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Diana Beautiful resourceful treacherous vulnerable she was a woman full of contradictions and he would never stop loving her As a young girl Diana is irrepressible untameable and to the orphaned John

  • Title: Diana
  • Author: R.F. Delderfield
  • ISBN: 9780340238400
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beautiful, resourceful, treacherous, vulnerable she was a woman full of contradictions and he would never stop loving her As a young girl Diana is irrepressible, untameable and, to the orphaned John, endlessly fascinating Only daughter of a wealthy businessman, she is drawn both to a rigorous outdoor life in the west country with her horses and the glittering London soBeautiful, resourceful, treacherous, vulnerable she was a woman full of contradictions and he would never stop loving her As a young girl Diana is irrepressible, untameable and, to the orphaned John, endlessly fascinating Only daughter of a wealthy businessman, she is drawn both to a rigorous outdoor life in the west country with her horses and the glittering London society that will be her destiny They spend a magical unconventional childhood together but Diana s ambition, her passion for life that makes her so desirable, pulls her away from all that makes her happy The fierce friendship that grew inevitably to love, develops as inevitably to conflict and a betrayal that will mark them both until the trials of war offers them redemption.

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        Ronald Frederick Delderfield was a popular English novelist and dramatist, many of whose works have been adapted for television and are still widely read.Several of Delderfield s historical novels and series involve young men who return from war and lead lives in England that allow the author to portray the sweep of English history and delve deeply into social history from the Edwardian era to the early 1960s.From


    1. I first read Diana when I was 12. At that time I found the character of Diana to be very romantic. I have since re-read this book twice; once in my 20's and then last year when I turned 60. I have always loved this book, especially since it was probably the first "grownup" book I read as a pre-teen.But now that I'm older I feel very different about the characters. Diana is truly a very selfish person and there were times when I would get so exasperated with John for putting up with her. But John [...]

    2. This is the original BBC mini-series 'Diana' that aired in 1984. It is based on the R F Delderfield novel of the same name.Cast:Patsy Kensit - Young DianaJenny Seagrove - Older DianaKevin McNally - JanIain Anders - ReubenYves Aubert - Yves de RoydenChristina Barryk - MaryYves Beneyton - Raoul de RoydenElizabeth Bennett - Mrs. Gayelord-SuttonJean Boissery - RanceFred Bryant - LukeDirectors:Richard StroudDavid TuckerWriters:R F Delderfield (novel)Andrew Davies (writer)Diana by Delderfieldwinter 20 [...]

    3. This was my first adult romance and I read it at 13. I loved this book and the second part The Unjust Skies. This is the only book to this day that has made me cry. It is a true love story from teen to adult. I can't believe no one ever made this movie as it would have been a classic one. This is one of my top 5's of all time and I've read a lot of book spanning 40 some years.

    4. This is another Delderfiled book about the uniqueness of Pre-WW I England. this, the story of a young woman of privilege and her life Yes, full of things which today we would revile and castigate as classist, repressive and arrogant examples of the social inequalities of the time But all I saw -read, imagined, dreamt of - was the beautiful, bucolic English countryside and apparently genteel life of its people, both working poor and land owners alike

    5. I'm giving this one up for now and perhaps try another day. Other books are calling and not much is happening here.

    6. I'm not sure I've ever read anything quite like this. There are two parts to Diana. In the first, a young man named John falls for a girl named Diana when she rescues him from an angry gamekeeper who works on her parents' estate. He is poor and works in his uncle's used furniture store and Diana is completely out of his league. Thus begins his love, and eventually unhealthy obsession, with the spoiled only-daughter of the inhabitants of the Heronslea estate. It's clear that these two are soulmat [...]

    7. Reading this book was like plowing a rocky field. It took forever! I still had to give it 3 stars as it was a good story and was well written. I just didn't enjoy reading it because I had to work at it.

    8. Not my favorite Delderfield novel. Having long been a fan of RF Delderfield (the Swann Trilogy, To Serve Them All My Days, The Avenue), I was excited to find a 'new' book by him, but this story just turned me off. Diana may have come across as a romantic figure early on, but I really got tired of her constant shifts, and stopped caring what happened to the two of them. The scene where Jan watches as she distracts Rance just sickened me, no matter why she was doing it.Delderfield has written simi [...]

    9. It's so funny; I was talking to a friend about books just a couple of days ago and was trying to describe this book but couldn't remember the title or the author. Today I was browsing something else and a book by Delderfield was one of the recommendations. Yes! That's the author! Browsing through his books brought me to Diana, though the title still didn't mean anything to me, the description sounded about right. The only other thing I could remember about it was a quote at the beginning from a [...]

