Sky Raiders

Sky Raiders

Michelle Diener / Dec 10, 2019

Sky Raiders When the people of Barit first saw the sky craft they felt awe Then awe turned to fear and they found a name for the mysterious newcomers Sky raiders Garek s one year of duty as a guard walking the w

  • Title: Sky Raiders
  • Author: Michelle Diener
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  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the people of Barit first saw the sky craft, they felt awe Then awe turned to fear and they found a name for the mysterious newcomers Sky raiders Garek s one year of duty as a guard walking the walls of Garamundo was extended to two when the sky raiders appeared Two long years away from home and his lover, Taya When he finally returns, the town is empty While GaWhen the people of Barit first saw the sky craft, they felt awe Then awe turned to fear and they found a name for the mysterious newcomers Sky raiders Garek s one year of duty as a guard walking the walls of Garamundo was extended to two when the sky raiders appeared Two long years away from home and his lover, Taya When he finally returns, the town is empty While Garek was protecting Garamundo, the sky raiders were taking their victims from his hometown.Taya can t bear looking into the night sky All she can see is Barit, her home planet Impossibly, the sky raiders have brought her and their other victims to Shadow, the planet that shadows her own, and looking up makes her aware of everything she s lost Garek is out there somewhere She knows he ll look, but he ll never find her.She and the other captives have to find a way to escape Without the food and clothes the sky raiders bring them from their raids on Barit, they ll starve on the almost barren wastes of Shadow And when they ve given the sky raiders enough of what they want, that s exactly what the sky raiders will leave them to do.She does have an idea of how she can break free the sky raiders have brought them to Shadow to mine for ore A very special ore which Taya has worked out is as dangerous to the sky raiders as it is valuable.What she doesn t realize is she ll have some help with her plan Because Garek isn t giving up And he s even resourceful than she could ever have imagined.Nothing is going to keep him from Taya Not even space itself.

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    1. Sometimes it's nice to read a little science fiction and this authors previous books have been so inventive that I was keen to read this the first of a new series. It's an adventure really as two estranged lovers fight to find each other. Garek is a soldier with the ability to manipulate air but he was lied to and conscripted for not the original one year as planned but two! He's finally home , ready to return to his beloved Tara but when he arrives it's only to discover that Tara and many other [...]

    2. I think this is the best book Ms Diener has written until now. A mix of sci fi e fantasy, it has a strong female lead that was easy to like.The story has an end, but as this is a trilogy, it's not fully satisfying :) One thread ends, but the others will have their own story. The love story is important, but it's not all the story. On the contrary it's the supporting cast in a way. This isn't a romance, as in boy-meet-girl story and they fall in love. It's about what happen if they divide the boy [...]

    3. I thought it might be of interest to include the three articles I wrote about Sky Raiders just after it was released.My Roots Are ShowingMy latest novel, SKY RAIDERS, the first book in a new space opera trilogy, is in many strange ways a return to my writing roots.While I wrote fantasy and even time travel novels before I was published by Simon & Schuster in 2011, my first published books were all historical novels.I've always been a voracious reader of historicals, fantasies and science fic [...]

    4. 4 starsSciFi Space Opera at its finest.I found Michelle Diner exactly one year ago. Her book Dark Horse (Class 5, #1) was recommended by one of my most trusted writers, and I just had to try it. I was literally blown away by the quality of her writing and outstanding storytelling.Action, space adventure and a touch of romance, a strong heroine and a wonderful hero, and you got a hit. At least that's how I felt about her books.In Sky Raiders Garek and his love Taya were ripped apart by alien Sky [...]

    5. I can save you some time if you read and loved Dark Horse you are going to love this one as well, it has some very basic similarities as far as being what is called a "space opera" (I have no clue why) it is a science fiction adventure that is based around a romance (or maybe it is the other way around).Garek was forced to leave the love of his life for conscription in the guard for what was supposed to be 1 year but due to some political machinations he was kept for 2 years, when he returns his [...]

