Scissor Link

Scissor Link

Georgette Kaplan / Jan 18, 2020

Scissor Link wordsIn this lesfic rom com Wendy Cedar is an employee at Savin Aerospace with a massive crush on her boss recent divorcee Janet Lace After Janet accidentally stumbles upon Wendy s email abo

  • Title: Scissor Link
  • Author: Georgette Kaplan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 72,000 wordsIn this lesfic rom com, Wendy Cedar is an employee at Savin Aerospace with a massive crush on her boss, recent divorcee, Janet Lace After Janet accidentally stumbles upon Wendy s email about a sex dream she s been having, she decides to see if the reality can live up to the fantasy But when the relationship starts to be than a kinky office romance, the t72,000 wordsIn this lesfic rom com, Wendy Cedar is an employee at Savin Aerospace with a massive crush on her boss, recent divorcee, Janet Lace After Janet accidentally stumbles upon Wendy s email about a sex dream she s been having, she decides to see if the reality can live up to the fantasy But when the relationship starts to be than a kinky office romance, the two have to decide if they can make it as a couple or if they were better off as boss and employee.

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        It was never easy for Georgette Kaplan She was born a poor child in Mississippi, where she still remembers sitting on the porch with her family, singing and dancing around her After learning she was adopted, at the age of 21 she hitchhiked to St Louis, where she worked at a gas station and in a traveling carnival After a shooting incident at the gas station, she decided to quit and pursue her lifelong dream of a career in writing She now lives back in Mississippi with her life partner Marie.


    1. Hold the phone! How had I not read this sooner?! Instead of getting eight hours of sleep like an adult last night, I tucked into bed and devoured this book. So, my judgement may have been slightly affected by sleep deprivation. Which is cool by me!Georgette Kaplan is freaking FUNNY! Her references are plentiful and give me the impression of someone I'd easily get along with. I mean, she mentioned furries. That never happens. The voice, tone, dirty inserts are all done wonderfully. And JANET LACE [...]

    2. I was a fan of Kaplan's first book, Ex-Wives of Dracula. I was eager to see if she could write romance as well as she writes paranormal. I'm happy to say yes, Kaplan can write and I think we are witnessing the begining of a long career for her.This story is about Wendy, an intern at an aerospace engineering company, she is unhappy with her position and unlucky in love. When she see a beautiful woman and quickly forms a crush, she is surprised to find out it's her boss. The more they work togethe [...]

    3. I liked Wendy, the main character in Scissor Link. She is witty, funny, quirky and nice. She is the type of character that carries the plot. The other main character, Janet, is not her match in any respect. I am very fond of age-gap relationships in my romances, but I did not get the impression that this one will succeed. I totally believe Janet in her fear that she will not be enough for Wendy for the long haul. Scissor Link has a fine dose of humor, an interesting plot, and witty dialogue, but [...]

    4. 3 stars. I'm confused. Should I laugh or get turned on? There's some weird tone dissonance going on. I liked the book better while it was a pure comedy but then it turned the heat up. The problem is though when it starts to get me going, a tasteless joke is thrown in. An instant turnoff. I appreciate all the geek culture references but I just dislike high school humor in sex scenes. It's not hot, it's silly at best.I did finish the book yet it's not exactly clear to me what the book was really a [...]

    5. Even though the cover and blurb appealed to me when selecting this story to read, I can’t say I was entirely sure what to expect.It says this is a rom-com, and while I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion, this story has a lot of depth, and heat. Humor, as in jokes, can be subjective. What one finds funny another might not. The latter only happened to me upon the mention of Trump, twice. What really enamored me to these characters was the witty banter between them. Wendy wa [...]

    6. Scissor Link does a lot of things very, very well. The age gap aspect to the romance is great, with the characters addressing it directly, and often irreverently, in several spots. Their chemistry is explosive, and the sex scenes rival the best erotic romance that came out this year (seriously, there’s a scene with a glove, and it’s unlike anything else out there). It also does something interesting with the boss/employee dynamic, especially given that power play is part of their kink. More [...]

    7. I quite enjoyed this. 4.25 stars.The plot plays with a boss/employee romantic relationship dynamic. Of course, it’s highly inappropriate but also part of what makes the story fun and perhaps why the reader picked it up in the first place. I found the two leads, Wendy and Janet, to be intriguing because they are such unique characters in and of themselves and then to each other. The author chose to give them nuance making them less of a stereotype and much more interesting overall.Wendy is youn [...]

    8. This was a absolute joy to read. I was so happy to discover one of my favorite fanfiction writers graduated into being a published author. Congratulations, it is well deserved!Scissor Link has a lot going for it. It is very funny with plenty of pop culture references. It is hot, Georgette Kaplan writes very imaginative (and original) sexytimes. It is also very intelligent writing and Kaplan does not shy away from the deeper material.Do yourself a favor and read it.

