The War Bride's Scrapbook

The War Bride's Scrapbook

Caroline Preston / Jun 18, 2019

The War Bride s Scrapbook A World War II love story narrated through a new bride s dazzling array of vintage postcards newspaper clippings photographs and Lila Jerome has never been very lucky in love and has always been

  • Title: The War Bride's Scrapbook
  • Author: Caroline Preston
  • ISBN: 9780061966927
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A World War II love story, narrated through a new bride s dazzling array of vintage postcards, newspaper clippings, photographs, and Lila Jerome has never been very lucky in love, and has always been interested in studying architecture and, recently, supporting the war bond effort on the home front But in the fall of 1943, a chance spark with a boarder in heA World War II love story, narrated through a new bride s dazzling array of vintage postcards, newspaper clippings, photographs, and Lila Jerome has never been very lucky in love, and has always been interested in studying architecture and, recently, supporting the war bond effort on the home front But in the fall of 1943, a chance spark with a boarder in her apartment sets Lila on a course that shakes up all of her ideas about romance.Lila is intoxicated by Perry Weld, the charismatic army engineer who s about to ship out to the European front, and it isn t long before she discovers that the feeling is mutual After just a few weeks together, caught up in the dramatic spirit of the times and with Perry s departure date fast approaching, the two decide to elope In a stunning kaleidoscope of vibrant ephemera, Lila boldly attempts to redefine her life in America as she navigates the heartache and longing of a marriage separated by ocean and war.In her second scrapbook novel after the lauded Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt, Caroline Preston has once again pulled from her own extraordinary collection of vintage memorabilia, transporting us back to the lively, tumultuous 1940s and introducing us to an unforgettable, ambitious heroine who must learn to reconcile a wartime marriage with a newfound self confidence.

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        As a girl growing up in Lake Forest, Illinois, Caroline Preston used to pore through her grandmother s and mother s scrapbooks and started collecting antique scrapbooks when she was in high school She attended Dartmouth College and received a master s in American Civilization from Brown University Inspired by her interest in manuscripts and ephemera, she worked as an archivist at the Peabody Essex Museum and Harvard s Houghton Library.Preston is the author of three previous novels Jackie by Josie, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, was drawn from her brief researching stint for a Jackie O biography Gatsby s Girl chronicles F Scott Fitzgerald s first girlfriend who was the model for Daisy Buchanan In The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt, she has drawn from her own collection of vintage ephemera to create a novel in the unique form of a 1920 s scrapbook.She lives with her husband, the writer Christopher Tilghman, in Charlottesville, Virginia and has three mostly grown up sons.


    1. 3.5 A story told with letters, scrapbook items, postcards, advertisements, and other items painting picture of a life and a war. Lila was never the pretty one, that was her sister, she was chubby, not socially adept. She goes to college where she briefly meets Perry. Years later a slimmer more confident Lila, connects with him again, when she rents him a room in her apartment. They will marry five days before Perry is sent overseas to fight in the second world war. We follow Lila, living life wi [...]

    2. As with her other book, “The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt”, this one is beautifully crafted with attractive text, photos, and illustrations. It’s just like reading a scrapbook. The story is compelling and so realistic that towards the end, I had to check to see if it may have even been partially based on a true story (it wasn’t). I do love Caroline Preston’s scrapbooks, although I prefer “The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt” over this one. They would make lovely gifts, and would also be p [...]

    3. A story about a war bride during WW2 told through graphics and letters and everything in between. A unique spin on novel writing, one I would be willing to explore again!

    4. Full review at: everydayiwritethebookblog.The War Bride’s Scrapbook by Caroline Preston is a novel about a couple – Lila and Perry – who meet in Charlottesville, VA in 1943 a few weeks before Perry is due to ship out for World War II. After a very fast courtship, Perry proposes, and they elope in a “furlough marriage” in which they spend exactly three days together as husband and wife before he leaves for the war.Lila decides to keep a scrapbook of their relationship, and The War Bride [...]

    5. This is not your typical WWII historical fiction novel. It is nothing like The Book Thief, The Nightingale, Code Name Verity, Salt to the Sea, etc. It is the story of the American homefront, a story with many similar elements to stories that my grandmother tells my sister and I about what life was like in Philadelphia during the Second World War. And, if you have a chance to flip through the pages of The War Bride’s Scrapbook, it is, in fact, a scrapbook. It is not laid out like a traditional [...]