    6. At first I had a pretty hard to getting into Sky Raiders. I may also had a mini reading slump so that didn't really help things. After the first 50% I started getting more into the book and I was getting more invested in all the characters. I wish I had liked the story a little more since I absolutely loved Michelle Diener's other sci-fi trilogy, Class 5 but I'm still looking forward to the next two books to see where everything will be going.Garek has been away for two years due to guard duty t [...]

    7. Slow starting but so awesomeI wasn't sure about the beginning, it seemed focused on attempted rape and cultural differences. But then it came together and I was eagerly reading one chapter to the next.The story is told from the points of view of the hero and heroine. They are less technologically advanced then their enemies, the sky raiders. Instead, they have elemental powers. This is a triumphant tale but leaves at least three big problems to be addressed in future stories. I can't wait!Read i [...]

    8. Garek was assigned guard duty for one year walking the walls of Garamundo but after the Sky Raiders showed up his one year was extended to two years. All Garek wanted was to return home to be with his beloved Taya. But unbeknownst to Garek the Sky Raiders took Taya along with other family members and friends to the planet Shadow to mind the ore there that is more dangerous to the Sky Raiders than it is valuable. Taya and the other prisoners on Shadow have no clue what the Sky Raiders want with t [...]

    9. 4.25 / 4 StarsLike Diener's Class 5 series I enjoyed Sky Raiders, and will continue on with this series.The Sky Raiders are an advanced race that come to Garek's planet, Barit, to scoop up people to work as salves off planet. On Shadow there is something the Sky Raiders want, but can't get it themselves because they can't breath the air there. When Garek comes back after 2 years of forced service he finds all the people have disappeared from his village. When he finds out what happened to them h [...]

    10. The planet Barit has been attacked by the sky raiders who are an alien race previously unknown to this largely agrarian, non-technically advanced society. The invaders attacked the planet’s inhabits kidnapping many of them and continue to raid Barit’s resources. Garek, a villager from Pan Nuk, had been conscripted from his rural home to serve and protect as a Guard in the major city of Garamundo and then help fight the invaders. What was supposed to have been only a year became a forced seco [...]

    11. 3.5/5While I was a little bit disappointed that Sky Raiders wasn't connected to Diener's previous space opera series, it was still a very entertaining read. A clash of high technology with a medieval magical world made for a fascinating story.Garek has an affinity for air, one of the strongest there is, which means he is a hot commodity and has been serving as a guard on the walls of Garamundo for way too long. There is a girl waiting for him back home and he is determined to go back, grab her a [...]

    12. A new book from a favorite author is always exciting. A new book in a brand new series – even better!In Sky Raiders, Michelle Diener has crafted a wonderful new world – Barit. The descriptions of walled cities, liege-based political divisions, farmers and crafters gives Barit a medieval feeling. The sky raiders are just so out of place. To the pre-industrial humans, the sky raiders with their flying ships and white lighting are powerful, mystical, and dangerous.But there is something powerfu [...]

    13. 4-1/2 starsWhat a great sci fi romance!Adventure & action & a capable heroine, along with a sweet romance. Happy sigh!

    14. Diener has a creative mind for stories.I really enjoyed this one, although there were a couple of things that I found a bit implausible. For a society that is largely still feudal with some magic-like abilities the protagonists adapted very well to alien space-travel tech.Other than that it was a good story. Diener essentially writes romances but she couches them in very entertaining scifi. I'll be watching for the next one in this trilogy to come out later this year.

    15. Sky RaidersThe start of another wonderful new series by Ms. Diener. Fascinating new world with great characters who are complex and exciting. Garek and Taya are a great couple with charisma and a love that knows no bounds. Their story is fascinating and intriguing. I can't wait to read the next in this series. I highly recommend this book.

    16. Great start to a new trilogyI really enjoyed this book. Can't wait for the next one to find out what the Sky Raiders are up to, what they are mining for and how they are defeated.

