Delaney's Desert Sheikh

Delaney's Desert Sheikh

Brenda Jackson / Dec 05, 2019

Delaney s Desert Sheikh Delaney Westland refused to let a mix up in her vacation plans postpone the R and R she craved But when she reluctantly agreed to share a secluded cabin with an arrogant sheikh bent on seduction she

  • Title: Delaney's Desert Sheikh
  • Author: Brenda Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780373764730
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Delaney Westland refused to let a mix up in her vacation plans postpone the R and R she craved But when she reluctantly agreed to share a secluded cabin with an arrogant sheikh bent on seduction, she found herself enrolled in a crash course in human sexuality Unfortunately, commitment and love were misplaced pages in her darkly handsome mentor s manual Jamal Ari YasDelaney Westland refused to let a mix up in her vacation plans postpone the R and R she craved But when she reluctantly agreed to share a secluded cabin with an arrogant sheikh bent on seduction, she found herself enrolled in a crash course in human sexuality Unfortunately, commitment and love were misplaced pages in her darkly handsome mentor s manual Jamal Ari Yassir had intended to school Delaney in sensuality for his pleasure, but his plan backfired Instead of loving and leaving her, he became engulfed by an irresistible passion for his sexy as sin cabin mate Could his convenient summer lover be the woman he was destined to share his life with

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        In 1994, Brenda Jackson s first novel, Tonight and Forever, was released Since then she has had than 100 novels and novellas published the first African American author to accomplish such a feat and has over 3 million books in print A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Brenda is the first African American author to have a book published by Harlequin Desire and the first African American romance author to make the New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller lists within the series romance genre In 2012, Brenda received the Romance Writers of America s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award one of the highest literary awards a romance author can receive In 2013, she was recognized by the mayor and the city of Jacksonville as being a Trailblazer in the literary field In 2010, she collaborated with Five Alive Films to turn her Truly Everlasting title into a feature film Brenda s 2011 novel A Silken Thread is scheduled to be filmed with Debbie Allen attached as director in 2015.Email Brenda at authorbrendajackson gmail or visit her on her website at brendajackson.


    1. Okay, I was originally going to read all 31 books in this series, but after making it through #1, I'm aborting this project.This book is atrocious.Delaney is a 25-year-old virgin and pediatrician.Jamal is an Arabian prince with very woman-hating views.In an extremely improbable scenario, they fall in love.It all starts when Jamal first gets a glimpse of Delaney's ass:Mesmerized. Hypnotized. Suddenly consumed with lust of the worst kind.An African-American woman had gotten out of a late model car [...]

    2. This book was so great. I was so happy to finally read a book where the sheikh wanted a woman of color, particularly an African American woman. Usually the sheikh books have blonde heroines. It was also good because of the dialogue and interactions between the characters. This book mainly takes place in the cabin where they are both staying, so the focus is on the developing relationship between Delaney and Jamal. The sexual tension is volcanic, but there is also tenderness and respect between t [...]

    3. Where Can I Get A Desert Sheikh?!!!I thoroughly enjoyed the instant, heated attraction between Laney and Jamal. Although, it was definitely a bit unrealistic, who cares. That's what romance is supposed to be! You know everyone falls in love instantly, gets married in a matter of weeks, and all the black women have long, silky hair and a slim figure, and the men are gorgeous and built well in all the right places. All I want to know is where can I get me a desert sheikh, who will denounce his thr [...]

    4. Uuuuuuggggghhhhhh!I was delighted to discover a romance where the "desert prince" lusts after a black woman. I waited till Sunday morning, so I could have a free afternoon of vicarious romancing. Imagine my surprise when in the very first chapter the heroine is described as "sassy." Really? Of all the words to describe a black woman. Sassy? But that was a minor thing. I was willing to forget it, no one's perfect.But then in the same chapter, the african-american heroine tells the love-interest t [...]

    5. Another Brenda Jackson delight. I really enjoyed the interaction between the hero and heroine. It was nice for there to be so little emphasis on the interracial element. This was probably amplified by the fact that they were alone a vast majority of the time. Look forward to reading the books about her super hot brothers.

    6. Not sure what I was expecting from this book but it was the only one in the Westmoreland series that I had not read. It was pretty good especially the love scenes. It was a quick three hour read for me but that's just how fast I read. I really did enjoy the book

    7. The #1 reason I couldn't finish this story: The word 'huskily.' It appears to be an addiction for Jackson, who has no problem repeating words and phrases.I thought, with this being one of the most highly rated romance stories on , that the quality of it would be better than the genre's reputation. I was wrong.The irritating part is that Jackson's style, which includes an array of weak writing that could keep a creative writing class busy with analysis for weeks, sinks an otherwise sturdy vessel. [...]

    8. It's hard to review this book because it was just too silly. I've never read a sheik-themed romance so I have no idea how this addition conforms to or subverts that sub-genre. I will say that the mediocre writing and laughable plot made this difficult to enjoy, even as a reader with a high tolerance for purple prose and romantic silliness. Sample line: "One night he had thrust her into an orgasm just from gnawing on her lips." In the first half of the book, our hero and heroine are thrown togeth [...]

