Depth of Field

Depth of Field

Riley Hart / Mar 29, 2020

Depth of Field Shane Wallace has made a decent life for himself in Last Chance He built his own home on his mom s property to take care of her owns an automotive repair shop and when he wants to get laid Portland

  • Title: Depth of Field
  • Author: Riley Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
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  • Shane Wallace has made a decent life for himself in Last Chance He built his own home on his mom s property to take care of her, owns an automotive repair shop, and when he wants to get laid, Portland isn t too far away Not too shabby for the boy who spent his childhood getting bullied and feeling alone Shane s content to leave his past behind himuntil one of his chiShane Wallace has made a decent life for himself in Last Chance He built his own home on his mom s property to take care of her, owns an automotive repair shop, and when he wants to get laid, Portland isn t too far away Not too shabby for the boy who spent his childhood getting bullied and feeling alone Shane s content to leave his past behind himuntil one of his childhood tormentors comes back to town.Maxwell Sullivan never planned to step foot in Last Chance again Here, he was Maxwell, a teen who suffered in silence while everyone thought he had the perfect life Now, he s Van, the erotic artist and photographer He s only here to help his mom tie up some loose ends after his father s death and to apologize to Shane After that, he s heading back to LA for good.Shane never thought he d have anything in common with Maxwell, but there s a depth to Van that surprises him Van knows what it feels like to be alone He sees Shane in ways no one else does There s a shared connection neither can deny Somehow, despite their rocky history, they get each other.It s not long before the two are so drawn to each other that they tumble into bed sometimes with Van s camera involved Their chemistry in and out of the bedroom is undeniable Except nothing is ever black and white Shane can t leave his mom and Van s life is in LA With two different lives pulling them in opposite directions, their picture perfect ending might not be in the cards.

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    1. Depth of Field has the distinct honor of being the smuttiest, dirty-talking-est, sexiest, hottest book Ms. Hart has written to date. This one is a panty-soaker folks!Shane Wallace never left his small hometown for the excitement of school or travel. His mother is ill and needs special attention. Attention Shane feels only he can provide.Maxwell "Van" Sullivan couldn't blow out-of-town fast enough after high school graduation. He moved to sunny California and immersed himself in the gay culture a [...]

    2. ~4.5~Depth of Field is Riley Hart's sexiest book to date, and you're not gonna hear me complain. Shane and Van have incredible chemistry, and even though there was plenty of the down and dirty going on, the sex never felt gratuitous. Even though I like steamy books, if I can summarize the plot as sex blah blah blah sex blah blah sex, that's a problem. Depth of Field is relationship driven, not sex driven. The sexual tension is there, but Shane and Van have a lot of guilt and resentment to overco [...]

    3. 5++++ Stars!Gah! I loved this book!!!!!Depth of Field is a contemporary new adult MM romance and also book one in Riley Hart’s newest series entitled Last Chance. I have read books by this author before and was very excited to see how this newest creation would turn out. There was never any doubt that I would end up loving this one. This author certainly has what it takes to pen a seriously awesome MM romance and I can honestly say that this book turned out to be a favourite!Shane Wallace has [...]

    4. Shane and Van were the absolute best. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars because they deserve more!! ❤️❤️❤️Enemies to lovers✔️Second chances✔️Two hot men loving each other ✔️✔️Sex sex sex✔️✔️✔️Dirty talk✔️✔️✔️✔️

    5. 3.5-3.75 StarsWhen Shane was sixteen, he was teased and tormented for being gay by his classmates especially Max. his mother suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks for years and she couldn’t leave home. His father left them so many years ago. Now, he is thirty and he’s a mechanic. His classmates left town but he can’t leave his mother alone and he thinks if he does that, he’s not different from his father.Max’s life wasn’t what others thought. He was the town golden boy but n [...]

    6. Another amazing story from Riley Harte gets down and dirty in this book! Loved every word!! Shane and Van are two men who are explosive together and combine them with this enemies to lovers/just a fling content and you have perfection! "Van was mesmerized by him. He was so fucking real, real in a way he’d never experienced before. He was so into this man. It was quick, and likely not smart, but it was true. He felt this draw to Shane, this magnetic fucking pull that was too strong to ignore. A [...]