    9. In this witty rom-com (full of sex scenes, I must say) Wendy found the love of her life at work. It was love at first sight. With her boss.Well, I suppose that if you like rom-coms, this is a rather good book. But unfortunately this is not exactly my cup of tea. And while I liked Wendy a lot I didn't connect with Janet, the other main character.

    10. Wendy Cedar is an intern for an aerospace engineering company with diverse interests, think Lockheed Martin. Wendy is totally unsatisfied with her career up to this point. Her boss is a mega-jerk who treats her like a high school student rather than the masters in engineering grad that she is. What makes matters even worse her love life is even more dismal. Everything changes when Janet Lace enters the picture and not only steals her heart but gives her a chance to advance her career.Janet is a [...]

    11. The book opens with a self pity from Wendy. Kinda depressing actually. She's describing herself as the worst version of Megan Fox. (Is there a worst version of Megan Fox?)I have mixed emotions about this book.Frankly, I don't know if I like it or what.I don't feel their connection. Well, maybe at some point. It's like Janet is just using Wendy as a rebound because she's afraid to be alone. So the first person who appreciates her she eagerly jumps ahead.Wendy, on the other hand, I don't really un [...]

    12. *The ARC provided by NetGalley and Book Enthusiast Promotions in exchange for an honest review* I don't remember laughing so hard in a while. I loved this book! It's witty, hilarious, filled with humor and great quirks I personally think that the character of Wendy is masterfully written! While Janet is an older, self-collected, full of self-esteem hot woman, Wendy is a gem! She seems confused and absentminded, but is a very smart, professional and good looking, even though she's might not neces [...]

    13. Entertaining erotic romance story with some light BDSM scenes. The relationship is between Wendy, a 26 year old low-level employee in an aeronautical company, and Janet, her 44 year old recently divorced boss.The dialogues are witty and funny, though sometimes the punch lines seem too polished for a real conversation. However, the main characters are well rounded and have their own distinctive voice that reflect the generational gap and their personalities. There is a good amount of pop culture [...]

    14. Oh dear god where to start? I'm so disappointed. Reading the summary of this book I was so excited to get tucked into it, thinking this will be at least 3,5 star rating. Now I wish I had skipped it altogether. The book started off great and had some great moments like the first time Wendy sees Janet and the very funny dialogue between Wendy and her sister Regan. This all ended for me when (view spoiler)[ Janet found the email about the dream Wendy had about her and made Wendy read it out loud to [...]

    15. So, we have Wendy. A young employee of an aeronautical company. This young woman fantasize about the things she would like to do to her new boss. That new boss is Janet, trying to be a cold bitch. Not so much making it. It seems the perfect mix for a quick rom-com read. Well, it kind of is. And it kind of not.I really liked Wendy. She is like your typical best friend. Full of knowledge about cultural stuff and the one who is always making references about movies and books. Well described charact [...]

    16. 3.5 StarsI'm having a difficult time rating this book. This is the first book by Kaplan. Although her first book, The Ex-wives of Dracula was well rated, it being a YA novel it didn't appeal to me.One thing I learned - sometimes staying up until 2AM finishing a book isn't a good thing. I ended up re-reading the last couple of chapters because I realized in the morning that I read it half asleep and didn't absorb what I did read.I liked.Wendy - Smart, funny, quick, and kind. I have a friend who i [...]

    17. [ I requested/received a review copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) ]Told from both characters' perspectives, it's about Wendy. a witty 26-year-old who finds herself lusting after an attractive woman who turns out to be the assistant vice president of the company she's doing an internship in, her actual boss soon after. She's Janet Lace, a successful and alluring woman who commands respect, and soon to be divorced. One thing leads to another and we see them exploring a relationship beyond em [...]

    18. I received this ARC in exchange for a honest review.Hot. That's how I would describe this book if I had to, which I do because I'm writing a review for it. Janet is hot, her wittyness, her intellect, how she treats her employees, how she dresses and her personality are just downright hot and very sexy.Wendy is adorbale, dorky, nerdy and just very sweet. But also very sexy, dreams-about-very-hot-office-sex-with-her-boss-and-emails-about-it-too-her-friend sexy. Which is slightly different from the [...]

    19. The synopsis says this is a Rom-Com but I feel it’s much more than that. It’s edgy and has some timid BDSM play, which I think would have drawn me to the book more. Wendy is an intern at an Aerospace company. She’s pushing boundaries and impressing people… One of those people is Janet her boss and the woman she has a major crush on. When Janet accidently reads a email Wendy sent to her best friend about having sex with her boss the table are turned and the fun begins… I really liked Ja [...]

