Complete Chanakya Neeti

Complete Chanakya Neeti

Vishwamitra Sharma / Jan 22, 2020

Complete Chanakya Neeti The Erudite Thoughts of the Great Scholar the Economist the Strategist and the Teacher that Serve as DOs DONTs of the Everyday Life of Any Person who Wants to Make his Life a Grand Success

  • Title: Complete Chanakya Neeti
  • Author: Vishwamitra Sharma
  • ISBN: 9788181333391
  • Page: 184
  • Format: None
  • The Erudite Thoughts of the Great Scholar, the Economist, the Strategist and the Teacher that Serve as DOs DONTs of the Everyday Life of Any Person who Wants to Make his Life a Grand Success.

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    1. Great wisdom - but requires a mature reader to imbibe it in the right spirit. Many of the sayings are so relevant and striking. Knowing Sanskrit will make the reading wotrthwhile.I found, "women" however are often referred to as "Cunning" and objects of desire only and not looked at as beings with a soul too.

    2. One of the precious classics of the world. This book has taught me with great information to lead one's life.The man who completed his higher study from Taxila University. Today, if you compare Taxila University with MIT, Boston. It will be a matter of great shame for Taxila.Such, was the greatness of Taxila. This book helped me in gaining some great information which i see around myself or will certainly experience in future. This book taught me three important message which are - 1. In life, i [...]

    3. It was a crisp translation. If it at all it is an untouched version of Chankya's words then I did not like his attitude towards women.I could not understand being such a masterful political strategist of his time ,how can his judgement in certain cases about women can be soooo wrong!!Either the author's interpretation is wrong or the actual words have been distorted over the years or .

    4. The Chanakya was a great Brahmin Scholar who studied at Taxila University around A.D.320. He was the KING MAKER and a great mentor, guru, counsel and minister of emperor Chandragupta Maurya. Chanakya saw the teenager ChandraGupta who had been thrown out by powerful Nanda's and who lived in exile with his mother. Being insulted by Nanda King at his palace, Chanakya avowed to pull down his entire kingdom and while rushing out of that palace toward forest, a thorn struck to the feet of Chanakya. Al [...]

    5. Chanakya, one of the most eminent names in Indian Scholarly and an ode to intelligence, a book depicting his thoughts was no doubt a treasure. Coming to this book as a translation of Chanakya's thoughts, this isn't something you should spend your time on. The language isn't eloquent enough to translate such great couplets. Talking about the content, it basically deals with social life and is influenced by the specific time it was written in. The book is orthodox, dogmatic and women baiting. Igno [...]

    6. OK. Having followed Indian history since age of 10, and having read the Rudrapatnam Shamasastry's verse, I found few variations which actually were not part of the original piece. Especially attitude towards women in this particular book is different from the original workWhen Chanakya says that the heart of a woman is not united, but divided, he doesnt meant that woman has lustful feelings towards many men. Also, we should remember, that his depiction of character of women was based in that per [...]

    7. This is amazing book. Must read for everyone.Also read my books -The beautiful Roses- swapnarajput/2016/Good reads-/book/show/2Upcoming book- Amazing Legends of India- swapnarajput/2016/

    8. Very relevant even today . You just need the right mind to see why this guy was considered even greater than machiavelli . Though if you want to really read something in the league of "The prince" , I recommend Arthashastra .He might feel anti women to some but actually he vacillates on that position . Also , there is enough prescription to de - recognize caste and it's other appendages . Great book .

    9. Outdated! Although some of Chanakya's ideas made sense but most of the book was nothing more than a pro-brahmin and anti-women bunch of rigid thoughts. Usage of strong words for the people of certain caste and gender was enough for me to lose interest in one of the (so-called) greatest works in the history. Also, poor and casual translation of the 'shlokas' rub you the wrong way. Overall, a sheer disappointment.

    10. Keep in mind that these were the thoughts of a person ~2300 years ago, albeit a great statesman. There are many good life lessons here to be learned; just make sure you skip all the outdated thoughts and beliefs.

    11. A collection of Chanakya's thoughts in "Do's and don'ts" which one can apply in conduct of one's daily life His philosophy and wisdom

    12. This books contains lots of wisdom & an intelligent understanding of the world we live in. Human nature remains unchanged, in many ways & this book is a commentary on that as well as on the nature of the material world. So I have received lot of practical knowledge about the art of living & feel I have been changed in my understanding of human behaviour. I feel more mature & confident to deal with the ways of the world now. How ever, it's a msyogynist book-my only issue with it! [...]

    13. This book, which I came across while searching some other book in the bookstore, took me by surprise. I was thrilled to find a book, written so simply, containing lessons, which can help one lead a peaceful and satisfactory life, provided the person is able to understand the inner meaning and apply these thoughts in their on life.

    14. A good explanation of Chanakya's thoughts. English needs a lot of improvement. However, the soul is very much there.

    15. Though created in Ancient times but very practical in these Modern days. With Sanskrit Shlokas and Well defined translation and commentary by the author makes it a niche.

    16. this book is moderately informative of the political & philosophical views of chanakaya but the translation sometimes seems too literal and get off the point from the main course of the topic.

    17. Must read by all, both boys and girls of all ages, but not to be followed blindly. You need to be mature enough to know the depth of many lines of the book, which seem to be controversial first.

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