Deader Still

Deader Still

Anton Strout / Jan 28, 2020

Deader Still Back in his criminal past Simon Canderous never imagined himself in a nine to five job much less a nine to five a m one But that s what you get when you work on the side of good for Manhattan s woef

  • Title: Deader Still
  • Author: Anton Strout
  • ISBN: 9780441016914
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • Back in his criminal past, Simon Canderous never imagined himself in a nine to five job much less a nine to five a.m one But that s what you get when you work on the side of good, for Manhattan s woefully underfunded Department of Extraordinary Affairs.It s been 737 days since the Department s last vampire incursion, but that streak appears to have ended when a boat fullBack in his criminal past, Simon Canderous never imagined himself in a nine to five job much less a nine to five a.m one But that s what you get when you work on the side of good, for Manhattan s woefully underfunded Department of Extraordinary Affairs.It s been 737 days since the Department s last vampire incursion, but that streak appears to have ended when a boat full of dead lawyers is found in the Hudson River Using the power of psychometry the ability to divine the history of an object by touching it Simon discovers that the booze cruise was crashed by something that sucked all the blood out of the litigators Plus Simon s girlfriend is studying technomancy a little clo closely with her boss his mentor, Connor, seems to be hiding something from him and a dangerous old flame has blown into town and threatens to make his life a living hell unless he helps her out with one last art heist Simon s workday may never end until his life does

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        When not plotting against his mortal enemy Patrick Rothfuss, Anton Strout is the author of the Simon Canderous urban fantasy series for Ace Books including Dead To Me, Deader Still, Dead Matter and Dead Waters.His new series with Ace Books is entitled The Spellmason Chronicles Alchemysticis first in the series, followed by Stonecast and the upcoming Incarnate.He is also the host and curator of content for The Once Future Podcast, a weekly show that focuses on discussions with other working writers.His other writing has appeared in a variety of anthologies some of which include Simon Canderous tie in stories including Boondocks Fantasy, The Dimension Next Door, A Girl s Guide to Guns Monsters, Pandora s Closet, Spells of the City, and Zombie Raccoons Killer Bunnies, Spells of the City, Boondocks Fantasy, After Hours Tales from the Ur Bar, and the upcoming Human For A Day.He currently lives outside New York City in the haunted corn maze that is New Jersey where nothing paranormal ever really happens, he assures you In his scant spare time, he is an always writer, sometimes actor, sometimes musician, occasional RPGer, and the world s most casual and controller smashing video gamer He also works in the exciting world of publishing, and yes, it is as glamorous as it sounds He can be found lurking the darkened hallways of antonstrout.


    1. Well, I had a hell of a lot of fun writing this one, so in my very skewed opinion, it's a five starrer. I may be a bit biased tho

    2. The second Simon Canderous book, Deader Still, picks up fairly soon after the first installment left off--and this time around, on top of dealing with the challenges of what may be his first long-term steady relationship and suddenly outranking his own mentor, Simon's got to deal with what may well be a vampire outbreak, a psychotic ex coming back to ask him to commit one last crime, and a hapless archivist who is a lot more effective out in the field than he thinks he is (and who under pain of [...]

    3. Only months after the events of the first book in the series, Simon's once again in the middle of a giant supernatural crisis, as well as relationship woes. Not only is Simon dealing with those aspects of his life, but one of the previous criminals he worked with in his life previous to the series has resurfaced to force him into helping her.I was happy to see that Jane becomes a much bigger force in this novel than she was in the first. She's much less of a damsel in distress kind of character, [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book almost as much as the 1st. I still gave it a 4 star because I love the characters and the way they have progressed. I must say my favorite character is Jane, I wish I had a girlfriend like her! The reason I thought it wasn't as good as the first is because of who the protagonist was. Oh one more thing Mr. Strout must be a Buffy fan because there was a ton of Buffy (the tv show, not the movie mind you) references. Which was great cause I am a big Buffy fan (yes I own all 7 sea [...]

    5. Simon Canderous is back in Deader Still, the second book from Anton Strout about a guy with some very interesting powers working for the secret Department of Extraordinary Affairs (D.E.A.) in New York City. I really enjoyed the first book, Dead To Me and now with Deader Still I can certainly say that Anton has quite the future in the Urban Fantasy genre. I chatted with Anton on Sunday at Comic Con and told him I was quite surprised that I enjoyed Dead To Me so much because I am quite biased when [...]

