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Avishi Long before the times of Draupadi and SitaImmortalised in the hymns of the Rig VedaBut largely forgotten to the memory of IndiaIs the Warrior Queen with an iron leg VishpalaBrought up in the pristine

  • Title: Avishi
  • Author: Saiswaroopa Iyer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Long before the times of Draupadi and SitaImmortalised in the hymns of the Rig VedaBut largely forgotten to the memory of IndiaIs the Warrior Queen with an iron leg, VishpalaBrought up in the pristine forest school of Naimisha, Avishi reaches the republic of Ashtagani in search of her destiny When Khela, the oppressive King of the neighbouring Vrishabhavati begins to overLong before the times of Draupadi and SitaImmortalised in the hymns of the Rig VedaBut largely forgotten to the memory of IndiaIs the Warrior Queen with an iron leg, VishpalaBrought up in the pristine forest school of Naimisha, Avishi reaches the republic of Ashtagani in search of her destiny When Khela, the oppressive King of the neighbouring Vrishabhavati begins to overwhelm and invade Ashtagani, Avishi rises to protect her settlement But peril pursues her everywhere.Separated from her love, her settlement broken, with a brutal injury needing amputation of her leg, can Avishi overcome Khela

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    1. I am in close contact with Sai Swaroopa ever since I reviewed Abhaya. I liked Abhaya so much, I decided to read Sai's future books. She gave me brief of Avishi almost a year back and I was eagerly waiting for print. I wanted to have printed edition of Avishi because I had very high hopes. Well, I didn't get printed version as the author is planning the same early next year and I cannot wait that long. I got an early review copy. I think I was one of the reviewers who got the copy when the book w [...]

    2. What attracted me to this book was the protagonist. Despite the fact that there are numerous retellings of mythological characters and their journeys, Saiswaroopa Iyer has managed to bring a freshness by reimagining ‘Vishpala’ from the Rig Veda. The book promises to tell us about a lesser known character who is the epitome of a female warrior – so obviously, I had to read it.Avishi’s story has a dramatic start with her being rescued from a certain death. She is then brought to Naimisha w [...]

    3. Avishi by Saiswaroopa Iyer is about a little known warrior queen named Vishpala (reimagined as Avishi in this book) whose references one can find in the Rig Vedas. As the summary behind the book implies, she was a brave and fierceome warrior way before the popular likes of Sita and Draupadi. The story is about Avishi, who was brought to the Naimisha ashram as a child after a tragedy hits her. She is recognized as special and is trained to be a warrior, strong and brave. But no matter how hard sh [...]

    4. I'd like to add a new warrior queen to my favorites list alongside Boudica and Zenobia. Avishi fought for her people against an empire building tyrant. She is remembered in the Rig Veda as Vishpala who fought with a leg made of metal in ancient India before recorded history. Avishi by Saiswaroopa Iyer tells her story, and the story of Satya, the extraordinary healer whose dream was to create an artificial leg that would allow amputees to continue the lives they had before the amputation. I recei [...]

    5. I loved the research Ms. Iyer has put in this novel. I have not read her other works but the way she has portrayed Avishi will stay with me for a long time. Stubborn, brave and ready to battle even a lion literally. Avishi became an orphan at an early age and her training to became a warrior started after she was adopted. I loved the way the society of that era is depicted. Power of women, power in individuality and above all - everyone could take their own decision. Marriage was not a norm in t [...]

    6. India has a rich heritage. The civilization is almost 5000 years old and started with Rig Veda. Most Indians are not aware of this rich heritage. We have rudimentary knowledge of Ramayana and Mahabharata and not beyond this. This book is a commendable effort by Saiswaroopa Iyer to bring to forth that legacy.There is mutiny against the General Ugra and Sukratu, his loyal bodyguard is killed. Avishi, his daughter is saved by a transgender and taken to another kingdom. What destiny has in store for [...]