    9. Jamal the Sheikh and Delaney the independent western woman.Did not care for Jamal in the beginning. He's quite the conservative neanderthal and makes no bones about his having a mistress that he intends to keep even when he marries. But don't worry, his opinions will change drastically by the end of the book! It's a fun story. A bit corny at times and I honestly thought it had been written earlier than 2002. For a physician in training, Delaney was a wee bit obtuse about some things. Jamal's cha [...]

    10. I saw this on the 100 Best Romances list and was intrigued enough to read it -- wanted to see how a book with this title had broken free of the bodice-ripper genre enough to land on a list with the likes of Jane Eyre, Outlander, Thorn Birds and anything (everything!) by Judith McNaught.I think it must have been purely the statistics, as the character and story development did not even remotely compare. The eye-rolling factor was just too high for me. From the character names (esp her brothers - [...]

    11. This was pretty awesome!!I've been putting off this series for a long timewell mostly because I knew one day I'd finish most of Diana Palmer's and I'd need something to readTHE TIME HAS ARRIVED!Such a lovely story story between Delaney, the pediatrician from US and Jamal the desert sheikh.Their chemistry is palpable, and though Jamal initially has archaic conservative ideas, falling in love makes him more open minded and a bit obsessive. Very hot sex scenes and no angst.I loved the mild breeding [...]

    12. I feel terrible reading these trashy novellas, but Brenda Jackson hooked me with the Westmoreland family and now I want to read about each of them - I'm making good progress. The books are short entertaining reads that are great breaks from the more serious literature I like to read every now and again. This story of an interracial love affair was quite intriguing. I really liked Delaney's character as well. This was my first novella by Jackson that featured a female as the main character. I giv [...]

    13. Story: GOODIntimacy Level: GOODEnjoyment: VERY GOODI CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE giving this book less than 5 stars. Its really good and man o man o man, I read it and love it, you just have to read it, words can not express how good this book was as and well written and the family now that's a family I would love to call my own but mines are prefect the way they areJamal and Delaney's story was pure pleasure to read. This book long ago introduced me to Brenda Jackson. This is only the beginning as the b [...]

    14. From the first sentence I knew the Desert Sheikh was going to be scorching! “This was the first time he had been between a pair of legs and not gotten what he wanted.” And yeah, I was right. The foreplay began at the word One and didn’t let up until the final line. Yowza baby! I was digging it, very hot and surprisingly sweet at the same time. I am unfortunately a bit more grounded in reality so the whole five days it took them to fall in love was a bit of a stretch. Not buying it, sorry. [...]

    15. The good:- Interracial, intercultural romance, huzzah! I love that culture was more of a sticking point than skin color as it matches my own experience.- The sex was alright. Not amazing, but alright.The not-so-good:- Not once did I buy that Delaney is a newly minted doctor. Why would a doctor be so (rightly) skittish about her virginity, then throw all caution to the wind when it came to birth control? And why are only babies mentioned with condoms and not STIs? (view spoiler)[And why didn't th [...]

    16. Il était donc temps que je lise ce temple de la littérature ! Que dire ? Que c'est très objectivement un 1 étoile, mais que j'ai tellement levé les yeux et halluciné sur la plupart du livre qu'il fallait bien que je salue cette performance par une 2ème étoile !Bref, mon 1er et dernier cheick, je ne comprends pas que se soit un genre apprécié. Aucune crédibilité et un mec en robe ne me fait pas du tout rêver !

    17. This was my first time reading anything from Brenda Jackson, and I must say it was 5 of the most romantic books I have read. The stories were easy to read and I enjoyed the romance that shared amongst the brothers and there women. Good and clean a good break from the hood, erotic sexy books I have been reading.

    18. Tiene casi un 4.5/5 y yo le pongo un 2 x)Demasiado precipitado, demasiado tópicazo, demasiado "chica conoce a príncipe y se enamora", él es un tanto machista, ella un tanto cínica no sé, es muy novela romántica para gente que busque un libro fácil, corto, directo, rápido y pasteloso.

    19. This was an amazing love story. I loved it so much and the relationship she had with her brothers was the icing on the cake for me. I'm glad Jamal didn't put his responsibilities before his heart. Happiness is priceless and love is rare. That is what I got out of this story.

    20. This is a nice quick read. I liked the banter between Delaney and Jamal. Wondering what will happen to the Brother Five.

    21. I managed to get 2 1/2 hours into this book before I could go no further. The book had a few good things going for it such as it was a Sheikh! novel with a heroine of color, the narrator put on a passably enjoyable accent and the heroine was very well educated and Well that's about it. Delaney is a virgin (because of course she is) and Jamal is a lust addled foreigner with little patience for "western" women. He's slept around A LOT and has picked up quite a few skills (and probably STD's). Once [...]

    22. Originally Reviewed on Bewitching BibliophileThis the first of the Westmoreland family saga and it starts with the baby of the family Delaney. She's recently accomplished her dream of becoming a Doctor and has graduated and is gearing up to complete her two year residency, but first she needs a much deserved break. Her cousin knowing she needs the break offers her his cabin in the woods to relax for a month and she of course jumps at the chance for a little relaxation without her brothers interr [...]

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