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Eleven From the eerily outlandish to the dark and brutal Eleven presents a gallery of bizarre characters each driven by strange unspoken urges whose cumulative effect is at least as unsettling as any of H

  • Title: Eleven
  • Author: Patricia Highsmith
  • ISBN: 9780871133274
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the eerily outlandish to the dark and brutal, Eleven presents a gallery of bizarre characters, each driven by strange unspoken urges, whose cumulative effect is at least as unsettling as any of Highsmith s previous novels.Contains The Snail Watcher The Birds Poised to Fly The Terrapin When the Fleet was in at Mobile The Quest for Blank Claveringi The Cries of Love From the eerily outlandish to the dark and brutal, Eleven presents a gallery of bizarre characters, each driven by strange unspoken urges, whose cumulative effect is at least as unsettling as any of Highsmith s previous novels.Contains The Snail Watcher The Birds Poised to Fly The Terrapin When the Fleet was in at Mobile The Quest for Blank Claveringi The Cries of Love Mrs Afton, Among Thy Green Braes The Heroine Another Bridge to Cross The Barbarians The Empty Birdcage

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        Patricia Highsmith was an American novelist who is known mainly for her psychological crime thrillers which have led to than two dozen film adaptations over the years She lived with her grandmother, mother and later step father her mother divorced her natural father six months before Patsy was born and married Stanley Highsmith in Fort Worth before moving with her parents to New York in 1927 but returned to live with her grandmother for a year in 1933 Returning to her parents in New York, she attended public schools in New York City and later graduated from Barnard College in 1942 Shortly after graduation her short story The Heroine was published in the Harper s Bazaar magazine and it was selected as one of the 22 best stories that appeared in American magazines in 1945 and it won the O Henry award for short stories in 1946 She continued to write short stories, many of them comic book stories, and regularly earned herself a weekly 55 pay check During this period of her life she lived variously in New York and Mexico.Her first suspense novel Strangers on a Train published in 1950 was an immediate success with public and critics alike The novel has been adapted for the screen three times, most notably by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951 In 1955 her anti hero Tom Ripley appeared in the splendid The Talented Mr Ripley , a book that was awarded the Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere as the best foreign mystery novel translated into French in 1957 This book, too, has been the subject of a number of film versions Ripley appeared again in Ripley Under Ground in 1970, in Ripley s Game in 1974, The boy who Followed Ripley in 1980 and in Ripley Under Water in 1991.Along with her acclaimed series about Ripley, she wrote 22 novels and eight short story collections plus many other short stories, often macabre, satirical or tinged with black humour She also wrote one novel, non mystery, under the name Claire Morgan, plus a work of non fiction Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction and a co written book of children s verse, Miranda the Panda Is on the Veranda.She latterly lived in England and France and was popular in England than in her native United States Her novel Deep Water , 1957, was called by the Sunday Times one of the most brilliant analyses of psychosis in America and Julian Symons once wrote of her Miss Highsmith is the writer who fuses character and plot most successfully the most important crime novelist at present in practice In addition, Michael Dirda observed Europeans honoured her as a psychological novelist, part of an existentialist tradition represented by her own favorite writers, in particular Dostoevsky, Conrad, Kafka, Gide, and Camus She died of leukemia in Locarno, Switzerland on 4 February 1995 and her last novel, Small g a Summer Idyll , was published posthumously a month later.Gerry WolstenholmeJuly 2010


    1. I was won over as I read the Foreword by Graham Greene: Her characters are irrational, and they leap to life in their very lack of reason; suddenly we realize how unbelievable rational most fictional characters are as they lead their lives from A to Z, like commuters always taking the same train. The motives of these characters are never inexplicable because they are so drearily obvious. The characters are as flat as a mathematical symbol. We accepted them as real once, but when we look back at [...]

    2. I love this book. Highsmith reminds me of Shirley Jackson. Same obsession with people who overestimate their capabilities, make bad decisions, and become ensnared in some unspeakable horror. For perhaps obvious reasons, I had to stop reading. But excellent writing. Reading this book also makes me want to finish my Jackson article--another reason, naturally, to stop reading the book.

    3. I want to read everything Patricia Highsmith ever wrote.I loved these stories. Highsmith has a very twisted view of humanity and I love it.Her prose is so crisp. I want to roll around in her sentences. There's so much control here. She knows exactly what she's doing every word of every sentence. It's amazing.

    4. I thoroughly hated these stories. I love Highsmith's writing, but this book was just awful. I didn't care for any of the themes or characters and overall, this was a disappointment.

