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Flights Flights which was awarded Poland s biggest literary prize in is a novel about travel in the twenty first century and human anatomy From the seventeenth century we have the story of the real Du

  • Title: Flights
  • Author: Olga Tokarczuk Jennifer Croft
  • ISBN: 9781910695432
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flights, which was awarded Poland s biggest literary prize in 2008, is a novel about travel in the twenty first century and human anatomy From the seventeenth century, we have the story of the real Dutch anatomist Philip Verheyen, who dissected and drew pictures of his own amputated leg, discovering in so doing the Achilles tendon From the eighteenth century, we have theFlights, which was awarded Poland s biggest literary prize in 2008, is a novel about travel in the twenty first century and human anatomy From the seventeenth century, we have the story of the real Dutch anatomist Philip Verheyen, who dissected and drew pictures of his own amputated leg, discovering in so doing the Achilles tendon From the eighteenth century, we have the story of a North African born slave turned Austrian courtier stuffed and put on display after his death in spite of his daughter s ever desperate protests, as well as the story of Chopin s heart as it makes the covert journey from Paris to Warsaw, stored in a tightly sealed jar beneath his sister s skirt supports From the present we have the trials and tribulations of a wife accompanying her much older professor husband as he teaches a course on a cruise ship in the Greek islands, or the quest of a Polish woman who immigrated to New Zealand as a teen but must now return in order to poison her terminally ill high school sweetheart, or the slow descent into madness of a young husband whose wife and child mysteriously vanished on a vacation on a Croatian island and then appeared again with no explanation These narratives are interspersed with short bursts of analysis that enrich and connect them, including digressions on relics, travel sized cosmetics, belly dancing, maps, the Maori Cleopatra, Ataturk, the effects of airports on the psyche, and many rich and varied topics Perfectly intertwining travel narratives and reflections on travel with observations on the body and on life and death, Olga Tokarczuk guides the reader beyond the surface layer of modernity and deeper and deeper

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      • Olga Tokarczuk Jennifer Croft

        Olga Tokarczuk born 29 January 1962 in Sulech w near Zielona G ra, Poland is one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful Polish writers of her generation, particularly noted for the hallmark mythical tone of her writing.


    1. I actually buy all my books on paperback, so I can leave them for someone else to find. I do not collect anything.Flights published by perhaps the UK’s finest publisher, Fitzcarraldo Editions and seamlessly translated from the Polish by Jennifer Croft (who translates from Argentinian Spanish as well as Polish) is the first Olga Tokarczuk novel I have read but certainly won’t be the last. The Polish original was entitled Bieguni after a peculiar (possibly apocryphal) sect who believed that th [...]

    2. “I was unable to concentrate and became for some time a sort of gargantuan ear that listened to murmurs and echoes and whispers, far-off voices that filtered through the walls. But I never became a real writer. Life always managed to elude me. I’d only ever find its tracks, the skin it sloughed off. By the time I had determined its location, it had already gone somewhere else. And all I’d find were signs that it had been there, like those scrawlings on the trunks of trees in parks that mer [...]

    3. A double review: 'House of Day, House of Night' and 'Flights.' I finally got around to reading 'House of Day, House of Night' on a friend's recommendation, after reading Tokarczuk 'Flights,' which is somehow even better. I'm baffled as to why this kind of form hasn't made its way into English-language writing, except in the most self-important and portentous way: a compendium of memoir (whether actual or purely formal), short stories, essays, research, tall tales, local history and so on, all of [...]

    4. Olga Tokarczuk is one of the leading contemporary Polish authors; she has written nine novels along with short story collections and essays, and she won Poland’s premier literary award, the Nike, for Flights in 2008. Now available in Jennifer Croft’s English translation via Fitzcarraldo Editions, this is an odd hybrid of a novel, composed of miniature, headed stories and observations about travel and displacement in the modern world – and all illustrated with odd black-and-white maps and l [...]

    5. This is an excellent Polish novel. It’s thoroughly modern and engaging. It reflects the mobility and transience of our contemporary life. The frame for it is travelling: airports, different places around the globe- unnamed yet recognizable and sometimes just nowhere in particular yet everywhere. The structure is fragmentary- short, few page long snippets, images, fragments of narration of accidental meetings of fellow travellers, their stories, stories of places. The structure reflects the fra [...]