    6. This one gave a little bit more insight into his ability and relationships, as well as his past. The main story to solve evolved a bit slow, and was predictable at the endbut a good read. Will look into the next book soon.

    7. From my blog: serialdistractions.wordpress.cDeader Still is the sequel to Dead to Me and is the second entry in Anton Strout’s series of paranormal action-comedies starring the psychometric hero Simon Canderous. While I had quibbles about two of the characterizations, I found myself enjoying this tightly plotted and faster-paced sequel much more than the original.The novel opens several months after the events of Dead to Me. Simon is still working under the tutelage of his hard-boiled partner [...]

    8. 2.5 stars. Reminded me of an action movie where there is a lot action but no progress. Probably why I will read another.

    9. I read the first book, Dead To Me, a while ago and felt it had some "first book" issues, in that it was Anton's debut novel. It didn't feel as cleanly plotted as I would have liked, with some plot elements appearing out of nowhere toward the end, and some looseness with the events and plot in general. The main character was generally sound, with a cool power--psychometry, the ability to discern past events by touching an object--but I never felt that the power was being used as effectively as po [...]

    10. PLEASE NOTE: this is the second book in the Simon Canderous series, and contains spoilers for the first book.When we last saw Simon Canderous, he was invited to join the Fraternal Order of Goodness, otherwise known as the FOGies, and had a new girlfriend, Jane, who was formerly with the Bad Guys and whom Kim found to be a bit of a bimbo. Well, Jane is still around, but has become competent (to the point of actually saving Simon's skin a couple times) and less obnoxious. In fact, Simon has become [...]

    11. Deader Still picks up just a few months after the end of Dead To Me and we find Simon still with the Department of Extraordinary Affairs but also a new member of the Fraternal Order of Goodness. The F.O.G. is a kind of good guys super club, they have been around far longer than the government paranormal agencies and allow Simon to play a little fast and loose with the rules.We also find Simon a relationship with Jane, the “agent of Darkness” from book 1 as she attempts to find her place on t [...]

    12. I really like this series! Urban magic tales fascinate me. And to have the main character possessed of a supernatural ability while in the employ of the city government? Even better! Who knew there would be red tape to consider before hunting down a vampire?Simon Canderous turned his back on his former days of art theft and attempted to turn his life around. Now, a member of the prestigious F.O.G.s and getting the hang of working for the DEA (Department of Extraordinary Affairs) and with his sup [...]

    13. This was a solid read. It certainly isn't spectacular but it definitely felt less forced than its predecessor, and when the story really got going it was certainly an interesting read. I just think that it lacks that extra edge of realism that would really add to a book like this - most UF is set in our world just with hidden fantastical creatures, and its done so well that it feels like it may be a possibility. This book though it seems like a whole different world, the DEA for example seems ve [...]

    14. Deader Still by Anton Strout is the second book in the Simon Canderous series. Based in New York City, the series revolves around reformed thief Simon, trying to use his power of psychometry (the ability to learn about an object's past via touch) for good by joining the Department of Extraordinary Affairs. The DEA has been set up to protect NY citizens from the supernatural, and to hide the supernatural from ordinary beings. Simon finds his power a mixed blessing, as touching objects and people [...]

    15. I'm honestly not sure where to 'mark' this. I read the first in the series and just didn't think it was well written, in spite of all the good ideas. Nevertheless the good ideas brought me back, however, for me, this book still falls into the same area.Lots of amusing 'pop' culture references, including Buffy (got to like that), really interesting ideas and decent enough plot, it's just the the writing somehow gets in the way. I struggle to lose myself in Strout's writing - when something is rea [...]

    16. For the most part I enjoyed this a lot - somehow I (again!) managed to pick up the second in a series while meaning to get the first. It didn't matter much anyway, and Simon with his various insecurities and clumsinesses was very engaging. Also liked the whole set-up of the Department of Extraordinary Affairs, which was cool. (Quick hurrah for the treatment of Godfrey, which I was very afraid would go another way.)Knocked off a point for the unfortunate 'Illinois gypsies' as stereotypically untr [...]

    17. A man has been working for a government funded institution, which involves magical issues. After living a new leaf from his dark past, Simon again revisits some of his old nightmares. In addition to that, he faces a mystery which takes a beating at his life both socially and and reputation in the department. As a continuing sequel, i do not have much to say since i have never read the first one. In my first impression, it seemed good. There was this guy who is struggling with his life after endl [...]