    5. so patricia highsmith and i have a very complicated relationship. for a long time, i kept mixing her up with patricia cornwell, who is the kind of run-of-the-mill contemporary mystery writer you find a lot in supermarkets and places like that. but THEN i also kept mixing up patricia cornwell with the various trashy romance writers who stock those same supermarket aisles. SO for the life of me i could not understand why people were making such a big fuss over some trashy romance author. THEN i fo [...]

    6. I loved the Ripley books, but this was quite disappointing from Highsmith. Maybe it's because in general I'm not a fan of short stories. A few of them just seemed to stop. I can't really point to one that was outstanding. And what's with the snail obsession?

    7. Fantastic collection. Almost every story left me shocked and impressed, with a lingering sense of dread and closure. Most of these should be counted directly horror stories, to be honest, they hit harder than a great many scary collections, and the terrapin story is just heartbreaking. Two of the stories also involve terrifying snail encounters - and they're both awesome! Dealing with our own personal mental traps, and the effects of casual callousness. Every story cuts just as you're catching y [...]

    8. Molluscopobia is the 'irrational' or 'ridiculous' fear of members of the mollusc family, such as slugs or snails.While demonstrating her talent for observing and portraying the darker complexities of human psychology throughout; at least two horrifying tales in this striking and uncanny anthology ought to leave you questioning whether the aforementioned phobia really is so 'ridiculous' after all. Side note: Irascible and deeply contemptuous of people, Patricia Highsmith reportedly harboured a de [...]

    9. Disomogenei, mancando un fil rouge come in "Piccoli racconti di misoginia", questi racconti sono imbibiti di inquietudine.Sottile come tela di ragno in "Un altro ponte da attraversare", macroscopica ne "La tartaruga", claustrofobica ne "Il guardalumache".L'accento, apparentemente posto sul plot di storie vagamente noir, è l'ammiccamento al lettore da parte dell'autrice, distaccata quanto deve giocoforza esserlo un bravo chirurgo. L'antefatto o l'epilogo, infatti, si intuiscono presto, la relazi [...]

    10. Overall: ☆ ☆ ☆ 1/2 (3.5 stars)So, my professor had me at “Highsmith hated people and was obsessed with obsessions and madness.” Bingo, I thought. We would’ve been great friends (I’m trying to forget the part of the lecture where he told us she became anti-Semitic, though).Eleven is a short story collection of – surprise! – 11 short stories about weird obsessions and other psychological problems.1. “The Snail Watcher” ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Apparently Highsmith collected snails [...]

    11. It was okay, but I much prefer her novels to her short stories. Lots of interesting characters and scenarios, but nothing felt fully fleshed out and the characters weren't as tangible as they are in her novels. A few of the stories were rather 'meh' and a few of the stories would have been better if they were longer and more involved. Not bad, but not her finest work.

    12. A collection of some great short stories. Some gave me the creeps and some really grossed me out ;-) I really got to admire Patricia Highsmith for her ability of creating an atmosphere of suspense in stories that seem so clear cut and mundane on the surface!

    13. I picked up this old hardcover of The Snail-Watcher and Other Stories from my library (it's got Date Due stamps from 1970!) but you can find the same 11 stories under the title "Eleven." Highsmith explores some dark and unsettling aspects of human nature here (obsession, madness, cruelty, criminality) very often with some subtle to savage humor. Read it for the two snail stories alone! Good stuff, lol. The author is rumored to have had quite the fixation with snails in real life keeping hundreds [...]

    14. Este libro ha sido todo un descubrimiento. No suelo leer terror o suspense, pero estos relatos me han encantado. Cada uno de ellos quita el aliento. Se han ido sucediendo las cosas y, en un momento dado, sabes que va a pasar algo y, hasta que pasa, ni respirar puedes. Además, está muy bien escrito, sin palabras grandilocuentes y oraciones largas y complicadas, pero rico y, sobre todo, muy visual, que me parece importantísimo.Algunos relatos me han gustado más que otros, claro está, pero tod [...]

    15. I have enjoyed Patricia Highsmith's novels, particularly Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr. Ripley. Her short stories are miniature psychological thrillers that explore the often lonely and irrational people that may live closer than you think. Eleven is Highsmith's earliest collection of stories, and they are no less unsettling than her novels. A box of dark chocolate truffles, each darker than the last! We meet a man obsessively waiting on a letter from the one he loves, (a waiting game [...]

