The Fisher of Bones

The Fisher of Bones

Sarah Gailey Miranda Meeks / Sep 18, 2019

The Fisher of Bones The Prophet is dead The eyes of the Gods have turned to his daughter But she isn t ready Not for the whispers in her ear for the divinations for the blood Her people s history and their future carve

  • Title: The Fisher of Bones
  • Author: Sarah Gailey Miranda Meeks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Prophet is dead.The eyes of the Gods have turned to his daughter But she isn t ready Not for the whispers in her ear, for the divinations for the blood Her people s history and their future, carved by ancients into the bones of long dead behemoths, are now her burden Only she can read them, interpret the instructions, and guide them to the Promised Land.Their joThe Prophet is dead.The eyes of the Gods have turned to his daughter But she isn t ready Not for the whispers in her ear, for the divinations for the blood Her people s history and their future, carved by ancients into the bones of long dead behemoths, are now her burden Only she can read them, interpret the instructions, and guide them to the Promised Land.Their journey is almost at an end, but now, without the Prophet, she must find a way to guide them to the place they will call Home Through blood and through sand, against the will of her own flock, against the horrors that haunt the darkness, only she can bring her people Home.The Prophet is dead Long live the Prophetess.

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    1. The nitty-gritty: A short but thought-provoking and dark retelling of the story of Moses.Many of you are familiar with Serial Box, the company that has put serial storytelling back on the map, with recent stories like Bookburners, Tremontaine and The Witch Who Came in from the Cold. They offer short weekly “episodes” written by groups of writers, which are akin to episodic television. One of their latest launches is a collaboration with Fireside Fiction Company, a tale by Sarah Gailey called [...]

    2. What?This novella was beautifully written, but I was deeply confused by it. What were the gods? What was the time period and setting? I'd be interested to know those things.

    3. NOTE -- You can read this story here for free: firesidefiction/book/the-I read this yesterday, and can't stop thinking about it. "Fisher of Bones" tells the story of a small group of people who are looking for their Promised Land. The viewpoint character is their Prophetess, recently appointed by the previous Prophet (her father) right before he dies. She has to keep the fractious group united until they reach the Promised Land, and the job proves difficult.I loved this story for several reasons [...]

    4. The writer did a great job in telling a complex story in a compact and simple manner. It's hard to portray evolving emotions, clashes of faith, inner war between duty & self and a whole cast of people. Gailey did a really wonderful job in making all of that clear without giving away the whole. This is a story that will draw you in from the start or you will not be interested at all. It is a rich story but only as vivid, stark, warm and horrifying as you make it to be. Most of the details, ex [...]

    5. This is so much heartache and anguish in such a small package. As is typical for Gailey, she's presented a well-wrought and emotionally wrenching tale that packs far more story than its length suggests. Haunting, desperate, and highly recommended.

    6. A compelling read from beginning to end. Gailey is one of those talented writers who can convey great imagery and depth in a few words, and that really worked for such a short series. The conclusion felt somewhat abrupt, but the more I've thought about those final lines, the more I like their haunting implications. The story left me with a lot of questions, but I don't view that as being a bad thing. While I would enjoy a follow-up, I'd be equally satisfied if this was the end.

    7. The Fisher of Bones is a very quick read, but there is a lot of substance within it. At times I wished that there was more development of the story, but as I think back on it, there was always enough to get my mind invested. If you are open to it, the novella touches on themes of religion and destiny in profound ways. The ending was abrupt but powerful in its simplicity.

    8. Competently written, but not heartily“Fisher of Bones” is a practical and functional novel, but lacks depth of character or heart. When I realized that we weren’t going to see character development or conflict, I continued reading hoping the conclusion was worth the read. It was an interesting twist (that I should have seen coming), but not worth the ride. Not my cup of tea or preferred style.

    9. HOLY FORKING SHIRTBALLSThis book is terrifying and creepy and so well done?? And I need More right now!!!!!!!!

    10. This is an easy read (in terms of time, but not in terms of content). Gailey's writing is very accessible and she creates a compelling world. Hell of an ending too

    11. Sarah Gailey's talent level is such that I am sure she will be writing something truly Great (note the capital 'G') within the next ten years. For now she's working at the level of "WOW that is REALLY GOOD", and this novella is definitely that. It's something of a gender-flipped retelling of the Exodus, although the tone is not so much Biblical as post-apocalyptic. Gailey doesn't really tell us a whole lot about who the people in the book are and why they are traveling to a "promised land", but [...]

    12. This was a riveting novella with a shocking ending, albeit one that left you hanging, quite a bit. I wanted to just keep reading, really!

    13. I bought this book mostly because Gailey wrote it, though I did find the plot interesting. We're given a glimpse of a world where I assume things have gone pretty bad, if a group of people have been willing to travel for 30-something years to reach a Promised Land. There's not a ton of world-building, but I filled in the gaps on my own (bleak, barren, other people are dangerous) and I'm ok with that. Because this thing is less than 100 pages, there's not a lot of detail anywhere, honestly, but G [...]

    14. 4.25 starsI’m still not sure how I feel about The Fisher of Bones. All I know is that Sarah Gailey is one heck of a writer. I felt the same way after finishing River of Teeth. I mean, what the heck is this? Feral hippos?? The Fisher of Bones, sadly, is missing the feral hippos, but it does have weird bits of bones and Gods Whispers to harry the protagonist instead.When the Prophet dies, his powers are passed on to his daughter, Fisher. Fisher doesn’t feel that she’s ready to lead her peopl [...]

    15. The best kind of stories boil your brain. If this is a truism, then Sarah Gailey's FISHER OF BONES is all the best kinds of angry, rolling water because when I finished it tonight I gasped as if burned. It trudged and scraped towards a conclusion that was heavy with journey and purpose. And that ending. Wow. I've picked it up and put it down, re-reading the end three additional times because, well, what a story.As a serialized short, I understand the limits of the space to play in, but I would h [...]

    16. I'm still working through this story. I've read the last chapter twice now, and the more I think about it, the more I really enjoy this. I think I need to read this a few more times to get all the pieces connected.A short read that you will spend hours thinking about.

    17. What an endingOh my gods this was so devastatingly good. Sarah Gailey succinctly built a world that is immediately relatable. And then

    18. I listened to the free audio version of this story on Serial Box, narrated by Xe Sands. I really liked it. It's creepy throughout, with some truly disturbing moments. It's such a short story, yet the main character is so easy to relate to, without seeming like she belongs in our world or any other specific time & place. (view spoiler)[My guess is that it's meant to be set in the far future, following an ecological apocalypse, and after our current society has completely collapsed, to the poi [...]

    19. Wow.What a fascinating story! And gorgeously written. This is one I'm going to want to read probably several times. That ending--holy cats.

    20. I just did not get this story at all and the serial format did not help as it was difficult to keep the story in mind over such a long reading period.

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