The Conan Chronicles: Volume 1

The Conan Chronicles: Volume 1

Robert Jordan / Jul 17, 2019

The Conan Chronicles Volume Three classic Conan novels from the New York Times bestselling author of The Wheel of TimeBefore Robert Jordan conquered the bestseller lists with the Wheel of Time he revived the legendary fantasy

  • Title: The Conan Chronicles: Volume 1
  • Author: Robert Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780765302885
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three classic Conan novels from the 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Wheel of TimeBefore Robert Jordan conquered the bestseller lists with the Wheel of Time, he revived the legendary fantasy hero Conan the Cimmerian These widely acclaimed adventures introduced the world famous barbarian to a whole new generation of enthusiastic readers Here are three powerfulThree classic Conan novels from the 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Wheel of TimeBefore Robert Jordan conquered the bestseller lists with the Wheel of Time, he revived the legendary fantasy hero Conan the Cimmerian These widely acclaimed adventures introduced the world famous barbarian to a whole new generation of enthusiastic readers Here are three powerful sagas, featuring all the storytelling magic and epic splendor that have made Robert Jordan one of the most beloved fantasy authors in history.Conan the Invincible Less than nineteen years old and new to the snares and enticements of civilization, the young Conan must join forces with a dangerously seductive female bandit to storm the palace of Amanar, a supremely evil necromancer, and confront the dreaded Eater of Souls.Conan the Defender As revolution brews in the shadowy streets of Belverus, Conan braves the traps and treacheries of the Royal Palace of the Dragon Pursued by the luscious and shameless Sularia, the mighty warrior challenges a magic spawned menace that cannot die the invincible Simulacrum of Albanus.Conan the Unconquered Conan defies the sorcerous power of the Cult of Doom for the sake of a beautiful young woman known only as Yasbet From the glory of fabled Aghrapur to the demon haunted wastes of the Blasted Lands, Conan proves himself the greatest hero of a bygone era of high adventure.

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Robert Jordan was the pen name of James Oliver Rigney, Jr under which he was best known as the author of the bestselling The Wheel of Time fantasy series He also wrote under the names Reagan O Neal and Jackson O Reilly.Jordan was born in Charleston, South Carolina He served two tours in Vietnam from 1968 to 1970 with the United States Army as a helicopter gunner He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with bronze oak leaf cluster, the Bronze Star with V and bronze oak leaf cluster, and two Vietnamese Gallantry Crosses with palm After returning from Vietnam he attended The Citadel where he received an undergraduate degree in physics After graduating he was employed by the United States Navy as a nuclear engineer He began writing in 1977 He was a history buff and enjoyed hunting, fishing, sailing, poker, chess, pool, and pipe collecting He described himself as a High Church Episcopalian and received communion than once a week He lived with his wife Harriet McDougal, who works as a book editor currently with Tor Books she was also Jordan s editor in a house built in 1797 Responding to queries on the similarity of some of the concepts in his Wheel of Time books with Freemasonry concepts, Jordan admitted that he was a Freemason However, like his father and grandfather, he preferred not to advertise, possibly because of the negative propaganda against Freemasonry In his own words, no man in this country should feel in danger because of his beliefs On March 23, 2006, Jordan disclosed in a statement that he had been diagnosed with cardiac amyloidosis, and that with treatment, his median life expectancy was four years, though he said he intended to beat the statistics He later posted on his Dragonmount blog to encourage his fans not to worry about him and that he intended to have a long and fully creative life.He began chemotherapy treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, in early April 2006 Jordan was enrolled in a study using the drug Revlimid just approved for multiple myeloma but not yet tested on primary amyloidosis.Jordan died at approximately 2 45 p.m EDT on September 16, 2007, and a funeral service was held for him on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Jordan was cremated and his ashes buried in the churchyard of St James Church in Goose Creek, outside Charleston.


