Night Lamp

Night Lamp

Jack Vance / Sep 23, 2019

Night Lamp Jack Vance has specialized in science fiction decadence since his first stories in This novel s decadent world is called Fader whose inhabitants have only leisure to pursue since they have a gen

  • Title: Night Lamp
  • Author: Jack Vance
  • ISBN: 9780006482116
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jack Vance has specialized in science fiction decadence since his first stories in 1950 This novel s decadent world is called Fader, whose inhabitants have only leisure to pursue since they have a genetically engineered slave class to do their hard work Fader is threatened by many dangers, but the pleasure seeking inhabitants are paralyzed by lack of will Vance has deveJack Vance has specialized in science fiction decadence since his first stories in 1950 This novel s decadent world is called Fader, whose inhabitants have only leisure to pursue since they have a genetically engineered slave class to do their hard work Fader is threatened by many dangers, but the pleasure seeking inhabitants are paralyzed by lack of will Vance has developed his own vocabulary, sometimes tricky to decipher, to convey an alien speech, but the meaning of his invented words emerges as the story unfolds.

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        Aka John Holbrooke Vance, Peter Held, John Holbrook, Ellery Queen, John van See, Alan Wade.The author was born in 1916 and educated at the University of California, first as a mining engineer, then majoring in physics and finally in journalism During the 1940s and 1950s, he contributed widely to science fiction and fantasy magazines His first novel, The Dying Earth, was published in 1950 to great acclaim He won both of science fiction s most coveted trophies, the Hugo and Nebula awards He also won an Edgar Award for his mystery novel The Man in the Cage He lived in Oakland, California in a house he designed.


    1. it can be all about the journey, right? it can be about the things along the way, how a place works or how a people think, it can be about taking in the details and experiencing them slowly, at leisure. it doesn't have to be a whirlwind amazing race around the world, stops checked off of a list while on the way to figuring out the next puzzle, it doesn't have to be all about solving the mystery and reaching the final destination to collect whatever prize or face whatever doom is waiting there.Ja [...]

    2. A six-year boy is found nearly beaten to death and, in order to save his life, a portion of his memory is erased. He recovers and is adopted and becomes Jaro Fath, an outcast youth on the socially stratified planet Thanet. As Jaro gets older, his desire to find out about his past intensifies until he can resist the call of space no longer! Will he be able to unlock the mysteries of his past?First off, I have to say I've discovered an advantage of reading using a digital book rather than an analo [...]

    3. Night Lamp is a 371 page novel by Jack Vance published in 1996 when he was 80 years old. I liked it even better the second time I read it, after I had read all of Vance's science fiction and was very familiar with his writings, especially those involving the Gaean Reach. I mention this because I think Night Lamp will probably appleal much more to Vance devotees or those who have read many of his science fiction and fantasy novels. I'd hesitate to recommend this novel to most readers who are not [...]

    4. At least in immediate plot, this breaks absolutely no new ground for Vance: an intense young man operating within an ornate and slightly ridiculous social structure, in pursuit of something unusual, who must discover his competences and have an off-kilter romance with an equally quirky young lady. See also, the Cadwal Chronicles, various Alastor Cluster stories, and so forth.Even if it is a rehash of ideas, his language and constructions and characters always make it work and always make the rea [...]

    5. Night Lamp is a gem. It's another late Vance SF novel, written next after he'd finished the Cadwal trilogy, and it shares that work's close plotting. He indulges in a couple of his favorite formulae – one's first romantic interest coming to a bad end, and social class struggles being rigidly formalized and overt – but this sort of thing is expected. It wouldn't be Vance without it.(view spoiler)[Again the protagonist is a young man coming of age, but this time the scope of his efforts is nar [...]

    6. Vance, old chap, you've done it again.Jack Vance was 80 and blind when he wrote this book, but it just might be one of his very best. While I was reading it, I tried to imagine how would I feel about it had I not read Vance before. I'm sure I would enjoy the rich imagination, the exotic locales, the strange cultures and their bizarre customs, but overall, I might have found it odd; the erratic structure, the meandering plot, the aloof characters, the formal dialogue, the magniloquent vocabulary. [...]

    7. I love Jack Vance, the language he uses, the worlds and characters he creates, and tales he weaves. This book doesn't disappoint. I can appreciate not everyone will take to Vance, but those who do will like this book very much.

    8. Shit, this took some warming up. The huge majority of the plot is in the final 30% of the book, so prepare yourself for some heavy world building. This was my first jack Vance, and apparently he's a master so I decided to try it, and I did end up liking it, but not for the first 60% of the book. Characters are all shockingly formal in elocution (apparently a style thing) and it took some brain bending to get into it. I liked the world building- clearly creative although I personally found it unr [...]

