Three Trials

Three Trials

Kristy Cunning / Jan 17, 2020

Three Trials So I ve checked off some life goals and added a few new ones to my list Goal Get out of hell s belly without letting my ungrateful charges die Goal Get a new name that s badass Goal Stop wastin

  • Title: Three Trials
  • Author: Kristy Cunning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • So, I ve checked off some life goals and added a few new ones to my list Goal 5 Get out of hell s belly without letting my ungrateful charges die Goal 6 Get a new name that s badass Goal 7 Stop wasting my breath on lectures and start annoying the quad hell squad every time they annoy me Fight fire with fire Ha Another hell pun Goal 8 Find out who the helSo, I ve checked off some life goals and added a few new ones to my list Goal 5 Get out of hell s belly without letting my ungrateful charges die Goal 6 Get a new name that s badass Goal 7 Stop wasting my breath on lectures and start annoying the quad hell squad every time they annoy me Fight fire with fire Ha Another hell pun Goal 8 Find out who the hell killed me I ll add I don t want to overwhelm myself before I even finish checking off my old goals But seriously, I really do need a badass name, considering how much I have to keep saving my damsels in distress I probably shouldn t call them damsels, since they re a little murderous and all Maybe I should add seeing a hell certified psychologist to my list of goals Sexual situations content Reverse Harem Dark humor galore Language warning

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    1. If you didn't know, Kristy Cunnings also writes as, C. M. Owens and S.T. Abby. Pick any book of hers and you will get stories that are insanely fun, engaging, with characters that are multidimensional. And although I enjoyed the first book (Four Psychos) immensely, this otoh is indulgent and vapid, which made it quite tedious to finish.

    2. 4.25It's official! I'm in love with this series and these characters! 😍 We get some answers in this installment as to what Keyla actually is, and why she has a connection to the boys. The story is unique, the characters are hilarious, and the romance is hot!! I had a ton of fun reading Three Trials, and I really wish I didn't have to wait for the next one! 😭 The author said it shouldn't be too long, and I sincerely hope she means that! If you like paranormal reverse harem, you do not want [...]

    3. I’m absolutely loving this series but this book went by far too quickly, I tried to slow down but I couldn’t since my curiosity to find out what happened was stronger than my need for this book to last longer.This picks up where the previous book Four Psycho’s left off with the third trial (yes you must read that first) and it’s brutal, designed by the devil himself. It soon becomes apparent that no one is meant to survive this trial and Keyla has her work cut out for her keeping the guy [...]

    4. Here we are. Back in hell again. With Keyla and her boys. It's just SO GOOD.Well, we get a lot of answers here, but you are still left wanting MORE. I don't even have much to say because it would all be a spoiler and you should just READ IT and then you can know how awesome it is.It's funny, sexy, and it's about Satan's children and some HOT dudes who love this awesome chick. There are no annoying tropes, no angst, no contrived drama. 100% entertainment and I can't get enough.Buddy read with Rev [...]

    5. Just a suggestion: When the Devil says, “Lets the games begin,” see if you can run in the opposite direction.If book 1 (Four Psychos) was the book of questions, book 2 (Three Trials) is the book of answers. And (Shh! Don’t tell that I told you!) it is the book that the guys will finally grab the ghost girl.With an even more intriguing book cover and a title that includes the word “trials”; it is obvious that games will be integrated in the main characters’ attempts to learn who they [...]

    6. I’m just sitting here trying to pick a favorite psycho!People. If you like supernatural romance with a heavy dash of reverse harem and you’re not reading this series then you are TRULY missing out.In book two we get so many answers to ghost girl, and the four psychos pasts/presents. I honestly had no clue what any of them truly were, but once the author lets us in on their true back story it all makes perfect sense.The tensions from book one are fulfilled and I will say it was well worth the [...]

    7. I love this series. This book did't disappoint, it made me laugh from the start, I was so hooked I couldn't stop.Entertaining, humorous, sexy. A great second installment. The book starts right where the first one left off. So much so, that if you read them back to back you won't even realize that the story is separated in different installments. I only wish we could have had more in depth development of each of the guys so we could know them better. I can't wait to read the next one.

    8. 4.5 starsSo glad she isn't making us wait for these! Come on book 3! Really liking this series!RTC once series is finished

    9. More fun, more snark, more action, more hotness.I'm thoroughly enjoying this series. It's an easy read and perfect for the times when your brain just needs to shut down for a while. Also, this is surprisingly (and blessedly) non-smutty, so if you're looking for some dirty Erotica, these books aren't for you.I did like the first one more, though, since there was quite a bit of info dumping in this one, and the trials felt a little drawn out.