    7. You know, sometimes a book and I just click. From the first few lines, I could feel such would be the case with Depth of Field by Riley Hart. Depth of Field is an enemies to lovers story of two men who grew in a small town. Both men grew up in a world of pain, and both dealt with it in their way. Shane lived with the bullying at school and being the main caretaker of his own the best he could and grew up to be a business owner with great character. Maxwell (Van), one of Shane's bullies, left tow [...]

    8. *4,5 stars*A kinky, hot and great enemies to lovers story!I’ll keep it short and simple without giving away much of the plot.Shane Wallace and Maxwell “Van” Sullivan are two men who had a rough past. Shane used to be bullied by Max’s and his friends in high school. What Shane doesn’t know is that the golden town boy didn’t have it as easy as everyone thought. 12 years later, Max is back to town to help his mom and Shane can’t help but bring bad memories back to life.Even though Sha [...]

    9. 3.75 Stars!I liked this one, as I have pretty much all of Riley Hart's solo books. But it didn't wow me, and I don't think it was my favorite. But it was good. I am not sure I would have forgiven as easily as Shane, but I get it. I really liked his character. The plot on this one moved along rather slow. I was never bored but it didn't always hold my attention. Bonus points for the cover, the sex and the dirty talk though.

    10. H-O-L-Y-S-H-I-T! This book deserves so much more than 5 stars! Riley Hart You've outdone yourself this time!I love everything Riley writes, but this book took it to a completely different level of LOVE!! I cannot agree more with my GR friends, that this right here is her best work to date!!! My heart broke for them both, so much shit they've been through, but can still come out on the other side with their heads held high. This book has a bit of it all, pain, jokes, confusion, cuteness, strength [...]

    11. Shane has spent his entire childhood in small town Last Chance being bullied by a group of guys. They called him names, tripped him in the hallways and spray painted fagot on his house. Shane never wants to see any of them ever again. But unfortunately he is pretty stuck in the small town because of his mother. His mother with severe anxiety and depression, who is afraid to leave the house.And that’s why Shane is now 30 years old, but still taking care of his mother. Although he did built his [...]

    12. Good story, nice progression from enemies to lovers, nice amount of steam. But it's time to accept that I don't mesh with Riley Hart's writing anymore. I can't with all the corny dialogue in and outside the bedroom, or bad humour in the most inappropriate places. The conflict in the end felt anticlimatic as well. Also, wasn't it weird that Shane never tried to contact Caleb again since he was so important to him? I'd still say go for it, if you 're a fan of this author. It was just me.

    13. 4 stars! Another wonderful book by Riley Hart and a great beginning to her new series. Welcome to "last Chance" a small town where everyone knows your name. Meet Shane and Maxwell aka Van. Two sexy and hot men who as kids where enemies with Van, having bullied Shane, through out their school years. After graduation Van leaves Last Chance with out looking back. Years later Van, has returned to settle his father's affairs after his death and hoping to amend his wrongs with Shane.As usual miss Hart [...]

    14. Wow. This was one of the best, if not the best Riley Hart book I've read. Shane and Van had an amazing connection, that I felt throughout this novel, and there was just something about them together that I loved. Aside from amazing chemistry - between the sheets and out of them - they also understood each other so amazingly well, and they turned what was a bad relationship - when they were younger and Van bullied Shane - into one of the healthiest relationships out there. Seriously, there's one [...]

    15. I always love Riley's books in general but this one is simply gorgeous and just felt reallyspecial. <3Plus, that cover is my absolute favorite. Just stunning.

    16. *3,5 stars*The scenario is certainly intriguing, the MCs are likeable, but for me Depth of Field didn't quite fulfil the expectations it raised.The blurb sounded very much like enemies-to-lovers, and it was that - for about two seconds. Then it developed into a 'normal' (and nice) love story between two like-minded men. I was surprised how easily Shane forgave Van, how quickly the tension between the two men dissolved into thin air and how little they discussed their past.I quite enjoyed reading [...]

