Wild Game

Wild Game

Alisa Woods / Sep 17, 2019

Wild Game Owen s an ex Army bodyguard for a beautiful gaming heiress and a man with a secret Ex Army Texas boy Owen Harding fears only one thing his inner beast A year in Agent Smith s experimental cages has ch

  • Title: Wild Game
  • Author: Alisa Woods
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: None
  • Owen s an ex Army bodyguard for a beautiful gaming heiress and a man with a secret.Ex Army Texas boy Owen Harding fears only one thing his inner beast A year in Agent Smith s experimental cages has changed his wolf into something monstrous But a hate group is hunting the Wilding pack, so Owen s serving again, this time as bodyguard If only the girl he s protecting wasnOwen s an ex Army bodyguard for a beautiful gaming heiress and a man with a secret.Ex Army Texas boy Owen Harding fears only one thing his inner beast A year in Agent Smith s experimental cages has changed his wolf into something monstrous But a hate group is hunting the Wilding pack, so Owen s serving again, this time as bodyguard If only the girl he s protecting wasn t so damn sexy and completely off limits.Nova Wilding s father was assassinated, leaving her a gaming company to run, a new game to release, and a pack full of wolves who want her for a mate including a beta who s determined to have Nova and her company When a bomb goes off in her car, Nova finds herself in her sexy bodyguard s arms but he s absolutely the wrong man at the wrong time.While Nova fights to keep her gaming company afloat, and Owen fights to keep her alive, the hate group circles closer and closer until they both find that falling in love might be the most dangerous game of all.WILD GAME is a complete novel with HEA, the first in the Wilding Pack Wolves series All stories are standalone, but for maximum reader enjoyment, start with the River Pack Wolves trilogy.Contains scorching hot shifters, alpha military heroes, and sexy female gamers Only readers over 18 should dive into the dangerously hot world of the Wilding Pack Wolves.

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        Alisa Woods, New Adult Paranormal Romance AuthorGET A FREE STORY smarturl AlisaNewsletterReading Order Shifters in Seattle Series True Alpha Shifters in Seattle 1 Dark Alpha Shifters in Seattle 2 A True Alpha Christmas Shifters in Seattle 3 River Pack WolvesJaxson River Pack Wolves 1 Jace River Pack Wolves 2 Jared River Pack Wolves 3 Wilding Pack WolvesWild Game Wilding Pack Wolves 1 Wild Love Wilding Pack Wolves 2 Wild Heat Wilding Pack Wolves 3 Wild One Wilding Pack Wolves 4 Wild Fire Wilding Pack Wolves 5 Wild Magic Wilding Pack Wolves 6 Fallen ImmortalsLucian ArabellaKiss of a Dragon Fallen Immortals 1 Heart of a Dragon Fallen Immortals 2 Fire of a Dragon Fallen Immortals 3 Leonidas RosalynChosen by a Dragon Fallen Immortals 4 Seduced by a Dragon Fallen Immortals 5 Touched by a Dragon Fallen Immortals 6 Leksander ErelahLoved by a Dragon Fallen Immortals 7 Marked by a Dragon Fallen Immortals 8 Claimed by a Dragon Fallen Immortals 9 Of Bards and Witches Fallen Immortals 10 Leonidas s StoryFallen Angels New series Tajael Book 1 Oriel Book 2 Asa Book 3 Razael Book 4 Micah Book 5 Alisa Woods lives in the Midwest with her husband and family, but her heart will always belong to the beaches and mountains where she grew up She writes sexy paranormal romances about alpha men and the women who love them She loves to explore the struggles we all have, where we resist and succumb to our most tempting vices as well as our greatest desires She firmly believes that love triumphs over all.


    1. There was so much I didn't like. I'm not a fan of love triangles, to me they are just like cheating. I am also not a fan of heroine with no sense of self preservation. It doesn't seem brave to me it seems stupid. For someone so smart she was so dumb. I knew from the beginning that Brad was a manipulative asshat! I wish I knew more about her relationship with her father so maybe I could understand this blind loyalty to be a martyr for her pack. Owen was solid the whole way through, even when she [...]

    2. celebrityreaders/2017/12/0I really enjoyed this shifter romance. The paranormal part of the book was downplayed and subtle. It focused more on the romance and the business/mystery aspect. All good things to put into a paranormal novel. I have noticed these kinds of books focus on the magic of the characters more often as part of the plot rather than a non-magic plot. It was nice to see them both incorporated so well in this book.Owen was your standard alpha wolf. Except he wasn’t the alpha of [...]

    3. Ever since I picked up Alisa Woods her River Pack series I've been a fan of her books, she writes paranormal romances so well and I was happy to start her Wilding Pack series now. This series is a spin-off from her River Pack series and in some ways it feels like a direct continuation of the previous series, but in other ways I think it could work as a standalone as well as everything you need to know to follow this book gets mentioned here. I still would recommend to start with the River pack s [...]