    1. This is what I refer to as my "dessert reading;" the kind of pulpy, high action that I resort to after a certain hour of the night when I am just to tired to deal with the subtlties in Plutarch or Shakespeare or the histories. Given my recent readings in history, I suspect that the character of Conan invented by Robert E. Howard and continued here by Robert Jordan is a much less complex sort of human being than those who actually lived in those times. But when I've just pulled a couple of forty [...]

    2. Crom! Innkeeper, hast your serving wench sunk her legs in a bog? It is I, Conan, that stands before you. Fetch me ale, man, or end this hour shorter by a head!!I just made that up. Hah hah. But these stories were great. Really excellent. (Apparently several writers have done them). Conan just rambles around what appears to be a fictional, fantastical, magical Babylon, kicks ass, takes what he wants, fights wizards, drinks, and hangs with hookers. And saves naked damsels from sacrifice to vile de [...]

    3. Robert Jordan wrote the best CONAN stories this side of Robert E. Howard. All three of the stories in this collection are pretty good, but the middle one, CONAN THE DEFENDER, is the best. Conan actually meets a bunch of Beatnik college kids and sets them straight!

    4. I read this omnibus around the time it came out and was nonplussed. But I have a greater appreciation for Jordan’s Conan books now that I’ve read both The Wheel of Time and Howard’s Conan stories. I walked back in not expecting them to be either. Jordan doesn’t really get Conan. But Jordan is a very fine storyteller. He may not quite get Conan, but his Conan is charismatic and clever, not just strong. The barbarian versus civilization theme is dropped entirely, even though Jordan’s Con [...]

    5. EVERYONE knows Jordan from his masterful Wheel of Time series, but all too often his Conan books have been overlooked and underappreciated by the masses. Jordan's Conan is THE BEST out of all the author's who have chronicled the mighty Cimmerian, including his creator Robert Howard AND L. Sprague DeCamp, in my opinion. I devoured Jordan's Conan novels in High School like a fiend, and always was left wanting more. It says much that when I met Jordan at Marcon years ago, I set aside a WOT novel to [...]

    6. 3 books, packed into one neat package :) Really enjoyed this series. It's complete fantasy! Conan is undefeatable, covered in scars, young incredibly strong, and his mere presence makes women wet between the legs. Ladies rarily wear more then scarves, but still a fun read :)

    7. TLDR: Read if into Conan (like me), check better options otherwise.It took me long to read this book as I had to start and stop it twice. Once to leave for studies (and then stay forever in the country I studied) and then when I had to stop my holidays. I decided to get it to my new home in UK and read it in one go which was a mistake and a bet on "I will read it after almost 10 years damn-it"As I have read probably from another person in GoodReads, Robert Peterson is great at giving amazing des [...]

    8. Conan at his sword-swinging finestRobert Jordan's finest works in my opinion. I love his take on Robert Howard's creation. He adds a depth of character to the grim barbarian that Howard failed to instill. Also, Jordan's sense of humor is imbued in his works. I love all his Conan novels and will continue to reread them for the rest of my life.

    9. This is a collection of three Conan books by Jordan that were originally published in the early 1980's. Jordan does a fair job of representing one of the all-time-favorite sword and sorcery heroes, portraying him as the hard, no-nonsense, lover of gold and women that Robert E. Howard introduced so long ago. These stories are nothing like Jordan's later work with the epic Wheel of Time series, but they are not meant to be. The Conan Chronicles are fast-paced, exciting, simple, and predictable, a [...]

    10. Robert Jordan is my favorite author of all time, but I had never read any of his works except The Wheel of Time. This had been on my to-read list for a while, but I never felt any rush to read because I had heard that it wasn't to be compared with his groundbreaking epic fantasy series. That is indeed the case. Interestingly, you can clearly see some of Jordan's writing style in this - the prose, especially the descriptions, are lush and evocative, utilizing solid vocabulary that reminds one of [...]

