similar to the middle works of both series one and two, this Thomas Covenant book again leaves the reader in exhausted suspense like books one and two of the Lord of the Rings. Donaldson vocabulary is absolutely beyond belief.

    4. I'll probably stick with it simply because I've gotten this far, but this series has now well and truly worn on me. It all seems to come down to a series of journeys, one after the other. They're always either heading somewhere or on their way back from somewhere else which causes about 70% of the book to be filler between significant events (5% of which is Donaldson abusing his pet-word, "lambent".). This is compounded by the fact that the entire book is told without exception from the viewpoin [...]

    5. The Covenant series has always been my favorite epic fantasy series. Donaldson rewards the patient reader, and this volume is no exception to that. I had the opportunity to hear Donaldson discuss the series in person, and he noted that he'd envisioned the end of the final book - _The Last Dark_ - when he began to outline _The Wounded Land_, over 25 years ago. You have to admire that kind of foresight, if only because such foresight seems to be lacking in other series fiction.Donaldson brings bac [...]

    6. VDonaldsons stories of the Land filled my teen years with great joy. Even in the wounded land when he caused me great pain. In his own words "the best way to hurt some one is to take away something they love and give it back broken."The Runes of the earth and its sequal Fatal Revenant continue this saga. thomas Covanant is dead and the torch is passed to his companion of the second trilogy Linden Avery.Frankly I was disappointed. I can hardly wait to see what happens but these are not Stephen Do [...]

    7. Re-read this (Book 2 of the Last Chronicles, Book 8 in the complete saga) in my grand re-read of the entire Thomas Covenenat series, culminating in Book 10 (being published this October)! This is the audio version by the always outstanding Scott Brick. Complex and intricate - I loved every minute of it!

    8. "Frickety-frackety-frunk!" spat Covenant."He's right, Mom," said Jeremiah."I don't understand," Linden whined.Jeez.That's only the first part of this book, but Part Two doesn't get much better. Oh, well. I'm into the third book of the series now, and I suppose I'll have to finish it out.Let's do this.

    9. I've been pleasantly surprised by this third chronicle of the Land. It doesn't have the same impact at the original story about Covenant but Donaldson's a master story teller.He also has a solid ear for names; rarely do they sound "off."

    10. Donaldson is very gifted at coming up with complicated and creative plots. His twists leave the reader always wondering what will happen next, or indeed what the given events mean. Unfortunately his manner of storytelling has never resonated well with me. I find it difficult to get through his novels, though I think his overall story compelling. For instance, I enjoyed reading the Thomas Covenant cycle of novels, yet there was always something lacking and I always felt like I didn't quite unders [...]

    11. The disappointment I feel over The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant so far is like an innominate puissance that has left my love for Stephen R. Donaldson quite frangible. (If you have read the book, you’ll understand the obscure word choices.) Like many others, I am a huge fan of the first two chronicles, but also, as for many others, the first two books of the last chronicles have been a chore to get through. I had hoped that Fatal Revenant would outshine Runes of the Earth, but that was n [...]

    12. Inhoudelijk een even boeiend boek als de rest van de reeks (vooral de truc om de protagoniste haar geliefden terug te geven, maar op zo'n manier dat ze niet meer op hen kon rekenen vond ik leuk!), maar door de grotere lengte van dit boek leest het continu herbevestigen van de psychologische druk van de hoofdpersonages wel heel saai en repetitief. Bovendien vraag ik me af waarom de serie zelfs maar een notie van "lore" heeft, als louter kracht kennelijk genoeg is om de doden letterlijk terug tot [...]

    13. I guess I still enjoy these. At this point, I'm sort of finishing because I've come this far.I will probably read the final 2 books in the series.Essentially, Stephen R. Donaldson is incapable of writing a story where the character triumphs without exhausting torture of the soul.Good things: great word use, awesome descriptions, yes, he makes you feel the agony.

    14. One can never be sure, one can never be certain, but one must decide and act anyway. It is hard to imagine a writer of fiction who struggles more authentically and helpfully with the crises of being human better than Donaldson. I am so glad I decided to continue reading the Last Chronicles. I was nervous, thinking "How can he improve upon perfection?" but he has not disappointed.

    15. Could not finish, which is very unusual for me. Just too many references to past events in the series without a compelling narrative in the current incarnation. I love Mr. Donaldson's work. He remains one of my favorite authors. Just could not make this work in my tiny brain.

    16. Gave up without finishing. Became so repetitive that I lost interest. Shame, as I really enjoyed the first 2 trilogies!

    17. “Be cautious of love. There is a glamour upon it which binds the heart to destruction.”This is a warning given to Linden Avery, newly returned to The Land. Once known as The Chosen, Linden strives to save The Land from peril at the hands of Lord Foul. More importantly, she seeks to rescue her son from his clutches. FATAL REVENANT picks up at the precise moment where its predecessor, THE RUNES OF THE EARTH, left off.Revelstone is under siege. Linden and her friends feel the weight of hopeless [...]