    4. This continues on from the thrilling River Pack Wolves paranormal saga as the Wilding Pack Wolves saga after the search for Agent Smith put an end to his abuse and experimentation on shifters only for someone else to "out" all the River and Wilding Pack shifters, encouraging humans to hunt them all down and kill them….This story focusses on Owen Harding, one of the victims of Agent Smith, who had been abused medically and physically by the experimentation for more than a year before being resc [...]

    5. Since the car bomb that killed her father, Nova Wilding is under twenty four hour a day protection. She is determined to make sure the Games company that is the life blood of the Wilding Pack thrives. They have a new computer game coming out soon, so all must go well. Owen Harding is working for the Riverwise Private Security. They are mostly ex army wolves, some like himself who had some extremely harrowing experiences. He was given drugs that forever changed his beast, to such a degree that Ow [...]

    6. Veteran Owen Harding is at Wylderide to do a job and that didn't include falling in love with the new owner , Nova Wild. But how could he avoid it? Pretty Nova is spunky and full of life and he is just one of the survivors from failed experiments. Both lead characters are enjoyable and the story had a nice flow. Owen makes a good hero but the story moves along too quickly to be able to sympathize for him (because of the torture and experimentation). Maybe, more back ground on him. The heroine di [...]

    7. ARC received from authorJust as good as the River brothers, maybe even a little hotter. Owen sure has some awesome claws. Can't wait to see who's next.

    8. 2 stars - A ‘so so’ read with one likeable character, but massively let down by a tired mysoginistic trope. The first of Alisa Woods’ Wilding Pack Wolves, which is a direct spin off from (and contains spoilers for the characters of) her previous shifter trilogy the River Pack Wolves, which begins with Jaxson. Incidentally,I also gave ‘Jaxson’ a two star review and can barely remember it, even though I only listened to it on audible last year. I didn’t read the rest of the trilogy, I [...]

    9. This one has been languishing on my Kindle for a few months, as I received it (along with a few dozen other freebies) for participating in a giveaway. Alisa is pulling her series slowly out of Kindle Unlimited, so I figured I'd better shuffle them to the top of the to-be-read pile before I lose my chance!Owen Harding is a combat veteran and werewolf who was experimented on by the sadistic Agent Smith. As a result his wolf side has been altered, and after seeing the other soldiers become trapped [...]

    10. Wild Game (Wilding Pack Wolves #1) by Alisa Woods Alisa Woods created another wonderful spin off series with Wild Game (Wilding Pack Wolves #1).  This contemporary PNR shifter novel is set in Seattle and appropriate for new adult and adult audiences.  We first met Owen, in Jace (River Pack Wolves #2).  He served in the army with Jace, who thought Owen was dead until he discovered that he was being held prisoner and experimented on by Agent Smith.  Now Owen as working as a bodyguard for River [...]

    11. Alisa Woods created another wonderful spin off series with Wild Game (Wilding Pack Wolves #1). This contemporary PNR shifter novel is set in Seattle and appropriate for new adult and adult audiences. We first met Owen, in Jace (River Pack Wolves #2). He served in the army with Jace, who thought Owen was dead until he discovered that he was being held prisoner and experimented on by Agent Smith. Now Owen as working as a bodyguard for River Pack and assigned to protect Nova Wilding, CEO of Wylderi [...]

    12. After Nova Wilding’s father was killed there's been a huge bulls eye on her back. Afraid that someone is going to hurt she turns to Owen to keep her safe. Problem solved right?Wrong!Owen has been tortured for so many years he does not know who or what he really is anymore. But one thing he knows is that this should be a very easy job.So what a girl to do when she has big shoes to fill but is too distracted to take her fathers company to new heights because someone insists on trying to kill her [...]

    13. I haven't read more than one book by this author before but I liked it so much that I started getting the rest of her books to catch up on. Plus I freaking love werewolves so it's a win win here! Now this book is the first of this series and I loved it! You have military man Owen, a werewolf from the army, well he was this before he became a test tube subject. He doesn't look at himself in the best of lights because of this so he's a body guard now for the river pack. And his assignment involves [...]

    14. Wolf loveOk so the pace was steady with Owen the body guard protecting Nova from an unknown threat. As the story progresses we see that it's not only her that is being threatened but all shifters. However that gets buried under Nova and her personal threats. Her father was executed and she has been constantly under threat. Also, is the fact that her pack needs an alpha and Brad is the contender. We can see that poor Nova is being bombarded by all sides. Owen actually saves her throughout the sto [...]

    15. This book was really really really frustrating. The h was an obnoxious weakling. She was pretty useless. The fact that she was supposed to be an Alpha female was laughable. Her submission to Brad was so very stupid. The added drama was eye roll worthy. I hate reading a book where you spend the majority of the time hoping the H will find someone (ANYONE) else, someone worthy.

