The Fifth Woman: A Kurt Wallander Mystery

The Fifth Woman: A Kurt Wallander Mystery

Henning Mankell Steven T. Murray / Aug 21, 2019

The Fifth Woman A Kurt Wallander Mystery Inspector Kurt Wallander is at it again Four nuns and an unidentified fifth woman are found with their throats slit in an Algerian convent In Sweden a birdwatcher is skewered to death in a pit of car

  • Title: The Fifth Woman: A Kurt Wallander Mystery
  • Author: Henning Mankell Steven T. Murray
  • ISBN: 9781565845473
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Inspector Kurt Wallander is at it again Four nuns and an unidentified fifth woman are found with their throats slit in an Algerian convent In Sweden, a birdwatcher is skewered to death in a pit of carefully sharpened bamboo poles How are these deaths connected Wallander, the charmingly melancholy Scandinavian of lore and tradition Kirkus Reviews , is hot on the traiInspector Kurt Wallander is at it again Four nuns and an unidentified fifth woman are found with their throats slit in an Algerian convent In Sweden, a birdwatcher is skewered to death in a pit of carefully sharpened bamboo poles How are these deaths connected Wallander, the charmingly melancholy Scandinavian of lore and tradition Kirkus Reviews , is hot on the trail.

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        Henning Mankell was an internationally known Swedish crime writer, children s author and playwright He was best known for his literary character Kurt Wallander.Mankell split his time between Sweden and Mozambique He was married to Eva Bergman, Swedish director and daughter of Ingmar Bergman.


    1. After spending much of the summer in an exhausting search for a serial killer, Kurt Wallander gets away to Italy on an idyllic vacation with his father. He returns home to Sweden tanned, relaxed and rejuvenated, but that won't last for long. An elderly car dealer, who writes poetry about birds in his spare time, is reported missing. His body is later found impaled on bamboo spikes in a trap that has obviously been deliberately set for him. It took a long time for the victim to die, and it seems [...]

    2. There was a point in The Fifth Woman where I thought, "Christ, Wallander is getting preachy. I wonder if Mankell realizes it?" And then a couple of chapters later it came clear that Mankell did realize what was happening to his Ystad Detective because those closest to Wallander comment on his fondness for lecturing everyone around him about the ills of Sweden and his philosophy of police work. They then prod him to become a lecturer at the local police academy. A literary snap of the fingers and [...]

    3. Julia - 4 starsSince the first of the year, I have been on a Kurt Wallander series binge; this being the sixth that I've read in the series. (I am reading them in order, which isn't necessary since Mankell provides very efficient, two sentence recaps that give the reader all she needs to know to carry on.)With the first 40 pages I thought that this one - The Fifth Woman - just might be the novel that unhooks me from this Swedish crime novel addiction. Alas, I was wrong. I can't quite put my fing [...]

    4. Οπως παντα αψογος ο καλυτερος για μενα συγγραφεας αστυνομικης λογοτεχνιας

    5. Εξαιρετικό βιβλίο, το κατατάσσω στα καλύτερα αστυνομικά που έχω διαβάσει. Το θέμα του αρκετά ευαίσθητο, σε σημείο να μπερδέψει τους αναγνώστες, όπως κ τους ήρωες του βιβλίου, για το αν θέλουν να πιαστεί κ να πληρώσει ο δολοφόνος. Βάναυσοι άντρες λοιπόν και κακοποιημένες, εξα [...]

    6. These hold depth of characters, especially Wallander and his workmates. Often times his Dad or Linda, his daughter, are studied. And this one like most of the others has a distinct perp- not just a facade of evil- but we get depths of the thoughts and perceptions for the crimes. It's appreciated that they are not just cartoon bad guys or simple heroes. Neither.Yet I find all of these overlong with the Swedish disaffection and superfluous information of placings and situations for procedure. And [...]

    7. اصلا خوشم نیومدخیلی کش می داد الکیمثلا والندر شب خوابیدوالندر صبح بعد بیدار شدوالندر فلان صبحونه را خوردوالندر رفت ادارهو همین طور تا آخر که دوباره می خوابیدبعدم اینکه آدم از قاتل اصلا بدش نمی اومدتشویقشم میکردو اصلا دوست نداشت دستگیر شهاصلا کتاب خوبی نبودبه هیچ کس توصیه نم [...]