    20. I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review. When I saw that the premise of this story involved an intern/peon and her hot boss, I had high hopes. Afterall, I love a good romcom and that particular plot line could present myriad opportunities for humor. The thing about Scissor Link is that it contains a fair amount of depth in the introspection of the characters such that I felt like the story itself had an identity crisis. Parts of it were quirky and funny as promise [...]

    21. *ARC provided by the Publisher for an honest review*I recently read Ex-wives of Dracula and I thoroughly enjoyed the authors style of writing, so when I saw that she had another book out I had to read it. Scissor link is very much like Ex-wives of Dracula in that the author has maintained her witty style of writing and she has created characters that are well developed and have amazing personalities.I can honestly say that right off the bat I loved Wendy's character. She is witty and geeky with [...]

    22. This is a fun read which had be laughing throughout the book. It is a simple storyline which is more about the characters than anything. Wendy was funny and easy to fall in love with. I could definitely see the appeal of Janet's power and authority even though she was more prickles than anything. I really liked them as a couple.The main issue with this book is the storyline is weak. It has so much potential but I don't think that is what the author was going for. For example I really wanted to k [...]

    23. Hm, I'm quite surprised by the book because it is really different than what I have in mind. I mean boss/employee relationship, so my mind raced to Behind rhe Green Curtain with ice queen persona and really submissive relationship. But this book isn't exactly like that.But, I do like the characters. I really like like Wendy Cedar. She is sooooooooooo funny. I love her banter with almost everyone in the book. So that's a big plus for me.The lacking for me is I find the book a bit, well, boring. I [...]

    24. Wendy Cedar is an intern at an aerospace engineering company and Janet Lace (Ms. Lace) ends up being her boss. Janet is a cold, impersonal and at times down right cruel woman. But Wendy falls for her anyway. I'm not sure how she could fall for her. There is nothing really likeable about Janet. When Wendy and Janet work late one evening Wendy suggests they go have a drink before heading for home. Janet rips into her very cruelly telling Wendy they are NOT friends, they are employee and employer, [...]

    25. At the beginning I loved this book, it was hilarious and Wendy was an easy to connect character. I love age-gap relationship so Janet seemed like the perfect character, closed off and cold but deep down wanting something more. Unfortunately, some time around the middle, the book lost its footing. The relationship was rushed and lacked a proper development, some angels of their relationship came out of nowhere and their sexual encounters seemed awkward and uncomfortable. Also, I feel in stories d [...]

    26. I was given a review copy in exchange for an honest review.Scissor Link is a lesbian romantic comedy. Unfortunately, it only made me laugh once (a great bon mot about Donald Trump) and I didn't find it very romantic. So as a lesbian romantic comedy, I'd give it a one out of three – it's definitely a lesbian storyline.The story is told from both protagonists' points of view. I didn't like Janet Lace very much (no wonder her wife left her – I hope Roberta got a good settlement in the divorce b [...]

    27. I received ARC from Ylva in exchange for my honest review. This novel is about Wendy, an intern working at a company that manufactures aircrafts (mostly military as far as I can tell) and Janet, an executive at the same company. I really liked Wendy character a lot. She's funny and reading her inner thoughts crack me up almost all the time. I also appreciate her relationship with her sister because it feels very realistic. The bantering and heartfelt advice giving between them are great. There's [...]

    28. First of all, thanks to Ylva for the ARC.This is the story of two women, who work in the aerospace business. This sounded very interesting to me, and I think it is. But with no knowledge about all the old aerospace stuff, I was a bit lost.I didn’t like very much the writing style, because every thought of every people was allways commented. And all the comments wanted to be funny, but it not always worked out. So for me, it was too much and therefore the writing flow wasn’t that smooth. I li [...]

    29. *ARC from Ylva for review*Showing the typical day for Wendy - interning at an helicopter producing company, goofing with her sister's family - and the typical weekend day for Janet - precise time slots for everything - the story starts promising. Instant fatuation of the geeky Wendy with the almost OCD Janet. And Janet is interested in Wendy too. Plus you get a lot of sex - dream sex, vocal office sex, interactive phone sex, hot hotel room sex, quick before going out sex.But sorrily it has some [...]

    30. ** I was given a copy from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.**Georgette Kaplan wrote one of my favorites books of this genre this year: Ex-Wives of Dracula. So I was rather curious about her second book, since going from a paranormal romance to an office rom-com was an unusual choice to me.And while she did sustain my interest for a while by keeping up with one of my favorite aspects of her previous book - her amazing ability to write witty, funny dialogues, this story did not hold my attent [...]

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