The scarecrow: A novel

The scarecrow: A novel

Ronald Hugh Morrieson / Aug 24, 2019

The scarecrow A novel The same week our fowls were stolen Daphne Moran had her throat cut Neddy Poindexter s sister Prudence has turned sixteen and is the prettiest girl in Klynham Neddy can t protect her from the men i

  • Title: The scarecrow: A novel
  • Author: Ronald Hugh Morrieson
  • ISBN: 9780868636771
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The same week our fowls were stolen, Daphne Moran had her throat cut Neddy Poindexter s sister, Prudence, has turned sixteen and is the prettiest girl in Klynham Neddy can t protect her from the men in town, but can he protect her from the killer on the loose Part boys own adventure, part small town comedy and part horrifying thriller, The Scarecrow is of its own kind, The same week our fowls were stolen, Daphne Moran had her throat cut Neddy Poindexter s sister, Prudence, has turned sixteen and is the prettiest girl in Klynham Neddy can t protect her from the men in town, but can he protect her from the killer on the loose Part boys own adventure, part small town comedy and part horrifying thriller, The Scarecrow is of its own kind, an unexpected and irresistible masterpiece One of the most unusual and original novels published in this country for many a long day Sydney Morning Herald.

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    1. The Scarecrow is a powerful crime novel, but instead of literature's typical rugged detectives, crooked cops, enigmatic FBI agents and classy women, the characters are a young brother and sister who find their lives affected when stories of a killer lurking around begin to taint their town.

    2. What a grimy, unpleasant book. Excuse me while I dramatically wash my hands of it now that I'm done with it.Okay. So. The Scarecrow isn't a bad book, but there was a lot I didn't like about it. I suppose what muddied my enjoyment of it the most was the book's skeevy preoccupation (not to mention the protagonist's preoccupation) with the sex life of the protagonist's 16 year old sister Prudence. For me, Prudence was the only character worth giving a toss about, as the rest were too one-dimensiona [...]

    3. A friend recommended this book. The first time I tried to read it, I hated it. I don't know why. It bugged me. I read a couple chapters then stopped. I tried to give it back to my friend and she say, "You hold onto it and pick it up later. I swear you'll love it." It sat on my shelf for 3 years. Then I picked it up again and LOVED it. It is a great story that kept me totally engaged. Funny how your head space at the time can change how you experience a book. I finally gave it back to my friend w [...]

    4. Stāsts risinās Jaunzēlandes mazpilsētiņā Klinemā un stāstītājs ir četrpadsmitgadīgais Nedijs. Stāstā ir draudzība, cīniņi ar Linča bandu, seksualitātes apzināšanās, nelaimes gadījums un dažas baisas slepkavības, kas saceļ kārtīgu vētru mazpilsētā un ļoti tieši skar Nediju. Vietām vēstījums šķiet tāds neveikls, bet tas piedod tikai ticamību tam, ka tas ir četrpadsmitgadnieks, kas to stāsts.

    5. A sensational book, full of crackling live wire writing, adventurous inventive vocabulary and a story stuffed full of vivid and wild characters. It's classic noir New Zealand style, and as fantastic and great as any pulp fiction I've ever come across. Eddy is a small-town youth, son of a useless drunken junk dealer and nephew to an even more worthless scoundrel, Uncle Athol. Buoyed by his best friend Les and sister Prudence, Eddy manages to scrape by in the dusty burg of Klynham. When a scary ne [...]

    6. I've just finished The scarecrow: A novel and I'm not sure that I'd recommend it. (Still considering whether to give it 3 stars and be generous, or stick with just 2.) Although funny in places, more often than not, the humour didn't work for me. It felt too laboured, self-conscious, and at times, very uncomfortable (rape & necrophilia have never been particularly chuckle-some in my book.) It was written in the sixties, so the sexism is to be expected, but I did get sick of it. (Having read b [...]

    7. A brilliant, sometimes jarring mix of coming-of-age nostalgia, cartoonish horror and grim realism - a tale of lechery, alcohol, murder, rape, and small town charm. Think Ray Bradbury's slightly unhinged cousin. Neddy Poindexter's narrative is a delight, a bit innocent and naive with a tendency to exaggerate and a kinda disturbing fixation with his sister. Through him Morrieson captures that horrible, mulchy mysteriousness of sex when you're a 14 year old boy, and creates a vision of small town N [...]

    8. ‘Had Dickens begun his career in the twentieth century and with a novel whose major theme was sex he might very well have produced a book like The Scarecrow.’Meanjin‘Infectious warmth and gusto…one of the most unusual and original novels published in this country for many a long day.’Sydney Morning Herald

    9. A very engaging read. I originally began reading the tale expecting it to be all about the murderous escapades of the ominous "Scarecrow". However I soon discovered that he was one of the least villainous characters in the book (apart from the whole murdering, necrophilia thingah okay he was pretty bad). The Lynch gang on the other hand provided much more of a suspenseful terror. I find that I am able to handle a man that I know is intent on killing people, I find it much harder however to handl [...]

    10. Don't let the humdrum title fool you this is an incredible book! Ronald Hugh Morrieson was a very talented writer with a lot to say, and one gets the impression that "The Scarecrow" barely scrapes the surface. Had it been twice as long, I think it would still have left me wanting more.Set in a small (dare I say, derelict) New Zealand town in the 1950's, this novel walks a fine line between quaint yesteryears and gruesome realities. The cast of characters run the gamut from loveable to despicable [...]