    11. Robert Jordan does a very good job of creating evil, powerful, interesting villains in these short stories. He doesn't do a very good job of convincing me that Conan can take them down like he does. The majority of the time, Conan manages to save the day by a series of very coincidental and convenient circumstances. An ax thrown by one person who was just killed by Conan happens to fly across the room and hit the villain in the back. An amulet with a villain's soul trapped inside somehow kills b [...]

    12. A decent, old-schooled fantasy to fill my craves and catch me up to the genre. Although I disagree with quite a lot of the depictions in the book, such as most, if not all, of the women are well-curved and perk of breasts and that they are only playthings for the pleasures of the flesh, the novels are well written. But not so much in terms of plot. I noticed quite a few plot holes and dropped plot points. Conan and his brusque alpha male DNA also gets old to read about. I guess it's just the tim [...]

    13. I really enjoyed these three tales of Conan and his assorted friends. Each followed a similar pattern - a magic-practising bad guy has ambitions for power, somehow Conan gets caught up, reluctantly, in taking them down, having plenty of sword fights and encountering scantily-clad damels to ravish along the way. Very pulpy, not particularly politcally correct in terms of sexual politics, but written with such style and humour that I got carried away with it all. Conan's a very well thought throug [...]

    14. This is the worst cover to a Conan book I have ever seen. It looks like a romance novel. It was a fun read, though. It seemed a little more light hearted than the Robert E. Howard stuff I remember (from over 20 years ago). Sometimes Conan would say something that seemed out of character for him, but overall it was the Conan I know and love. Although, it just seemed wrong to describe him as "longing to ravage" the wench from the 3rd novel. "longing to ravage"? maybe sword and sorcery novels have [...]

    15. Gave it an extra star because it was RJ. Didn't finish, or even really get that far. Not big on classic 80's "bro" fantasy - the ravishing of maidens, the drinking, the stereotypical bad guys etc. Not what I expected from RJ (albeit early RJ), but probably just what I would have expected from a Conan book if I'd really thought about it.

    16. I really wanted to finish this. I love the dark, sword & sorcery tone, and the well-described action scenes (and plenty of them). But, for example, when 14 of the first 15 (estimate) women mentioned in the book are either prostitutes or sex slaves (and then we have to read what the men thought of or did to them), I decided this book wasn't for me.

    17. before he started WOT, R. Jordan wrote a series of Conan stories.And, you can tell he is still learning the ropes. While i guess you can't expect much from a conan story, hack and slash seems to go hand in hand with what its all about, i still was hoping for a bit moreand, you can still see, he just doesn't like women.

    18. It is a great shame that Robert Jordan is no longer with us. I thoroughly enjoyed the Conan Chronicles- three Conan novels in one collection by a truly gifted fantasy author. My favorite of the three was Conan the Unconquered, which featured a thrilling open-sea pirate battle. For Conan fans, and fantasy fans in general, I highly recommend this collection!

    19. As an avid Jordan reader, I was seriously disappointed in the Conan stories. While some of these tales are definitely interesting, that's all that I can really say. Conan He saves young virgins from demented warlocks, guard random people with mildly interesting treasures, and have many steamy encounters with the hapless yound damsels he finds along his path.

    20. I expected more because I love WoT. But it didn't appeal to me at all. It was crudely written and cliché and too full of objectified tits for me to like. So I didn't finish it. Therefore don't take my review too seriously.

    21. Simple and enjoyable, but nowhere close to the stories by Robert E. Howard. This is enjoyable light reading that you will forget shortly after finishing.

    22. I assume he wrote this before the wheel of time, and so it was a practice run. Its OK if you just suspend reality (it is fantasy, after all) and read with a non critical mind.

    23. Loved the Wheel of Time, Cheyenne Raiders and The Fallon Blood.Didn't love Conan I guess its just too much on the swords and sorcery side of the genre for me. Too many empty calories I guess.

    24. I thoroughly enjoy reading works by Robert Jordan. This book was a compilation of three stories and each one was a very good read.

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