    18. Finally gave up on this one. All of Donaldson books are difficult to read. There is rarely a really likeable character and when there is, something seems to happen to destroy them emotionally or physically. Depressing in the end. I wanted some resolution to the series but just feared it wasn't going to come in a positive fashion.

    19. This is the twenty-ninth book I read on my commute, and after a nice break of four or five other books, a return to the fantasy genre.As I alluded to in a previous review, Fatal Revenant is the second book in a tetralogy (one of several series that I am currently in the middle of, which is what happens when you read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy as it's being published) called the Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. The original Chronicles of Thomas Covenant was a trilogy published in the late 70' [...]

    20. This series is shaping up into a worthy successor to the previous sets. Action-packed, exciting and at the same time weighty, it is serious fantasy at its best. I devoured the earlier series as a younger man and was tremendously excited to see a third series emerge. There is always the danger that an author will do a series ad nauseam and run out of creative ideas at the end, spoiling the memory, but Donaldson has spent a long time coming up with this and appears to have avoided the trap.This mi [...]

    21. You may wonder why i have chosen book 2 of 'The last chronicles' and not 'the chronicles' (that contain 3 books) as this is not the end of the saga but rather the introduction to the ending. This is a series that contains 9 books, 2 extra additional novels and also 5 'gap' novels that compliment this epic saga; so certainly a lot of written material! This work by Stephen Donaldson is the closest any author has come to the works of JRR Tolkien as it embodies all of his density and richness of cre [...]

    22. As I said in my review of The Runes of the Earth, the first book in this Last Chronicles series could have been subtitled Arrogance. This second book in the series could be subtitled Apprehension because there's so much damn waffling. Linden wants to ask Covenant questions, hell she actually forms them in her mind, then asks something completely different. Why? I will say Donaldson's plotting has become much better with age, however I am not enjoying the pages and pages, chapters and chapters of [...]

    23. *****The five star review is based on Donaldson's use if the lore he's created with the series to constantly up the gambit, increase the tension and bring old and newer powers to life with a pulse that had me spellbound from the first chapter.Donaldson has reached into the depths of the universe he's created, and isn't afraid to pull in and mix ancient heroes with new twists on the inner workings of The Land. A lot of previously disparate fates are woven together to form a world that feels very [...]

    24. Not as powerful as the original two series. I found Linden Avery too tedious and whiny, at this stage of the story.

    25. I'm not 100% sure what to say about this book. I felt obliged to read and finish it because it's book 8 out of 9 [Edit: I just realised it is 10! Oh no!] of a series that I loved when I was younger (although book 7 was disappointing), but damn it was longwinded and repetitive.Nancy's review pretty much sums up how I felt about the length of the book and Linden's personality changes, and another reviewer mentioned that this shouldn't have been called a chronicles of Thomas Covenant, since he basi [...]

    26. Okay. I read the first Chronicles of Thomas Covenant way back in what--1977? I fell in love with the depth and breadth of the storytelling. It was overflowing with rich language, interesting themes and conflicting characterizations. all woven together to wrap me in such a complex, full saga, that I couldn't get enough of it.I also read the Second Chronicles. which game me (more or less) the same experience, and I remember enjoying it greatly.Cut to the latest, the "Last" Chronicles of Thomas Cov [...]

    27. Stephen R. Donaldson is beginning to remind me of George Lucas. In this, the second installment of the third trilogy set in the Land by Donaldson, I wonder if he has not overstayed his welcome.The Runes of the Earth represented a slow, slow descent back into the Land, and while Revenant represents a bit of an uptick, I cannot help but feel that I am in for a "Yeah, been there done that" moment in the final book of this latest Thomas Covenant trilogy. In point of fact, the last chapter of this no [...]

    28. Well having read the previous 7 I had to read number 8 (1 to go) but I am afraid it is becoming a little bit of a duty rather than a pleasure. I think I read number one around 20 years ago so no surprise that my memory of the plot is lacking in details and a hell of a lot of characters have died since then.This book was really slow to get going which is not agreeable when there are 500+ pages to trudge through. I have a fairly respectable vocabulary but I was irritated constantly by the number o [...]

    29. *wants to give it a 4 1/2 but can't*Wow, once again I was blown away by Donaldson's incredible ability to tell a story, the depth of the character's he's created along with the Land's past is so detailed that it honeslty reminds me of Tolkien's Middle-Earth. The whole thing is just so developed and intensely intelligent that all of his books are addicting and extremely enjoyable.My only problem with this book was that it's nearly 600 pages long and after all that, the main characters seems to on [...]

    30. Picking up where the cliffhanger ending of The Runes of the Earth left off, Thomas Covenant leads Linden Avery on a quest to use the power of the Blood of the Earth. Linden finds quickly that she doesn't trust her old friend as much as she should, and refuses to surrender the power of Covenant's white gold ring to the rightful wielder.If this makes no sense, it means you're seven books behind the story. There's no sense in pretending, "What has gone before" prologues aside, that these books are [...]

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