Silver Tongue

Silver Tongue

Shayne Silvers / Feb 23, 2020

Silver Tongue My resume is pretty full I ve cow tipped the Minotaur decimated a gang of weredragons sucker punched an Angel and eaten pancakes with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse I ve kidnapped one of the m

  • Title: Silver Tongue
  • Author: Shayne Silvers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My resume is pretty full I ve cow tipped the Minotaur, decimated a gang of weredragons, sucker punched an Angel, and eaten pancakes with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse I ve kidnapped one of the most powerful wizards on the planet, and slaughtered the Brothers Grimm I m kind of a big deal.But I never thought I d find myself at a crossroads, a pawn in a deadly game My resume is pretty full I ve cow tipped the Minotaur, decimated a gang of weredragons, sucker punched an Angel, and eaten pancakes with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse I ve kidnapped one of the most powerful wizards on the planet, and slaughtered the Brothers Grimm I m kind of a big deal.But I never thought I d find myself at a crossroads, a pawn in a deadly game that I hadn t known existed, willing to sell my soul to save the life of someone I loved That s when I learned true fear, because the world I thought I knew was all just smoke and mirrors, and I was just a puppy playing amongst wolves If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, or Patrick Rothfuss, you will LOVE the fifth installment of The Bestselling Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller series.

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        Let s cut to the chase You read stuff I write stuff So, If you want to nab a few of my free Best Selling Urban Fantasy books to test the waters, go here shaynesilvers Now, let s talk about this specimen of a man named ShayneShayne Silvers writes the Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series which features a foul mouthed young wizard with a chip on his shoulder attempting to protect St Louis from the various nasties we all know and fear from our childhood bedtime stories Nate s been known to suckerpunch an Angel, cow tip the Minotaur, and steal Death s horse in order to prove his point His utter disregard for consequences and self preservation will have you laughing and cringing on the edge of your seat.Get your FREE Nate Temple Starter Library TODAY at shaynesilvers.Shayne holds two high ranking black belts, and enjoys conversing about anything Marvel, Magical, or Mythological You might find him writing in a coffee shop near you, cackling madly into his computer screen while pounding shots of espresso.


    1. Silver Tongue (The Temple Chronicles #4) by Shayne Silvers is another awesome novel! He just keeps them coming! This one is also kept my heart racing as a "Demon" makes a deal with too many, a book is wanted by unsavory characters that are impossible to kill and they all think Nate has it, Nate's girlfriend's new powers are uncontrollable, and funny and not so funny events unfold that change lives. These books are always filled with humor, even during a horror scene, which makes it even funnier. [...]

    2. A very good book five continuation of the urban fantasy Nate Temple series. There is a big cast of interesting characters from myths. Many have been carried over from the previous books with a few new characters added. The characterization of these mythical characters makes them not just interesting with their unique histories and magical talents but also believable which is on the top of the list of a good story requirements for fantasy reader's.As in the previous books, the story is fast paced [...]

    3. Nate is an asshole, especially to his friends but I like him anyway weird I still like death more ANNND THE MAD HATTER, Yes!

    4. After I read the first book, I fell in love with this series. Nate Temple gets thrown some pretty hard life punches, but he's resilient. His best friend is a werewolf and his fiancée is a Grimm. He is now a Maker and is trying to learn what his new powers can do. Toss in some gods, a Minotaur, and Baba Yaga, and it makes for rip-roaring good fun. The books are well-written, with plots that keep moving and characters that keep your attention. What I particularly like is that even if you haven't [...]

    5. Nate Temple has just faced down and defeated the mighty Grimm Brothers. His family's company was taken out from underneath him, and his fiance died! Luckily she was brought back to life by Death, one of the four horesman of the apocalypse. What could possibly go wrong next? Nate is contacted to find a book for a client. Little does he know the trouble that book will cause in his life! Let's just say more fairy tales come to life, in this book. Making Nate Temple's life a living hell! Nate Temple [...]

    6. Great extension and revelations of the seriesI would recommend that you read the series in order to get the most out of this book. It is the best since the beginning in my opinion. It is a don't miss.

    7. Just finished reading “Silver Tongue: A Novel in the Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series, The Temple Chronicles, Book Four”, by Shayne Silvers. Brat Wizard Nate Temple is back with his band of freaks, friends and foes, in search of yet another book. We are reintroduced to some of the old gang and introduced to some new characters in this installment of “The Temple Chronicles”. We have one of the world's most loved monsters (The Gruffalo) turned into a not so lovable monsters in Shay [...]

    8. A fantastic series that should be on your 'must read' pile. Never ever a dull, nor boring moment when Nate Temple is around, much as he would wish it otherwise, he's definitely a beacon for chaos and this adventure is certainly no exception.Wonderfully vivid characters, even the supposed mythological ones! Never lacking in action. It's also rife with wry humour, great camaraderie between the characters and a darn fun read. More puzzles thrown up, more intrigue and new characters pop up at the mo [...]