    10. GIIIRRRLLLLL I'ma need the third book stat! Where Kristy Cunning at? This book was no words. Fcking amazing.

    11. Okay, I thought of all ways how this story can go and I can confess, I didn't saw it anyway. Lol. I was surprised. I'm happy with secrets revealed. Those were killing me in first book. But there is still some to bring to light.It was even more adventurous then first book, because of the trial. But also this story might made me to shed some tears a moment there. Damn, that was painful and I wish I could have been in everyone's head to see how they were feeling. But aftermath was as powerful and s [...]

    12. Rating : 4 starsI'm probably in the minority here, but I liked book two less than the first one. It might be more sexy but it's less hilarious and sassy. And I can't help but find the big "reveal" kind of simple and not that interesting. Nevertheless, it's entertaining as fuck and very funny. Erase her stupid surname and bring it on the end of the world and the next book should be perfect.

    13. Mediocre.Here for some Reverse Harem Action.Mostly Bland.Not all that exciting.Flat characters.Supposed great legacy.More talking and less action.Skipping over thingsOT HOLES.Everything is just a little too easy and perfect for MCsAMMATICAL ERRORS TO LAST A LIFETIME

    14. I NEED BOOK 3 & 4 NOW ! Book 2 was just as good as the first book! C.M. Owens you’re a goddess! I need book 3 asap but I’ll take a new sterling shore book while I’m waiting, please and thank you 😘 My favorite psycho defiantly changed in this book. Book 1 it was Ezekiel and now I’m torn between Gage and Kai. I’ll just take them both 🤤Can’t wait for the 3rd one.

    15. I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first book. With more of their background revealed and a solid storyline, it all came together well. Also, it was hot.

    16. Loved this so much!!! I loved this so much. So much is revealed but more questions asked. One of the best RH series out there!

    17. I can't even right now I'm so in love with this series. I don't have words. Okay I am ready to write my review for this. this is book 2 well of course it is See still procrastinating lolIn this book Kayla (the ghost girl has more to add to her list.) Goal #5: Get out of hell's belly without letting my ungrateful charges die. Goal #6: Get a new name that's more badass. Goal #7: Stop wasting my breath on lectures and start annoying the quad hell squad every time they annoy me. Fight fire with fire [...]

    18. Soooo Freakin’ Good!No kidding, I’m in love with this series. It’s like no other I’ve read - the blend of known & author-created mythological factoids (I’m generalising) - make the plot & content fresh AF.Everything about it speaks to my inner geek in a way that has me wanting to throw a “Dark Side” book party, where all my fellow nerdish book addicts (who’ve read the book) come along dressed in their favourite “Ghost-Girl” Outfit.What does that have to do with the re [...]

    19. This book took me on one hell of a ride! It was absolutely amazing! Paca has my heart and the guys are amaze-balls! I am so excited to read book 3, cause I’m having one hell of a cliffhanger hangover right now! And can we all take a second to appreciate THAT scene?? 😄🙌🏼 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS READ!!!

    20. I love this one more than the first one. The story line is awesome. Completely original. The heroine didn't lose her humor. I can't wait for the 3rd book. This one ended with a cliff hanger. I want to talk about this but don't know how without spoiling certain plot points.

    21. Great book I loved reading Three Trials, the second book in The Dark Side. The boys have completely changed their attitudes towards Keyla - Ezekiel, Gage and Kai are much more open with her, it's Jude that is still holding onto his initial wariness and is still quite guarded with his interactions. Keyla is as hilarious as always, I love her attitude and quirkiness. AND the interactions between Keyla and the quad are much hotter in this book - that's ALWAYS a good thing in my opinion! The storyli [...]

    22. Seriously silly and fun, if you needed to know the boys do get nicer in this book. They still aren't 'good', but

    23. Absolutely one of my favorites book series I've ever read! the relationship between the guys and their girl just frustrates you to a point where you love it because it's so real but raw and emotional you just can't help but root for them all, even if you have a favorite. Each book lets go a little of the secrets just enough to where it leaves you wanting more but not enough to where it frustrates you and you give up on the series. I love that the author has them all written out to so it's never [...]

    24. This is most definitely exponentially better than book 1. That or I'm just too stupid to appreciate the previous book? BECAUSE I AM TELLING YOU ALL, IT ALL FINALLY MADE FUCKING SENSE!!! First of all, I offer the author my deepest apologies for doubting you and your brilliants ways the first time (Four Psychos). Now that I have finished this read, it feels like I am able to step back to discern the bigger picture adequately. I am able to unravel the beauty from the mess that the book 1 was. On my [...]

    25. 4.5 for me but I looooove this.The first book totally hooked me into this author and series, but compared to the first installment, this one felt a little shorter. A lot happened in Four Psychos and though we get a ton more info on what's really been going on, I still felt like it flew by so quickly! I was less in our MC and more outside, already knowing the drills, going with the flow. That's totally fine, but it just made the whole reading thing feel shorter, you know? Like instead of them doi [...]

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