    17. *4.5 stars*LORDIE. This cover ♡♡♡ And this book!!!Loved the dirty talk and the photography together!! Hott AF“Open your mouth,” Shane told him and Van did. He grabbed the base of his cock before tracing Van’s lips. He felt the pre-come there, painting him like lipstick, before he pushed his dick inside. “Could we take a photograph like this?” Shane asked. “Set it up so I could look back on it and see how hot my prick looks between your lips?”Right? Right?And yaayyyyy next boo [...]

    18. 4d maybe even a bit more stars! Riley Hart writes M/M so well. Depth of Field had a much more emotional connection and a deeper romance. Van and Shane were enemies to lovers of sortsor more like misunderstood teens shaped by their families. All grown up and face to face, the past could not stop the present attraction. Both men are good- hearted and deserving of a happy ever afterey just have to run toward something and not away! This story was thoughtful and sweet all the while sexy and fun - an [...]

    19. 2.5 redondeando a 3.No está mal, la premisa está bien clara en el resumen y la historia sin ser nada nuevo, está bien relatada, sin embargo tengo que volver a ponerlo en la lista de: chico nerd pasa años atormentado por el popular pero eso no impide que el más mínimo gesto amable de su maltratador le haga ponerse de rodillas, metafóricamente y no tanto, lo siento pero no soporto para nada no el tema del bullying, sino que se trate como si no fuese más que una bromilla tonta.

    20. I’m so thrilled by this new book from Riley Hart…This author has been one of my favorite for quite a time but her last books didn’t work for me…until this one. And it pleases me a lot. Once again, I could immerse in a day-to-day development of a relationship with the view of how to make it work in the long-term, spiced with hot scenes and dirty talk.Shane was bullied during his childhood in a small town : a scrawny kid, quite introvert, with a loving Mom hiding at home because of severe [...]

    21. Welcome back my Riley Hart! It's been time I haven't read one of your book and feel like I was feeling when I was reading your first books! Understand me: I really loved metropolis series but this book is so YOU. I just love your stories! This one was so REALISTIC. These two boys was just sweet, sexy, with big hearts! My favorite was Van/Max! He was so kind, so confident (with his hurt inside), sooo sexy (his job: so HOT 😍😍). His childhood is kind of hard but he survived and made himself b [...]

    22. dnf @46%. I've been struggling since 25% and it's only getting worse. I can't relate to any of the characters. I don't understand or like what they're thinking and doing. It's just not the book for me I guess. I'm rating it, even though it's a dnf, because I got almost halfway through and didn't really like it.

    23. Nice.But I think Riley Hart is not quite my taste.Broken Pieces didn't have the impact on me at the time, as on other readers.I just wanted to try again with this book.Shane is a very generous person. My respect for such a wonderful character trait.I wouldn't have forgiven Max/Van in life. Everyone has their chance. Whoever falls into disgrace with me has lost. Scorpio. Proud and uncompromising. Therefore, it was very difficult for me to understand these enemies to lovers. Max would have got the [...]

    24. New series starter is smoking hotGawd this book is hot and sensual and steamy and erotic and all the other words you associate with a brilliantly crafted sexual romance.It's also full of emotions and actual conversations and relatively low angst and a minor hiccup of misunderstanding which, for me anyway, didn't work quite so well as the stumbling block to eternal happiness.However, the resolution of said stumbling block was executed perfectly and without a load of unnecessary drama and I loved [...]

    25. 4.5 beautiful stars for this one. A sweet, romantic story about compassion and forgiveness. Shane had been tormented throughout his schooling life and grew up very isolated and alone. He supported his mother who had various mental health issues and he stoically continued through his life with determination and a fierce love for his mother. Max / Van returns to his old town after leaving 12 years ago. One of Shane's tormentors, he returned looking for absolution for his appalling behavior. This i [...]

    26. This was an extremely contrived bully/victim to lovers story. Once Van and Shane hooked up, their relationship became boring. I had to force myself to finish.There was a certain level of bonding when the MCs shared their pain/grief during Van's amends process. Unfortunately, there wasn't a strong emotional attraction between the two. Shane was lonely and they both took advantage of the sex while Van was in town. The sex was distractingly hot, but the relationship development remained weak. I was [...]

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