    6. Små meditationer kring resande varvat med längre passager om människoöden. Denna känns väldigt mycket som en förstudie till Jakobsböckerna i sin stil. Är väldigt kär i Tokarczuk.

    7. Nedivím se, že tato kniha získala v roce 2008 cenu Nike (hlavní cenu poroty i cenu čtenářů). čte se velice dobře, protože má velmi krátké kapitoly a přestože víceméně nemá žádný děj, tak vše spokuje motiv cestování a to jak v prostoru, tak v čase.

    8. ‘A novel of intuitions as much as ideas, a cacophony of voices and stories seemingly unconnected across time and space, which meander between the profound and the facetious, the mysterious and the ordinary, and whose true register remains one of glorious ambiguity…Flights is a passionate and enchantingly discursive plea for meaningful connectedness, for the acceptance of “fluidity, mobility, illusoriness”.’Guardian‘A novel in essays, a world-exploration in words, a soaring journey a [...]

    9. "I studied psychology in a big, gloomy Communist city. My department was located in a building that had been the headquarters of an S.S. unit during the war. I didn’t exercise the trade for which I’d trained for very long. During one of my expeditions, when I had gotten stuck in a big city with no money and was working as a maid, I started writing a book. I don’t regret developing a taste for this odd occupation: I would not have made a good psychologist. I never knew how to explain, how t [...]

    10. Mahler and Sibelius, the two leading composers of their time, disagreed when discussing the meaning of the symphony. Mahler instated that it should try to encompass the world, thus his lengthy music, vast soundscape filled with cacophonous passages. Meanwhile, Sibelius admired the symphony's "profound logic and inner connection," resulting in his ultimate work, the 7th, that is a masterpiece of brevity and tautness.In spite of the markedly different characteristics of their works, I always think [...]

    11. Puiki esė-apmąstymų knyga apie keliavimą, jo reikšmę šiuolaikiniame pasaulyje, apie žmogaus kūną, jo ribas ir bandymus jį pažinti. Tai pasakojimai apie mūsų mobilumą ir laikinumą: elegiškus ir tikslius autorės apmąstymus keičia skaidria, aiškia kalba parašytos novelės: apie Šopeno širdį, anatomo Verheyeno laiškus savo amputuotai kojai, pasakojimai apie organų balzamavimo paslaptis, apie paslaptingą Rusijos sektą. Yra ir vienas netrumpas tęstinis beveik detektyvinis [...]

    12. Završih konačno, iz trećeg pokušaja.Olga Tokarčuk je sjajna, definitivno u mojih top 5 savremenih književnica.Retko naiđem na pisce koji uspešno i nepretenciozno prepliću lepu književnost i filozofiju a Olga me po tom pitanju nije razočarala!Za one koji se još nisu susreli s njom, ipak bih preporučila Pamtivek i druga doba, fantastično delo, kao startnu knjigu, Beguni kasnije.

    13. Běguny jsem přečetl při letním cestování Polskem. Jak jinak. Přes počáteční těšení, následné zklamání z magického realismu či jinak neznámně struktoravaného děje si nakonec kniha sedne. Vám nezbývá z se pročítat jednotlivými příběhy jako masem plněnými pirogy. Co pirog/příběh to jiná příchuť, pálivost a chuť na jazyku. Občas se vám stane, že se dva tři pirogy z jednoho talíře spojí a vy pak máte delší příběh jako na talíři. Ke knize se [...]

    14. This is beautiful writing. Tokarczuk interweaves travel anecdotes with travel philosophy and meditations. These in-depth explorations, fragments of thought and observation, mesmerize."Instead of paying attention to the faces of people passing by I watched their feet, and all these busy types were reduced to hurrying steps-towards what? And it was clear to me that our mission was to graze the dust in search of a mystery stripped of anything serious."- Emil CioranTokarczuk takes Cioran's advice an [...]

    15. Tokarczuk is compared to Sebald and though some of her stories/encounters were beautifully written she doesn't quite exhibit the wonderful eccentricities that abound in Sebald's strange musings. Her prose isn't as beautiful either. In saying this, however, I really enjoyed the book and love how she mixed history with travel and some wonderfully interesting characters. Well worth a read.