    6. Scrapbook format with WWII flavor feels like an adult graphic novel that starts with a quicky 1943 marriage and works its way through the rest of the war and then some. I love books written in diary/letter/e-mail format, so this one was right up by my alley. Pictures, memorabilia, letterse author got the inspiration for this one from what she used to find in her family attic in my home town. Maybe there's a story in all my family stuff that I have in the basement

    7. I would be lying if I said the ending didn't make me cry. Cried my eyes out. So thankful for the interview. Truly a Wonderful Book. I'm So Happy I didn't read it all in one day. I also know I would enjoy rereading it in the future. Adding this to my wishlist.

    8. I rec'd this to review in print and I can't wait to dive into it. What a fun idea for a novel to be told in scrapbook style.

    9. I've not read any of Caroline Preston's previous books (apparently similar to this one), and was intrigued by the concept of a story told through ephemera. This is more an epistolary story, told mostly through letters between the lovebirds, and typed diary entries, with the ephemera playing more an illustrative role. The romance angle was more straightforward and less involved than I expected. It kind felt like the story was sacrificed for the sake of the gimmick.

    10. What I absolutely love about Preston's scrapbook novels is how they combine the idealized life of the times with the reality of what was going on - which was, in short, not ideal. I'm a little tired of historical fiction about WWII, but this one is a standout, mostly, because it doesn't end with V-Day or a reunion on home shores. Our war bride has to deal with consequences of war and with the man she married after knowing him only a few weeks, and to build her post-war life. Particularly poignan [...]

    11. I loved this time travel book both to the homefront and war during WWII, through a new furlough bride's scrapbook she's keeping for her new husband. The scrapbook is filled with postcards, letters, newspaper clippings, maps, and more. It was amazing how a scrapbook conveys the story of Lila Jerome, a girl who has more interest in architecture than romance, but finds herself meeting an army engineer, Perry Weld, on furlough and renting him a room in her house for two weeks. They elope after a sho [...]

    12. I didn't even make it to the end of this book. That being said, I really wanted to love it. I am a HUGE fan of the 1940s, and I snatched this book off the library shelf before even reading the synopsis. I was sure it was going to be awesome.Sadly, all of the effort behind this book went into finding and reproducing war-time images. The writing was flat as day-old seltzer. The plot was trite, the characters one-dimensional. After about ten pages, I realized that what I was looking at was someone' [...]

    13. Oh, I do love Caroline Preston's scrapbook novels!! This one was a wonderful escape into World War II memorabilia, enriched by the story of a girl "left on the shelf" only to have a whirlwind romance weeks before her soon-to-be-husband ships out for war. Reading through this scrapbook makes the experience of a war bride come to life in ways an ordinary novel never could. As with any good novel, Preston's characters are full of life and personality and are placed in a well-plotted storyline that [...]

    14. This book reminded me of all the stories my mother told me about WWll. She would work all day and then at least three nights a week would catch a bus and head to Camp Breckinridge in Kentucky to dance with the soldiers. She told me many stories of the men she met who were shipped off to war. Many of the men she went to school with never returned along with many of the soldiers she danced and dated. When she passed away I read her diaries from that time period, some of the writings were happy, bu [...]

    15. Bravo, Caroline Preston!!! Bravo!!!To say this is a story in letters in no way fully encompasses the depth Preston's scrapbook format brings to the story. Every page is a spread of drawings, menus, clippings from newspapers and magazines that enlivens the letters and stories of daily life. The first part - meet the war bride, is full of patriotic ephemera and ration books, stamps, patches and other memorabilia set the historic time and place firmly. In the next sections, much of the story is car [...]

    16. Using scrapbook pages covered in vintage ephemera and typed notes and comments, Preston tells the story of a WWII furlough bride whose husband almost immediately ships out to build bridges in war torn Europe, leaving the bride to deal with her startled family, her new in-laws, and her pursuit of a career during the remainder of the war. As in her previous Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt, Preston - who has worked as an archivist and has long collected vintage scrapbooks - does an outstanding job of us [...]

