Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning

Dawn Lee McKenna Axel Blackwell / Oct 22, 2019

Dead Reckoning The real Florida lies far from the interstates where there are no dancing mice bikini covered beaches or shopping malls If you listen closely beneath the cries of hungry gulls and the rustle of wi

  • Title: Dead Reckoning
  • Author: Dawn Lee McKenna Axel Blackwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The real Florida lies far from the interstates, where there are no dancing mice, bikini covered beaches, or shopping malls If you listen closely, beneath the cries of hungry gulls and the rustle of wind through the palm fronds, you might hear it whisper its secrets Lieutenant Evan Caldwell is a man adrift, cut loose from a life he thought he knew His wife has lain co The real Florida lies far from the interstates, where there are no dancing mice, bikini covered beaches, or shopping malls If you listen closely, beneath the cries of hungry gulls and the rustle of wind through the palm fronds, you might hear it whisper its secrets Lieutenant Evan Caldwell is a man adrift, cut loose from a life he thought he knew His wife has lain comatose for months, and the accident that put her there has raised questions that she s unable to answer Now, with his wife in a nearby hospice, Evan has moved to a boat in the quiet Panhandle town of Port St Joe, where he works as an investigator with the local sheriff s office.Evan s hopes for peace and solitude are shattered when the current sheriff is found murdered Worse, Evan s put in the position of interim sheriff while he investigates the murder of his former boss.Evan keeps coming up with questions than answers questions about what really happened in the dark privacy of the swamp, and questions about what really happened to his marriage and his wife.As the answers begin to surface, he discovers secrets as deep and twisted as the roots of the ancient cypress trees that litter the landscape secrets that no one wants revealed Page count of 320 pages will not be reflected until syncs paperback and ebook editions

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    1. I know I recognize our lead character from a brief glimpse in The Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense Series. That brief glimpse from that excellent series has spun off in what promises to be another fantastic series here! I thoroughly enjoyed this book with all it's quirky characters, the murder/mystery, the demon cat and a whole host of fabulous opportunities and ways the characters and the series itself could go. The murder/mystery itself was intriguing. I never did figure it out and that, in it [...]

    2. I'm disappointed in the first book of this new series for three reason, the main one being personal. I don't like an area that is my second home being portrayed in such a negative light. The draw of the Forgotten Coast series, which I loved, was the beauty of the setting and the good-hearted, albeit flawed, people who lived there. They were believable characters that came to feel like old friends. However, the tone of Dead Reckoning is very condescending and In a nutshell, it portrays the people [...]

    3. I love a who-dun-it that kept me guessing to the end. My favorite kind.Being a long-time reader of Dawn Lee McKenna's, Forgotten Coast series, I was excited to read the first book in this new series, Still Waters, with Axel Blackwell. I was not disappointed! Having met the lead character, Evan Caldwell, in the Forgotten Coast series, it felt like revisiting an old friend as we rode along with him, finding his way, in solving the murder of his boss, the sherif. This book does stand alone, you do [...]

    4. Dead Reckoning is a great start to a great series. I know some will be disappointed by the way it ended, but hang in there, I am sure the upcoming books will be equally awesome. Evan will be a great sheriff, would like more of his history, though. The whole town is typical laid back Florida town, no hustle, bustle of the city, the people do not take kindly to outsiders. Evan lives on a houseboat with a cat; they are so funny.Loved Dawn's Forgotten Coast series, If you haven't read them, please d [...]

    5. I REALLY DID NOT SEE THAT COMINGGuilt. Layers of it.What hides behind the doors of our houses. What do our public faces hide. And who really is a pillar of a community.What makes an outsider.In addition to creating a set of wonderful characters, with a rather large amount of interpersonal tension and conflict, this book made me ask questions of a rather philosophical nature, and ponder such imponderables as these.Its not just another spin off book. This can definitely be read without reading the [...]

    6. Death ReckonedThis was an interesting mystery. It's well written, has well developed and believable characters and a fascinating progression. The solution to the murder was one I'd "intuited" from the evidence, but somehow the story is tragic, and like the main and supporting characters, I'm not feeling good about the outcome even though the law was followed. I think it's my age, perhaps, because I want happy outcomes with the bad guy getting his/her just desserts and the good guy being safe and [...]

    7. I reckon I'll read the next one! This is a great start to a new series. Kept me drawn to it from page one to 'The End'. Nice twists that kept you guessing, and subtle foreshadowing. A live-aboard protagonist that you can easily empathize with (at least I did), a demented cat, and interesting supporting characters.While different from her other series, this one has a feel all to itself. There's nothing worse than a second series that's the same as the first, where it just feels like the names hav [...]