    10. I have read this book at least 6 times and I like others have got something different from it each time. In my younger years I saw it as a wonderful love story but on return reads the lovely Diana comes across a much different character!! The angst was all Johns, a puppet that she liked to pick up and drop at will almost from the moment they met, but he was mesmerised from day one and allowed himself to be treated that way.

    11. I read Diana when I was 16. It's a beautifully written reflection ofpre-WW I English society, with deep, well-dimensioned and strong characters and one of the most heartfelt love stories i've ever read amidst a fascinating recount of historic events. Close to my heart.

    12. I read the early chapters of this in my teens and was quite haunted by it, but for some reason did not continue. Now, at the age of 72, I've finally read it cover-to-cover. Its repetitive and improbable in places and does go on a bit, but I found it gripping and fell in love again with the heroine whom I found again to be as inspiring and fresh as Spring sunshine. The feeling of loss when I'd finished was palpable!

    13. I really got into the first half of this (rather one-sided) love story set against class differences in the idyllic English countryside between the wars. Orphaned teenaged Jan is cheerfully used and emotionally wrung dry by the brash heiress of an investment magnate. She inspires him to better himself, enlists him in harebrained adventures about the country, drops him in at every shifting whim, and still he comes back for more. It reminded me a bit of The Forsyte Saga in reverse, but a more apt [...]

    14. Great authorI love all RF Delderfield books including this one. He writes beautifully and creates wonderful characters. I have always been a fan all things british. The story has some wonderful history, romance, and beauty.b

    15. I have fond memories of reading this bucolic novel by R.F. Delderfield when I was in high school. The author's lush descriptions of the Devon countryside set the stage and immediately draw in the reader. Orphaned right before his fifteenth birthday, John Leigh leaves London to live with his aunt and uncle in Devon. One afternoon, he meets Diana Gaylorde-Sutton, the daughter of the neighborhood's wealthy landowner. Together, they build a life-changing friendship while running wild through the hea [...]

    16. I read well over 100 pages and just couldn't get into it. For those of you who haven't read this book it's basically about this fourteen year old girl that meats a fifteen year old guy, she's wealthy he's not. And really all it is is them meeting up and stuff.Don't get me wrong it's a well written book just not the type I usually read. If you like other books by Delderfield then you should like this one but I think it's a bit out of date.There is absolutely no plot in this book, it just seemed t [...]

    17. Part I I'd give three stars to. It's okay but not nearly as good as To Teach Them All My Days. The characters are fairly flat, and I still can't quite figure out why "Jan" is so enchanted with Diana as to have an undying obsession with her. Especially when they're older and she keeps coming back to him and just expecting him to take her back, how does that not infuriate him? She also talks to him as if he's slow or a child if he doesn't read her mind, so I would have liked some more explanation [...]

    18. When I look back, I think I have now read this book three times. I first read it in my teens and I like John the male lead character was fascinated with the character of Diana and the English setting. The relationship between John and Diana swills around in your mind as you read other books with strong young characters adrift in the undercurrents of beauty, love and desire.

    19. I didn't finish. Delderfield is a great writer, but the story of a young man fixated with a beautiful, rich and treacherous girl just didn't ring my bell. I moved on. BUT . . . I'm trying again. And I stopped again. Can't get next to the character that throws himself at a controlling, spoiled young woman. Ah well.

    20. Interesting character study of 2 flawed individuals locked in a relationship which begins in childhood. This book, although very well written, lacks something I can't put my finger on. Perhaps I just can't believe Jan continually going back for more after another of Diana's harebrained schemes. Enjoyed Delderfield's "God is an Englishman" series much more.

    21. Delderfield is a great writer who sucks you right into his stoies. He easily writes about times past with a skill that makes you think he must have lived then himself. His colorful descriptions are unsurpassed by comparison. Find out for yourself!

    22. As one of the book jackets says, a defiant piece of Romanticism in an unRomantic era.I'm especially fond of the BBC series, which I was able to find an informal copy of! I hope one day it will be released - it deserves to be seen.

    23. Did not finish. After skimming it appears to be a good story but it's just too long and drawn out for me. It became a chore.If Julian Fellowes could get his hands on this and write a screenplay it would make a good British mini-series.

    24. This was a favorite among the many titles I read from this author. I remember sitting on a bus reading this and tearing up. Highly recommend this one.

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