    7. The Rig Veda has one of the earliest mentions of the use of an artificial limb – by the warrior queen, Vishpala. Avishi is a fictional reimagining of Vishpala's life and times. Avishi, an orphan, is brought up in a forest ashram by the rishis and rishikas of Naimisha. In Naimisha, she learns the arts of warcraft and leadership. She has no recollection of her family or how she ended up at the ashram. But fate will soon take her back to the place of her origin. The backdrop of Avishi’s story i [...]

    8. Abyaya was good. Avishi is even better!Well done, Saiswaroopa Iyer!The premise of the book itself was quite intriguing. A female warrior from the Rig Veda period, who got an Iron Leg created for her! I did a bit of research and realised that the author pretty much had to create the entire story from just two slokas in the Rig Veda. No mean task that 👏🏼In Abhaya, there was a well known story to weave the tale around. Here, the author had to create it all, and she does so with aplomb.It was [...]

    9. What attracted me to the book? Firstly, a strong female character and secondly an uncommon one! Many of us have just heard of the Vedas, how many actually get into the details of who is who? These authors and books are the gateway for us to a different world. I have read Abhaya by the same author, which again has a strong female protagonist. As an avid reader and a reviewer, this book was definitely in my hit list.Book Cover and the StoryVishpala from Rigveda is a warrior and the first lady with [...]

    10. : Sai must have done a lot of research to bring out this masterpiece. This book, set in Vedic India is a refreshing change from all the other novels set in ancient India. It showcased many different aspects of that time, when women were equal to men and even had a higher position than them. It was also a time when wedlock was something new and prosthesis was discovered. All these elements make the story even more intriguing to read. Here are the pros and cons:Pros: This book paints a picture of [...]

    11. Before starting the book i was intrigued by the tagline the book had 'Vishpala of Rig Veda Reimagined'. I almost know nothing about the vedas but always curious to figure out what they actually are. Though this book has nothing to do with the teachings of vedas, i was curious to know that based on a couple of couplets of a Rigveda an entire 300 odd page book has been written. And the book doesn't disappoint me, rather it has made me understand how far an authors imagination can go. Coming to the [...]

    12. This is the first book I have read by the author. I haven't read her first book. So I wasn't sure how it would be when I started reading. And I am a lover of Mythology but I confess I am more in love with Greek Mythology than Indian. This book has made me reconsider my stand. It has made me look deeply within our own mythology.The cover was what caught my attention at the beginning and then the blurb had me thinking of reading of this book. This blog tour has only accelerated my reading the book [...]

    13. The story of a relatively lesser known mythological legendAvishi is a mythological fiction. Although personally I have stayed awzy from this genre, the book cover and the blurb of this book compelled me to pick it up. Avishi is the retelling of the Rigvedic legend Vishpala and I had never heard about her story.‘Avishi’ has made me look at this entire genre in a different light. I need to commend the amount of research the author must have done to bring alive the times and people of the rigve [...]

    14. I had read 'Abhaya' by Saiswaroopa Iyer and loved it, so with huge expectations I started reading Avishi. I had finished 3/4th of the book and started to feel that it was more of a thriller (absolutely gripping narrative) rather than it being about moral dilemmas, intellectual debates and bringing out perspectives which were not thought about earlier (it was the primary reason I loved Abhaya). Albeit there were flashes of that whether it was debate about wedlock or about a monarch's code of cond [...]

    15. To be honest, I am not a very big fan of mythological storiesI haven’t read this Author’s previous book “Abhaya”…. I started reading this book without much expectationsBut now, I am happy as it is interesting and I enjoyed reading the same!!!Protagonist Avishi’s father gets murdered and she is brought up in forest school of NaimishaShe travels to Ashtagini in search of her destinyThere she meets Satya, a doctor and is reminded of her past She had to save her people from problems crea [...]

    16. I have always been fond of Indian mythology, and one woven with fiction, I feel, adds its own intrigue to the tale. The fact that the story has been imagined based on a few verses of Rigveda adds to the appeal of the story and it satisfies the reader in me at all the levels.In the backdrop of ancient India, the tale is about Avishi from Vrishabhavati who loses her entire family to a conspiracy, and is taken to a holy ashram of Naimisha, a dwelling of Rishi’s and sages who set the rules for all [...]

