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Saboteur AN E COMMERCE FIRM finds itself targeted by corporate espionage A PROSPECTIVE INVESTOR vanishes without a trace A KEY EMPLOYEE is murdered in cold bloodMyMagicHat a high value supercharged Bangalore

  • Title: Saboteur
  • Author: R.V. Raman
  • ISBN: 9789351950769
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • AN E COMMERCE FIRM finds itself targeted by corporate espionage A PROSPECTIVE INVESTOR vanishes without a trace A KEY EMPLOYEE is murdered in cold bloodMyMagicHat, a high value, supercharged Bangalore based e tailer is on the verge of an unprecedented gamble when suddenly, things start going awry The company unexpectedly runs out of cash and, to make matters worse, a AN E COMMERCE FIRM finds itself targeted by corporate espionage A PROSPECTIVE INVESTOR vanishes without a trace A KEY EMPLOYEE is murdered in cold bloodMyMagicHat, a high value, supercharged Bangalore based e tailer is on the verge of an unprecedented gamble when suddenly, things start going awry The company unexpectedly runs out of cash and, to make matters worse, a massive data theft follows A critical funding round is stalled.Is someone trying to kill MyMagicHat When Inspector Dhruvi Kishore is brought in to investigate, she finds that in the dog eat dog world of e tailing, crime too, is driven by technology Hidden in the mountains of data and unverified claims lie clues to a massive fraud one that justifies anything Even murder.Saboteur is the third novel in RV Raman s corporate thriller series that explores white collar crime in India.Hindustan Times RV Raman knows how to take the simplest of subjects which are relevant, too and turn them into novels that you wouldn t want to put down Raman stays true to his reputation of delivering an intricate plot with characters of substance, the right dose of suspense and bind it all together by keeping the narrative pacy The corporate setup is easy to understand even for those with no business background Every reader will be compelled to treat the case at hand as if they are the person solving it, because Raman s narrative which at times will remind you of Agatha Christie s work allows you to speculate and theorise quite often

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        Surely, there must be men like Professor Moriarty in corporate India They may not be such intellectual colossi or consummate masters, but they would share some key traits with him wile, ingenuity, drive and utter ruthlessness And they would understand the psychology of temptation.What kind of schemes would such men device That is the question I seek to answer through my novels.Apart from bringing in vast sums of money, these schemes would have to satisfy the fabled professor s taste for elegant, thought through designs designs that ride on the motivations and vulnerabilities of intelligent but weak men.My antagonists may not have Moriarty s guile or panache, and my detectives may be intellectual pygmies before Holmes Nevertheless, I am taking a shot four shots, actually at crafting credible stories of intelligent crimes in corporate India I plan to write four corporate thrillers , each set in a different industryAUDSTER, the first novel, is set in the banking world, while INSIDER is set in the Indian stock market SABOTEUR is about the red hot Indian eCommerce industry in Bangalore, and CONSPIRATOR slated for April 2018 is set in the world of fake news, paid news and tailored news the media industry After these, I plan to write a couple of domestic mysteries whodunits.Meanwhile, I am also experimenting with short stories crime set in contemporary India Some of them AMAVAS and GULSHAN PANDEY, UNWITTING ACCOMPLICE are available as Kindle books on.A Brief BioAfter a corporate career spanning three decades and four continents, I have moved away from full time roles to pursue my interest in teaching and writing I now teach business strategy at an IIM, mentor young entrepreneurs, advise select clients and write In an earlier avatar with global consulting firms, I advised companies, banks, regulators, stock exchanges, governments, etc on matters of strategy and operations.Tired of extensive physical travel, I now prefer less punishing mental excursions into fictional worlds of my own creation Fraudster, Insider,Saboteur and Conspirator are my first four excursions More are to follow.Website.RV Raman on Facebook