    9. Love, Love, Love The Temple Chronicles!!!! For Nate Temple life is never dull. Shayne Silvers has done an exceptional job mixing myths and awesome creatures, some that I have never even imagined. I love the sarcastic wit. Each book has been an exciting ride to the next. I hope that Shayne keeps this series going. I would love to live in Nate's world, even with the immense chaos that he is constantly involved in. If you love paranormal creatures and some sharp wit, this series is definitly for yo [...]

    10. Twists, twists and more twists keep you reading this one. While trying to deal with his maker abilities and the not so good off shot of having them Nate also has the mystery of who and how many after after a mysterious book he has been asked to find. I love how Nate has so many diverse friends now and I think Death and Alucard are my faves! This one kept me glued to the ages and the I just loved the scene with the 4 horseman and silver tongue,

    11. Nate TempleThese books have had me laughing so hard that my husband looks at me like I'm crazy. He works the night shift, and I try REALLY hard not to wake him up, but it doesn't work out that way when I read books as fun as The Nate Temple series. I have loved myths since I was small, so this series is especially fun for me. Thank you Shayne Silvers for bringing my childhood memories to life.

    12. HilariousI chose 5 because this book is awesome,suspension and comedyNate templeGrew up a rich kid always getting what he wants when he wants it his parents bestow a gift to him (without him knowing) Right before being murdered his life turns upside down.The only thing that keeps him alive is his intelligence & witshe is hilarious.

    13. Another win!!I have found it takes time for Shayne's stories to spool up. But once the momentum of the story is set. It's all over. Forget whatever chores you have to do, because the only thing you are going to be able to accomplish is his books. Witty, snarky and laugh out loud fun.

    14. Interesting Books, Annoying main characterFor being a powerful "genius" this loud mouthed and callous jackass of a main character sure spend a lot of time not knowing things, uses uninspired "magic, and tugging at his balls which are always trapped in a metaphorical vise. Still and ok book series to read with few better options.

    15. Master Temple is on fire again! There's too much to say about this book, and many reviews have no doubt covered most of it. I can tell you I wasn't able to put it down. Anything is possible in Nate Temple's life. It's like Murphy's law, anything bad that can happen, will, and at the worst possible moment. You'll love it!

    16. Another late night read while waiting on my wrist to recover from surgery. The author's usage of midwestern idioms and my personal proximity to St. Louis made it a fun read for me. He manages to turn the fairy tales we are told as a child into something that we cross paths with as an adult, and does it in a manner that is entertaining and not condescending.

    17. Hats off to youAs always Shayne Silver's had me in wondering what was come bounding around the corner next, to laughing so hard I couldn't read the book for 2 days. I tried, but I'd start laughing again. Won't give anything away, just remember 5 th chapter. Have fun, I always do!!!!

    18. Just another day in St LouisEven though I had guessed who Nate's pen pal was before they had ever begun their correspondence, this book still had plenty of surprises to entertain and tie up loose ends from previous story lines. I'm ready for the next instalment of the Nate Temple saga, who else is going to be coming to St Louis?

    19. Silver Tongue: A Novel In The Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series (The Nate Temple Chronicles)Man what book continuing the series where we left off from the last book, twists and turns you never seen coming and right out of left field as well, this is a hell of a series

    20. Like a fine wine, the series just keeps getting better and better without treading the same ground. I love how myths, folklore and fairytales play ever-increasingly important roles as foils for our hero and adding additional content to an already impressive universe.

    21. Magic and mayhem5 stars If you like action blended with magic and all types of magical and mythological creatures these are the books for you Read the whole series one after the other couldn't put them down

    22. Fun books to read.The Nate Temple books are fun books to read with so many awesome characters. Great supernatural, urban fantasy with lots to myths and legends. Warning : these are dangerous books, they are hard to put down.

    23. Another enjoyable Temple taleThe Nate Temple series keeps getting more and more interesting and I’m enjoying getting to tear through the series. I’m sure I’ll regret it when I run out of them, but that’s future me’s problem.

    24. Kept me on my feet Awesome, riveting, waiting to exhale Love these books. Nate takes my heart. Can't wait to read the next book. I'm loosing sleep trying to finish the book. I better slow down before I run out of books in the series to read.

    25. Another amazing readOh how I love this series. The characters are strong and unlike any others!!! The mAgic is unheard and wonderful. I recommend this series to everyone!! A must-read, that you can't put down!!

    26. ConfusingToo much mystery with too much confusion and chaos. Story starting to take a turn into the ridiculous and farfetched.

    27. KU edition could use some love from a copyeditor. And he's still a bit of a Mary Sue. He gets hurt a lot, but there's never any real consequences for him.

    28. OkI truly love all of the Nate temple books this didn't let me down who knew it was rumplestillskin. Love

    29. Fantastic SeriesThis is one of my favorites in his series so far. I will be getting the next one immediately after i finish this review.

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