The Winds of Tara

The Winds of Tara

Katherine Pinotti / Jan 29, 2020

The Winds of Tara The Unauthorised Sequel The most infamous love affair of all times continues on with The Winds of Tara Scarlett O Hara headstrong and beautiful contrives to win back the love of her estranged husban

  • Title: The Winds of Tara
  • Author: Katherine Pinotti
  • ISBN: 9780980362350
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Unauthorised Sequel.The most infamous love affair of all times continues on with The Winds of Tara.Scarlett O Hara, headstrong and beautiful, contrives to win back the love of her estranged husband and children Broken hearted, she returns home to Tara, only to find the plantation in jeopardy by a greedy overseer and her sister s reputation threatened Determined to suThe Unauthorised Sequel.The most infamous love affair of all times continues on with The Winds of Tara.Scarlett O Hara, headstrong and beautiful, contrives to win back the love of her estranged husband and children Broken hearted, she returns home to Tara, only to find the plantation in jeopardy by a greedy overseer and her sister s reputation threatened Determined to succeed against overwhelming odds, she spins a web of lies and deceit that force her to choose between the man she loves, and breaking a solemn promise that would expose a secret that could destroy her family s honor forever.

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    1. I wanted to like this book. I really, really did. The story is compelling enough. It picks up where GWTW left off, with Scarlett going back to Tara after Rhett leaves her. Carreen figures very heavily into the plot of this book, which I liked because of the possibility of getting to know this minor character better. The back cover copy also teases that Scarlett will work to repair her relationships with Wade and Ella, which I also thought would be interesting. It's not the plot of the book that [...]

    2. My fabulous sister-in-law hauled this copyright-defying "Gone with the Wind" sequel all the way from Australia for me - thanks, e! However, since only truth is published on the internet, I'm forced to report that "The Winds of Tara" was disappointing for me. To be fair, I'm such a fan of GWTW that satisfying me would have been a near-miraculous achievement. The first time I read "Scarlett," Alexandra Ripley's GWTW bodice-ripper that was commissioned by the Mitchell estate, it didn't do much for [...]

    3. This is a terrible book and a disgrace to the memory of Margaret Mitchell. The author plays fast and loose with the GWTW template, characters and history, and her juvenile and poor writing skills are cringe-worthy. The Mitchell estate has rightfully sued to keep this off of the shelves in the U.S. and this mess of a book is only and thankfully available in Australia. Don't pine for it - it is not worthy of the paper it is printed on, much less the inflated cost of trying to find it online. This [...]

    4. I was so excited to receive my copy of The Winds of Tara! I had to pay a fortune for it and wait an exceptionally long time to have it delivered from Australia. To my dismay, it was an extreme disappointment! I can certainly understand why the heirs of Margaret Mitchell would not endorse it. I question if the author actually read Gone with the Wind, as she is not familiar with details of the story. Perhaps she watched the film a few times? A few glaring errors:• This author describes Gerald O [...]

    5. GONE WITH THE WIND unauthorized sequel. If you are a fan, you will love this book. It follows where the story left off and takes you on a satisfying conclusion to the Scarlett/Rhett love story but with some interesting twists. At times, predictable and maybe even trite, but still a fun, satisfying read. FAR better than the authorized sequel SCARLETT from a few years back. I had to buy it out of Australia due to the fact it isn't available in America or the UK because of copyright laws. Evidently [...]

    6. You will be surprisingly swept away by The Winds of Tara, assuming you can obtain a copy to read. It is unavailable in the United States. Due to copyright infringements and the lack of authorization from the Mitchell Trust, the book was pulled from bookstore shelves. Fortunately, since the copyright does not apply in Australia, diehard Gone With the Wind fans, can buy The Winds of Tara there, albeit having to pay high shipping costs. [return][return]Once I overcame the logistics of obtaining the [...]

    7. There are a lot of problems with this book, from bad editing, to the amount of time women sashay and saunter around, to the fact that every single flower in the book drooped it's head at some point. Nonetheless, the book ends up being fairly entertaining. The story did drag on a bit, and I was getting impatient with the amount of time both Rhett and Scarlett spent thinking about each other and telling other people that they still loved each other. It's frusterating to me when two characters who [...]

    8. As a huge fan of gwtw I ached to know what was going to happen next. Mitchell truly let fans hanging at the end. I think Pinotti really knew the story like the back of her hand and just took the characters on a ride of her own. Who cares if you agree with it or not. I was riveted from page one and satsisfied with each chapter. I couldn't wait for Rhett to finally come into play and overall I just loved going back to Tara again.

    9. Scarlett O Hara is one of fiction s best-loved heroines, albeit a flawed one. She s beautiful, feisty, selfish, vain, ambitious, savvy, ruthless and, above all, a survivor; everything a proper Southern lady, as exemplified by Melanie Wilkes, isn t. And so we know that - even as her world comes crashing down around her ears at the end of 'Gone With The Wind' - Scarlett will, somehow, get through this setback and prosper. No wonder we have all fantasized about what happens after the curtains close [...]

    10. When Gone with the Wind ends we know that Rhett and Scarlett love each other but that their pride and complicated personalities keep them apart. However, we know that Scarlett never gives up when she decides on something and when the first book ends she has decided to win Rhett back. We also know that Rhett always does the right thing when show comes to push. He is stubborn, but he humbles himself when he has to, like he did when he decided to join the war in its final stages. Based on this asse [...]

    11. The Winds of Tara by Katherine Pinotti is a wonderful sequel to Gone With the Wind. It picks up in just the right place, and then it never lets you down! I was so disappointed with "Scarlett" that I almost passed this book over. But being an avid GWTW fan and collector, I had to read it. I don't understand why the Mitchell Trust won't recognize this book for the true treasure it really is. Maybe one day they will realize that all true GWTW fans are going to find a way to e eventually own this pr [...]

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    13. Truly sub-par fan fiction with a binding. There are much better efforts which can be read, and for free, at the GWTW fan fiction page.

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