Battle Mage

Battle Mage

PeterFlannery / Jul 18, 2019

Battle Mage This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B VYCDRV Battle MageThe world is falling to the burning shadow of the Possessed and only the power of a battle mage can save it But the ancient bond with

  • Title: Battle Mage
  • Author: PeterFlannery
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B06VYCDRV9.Battle MageThe world is falling to the burning shadow of the Possessed and only the power of a battle mage can save it But the ancient bond with dragonkind is failing Of those that answer a summoning too many are black Black dragons are the enemy of humankind Black dragons are mad.Falco Dante is a weakling in a woThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B06VYCDRV9.Battle MageThe world is falling to the burning shadow of the Possessed and only the power of a battle mage can save it But the ancient bond with dragonkind is failing Of those that answer a summoning too many are black Black dragons are the enemy of humankind Black dragons are mad.Falco Dante is a weakling in a world of warriors, but worse than this, he is the son of a madman Driven by grief, Falco makes a decision that will drive him to the brink of despair As he tries to come to terms with his actions Falco follows his friends to the Academy of War, an elite training school dedicated to martial excellence But while his friends make progress he struggles to overcome his doubts and insecurity Even Queen Catherine of Wrath has her doubts about Falco s training.While the Queen tries to unite the Kingdoms against the Possessed, Falco struggles to overcome his fears Will he unlock the power trapped inside him or will he succumb to madness and murder like his father

    Battle Mage An Epic Fantasy Adventure eBook Battle Mage The world is falling to the burning shadow of the Possessed and only the power of a battle mage can save it But the ancient bond with dragonkind is failing. The Battlemage The Summoner Trilogy The epic conclusion to the New York Times best selling Summoner trilogy Fletcher and his friends fight for survival in the ether, where they pursue a mortally dangerous quest to Battlemage Keep Bundle Wizard Free Online Game Available at GameStop Find a GameStop Location New Up to Level Gear Weapons Available Now your Wizard can select gear and weapons up to Level when you redeem the Battlemage Protector of the Battle Mage UOGuide, the Ultima Online The Powerhour Airs every Saturday at pm EST pm PST Come talk about UO Episode Archive Lichdome Battlemage Free Download Full Version Setup Lichdome Battlemage Free Download Lichdome Battlemage Free Download PC Game setup in direct link for windows Lichdome Battlemage is an action and role playing video game Lichdome Battlemage PC Game Overview Wizard character class The wizard is a genius student of arcane magic, who has studied the subject for years He practices until he is able to command magic with ease The wizard must prepare spells daily In early editions of the game, they were called magic users. Deck Builder Legends Decks The Elder Scrolls Legends You are currently not logged in, so you won t be able to submit your deck to our database, but you can still share it by copying the url once you are done. BettyBlue Merric legend Battlemage Deck Mid I never said it was ranked I said it was close And yes, it was the now so popular dwemer deck I did not take this deck to ranked yet I almost always get aggro decks in ranked, and this one personal opinion, though I admit I lack the experience on BM is a bit unreliable. Garland Tools Database Server Sync Last sync Never Use this feature to store all lists and settings on the Garland Tools server Data is synchronized automatically between devices sharing an Account Key.Please keep it private.

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    1. Insanely long, epic fantasy.First off, my gratitude to Peter Flannery for giving us a complete story within one book because, in a way, I'm certain that's the reason the story arc and exposition is so cohesive and authentic. You can tell this is an author who cares more about giving the reader a great experience than simply churning out serials with a drawn-out plot. Secondly, this book is long and even for someone like me who has been known to subsist on coffee and snickers all while reading a [...]

    2. I cannot say enough good things about this book. Battle Mage is reminiscent of everything I loved about epic fantasy sagas like The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time, and it's the first time in a long time I have been truly captivated by a book from start to finish. If you love epic fantasy with coming of age heroes and heroines, dragons, good vs. evil and PLENTY of action, check out this book. LOVED IT.

    3. This hasn't got many reviews, and I'm a little suspicious when I see only a few '5-star' reviews. So I'm adding mine, to help convince you it deserves it.This is 858 pages long (although, I'm reading it on Kindle) and it hasn't really lasted me particularly long, because it's been hard to put down. (I did put it down, because I need to work and sleep, but I haven't wanted to).The lead characters are interesting and engaging. I was able to empathise with and appreciate them. They're also not pron [...]