    17. What an interesting story of a young woman who gets caught up in a whirlwind romance and marries a man after only knowing him for 10 days, only for him to leave to go off to war in 1943. The story is told through letters, and other real artifacts of the time, all captured in a "scrapbook." The story had an end that wasn't as cheerful as I would hope, but it was realistic for the time, and I wondered how much of the story had basis in the truth, or the family history of the author. I recommend it [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book based on a scrapbook that a War Bride kept during the 1940's. There were examples of ads including cigarettes and houses and appliances. There were samples of things the military provided for the enlisted men. In just a few short letters and pictures, the reader could figure out the story between a War Bride and her husband. They wed after just 3 weeks of meeting.This is a very interesting way to learn about what it was like to be the bride of a man you just met and ho [...]

    19. I loved this book so very much. Full of ephemera, letters, drawings, and advertisements. This book was over the top because of the story line that went along with all the fun stuff. The story line was FANTASTIC!!! It was written in a style like we were reading an actual woman's journal. A journal where she placed every single item that was ever important to her inside. Like a memory vault, a vault with secrets, lies, war, and adultery and visually appealing with the turn of each and every page.

    20. I loved Preston's Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt and was charmed by the way she wove a coherent story over what truly could've been a young woman's scrapbook, featuring all sorts of memorabilia of the times. This second scrapbook promised to be the same, and some ways it is. But this book had much more text, longer memories including dialog and details I can't imagine a real Lila Jerome would ever have included. The interview with her daughter at the end is a standout in that regard. The scrapbook e [...]

    21. This book surprised me. It touched and gave context to so many bases familiar to a kid growing up in the 40's and 50's: rationing, alcohol, Bauhaus, G.I, DP, USO, War Bonds, housing, VA hospitals, nylons, Japan and Germany. It is the home front story told from the woman's view point of view. The war is a disruptor and an opportunity. The two distinct southern and New England worlds endured until the early 70's and then vanished forever. The scrapbook and the addenda captured this brilliantly whi [...]

    22. Another wonderful story in scrapbook format. It's the tale of a young couple who eloped before the husband left for the army during WW2 and their lives together before, during, and after their enforced separation.This book had me pulling out my dad's WW2 era cartoons he'd done while in the army that described army life 1940s style. Then I went downstairs and flipped through a couple of the many letters he'd written to my mom back then, though unlike Lila and Perry, he was in the army before they [...]

    23. This book is really cool and it's just as fun as Caroline's other novel The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt. I absolutely love the mention of Dana Andrews! I really felt the hardships that Lila endured as she coped with being away from her husband. but I also learned a lot about what war correspondence must have been like during the era. My favorite thing was the authenticity and it was present in the whole novel! I hope this author writes more novels in this style! It's just so, so cool to see all t [...]

    24. This is a quick, fun book to read. It's the story of a couple that marry after only knowing each other for several weeks because he is going overseas to fight in WWII. The story is told through letters, recipes, telegrams, newspaper articles, advertisements, etc. from this time period. It was fun to read, knowing my parents lived at this time. I believe that this is a story that many people in this era lived through.

    25. Literal, laudable, and lovely! A novel using words as well as authentic ephemera from the 1940s. The author, a UVA archivist, does an excellent job of meticulously weaving newspaper clippings, advertisements, postcards, and various other primary sources into the young bride's "scrapbook" without sacrificing a compelling story. It was a unique and enjoyable reading experience!

    26. Preston uses ephemera--postcards, ticket stubs, book jackets, even road maps--to illustrate the life of a young Virginian war bride and her life spent waiting for the husband she married in haste. Text is minimal and in the form of captions, letters, and telegrams. It's hard to believe this is fiction!

    27. The War Bride’s Scrapbook tells the story of young bride Lila and her groom Perry’s from their brief engagement and marriage prior to his being deployed to Europe for WWII to their effort to stay connected while being apart. I enjoyed the book especially the different bits of historical memorabilia that made up the scrapbook.

    28. So original! Presented as a scrapbook created by Lila after her whirlwind romance and marriage to Perry who is shipped off to war five days later. Divided into four parts and crammed with pictures and artefacts from the time period it is fascinating. Most of the 'story' part is told in the form of letters between Lila and Perry.

    29. I just really enjoyed this little read. I have been a scrapbooker myself for many years so I really loved the format of the book. And, I love WWII stories. This book just caught by eye on a library shelf as I was exiting the door one evening, and I'm so glad I went back to check it out. Good book!

    30. Loved this book! I have my mother's wartime scrapbook, she was a war bride herself. This is the second "scrapbook" I've read by this author. Serendipitously, this works for my 52 Week AtY Challenge for Week 24. A book with a map.

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