    16. Spinoff of the River Pack series - great characters and fun to readOwen Harding is a wolf shifter who served three tours in Afghanistan. That was before he was captured by a high ranking officer in the Army. Being caged for a year where they performed numerous experiments turning him into a monster and a wolf he can't bare to look at. Having watched so many others become monsters before his eyes during his captivity, he was afraid to shift out of fear of not knowing what he would become. In the [...]

    17. My Disclaimer:I was provided a free copy of this book from the author’s newsletter. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated in any way.~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat ReviewMy Review: ✰✰✰✰This was fast paced and hot! Between their always being in a crisis situation for one reason or another and their volatile relationship, there was always something going on in this book.Owen was a black wolf, but since the experiment [...]

    18. Nova has so much on her plate right now. Her father's death the choosing of a alpha mate and her father's work of a beta gaming company releasing in a week. Did I forget to mention a death scare to her pack??? After her father's death from a car bombing she hires riverside security while she working to get this gaming program off the ground. Owen has been with the riverside security since he's gotten out of the military. Sadly while in the service he was kept in a cage and has had different expe [...]

    19. Owen is working as a bodyguard to Nova Wilding. Her father was just murdered by a hate group and there are videos on the internet trying to get people to carry out similar attacks. Nova is now head of the pack and her father's gaming companyd she needs to choose an alpha, preferably from within the pack. As she grows closer to Owen though, she knows she will have to choose between her fathers legacy and what she wants in her own life. This was ok, had some cute moments but was also very frustrat [...]

    20. Some soldiers carried their injuries on the outside; for others, the war stole a part of their minds. When I read this line at the beginning of this book, I had so much hope. A conflicted soldier? Shifter Romance? Pain and longing? Southern accents and video games? Sign me up!I love a good male character with issues, they just work for me. But this book disappointed me. It felt forced and short; character struggles felt disingenuous and as if they were only there as an unexplored plot point.When [...]

    21. I read the River Pack Wolves novels and really enjoyed them, so I was looking forward to this new series. It did not disappoint. Owen and Nova's story is an excellent romance and a great suspense yarn. Owen's back story, and resulting concern that it might lead him into becoming a monster if he shifts, adds a neat layer to this tale, and I love Nova's back story and current strong-woman approach to life and career. A fun read and definitely recommended. One caveat: this book has s definite stand [...]

    22. Computer gaming and the Allah's female daughterOwen was a grunt werewolf who was caged and experimented on for a year. Certain members of the government wanted to create a superior soldier. Owen was save from the cage but still feared what he would become if he changed or if he would survive. Nova's father was killed in a bombing making her the head of the company way before she was ready. So now Owen is Nova's bodyguard and is afraid to shift, the alpha males want her to mate with them, and the [...]

    23. Although this could be a stand alone book, I recommend reading the 3 book series 'The River pack Wolves', it would give you more of an understanding of what Owen has been through as he fights his attraction to Nova. His job is to protect her from anti shifters that will do such evil to shifters, and now she is a target. An exciting book of family, the struggles of following your heart, and protecting whats yours. I can't wait to read the rest of this series. Of course the HEA was awesome, but th [...]

    24. Only 3 stars because while I liked the characters, their background and the storyline, I had a hard time with Nova's lack of judgment. Brad, the guy who wants to be her mate is clearly a manipulative guy and she still puts up with him.The submission part got me so mad that she just seemed hypnotized or something Come on.And the fact that she was ready to sacrifice everything for her pack one moment and was ready the next day to risk the pack to pick her mate made her unstable in my eyes. Well, I [...]

    25. I love this one. I have been looking for it for a while, and it popped up on instafreebie. I already owned it, I just couldn't find it. I think I am partial to this one because of the fact that a woman is at the top of the gaming world. I know they are out there, but I mostly hear about the men, so it is nice to see a woman in a position that you normally wouldn't.Of course, Owen is hot. That goes without saying. I was really creeped out by Brad. I will certainly be checking out more of this ser [...]

    26. This book held a lot of questions, but worked it's way to its HEA. The book is action packed and the romance is hot. It even comes with its own villain, to be continued in the rest of the series.  The author pulls off the chemistry between these two and makes for an exciting thriller. This relationship moves Owen to really grow in confidence in himself. We see this in the climax of the book. I love when the author grows her characters in her writing.

    27. ooo This was much fun to read. There's this fight for dominance over one female "Nova" between two males "Brad" and "Owen". so naturally there is some tug of war but Nova has her sights set on one in particular although what he turned out to be is amazing. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that this is such a geeky book with her owning the gameing company and the fact that she wears a costume to work every day and outside of work is little weird to me

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