    8. The Fifth Woman starts with a prologue where five women are brutally murdered by some unknown murderers in a remote place in Africa. Four of them are nuns and the fifth woman is a tourist who takes shelter with the nuns. While the nuns' death is acknowledged by the police and government, they hush up the murder of the fifth woman to avoid any political conflicts. The death of the fifth woman would have gone unnoticed if not for a policewoman who investigated this murder and who decides to write [...]

    9. Uh. kako ovo oceniti?Od prethodnih bolja, a opet nije za četiri zvezdice. Krajnje je vreme da GR uvede pola zvezdice za ocenu.

    10. It is definitely a page turner but not as good as previous Wallender novels. The seemingly endless philosophizing about the ills of Swedish society and how everything is expensive could have been omitted. I did like how he said Swedish society was failing because no one could darn socks and then he is sitting beside someone on a plane darning a sock. That was amusing. The plot of a serial killing woman is good and the suspense kept up throughout. The gruesome murders of deserving victims is imag [...]

    11. Wallander - our favourite Introspective Detective: This book was enjoyable but overly repetitive. I like the way Henning Mankell adds a different dimension to the police investigation genre, and the setting in Sweden makes a change for the usual US / UK locales. The story itself is intelligent and well-constructed, and moves at a goodish medium-pace. One minor irritant is Mankell’s tendency to have the characters sum up the same facts at regular intervals – it seems he assumes that his reade [...]

    12. I love Kenneth Branagh. When I found out he was going to be in PBS's Wallander series. I was thrilled. Until I saw the series. There was something off about it. In fact, I only watched the first one and had no desire to pick up the books. Then, I watched the Swedish version of Wallander. Those were good. Those made me want to pick up the books. Branagh was totally miscast. It's like John Hannah playing Rebus. He's a good actor, but he's wrong for Rebus. Dan Sott isn't. Whoever the Swedish guy pl [...]

    13. In this the 6th book of the Wallander series, our hero has just returned to Ystad from Rome with his ailing father as the story opens, and it seems he is just in time to get to work on an incredibly brutal crime. A man is found impaled on sharpened sticks in a pit. As usual in a Mankell novel, this is just the tip of the iceberg and the beginning of a number of cruel and torturous murders. While Wallander's style is to thoroughly examine every aspect of these crimes, there is a move afoot among [...]

    14. Gosto de Henning Mankell. Escreve maravilhosamente bem!Gosto de Kurt Wallander. Uma personagem de que, tal como me acontece com algumas pessoas, não gostei quando o "conheci", mas ao qual me fui afeiçoando ao longo de seis livros, onde ele se revelou um homem culto, sensível, humano, (gosto de homens que choram).Gostei da intriga, dos crimes, das vítimas, do criminoso e dos seus motivos para matarO início do livro é muito bonito. As páginas sobre o "Poeta dos Pássaros", uma figura solit [...]

    15. Very long, very cerebral, highly entertaining mystery. At times, I grew impatient at the length of the book, but I think it paid off in successful, complex characterizations of victims, villains, and detectives. The author has a gift for letting the reader see tenuous connections between the very sparse clues develop precisely as they develop for Detective Wallender and his team. Thinking back over the novel, I realize that I never put anything together before Wallender did, and found myself app [...]

    16. Those who watch Wallender may have discovered all this, but this is my first experience. Wonderful, sad, thoughtful book, a mystery in which all but the culprit's name is clear early on; solving the mystery means Wallender delves deeper and deeper into human motivation and bitterness. We watch him patiently sift through facts, weigh remembered conversations, think about centuries of human history, ponder the nature of evil and hurt, till he comes to a solution that leaves one more numb than sati [...]

    17. This is the sixth in the series of novels based on Kurt Wallander, an inspector with the Swedish Police based in the relatively small town of Ystad. In this book a woman starts killing men who are connected only by the fact that they have murdered or abused women. She has been documenting such cases for several years but it is the murder of her own mother while travelling in Africa which triggers her acts of revenge. The plot is complex but well worked out. As is often in the case in Wallander n [...]

    18. Kurt Wallander - He works tirelessly, eats badly and drinks the nights away in a lonely, neglected flat. Still, he tackles some pretty incredible cases -- Here are the titles in the series (with a few extras) -Faceless KillersDogs Of RigaWhite LionessThe Man Who SmiledSidetrackedThe Fifth WomanOne Step BehindFirewallReturn Of The Dancing Master (a Stefan Lindman mystery)Before The Frost (actually a “Linda Wallander” mystery) An old man has been tortured and beaten to death, his wife lies bar [...]