    4. 3.5 ✭ Not quite a 4 star read, but for it's scale alone I'll round up for the GR's system.This book appealed to me because it sounded like an old school fantasy read(which i love). You know the kind-- the ones where an ordinary young man overcomes all the odds, finds out how special he really is and fulfills his destiny by saving the world at the end. That trope. About the time I got to the hated RED WEDDING scene in the GoT series, I was over the dark plots that are so prevalent in the fantas [...]

    5. I'm calling this one at 50%. I started doing some serious skimming at 25% but I've come to the dreaded conclusion that I no longer care what happens to these characters and their stinky world.The most redeeming quality of this book is it's lack of made up fantasy proper nouns. The character's names were archaic but not nonsensical, which I appreciate. I just really hate fantasy names. I just would like a fantasy story with a wizard named Jim and maybe a warrior named Steve. Do we really need so [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. Loved the characters and the relationship between them. Loved the world and the story - some people's imagination just astounds me! The writing flowed easily but was adequately "meaty" to make you feel as if you were reading a book of quality, if you know what I mean! It was exciting, the pace was good and I really cared what happened. All in all, a great read and I would recommend it to anyone, not just fantasy fans.

    7. Demons, Dragons, and Betrayal.I must admit, when I first picked up Battle Mage, I was not expecting anything extraordinary. A fairly generic title, and a nice looking, but also somewhat generic cover. As I delved in however, I found the story to be anything but. It begins with Falco Dante and his best friend Malaki. Since a young age, Flaco has been afflicted with a lung disease, putting him at a great disadvantage. He’s got lots of room to grow, and Flannery makes use of every inch. Malaki, t [...]

    8. The dragons rememberFlannery will play with your emotions until you almost can't bear it, making you love each character while you laugh and cry with them. Great story, but greater emotional pull. Also love how he made the dragons intelligent enough to make it a two way relationship, not always just following their riders.

    9. 4.5 stars. Phew, just finished this looong epic fantasy free with Prime Reading. The usual premise of a sickly youth training at the Academy of War in order to save the world from demons. Oh and there's dragons too. Altogether an entertaining read.

    10. Although it had a promising start, there is just too much that is uninspired. Furthermore, the names make no sense, the obsession with french military mannerisms, titles and other such trivialities really infuriated me. Furthermore, there are lapses in the illusion of this world, for example there is one quote saying something to the effect that the possessed come from Hades himself.There are no greek gods, because there are no greeks. Small things like this, really break the illusion, and there [...]

    11. This is a re-post of my review from , but I HAD to share this review again because it describes how much I greatly enjoyed reading this book!* I have read many many books, but I can honestly say that this is one of the best books I have ever read. It's AMAZING! Words simply cannot describe how wonderfully written this book is. Don't read this book if you're busy or in a rush. This is a book to be enjoyed, savored and processed. It explores themes of friendship, faith, love, sacrifice, good vs ev [...]

    12. An amazing narration! Wow! A talented reader.Told in third person, this is a stand-alone fantasy with a touch of romance. Main characters of both genders span a range of ages and include several physically impaired heroes.A teenage boy, sickly, fearful, and ashamed, must overcome the past and unearth a big lie in order to come into his own worth as a Battle Mage and save the world from armies of the possessed, led by demons. He does so with the help of the blacksmith's son and other loyal friend [...]

    13. Overall, a good read and worth the $3.99 priceI decided to give this book a chance, and I'm glad I did. It has a good story line, a bit predictable at times but never to the point that the outcome was a given. I really appreciate that when I neared the end of the book there wasn't a cliffhanger; however, there is definitely the potential for a second book should the author choose to write one, which I hope he does. I read some of the negative reviews, and I really don't think they're justified. [...]

    14. Almost Five StarsI really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. Reasons for docking one star:Fight scenes get a little repetitive. I'd compare it to a video game where the same combination of attacks seem to work throughout the game. Plot piece that never gets explained. I won't go into much detail, but there's some foreshadowing that certain unknowns have something to do with the storyline. They eventually do, but the why and how they're connected never gets explained. If it was [...]