    17. What an wonderful read. I was fascinated by the cover and description of this book right from the word go. A story based on the folk-lore of a warrior queen? Where do I sign up.I'm so glad that I signed up. This is an epic fantasy action adventure that fuses coming of age themes with fulfilling your destiny which are well-used fantasy trope.In this case the story is done very well and even more intriguing because the protagonist is female. Avishi is such a strong character, even as a child you c [...]

    18. Loved this fascinating tale of the warrior queen, Avishi. It is in Rig Veda that the use of an artificial limb by Queen Vishpala gets mentioned thereby making it the first instance of prosthesis recorded in history.Saiswaroopa has done an amazing job of reimagining the life of the brave queen who despite losing a leg, rises to save her people.The amount of research that went to writing this epic story is indeed commendable. We read about the sages of Naimisha contemplating the issue of whether t [...]

    19. Avishi was an amazing read. The book is a real page turner and wonderfully imagined. The story is well woven connecting the kingdom of Vrishabhavathi, the settlement of Ashtagani and the sacred school of Naimisha forest. The concept of no institutionalization of marriage during the time is intriguing and raises many questions but doesn't result in any concrete conclusion. But, all in all , this book gave good insights about how life might have been during the Rig Vedic times.

    20. nice step taken by the author to write about the story of avishi. the vedas are complicated. you need to link slokas to understand the whole story. but with this book you can easily get the story out.

    21. A gripping storyline with the series of events nicely woven into the story line. Events occur one after another without losing the pace or the tempo. Well written. Delight to read .

    22. What is most remarkable part of this narrative is how the author has added other aspect of the life of those times. I would not want to give spoilers or mention some of the research areas but be assured that you will learn a lot about the evolution of society and knowledge while reading this book. The references mentioned in the end of the book are an indication how well thought and crafted this book is. Apart from telling the story of Avishi , it is a book that has some important lessons to off [...]

    23. Something you should knwo about the ancient daysA story of ancient India Plot is arresting ,but somehow the fight in the end is too much to digest,can be better

A great start to this Arc story. Pulled me in on the first chapter. Thanks to the author for the chance to read this story for an unbiased review.
As I said the story pulls you into the mystery of Avishi on the first chapter. Feeling this is going to be one of those stories hard to put down.
A slow build up in the story and character development but I do like this in a story. I like to get to know the characters before the action starts.

    25. Loved the gutsy heroine and the Vedic culture depicted in the book. A little more pace would have been great. Thorough research by the author. Liked the book very much. Detailed review coming up soon.

    26. Avishi is a story of a strong-willed lady with the same name. Avishi is set in an era where the institution called marriage was not yet in existence. Saiswaroopa has done a commendable job with Avishi. Though this is her second book, it is the first time I have read her work and I absolutely loved it. Initially, I found it little bit slow-paced but then once the plot catches up it's just unputdownable. I loved the manner in which the central character has been portrayed as a strong-willed, able [...]

    27. 4.5 stars, actually. Review at A Bookworm's MusingLoved the author's narration style a lot. It draws me into the story. Loved the character of Avishi, and how well it is fleshed. It's not easy to do such a good job without lots of research when the character isn't as prominent in mythology, and that research reflects in the story. Would have loved to read more about the character of Maharishi Vahni though. All in all, it's a book I loved and would re-read.

    28. ''Of marriages, tigers and a kickass prosthesis'Review of 'Avishi' '- The good and the the bad in < 100 words each. Author- Saiswaroopa IyerThe good- 1.The novel begins with the murder of the protagonist's parent and tops it up with a woman-tiger fight. A fantastic start to begin with.2. The novel, in the beginning, deals with officiation of marriage (we are in Vedic period). I have never read something like this and can say that this was one of the most original concepts brought about in the [...]

    29. I love Indian Mythology and that coupled with the fact that the main protagonist is a female warrior did the trick for me The writing style is simple and the story engaging Definitely worth reading.

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