    19. Gut mit ausgezeichnet geschriebenem EndeEndlich schafft es Mankell einem Roman ein Ende zu geben, das nicht der große Showdown ist. Viel zu oft verläuft sich der schwedische Bestsellerautor in künstlich hochgepushte Dramatik, die dann unglaubwürdig wirkt. Mit diesem Buch setzt er neue Maßstabe für die Beurteilung.Wie bei fast allen Werken der Wallanderreihe üblich ist der Aufbau des Romans dergestalt, dass man die ganze Zeit über sowohl den Protagonisten als auch den Antagonisten verfolg [...]

    20. Henning Mankell's Swedish detective Kurt Wallander continues his ruminations on a changing society with this tale of a female serial killer out to settle past scores for women wronged by men. For the longest time, the investigative team tries to apply all their knowledge to the capture of a male killer. It never occurs to them that it could be a woman. The crimes are too gruesome, too cunning, too physical, too planned. The killer becomes infuriated at their failure to imagine a woman killing me [...]

    21. Eh. Kind of tedious, is how I would describe this book. The climactic segment was very good, and almost worth the wait (but not quite). The lead detective character, Wallander, was hard to like: at times obnoxious and bullying, and then whiny and sullen at other times. Domestic violence was the background theme of the story and Wallender himself was not unfamiliar with dishing it out. I liked that his own experiences bothered him but it didn't help in the likability department. Also, the author [...]

    22. As I get farther into this series ('The Fifth Woman' is the sixth book), I find the serial killers more and more unlikely and harder to see as actual characters. It's as if Mankell created them as progressively challenging exercises in motivation and execution and stopped working on them as people. That's not to say Mankell is not creative and clever (and shocking) in limning those motivations and executions, but I like more realistic villains (as in 'The White Lioness'). He makes up for this as [...]

    23. Just received the rest of the Henning MAnkell books back to Det. Wallender. :)This novel begins when a woman receives a letter stating that her mother has been murdered along with four nuns in an African convent - the crime has been hidden so that no one know about it. Then an old man who writes bird poetry is impaled on sharpened bamboo stakes embedded in a ditch on his property while a person watches from his bird tower.As the police are trying to comprehend the man who was impaled they learn [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book very much, even though know who the killer is pretty much from the beginning we know, but we still don't know so we keep reading!There are a few things, though, that I didn't quite understand:(view spoiler)[1. why Wallender is convinced all three killings were made by the same person when they are so different? 2. why Holger Eriksson leaves money in his will to the church in the village where he abducted the Polish woman all those years ago? we are not told the reason for thi [...]

    25. Um dos melhores policiais de Wallander, o meditabundo comissário de Ystad, que devorei em poucos dias. A acção passa-se em 1994, quando uma série de homicídios, todos de homens, são perpetrados de uma forma particularmente violenta e cruel. Infelizmente, e como aconteceu nos anteriores romances, este livro tem uma péssima tradução e revisão, tão má que confunde, muitas vezes, a leitura.

    26. non so se i gialli svedesi equivalgano, nella futile vita di un lettore, a una pervesione. Quando arriverò a quelli islandesi andrò in analisi.

    27. La tercera es la vencida, por fin lo terminé. Y está buenísimo. Cuando lo compré no sabía que era el sexto libro sobre las historias del policía Kurt Wallander, ahora leeré los libros anteriores porque éste de verdad que me tenía en ascuas cada vez que lo cerraba, muchas veces leer libros de este género se vuelve pesado y terminarlo pronto depende mucho de si estás con ánimos de leer sobre asesinatos y personas locas jajaja pero la historia te atrapa y te intriga (aunque desde el pri [...]

    28. Excellent! This is my first of Henning's that I have read and he is just amazing. He is a master of mystery and this Kurt Wallander mystery is superb. He brings the landscape, emotions, eco-socio changes that the country of Sweden has gone thru, it paints a picture and is a wholesome reading- very few authors can paint a eco socio setting in a mystery and weave that through the story, including the emotions of characters, etc.Just a para on pg 224: When I was growing up, Sweden was still a count [...]

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