    1. Saboteur is the third novel by the author RV Raman. It is nicely constructed with plots .A murder, thriller book.One has to flow down with the book till end to know the solution , keeping Ur brain busy Thanks to the author for giving me the book as giveaway

    2. A cracker of a novel. Can see it as a Hollywood movie (but not Bollywood!). Learnt a lot about the risky online retailing business. The novel goes to the heart of it. What makes it a good thriller is the steadily mounting suspense and intrigue, as espionage (in Bangalore, no less!), data theft, dissapearence and murder strike in quick succession. Dispite all these thrills, there is no sleaze or vulgarity and no Bollywood-type masala.Good, top-drawer stuff delivered in a crisp, succinct writing s [...]

    3. Fast pacing but if u are a keen observer you will surely guestimate who can be the culprit. Goes at length on the ebiz terminology and their inner working but many of these has no direct impact on the story. Become so boring in between that u ate not even bothered about what will happen next.A d no crime branch in indian police knows this much about insider trading and what not. This is work of ed wig of cbi so even that is falsely narrated and shown. Will recommend the boom as a refresher cours [...]

    4. And that is third masterpiece in a row. Once again Mr. Raman has extensively used his professional experience to plot inconceivable financial fraud. The deadly combination of data theft and financial fraud continues till the last page. Amazing book with thrilling plots of data theft, corporate espionage, murder mystery and financial fraud.!

    5. E-commerce and venture funding, bots and data thieves, and to top it off, murder. Saboteur is a pretty topical novel, what with Snapdeal trying sell itself to Flipkart and past rumours of Flipkart trying to sell itself to .Saboteur is a nicely constructed novel that has most of the core ingredients of a good thriller: intrigue, pace, murder, a complex crime and authenticity. Unlike some thrillers that careen from one crisis to another, this one exercises your brain cells. It asks you to follow a [...]

    6. The author moves from Mumbai to Bangalore for his third novel, a city close to my heart. The two things I like about his stories are that they always have significant women characters, and they have plots with substance. No silly, barely-believable, bizarre murders we find dime-a-dozen in so many crime novels.I am by no means a business person, but for some reason, I like his portrayal of corporate India and the machinations there. At the end of the day, it’s all about human nature and our fra [...]

    7. Bangalore, e-commerce and a lady inspector riding a Royal Enfield Thunderbird -- a combination that hit my sweet spot and kept me up for the better part of the night. A nice, intricate plot with good characterisation and a rapid pace. Really enjoyed this third book. Look forward to more.

    8. itchingtoread/201The book is an excellent read and keeps the pace consistent.With a series of complicated twists and turns the racy and pacey narrative keeps one guessing. The corporate jargon and intricacies are easy to understand and the plot is watertight. The setting is familiar with e commerce and bots and easy to follow. The twist in the end is unexpected and that adds to the brilliance of the tale. The plot is cerebral and therefore entails a good exercise to the brain and I recommend one [...]

    9. Remember Arthur Hailey? The guy who set each of his novels in a different commercial environment - Airport, Hotel, Wheels, Strong Medicine, etc? Raman reminds me of him. He sets each story in a different industry.I’ve read three of his books, and from each of them, I’ve learnt something about the corporate world and something about technology. I like the simplicity with which complex loopholes and frauds are explained. All this is in addition to the murder mysteries and thrilling plots he we [...]

    10. I've read all of R.V. Raman's books and I have to say this is arguably the best. Exciting plot which is entirely relevant to the e-commerce environment in India. An excellent read for those who are associated with the e-commerce industry and others who simply enjoy a thrilling plot. What attracts me to this author is that his books engage me cerebrally. Original intellectual content.

    11. Fast paced action thriller and a management case study rolled into one! I got a pretty good overview of the state of the booming Indian ecommerce industry. Wish more textbooks were written like this!

    12. R.V. RAMAN promising investigation-suspense- thriller author. Was hooked and intrigued till the last page. He has to be celebrated as a Indian author.

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