    8. What a great readI really enjoyed this book although it moved along slower than I like. I think it was a well thought out story with plenty of twists and red herrings to keep me reading The locale of the story was as much a character as any of the other characters. Vivid descriptions take you right into the swamps! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good solid mystery with well thought out characters and plot!

    9. This book has an interesting plot with a surprising ending. The characters are well developed and the story moves along at a fast clip. I was annoyed by the main character's dislike of the panhandle area of FloridaI'm very fond of that part of the state and his constant criticism was irritating. I was also annoyed by his attitude towards his catwhy on earth keep an animal that you detest?!

    10. Another good one!If Dawn Lee McKenna writes it, I read it and you should too! It's always well written with an interesting plot and each character comes to life and pulls you right into the story. You feel all their emotions. And there's always a special animal character to enjoy. My only complaint about this book is its ending. Having said that, it's an enjoyable read and I highly recommend it as always.

    11. orgottenExpanding the series in an unexpected way.Evan, a character we met in the "Forgotten Coast series" is a friend of Wyatts' I really like how this comes about. It's Dawn Led McKenna all the way. She drew me in from the first book in Forgotten Coast. This is as good and a great read. It's worth reading and I'm sure you'll become a fan too.

    12. I am a huge Dawn Lee McKenna fan especially he Forgotten Coast series, so I wondered how I 'd like he joint book with Axel Blackwell. Turns out two is just as good as one. A well developed mystery that keeps you guessing right up until the end. As with her others, will be recommending this one and will be checking out Axel Blackwell's other books.

    13. Familiar but newMcKenna takes us 23 miles down the road from her last series to Gulf County Florida. Evan Caldwell, a minor character from the Forgotten Coast series takes charge here to solve the sheriff's murder. You'll never guess who did it! Looking forward to the next book in this series. Dawn Lee McKenna tells compelling tales that keep you up late at night.

    14. Plutes What a pip! I think he and Stoopid would be fast friends! I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery, a southern cop story, or has enjoyed the Forgotten Coast series. They resonate well together. I wonder why? Just kidding, McKenna. Just kidding! Happy reading folks!

    15. Great new series.One wonders if the tragedy of Hurricane Irma has erased a small Florida town with a Acting Sheriff like Evan or even Baxter. It would be a shame because they represent the humanity that we sometimes overlook. I hope not. This is a great snapshot of a community we would be lost without.

    16. McKenna & Blackwell team up to create an unstoppable force in this police procedural/mystery.Well written characters who are genuinely interesting and a creative and dynamic plot make this book difficult to put down. Evan Caldwell is one of those characters you will not be able to get enough of.I highly recommend this book to fans of the genre.

    17. Book 1This first book in the series has me hooked. I love Dawn Lee McKenna's Florida's Forgotten Coast series and this book is just as mesmerizing as those are. Please hurry and write the next book. Highly recommend. Now I will have to check other books by Alex Blackwell. Good stuff.

    18. Needs some workGood storyline and clue development. Good secondary characters. Too many publishing mistakes. Main character wasn't believable. He was hard to distinguish from author's female cop in other series.

    19. No Disneyland Fairy taleReal Florida Crackers and displaced Florida transplants in a well written murder mystery that oozes with realism that jumps off the page for anyone that has spent any time in Wewa, Port St. Joe, Applach. Well written, good plot and hard to put down.

    20. Great styleThis was a excellent well written, nuanced mystery. The characters had depths and complexities that they filled believable, and acted accordingly. Even the cat was well written.

    21. Like the way you can feel like you know these people . Ms McKenna is good at painting a picture with words.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story. I had a hard time putting it down.

    22. I could not put this book down! The characters were beyond interesting, and I was totally taken in by the story as it evolved. I certainly hope the next book is close in the works, as I already miss the people I met in the first book of the series, and wonder how they are doing now.

    23. Very well done with realistic character and storyline that kept me reading till I finished it. Can't wait for book 2Very well done with realistic character and storyline that kept me reading till I finished it. Can't wait for book 2

    24. Really is a surprise ending. The characters are well developed but I did not like the hostilities in the sheriffs staff.

    25. Lookingooking forward to the next book.Evan Caldwell is a interesting individual with great supporting characters. The book kept me involved and guessing until the end.

    26. Great read. Good story line. Able to know the characters and become one. This and the previous books written by the author, makes me want to Viet this part of Florida.

    27. Not bad for first bookI believe that the characterization could have been stronger. There was good intrigue and decent intensity. Editing could be tighter.

    28. The story was very good, however, there were many typos and incorrect words, and a repeated paragraph. If the mistakes would be corrected, I would give this a higher rating.

    29. Great MysteryI enjoyed the realism of the main character and the injection of humor. I found it hard to put down, and I look forward to the next book in the series.

    30. Very good readI give this book a 5. The plot is well thought out. It keeps ones attention until the end. Read it.

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