    18. My big complaint about Dead to Me was that I loathed Simon Canderous. He mistakes chauvinism for chivalry and that really bothered me. Don't get me wrong, he's still a bit of a jerk, but I found him less offensive in this book, which is good for me since there are so many other things to like in Anton Strout's universe. One of my favorite moments was of Simon, believing there had been a vampire attack, glumly changes the safety sign in his office from "737 days" from the last attack. It's touche [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book even more than the first one. It had the same wry humour with the main character Simon Canderous but he had a much more interesting series of hurdles to combat this time and he grew a little, became more of an adult. Most of this was due to the fact that he is in his first long term (and by long term I am talking longer than 3 months) girlfriend and the issues that arise from unreasoning jealousy as well as the fact that there could be a vampire on the loose in Manhattan, kil [...]

    20. This series just keeps getting better. The villains actually have personality and the protagonists shine in their own individual ways. Psychometry and bad impressions keep the down time fun and fast and you get a feel for what it is like to live in a world where every object has a lifetime or many lifetimes of information. Vampires, bureaucrats and an ex-cultist girlfriend keep Simon's life from getting too dull. But it is the side characters that really make this book stand out. Godfrey the arc [...]

    21. This is the sequel to Dead to Me, but you don't have to read that book first. There's references to the first book, but you can pick them up from context.Because, really, this book is quite a bit better than the first one. After the first two or three chapters, it manages to "click" and find the humorous rhythm that the first never quite nails. The pace - after those first few chapters - is fast and furious, but also quite a bit of fun. This is a lighthearted urban fantasy that is worth picking [...]

    22. Though still crafting oddball events and giving his main character plenty of recriminatory moments, Strout steps Simon Canderous up a notch, moving his soggy-behind-the-ears rookie to a moderately-moist-behind-the-ears rookie. There is still lots of red tape and bureaucratic finagling and mangling, weird ghosts and possessed statues, vendettas and opportunities for batting practice, but the most challenging aspect for Simon: dealing with his former cult member girlfriend in an actual relationshi [...]

    23. Anton Strout's sophomore outing made the grade with this reader. Simon is back and the thing haunting him this time isn't a ghost but his past. One of his old "friends" is back in town and needs Simon and his knack for picking locks. Mina wants The Scream and she will harm any who stand in her way, including Simon's girl - Jane. Not only does he have to deal with all that stress, Connor - his mentor at the Department of Extraordinary Affairs - is acting strange. And he is jealous of the time Jan [...]

    24. Take a deep breath before diving into this book because you are going to need it. The action starts right from the beginning with hardly a pause for a breath before diving right into the next action scene. In my review of Mr. Strout's first Simon Canderous novel, "Dead to Me", I stated that this was an author with promise. In this second outing I have not been disappointed. The characters are well developed and the dialogue flows. I would recommend these books to anyone who is a fan of the urban [...]

    25. Good character/relationship development following first book. Simon's sometimes awkward personality might cause him to get into scrapes, but his underlying good intentions balance it out. Good evolution of his partnership with Connor, and his relationship with Jane. Intricate but not clumsy or chaotic plot, and interesting paranormal reality. I just hate the abrupt endings leading to the next book. Can't I enjoy closure for a few seconds?? Hint at what's to come, but don't just jerk the story ou [...]

    26. This is the second in the Simon Canderous series, where Simon is partnered with Connor Christos in New York's Department of Extraordinary Affairs. This time, Simon has to deal with a trio of gypsy brothers, a new relationship with Jane (and his own jealousy), a crazy woman from his criminal past, and the normal on-the-job problems. There is more character growth, which makes Simon slightly less annoying and the action isn't quite so frenetic as the first book. The modern, net-speak references da [...]

    27. yay for strout's newest addition to the simon canderous series. i am quite enjoying this series. this book focuses on psychometrist simon canderous's run in with others, former criminals, gypsies, and a magical babe-a-licious girlfriend! oh yeah, what ensues in a riotous romp through new york that leads to blood shed, sarcasm, and redemption that you can't help be enjoy. and enjoy it i did! pick up this series if you want a fun readyou won't regret it!

    28. A fun second book in the series that meets my requirement of having a defined beginning, middle and end. There is still more to the story but no cliffhanger. There is swearing (including at least one f-bomb) but no sexual content beyond the explanation narration that he and his girlfriend had sex.

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