    15. Better than the restBattle Mage earned five stars if only because I wanted to give it ten. I read a great number of books and this is the only one I felt deserved a worthy review. The characters were developed beautifully. While still a fantasy novel, the characters were believable and the emotions the author was able to bring forth from his reader were strong and deeply felt.Also so many novels today leave the reader hanging as you are told to go to book 2. Battle Mage gives you a wonderful sto [...]

    16. Have been a veteran reader of fantasy for the last 20 years, and have read countless coming of age novels. Despite containing all the traditional tropes, this novel is enthralling because of the sheer narrative pull. This is nearly as good as Anthony Ryans "Bloodsong" which in my mind is a huge compliment

    17. OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME5 stars. Because the story gripped me, the battles were brilliant, the character's were great, and I hope to God there is another book ahead to continue these character's If not, I will unfairly come back and change my rating to one star in protest so please hurry it up Peter my thanks for a good book

    18. Epic at it's FinestFlawless. If I never read another epic fantasy, I will survive knowing I read one of the best I have ever read. Falco Dante's story is almost without peer. Rousing good story!!

    19. FantasticI've been reading mediocre books for awhile. This book is anything but. Highly recommend. Great charcter development, action, and plot

    20. Loved this book!I truly enjoyed reading this story. I recommend it to all who love great fantasy. If this is your first fantasy novel, it's a good one to start with.

    21. BEFORE READING MY REVIEW, PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR MY LONG PERSONAL INTRODUCTION! YOU CAN SKIP IT AND GO STRAIGHT TO THE REVIEW! I'm heavily a harlequin genre reader due to my awkward interest in the romance and happily-ever-after that harlequin novels provide. However, after reading countless of TSTL heroines who just falls at the feet of the rich and handsomely demanding hero, I long for something to fill the emptiness within me that I couldn't accommodate through reading countless harlequin nove [...]

    22. To tell the truth I didn't expect much from the book which is called "Battle Mage (An Epic Fantasy Adventure"). The title sounded like a collection of generic fantasy words.Well, I was wrong. The title describes the book perfectly.This book tells a story about a world that suffers from Demons and their armies. The main weapon of Demons is fear - ordinary people can't fight with them, the fear is so great, that they can only run. Luckily, some people, Battle Mages, not only can handle the terror [...]

    23. Battle Mage was an absolute thrill to read. Peter has such a way with world building that I struggled to return to reality. The large scale battles still managed to capture the tiny details that are often overlooked, allowing the reader to get caught up in the big moments. The characters are well thought out and like any good storyteller, grow on you as the narrative takes shape. My only gripe was with a lack of explanation with Falco and the three (trying not to give any spoilers away). If you' [...]

    24. Glorious Tale of epic ScaleIntertwining stories of young friends who go off having individual adventures, but always returning to the central theme. The young heroes are each special, but each have weaknesses as wdll. The villains get badder by the chapter, meaning our heroes have to grow up very quickly. I curse the author for making me stay awake till three in the morning, because one needed to know the outcome of particular situations.Find ing somewhere suitable to stop reading for the night, [...]

    25. Awesome Loved the book. Loved the characters. Loved that it was over 300 pages! So tired of reading little short stories that end before you can really get into them. Only wish that this story wasn't finished.

    26. Great readGreat story line, with excellent character development. Very fun book that keeps you hooked from start to the very end.

    27. So I've read a lot of books and this one ranks at the top of my favorites. If you've followed my reviews you know I like independent authors. I love it when I find outstanding authors paving the way on their own. This book was incredible. It had everything I love in a fantasy adventure.young adults making a path for themselves against all odds, the well-known and exciting training portion of all good coming of age fantasy, camaraderie of friends, good vs. evil, magic and beasts, and more. The bo [...]

    28. There are many book and movies that claim to be epics and it is often just a marketing term meant to sell books to fantasy lovers, similar to the way the phrase instant classic is used to sell books without saying much about the actual quality of the work. This book, however, is truly an epic. It was a pleasure to read and become part its world.The story centers on Falco, a sickly teen with a tragic backstory, and his friends that accompany him from their rural village. There are many fantasy el [...]

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