    11. ISBN 0 86863 677 0Heinemann, NZ.What an opening line! “The same week our fowls were stolen, Daphne Moran had her throat cut.” The intrigue that Morrieson then dishes out to explain everything about this sentence becomes ‘a macabre comedy in which horror and humour are blended so that shudders come as fast as the smiles’ (from the dust cover). As in Morrieson’s other novels, this is small town New Zealand at a time when poverty was the norm, day to day survival was reality and people di [...]

    12. The novel starts off with a cracking first sentence 'The same week our fowls were stole, Daphne Moran had her throat cut'. From this starting point the novel settles into the viewpoint of Neddy Poindexter as he struggles with poverty, growing up, dealing with the family and a sinister man who comes to town. The book is set in a small New Zealand town and the family struggles, the town makeup are believable and anyone can relate to the setting. There are some wonderful descriptions in the book 'A [...]

    13. Salter the Sensational stalks women in the small (ficticious) New Zealand town of Klynham in the early 1950s. This 1963 novel is told from the perspective of a teenage boy, Eddy, and the horror occurs amidst a backdrop of sleepy, frequently comedic, small-town life. The story opens with Eddy and his best friend Les's newly purchased chickens being stolen by Eddy's drunk Uncle Athol and raffled away. Eddy and Les mistakenly suspect the local gang of bullies led by Victor Lynch, and steal the Lync [...]

    14. So I'm on placement at an adolescent mental health facility, and one of the girls wants me to help her with reading. Of course I'm okay with that. She had in her hands "The Scarecrow"--the cover gave nothing away as to its contents as it was that orange Popular Penguins cover. We started reading. The first sentence reveals that someone's throat had been cut. Nothing else incriminating is in the first chapter, but the RN flicked through it later on and found a really disturbing passage, so now it [...]

    15. I really love this novel. I read it when I was quite young because the author grew up in same region that my family did. I think what captures me is the wonderful uniquely New Zealand darkness to this novel. Stephen King sets his novels in small towns, so too does Morrieson. And what I especially like about is the unique 'New Zealand Gothic' nature if his books. And yes, I am attached to his writing because we grew up in the same town, and his life is so tragically sad, but the writing is wonder [...]

    16. I didn't particularly enjoy this, but black comedy has never really been my thing. My Hawera cousins were startled I'd never heard of Ronald Hugh Morrieson though, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I didn't like the characters or even find them terribly interesting, I found the phonetic dialogue weird - it just doesn't read Kiwi to me - and the plot was meandering and made the book feel a lot longer than it really was.

    17. Klynham has so many secrets, it makes Twin Peaks look like Botany Downs. RHM builds the plot (very) slowly, letting us get to know the characters, before the creepy scarecrow himself shows up to wreck some actually pretty horrible havoc in their lives. As with Came A Hot Friday, there is some surprisingly tender writing in among the blood and guts, held together with a great deal of humour. Recommended.

    18. Great plot and interesting characters. Told by a 14 year old boy in a small New Zealand country town. The boy's family is quite poor. Two girls in the district are murdered. That stated, it is quite a comical read. For example, the boy's uncle is a hearse driver, but nearly always drunk. He is so drunk that crashes the hearse on the job. A fast enjoyable read. A book worth rereading. I can understand why it is deemed a classic New Zealand novel. Published in 1963.

    19. When I was about the age of the boys in this story, I used to watch the film adaptation of this book quite often. Largely due to the actress that played the role of Prudence being very easy on the eyes. However I had not read the novel until now, some 25 years later, and was blown away. As good as anything I've ever read.

    20. Dark and comic depiction of provincial New Zealand of the 50s/60s. Dickensian comparisons of this debut novel not wholly inadequate. Liked it quite a bit, despite some long passages which might be more rewarding for people from New Zealand? Interesting author. 3,5/5

    21. Small town in New Zealand is shocked by the disappearance of a girl. Told through the narrative of a neér-do-well teenage boy - Morrieson gets the voice just right - this is a little slice of liferather than a mystery per se. Conjures the place pretty well. And it has a car chase of a sort. Rated M for adult themes and matue concepts. 3.5/5

    22. What a strange but excellent book. I don't really know what to think. It's a bit clumsy and fumbling, but hilarious and heartfelt. It would have been a three, but I thought Morrieson didn't quite pull off the fine trick of writing about necrophilia, rape and murder in the context of an otherwise very light-hearted book. The changes of tone were just too jarring.

    23. Have to resort to crude national essentialism to do this justice but basically the clean:rock music::the scarecrow:novels. Has this totally bent voice that glues together three or four unruly points this novel brandishes. Worth reading just for some of neddy's narratorial gems, but also worth reading because it is amazing. Also I am in love with prudence, obviously.

    24. When I stopped reading this book sometime last year I was in a very boring section. But if I had continued a little bit longer I would have discovered how exciting it got! If I hadn't had such a big break between now and then I probably would have given it a 4 but alas. Would recommend this book if you want to read a bit of kiwi Gothic literature.

    25. Read in New Zealand, though it's a universal tale of growing up. An interesting mix of Twain-like small town characters and a genuinely horrific crime. Vividly told. This was a very attractive Penguin edition, which doesn't have.

    26. i read this in a day because it was hard to put down. Kinda creepy and dark and a great twist. I read this years ago as a teen but now look forward to enjoying more of Morriesons writing as an adult.

    27. Interesting mix of story types. I did enjoy it and was struck by the second half being better than the first. To my mind, that is a rare occurrence.

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