    16. Here's something to know right off the bat: of the eleven stories in this collection, two -- two! -- feature protagonists being menaced by snails. For some readers, that would be a deal-breaker, but I'm not one of them (though neither am I now Googling "fiction with sinister escargot," in search of more of the same). Before this collection I only knew Highsmith from the Ripley books and from the adaptation of her Strangers on a Train, one of my favorite Hitchcock films. These stories, while as m [...]

    17. "Urla d'amore" è un'antologia di 11 racconti creati dalla "Signora del thriller" Patricia Highsmith. Un'inquietudine latente, che spesso diventa angoscia è la caratteristica comune che unisce le opere di questo libro. L'autrice pur descrivendo delle situazioni che fanno parte della quotidianità delle persone, riesce a far percepire al lettore un'ambigua sensazione di disagio. Tra i vari racconti degni di nota: "Il guardalumache" dove viene illustrata la curiosa passione di un facoltoso uomo d [...]

    18. Elf Kurzgeschichten der Extraklasse. Eine Schildkröte, viele Schnecken, ein Kindermädchen und eine Katze. Garniert mit den für Patricia Highsmith so typischen Charakteren. Abseits der Norm. Ihre Geschichten verursachen Beklemmung. Ohne Ausnahme. Keine Angst. Nur das ungute Gefühl, das einen beschleicht, wenn die Dinge zu richtig scheinen. Zu gut. Zu perfekt. So rund, dass etwas nicht stimmen kann. Es gibt keine Happy Ends.Meine zweite Begegnung mit ihr - die erste war (was sonst) der talenti [...]

    19. I hadn't read any Highsmith before, and maybe this collection was a bit too varied and lacking in a distinctive style for me to form any clear picture of her writing. If you like stories about snails, you're in for a treat - there are two of 'em. I particularly liked the suburban horror of stories like The Snail-watcher and The Empty Birdhouse, these were fantastically unsettling. But the stand-out for me was When The Fleet Was In At Mobile, which was wrenching and beautifully restrained america [...]

    20. Confesso che mi aspettavo qualcosa di diverso.Ho letto solo due altri libri di Patricia Highsmith: Carol di cui mi erano state tessute le lodi ma che, a parte il tema trasgressivo per l'epoca, non aveva lasciato segno nella mia memoria ed un altro romanzo più nel suo "stile".Questa raccolta di racconti è particolare e mi ha spiazzato. Non sono racconti noir ma decisamente "black"! C'è un nero, una cupezza che pervade ciascuno di essi, anche quelli più surreali. Il lettore non viene travolto [...]

    21. In the foreword to this collection, novelist Graham Greene writes that, "Miss Highsmith's short stories do not let us down, though we may be able to brush them off more easily [than her novels] because of their brevity. We haven't lived with them long enough to be totally absorbed." I agree completely with Greene. These stories are bite-size Highsmith, punctuated with smartly toxic O Henry twists. My favorite entries in the collection are "The Terrapin" and "The Cries of Love." That said, if you [...]

    22. This is my first time reading Highsmith and I regret that. I initially got this collection of eleven short stories because of the two snail stories, "The Snail Watcher" and "The Quest for Blank Claveringi." While I still feel that these are the strongest and most polished stories, the others are also outstanding. These are not horror stories and I am not comfortable calling them science fiction. Perhaps alternate reality is an apt genre for some of them, but not all. Some are more like nightmare [...]

    23. I read this as a kid, given it to me by my mother. I still have it on my shelf, and it's well-thumbed. The story about the killer snails sticks in my head. If I'd come to the novel a few years later I might not have read it because of the foreword by Graham Greene, whose work I never liked.Anyway, a cracking read - eleven great stories; some of them quite disconcerting. Time for a re-read soon, perhaps - it's only a short tome.

    24. Four stories in and I'm hooked! "The Snail Watcher" creeped me out so much, I had to physically put the book down! And "The Terrapin" did the same, so much so that I have a hard time looking at the book cover now! "When the Fleet Was In at Mobile" had the kind of ending that I LOVE, very Twilight Zone-y with the perfect amount of despair/terror! Another snail terror, a crazy nurse maid, and an evil yuma round out a truly creepy collection!

    25. Eleven vignettes of the Tales of the Unexpected variety, some more successful than others. Some had me thumbing the pages to see how far off the end was - particularly one set in the South of France, high on atmosphere but short on plot - but others, particularly those involving amphibians and gastropods, I found grimly fascinating.

    26. My favorite story so far: "The Quest for Blank Claveringi." And yes, it's about snails -- but these are no ordinary snails. Menacing and calculating, these snails terrified me. And that's just one story. Highsmith is my kind of writer. Four stars because I'm not quite finished with the collection yet.

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