    17. When a simple living planet with minimal technologies, Barit, is invaded by evil aliens known as Sky Raiders, Taya’s world is not only turned upside down – it’s completely taken away from her. The Sky Raiders abduct the people of Barit – including Taya, and force them into slavery and manual labor work on their planet Shadow. Taya’s lover, Garek, happened to be away at the time as he was on duty working as a guard protecting Garamundo. He had no idea that Taya and the townspeople were [...]

    18. 4.25 stars“Sky Raiders” by Michelle Diener is a science fiction tale with elements of romance that introduces a mysterious conflict between the inhabitants of a world called Barit that has minimal technological advances and the aliens they call sky raiders who have inexplicably kidnapped groups of able-bodied individuals and forced them into manual labor despite having wondrous machines and capabilities. Garek’s quest to find Taya, the woman he was forced to leave when conscripted into ser [...]

    19. Taya and Garek live in some corner of the universe on a planet that has not discovered technology. They do have magic though where they call upon the elements. Anyway they are not the most advance society and when the skyraiders come, sure magic is good, but hey those other guys have ships and guns. The Ily can hold their own, but, there is always a but, the guardians can not be everywhere at once. And that takes us to this book.Taya was taken and is now a slave in a mine. Why the raiders want t [...]

    20. Another fantastic offering from Michelle Diener!I have loved her Class V sci fi books, and readers who have liked those will enjoy the Sky Raiders book as well. This seems the start to a great series.Set on another planet plus its moon, Sky Raiders shows up 2 separated lovers who are kept apart for the first 1/2 of the book. Garek is fighting to make his way to where his sweetheart Taya is being held. He plans to rescue her, and the other people captured from their village by the evil alines who [...]

    21. Good. I bought this because I really, really enjoyed this author’s Class 5 series. This one wasn’t nearly as good IMO, but it was still a decent read. The characters were good and the plot was interesting. Unfortunately the pace of the book was a bit slow for me. Maybe because the hero and heroine were apart for most of the book? I’m not sure. I was going to buy the next book in the series, but I see from other reviews that the series is still incomplete, so I’ll wait until it’s all re [...]

    22. I had read and enjoyed this author's Class 5 series so I decided to get this when it came out.I was slightly disappointed that this didn't grab me from the start. The first half of this book was slow going and I give it a 2 1/2 star rating. The second half picks up the pace and sets the stage for the second book in this new trilogy. This is more Space Opera than Science Fiction Romance.I would like to know more about the Changed and also the Sky Raiders. Although I wouldn't want to be kidnapped [...]

    23. Great science fiction readI liked this book. The characters were smart and story moved along and kept my interest. It's a romance in a science fiction setting. I'll definitely continue the series.

    24. Wow super dry, I could have been quite good, but for an adventure based on passion (for each other) there actually was none.One good thing from the book was Gary Stu , sorry Garek's weakness for Taya, for all of his amazingness, when it come to her he is putty.

    25. 3.5 starsGoodread, I felt like there was something missing to push it up to a 4 but I was able to read it in 7ish sittings (usually read really good books in 3 or less). Cute couple

    26. Sky Raiders is definitely different than this author’s Class 5 series, but still contains plenty of action, interesting and couragous characters - both men and women, and nasty alien foes to hate. The romance is between two lovers who have been separated, first by soldier Garak’s two years away from home serving guard duty, and then when he returns home to find his love Taya has been captured by the evil Sky Raiders along with most of his village. He’s one determined man, with a powerful s [...]

    27. This is very unusual science fiction. The protagonists have a relatively primitive society, but they are being kidnapped and exploited by a space-faring society. The male lead character is smart enough to figure out how to use enough of the alien tech to rescue the female lead. There is romance and action, and plenty of politics. The powers of some of the human characters could be thought of as magic, so there's almost a blend of sci-fi and fantasy.Sky Raiders is the first of a trilogy. I will d [...]

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