    9. Here you find a biographical tale, from youth to adulthood, full of some extraordinarily entertaining, while strange, peoples and situations. Vance oscillates between a kind of tense low-stakes space opera and farcical situations. If the main character hadn't become an action hero (boo!) I would have liked this book much more. Also, the culmination tapered off a bit too slowly for my tastes. What is most remarkable about this story is its similarities with Jack Vance's Emphyrio - a much better c [...]

    10. Vance takes what could have been a simple story of revenge and twists it into a satirical look at how society compartmentalises people into strict groups that they can never escape from. The characterisation of Jaro is fun, and the supporting characters expertly assist him through his journey to discover what happened to his family and, indeed, who they were. Filled with witty rejoinders and sideways looks at the world, this is an entertaining and multi-layered read.

    11. This is one of my absolute favourite books. When I had a copy of it, I would read it through, and when I reached the end, I'd open it back to the beginning, and re-read it. Vance creates such a vivid world, and such great characters, that the fairly standard plot becomes a secondary concern. It's a very enjoyable and very unique read.

    12. An excellent book, well written with a great story that unfolds in directions that you just can't possibly imagine.

    13. Jack Vance's style of writing is my favorite in this genre. Night Lamp is just one excellent example of his mastery over prose.

    14. “Lámpara de Noche”, es la historia de Jaro Fath un joven huérfano, rescatado de una paliza mortal en un misterioso mundo por un par de ancianos investigadores de una universidad, que lo acogen, cuidan y educan en una sociedad de castas, en la que lo más importante es ascender socialmente perteneciendo a clubes o sociedades exclusivas que se van volviendo más y más selectivas con sus miembros.Esta novela me mantuvo atrapado, por la calidad de narración, realmente no tiene muchas aventur [...]

    15. Chronique tirée de mon blog :Voila une lecture de science fiction à l'ancienne, c'est à dire qu'il n'est pas facile de rentrer dedans, mais une fois lancé on est totalement récompensé !Je ne pourrais faire meilleur résumé que celui de l'éditeur, nous suivons donc Jaro depuis sa toute jeune enfance dans sa quête pour savoir qui il est et d’où il vient. Comme je le disais le seul problème de ce livre c'est que le chemin est long avant qu'il arrive vraiment à s'identifier ou s’int [...]

    16. Another detailed and well conceived tale from that consummate wordsmith, Jack Vance. Something of a space opera, it focuses on the struggles of a young man who was rescued at a young age from person or persons unknown who killed his mother and were searching for him as well. As part of his recovery and treatment, his memories were erased, rendering him incapable of determining the identity of those who did him harm. Adopted by a pair of academicians, he is raised in a society that is obsessed wi [...]

    17. Más que una novela de aventura, space opera o cualquier otro género que favorezca a las palomitas. Es una novela filosófica, de trabajo con los personajes. Un autentico coñazo. Nada que ver con otras novelas del mismo.Fath es encontrado y salvado desde pequeño, por los padres que le adoptara. Al crecer, querrá tener respuesta de quién es, cual es esa voz que le habla en su interior. Pues imaginaros el desarrollo del libro.

    18. J'ai trouvé le style clinique, les personnages froids et j'ai eu l'impression que l'auteur s'est plus amusé a créer des planètes et des peuples qu'à faire avancer son histoire. Bref, j'ai trouvé ce livre beaucoup trop long.

    19. Ciertamente es un buen libro que te induce a leer y a leer. Pero llega un momento que surge un acontecimiento inesperado en el que tú te das cuenta que es más relleno que otra cosa que sea sustanciosa.

    20. When you read Jack Vance, you expect Jack Vance - and boy do I love Jack Vance! A bit slower paced than most of his novels, but I love his detail for new worlds and cultures.

    21. A meandering low-stakes story that ends with more of a fizzle than a bang, and yet this book contains some of Vance's best 'anthropology' and cultural construction.

    22. According to Adam Roberts, who introduces Night Lamp, Jack Vance was "truly the most stylish of writers". Perhaps in another book, maybe?This book is basically dull. It has a banal plot, set in a cardboard world view, with (almost universally) repellent characters, speaking impossibly stilted dialogue.The plot: the back of the book says: "Jaro Fath's past is lost - and his future is in peril. Found as a child with no memory of his past (this isn't strictly true, by the way), adopted by a scholar [...]

    23. I have liked this novel, but might be not because the usual reasons. Besides, I have spent a long time deciding on how to rate it.The background is the Gaean Reach and Vance demonstrates once more the mastering of the society and world building that I like so much. However, I have come to the conclusion that what he masters best is the building of societies just by extrapolating and exaggerating our own or simply by means of his fertile imagination. And here you may see two paradigmatic examples [...]

    24. Soms het idee dat er wat in het boek tussen gevoegd was. wat voor doek had het om opeens de doodgewaande broer te voorschijn te brengen als du e later toch weer zou overlijden. ook kamer dat er een verhaal in een verhaal zat.

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