    16. Told through a multitude of voices across time and space, Flights weaves together existential reflections on travel, home, the human body, and decay. Tokarczuk's prose is exquisitely precise, but to really enjoy the book, I found I needed to let the writing sink in at an intuitive level. A beguiling read.

    17. A rambling journey through a journey. It is very difficult to describe what is going on here though it would not be too unfair to say that it is simply a bunch of fragments on the general subject of travelling (in the most specific sense as well as the most general). There are a few recurrent themes. Style-wise it is a "philosophical" novel, think Kundera though (obviously) less focused. I liked it, though not too much.

    18. nie czytałem chyba lepiej opowiedzianej historii że skrawków historii na przestrzeni wieków, niesamowita lektura

    19. Olga Tokarczuk este una dintre cele mai apreciate scriitoare poloneze contemporane, care a cochetat cu mai multe genuri, scriind atât roman, cât și poezie, proză scurtă sau eseu. O adevărată adeptă a postmodernismului, Olga Tokarczuk are un stil inedit, care mizează pe tăieturile de text, pe asociațiile neașteptate, pe colajul de teme surprinzătoare, pe țesătura fină a ideilor în sintagme menite să surprindă.La Editura Art a apărut de curând volumul Rătăcitorii, cel pentru [...]

    20. This one was a big disappointment. This was supposed to be a collection of stories about travelling and people who constantly want to be on the move, but I couldn't really see the connection between these things and most of the stories. The stories weren't even that interesting. Endless plays with words. Blaah.

    21. Z trudem przedzierałem się przez tę książkę. Choć jest pełna interesujących dywagacji, rozważań filozoficznych, teologicznych, które przypadły mi do gustu, to jednak "Biegunów" nie skończyłem. Dlaczego? Może po prostu dlatego, że autorce nie udało się utrzymać mnie w napięciu.

    22. So I wanted to read this book and say: "No, critics, it is not a bad book, you got your reviews all wrong". But I can't. As much as the time spent with this book is definitely not wasted, it was plain boring at times. Definitely the worst Tokarczuk's book I've read so far.

    23. Bardzo ciekawe historie. Niektóre bardzo dobre inne nieco słabsze. Szkoda tylko, że tak poszatkowane. W sumie ciężko się to czyta

    24. Po delší době zase jedna pětihvězdičková. Krásný jazyk, krásná forma, krásné postřehy, krásná kniha.

    25. ,,Widzi się tylko świat we fragmentach, innego nie będzie. Są tylko momenty, okruchy chwilowe konfiguracje, która zaistniawszy, rozpadają się na części."Książka nie ma wyraźnego bohatera, to zbiór krótkich, odrębnych historii. Poszczególne opowieści są trochę jak migawki życia widziane z poruszającego się pojazdu- często niepełne, pozbawione kontekstu i kontynuacji, czasem niejasne. Niektóre są dłuższe, niektóre krótsze, jedne nużące, inne wciągające bez reszty. [...]

    26. Wanders, Gypsies, vagabonds, and soul searchers. The short stories are filled with people watchers, trackers, and traders – something for everyone who understands Wonderlust, and those who desire to keep moving forward and can’t plant roots.Connecting these imaginative stories through singular observers – people that can easily witness societies irregularities, medical abnormalities, and the strange things that happen in shadows, instead of the daylight. The stories are unique, illustrativ [...]

    27. A very strange book. A cross between W.G. Sebald and Pessoa. Ostensibly about travel and journeys of one kind or other, the tales weave their way through on another appearing and disappearing through the course of the book. There is nothing to really grasp in totality, yet each of the tales, or fragments works in its own way. There is a progression of sorts.That being said it is well written (and translated) and I found it thoroughly entertaining. Another new writer to look out for.

    28. Left me speechless, particularly that I a chunk of my during my first trip back to Poland and my hometown after years. It's also most likely one of the best takes on "non-places" in fiction -- a subject that recently became of interest for anthropologists.

    29. Nie podzielam ogólnego zachwytu nad tą książka . i tylko to, że nie porzucam nieprzeczytanych, sprawiło, iż dobrnęłam do końca. Jak gdybym szła na kolanach po gruzie !!

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