You May Already Be a Winner

You May Already Be a Winner

Ann Dee Ellis / Dec 09, 2019

You May Already Be a Winner For fans of Ali Benjamin s The Thing About Jellyfish and Katherine Applegate s Crenshaw comes the humorous and heart aching story of one girl s struggle to keep hope alive for her and her younger sist

  • Title: You May Already Be a Winner
  • Author: Ann Dee Ellis
  • ISBN: 9781101993859
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For fans of Ali Benjamin s The Thing About Jellyfish and Katherine Applegate s Crenshaw comes the humorous and heart aching story of one girl s struggle to keep hope alive for her and her younger sister in Sunny Pines Trailer Park Twelve year old Olivia Hales has a foolproof plan for winning a million dollars so that she and her little sister, Berkeley, can leave behind SFor fans of Ali Benjamin s The Thing About Jellyfish and Katherine Applegate s Crenshaw comes the humorous and heart aching story of one girl s struggle to keep hope alive for her and her younger sister in Sunny Pines Trailer Park Twelve year old Olivia Hales has a foolproof plan for winning a million dollars so that she and her little sister, Berkeley, can leave behind Sunny Pines Trailer Park.But first she has to Fix the swamp cooler and make dinner and put Berkeley to bed because her mom is too busy to do all that Write another letter to her dad even though he hasn t written back yet Teach Berk the important stuff, like how to make chalk drawings, because they can t afford day care and Olivia has to stay home from school to watch her Petition her oddball neighbors for a circus spectacular, because there needs to be something to look forward to at dumb bum Sunny Pines Become a super secret spy to impress her new friend Bart Enter a minimum of fourteen sweepstakes a day Who knows She may already be a winner Olivia has thought of everything except herself Who will take care of her when she needs it Luckily, somewhere deep down between her small intestine and stomach is a tiny voice reminding her that sometimes people can surprise you and sometimes your family is right next door.

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        Ann Dee pronounced Andy Ellis received an MA from Brigham Young University, where she now works as an instructor for creative writing for children and young adults She lives in Utah with her husband and two young sons.


    1. #Wrong number 1So at first I thought this book would be easy and fun. A kids' read. Just what I need right now. #Wrong number 2Then I thought it would be a three star read.#Wrong number 3I thought it would be pretty forgettable. And that it would probably have typical tropes.Well, guess again.So let's get down to the facts.As you might have surmised, it's a pretty emotionally loaded book. It took me through a rollercoaster of #feels, and although it took a while for it to really get serious, by [...]

    2. I was torn on whether to give this book 3 or 4 stars I'll say it's a 3.5. Great voice and characters here, but certain scenes seem rushed or shifting too fast and other scenes have numerous names dropped, adding confusion to the story. This will not prevent me from reading more from the author. NetGalley and the publisher provided a review copy.

    3. Oh, this book broke my heart. I just wanted to hug Olivia and her little sister and tell them they were loved and everything was going to be alright. An emotional and real look at a girl who has lost hope because of decisions her parents have made, but finds out exactly how much people really do care about her in the end.

    4. One of the best middle grades I've read. The voice is magical and the plot perfect. Read this, then hug it.

    5. This was a novel that was hard to read. It was depressing because as a teacher, I am sure I have students in dire straights like Olivia and her family and I just don't know. I think the heart of the novel is learning it is important to learn to trust and rely on others, just as Olivia did. I am appreciative to NetGalley for allowing me to be an early reader in exchange for my fair and honest review. I hope that in reading I will be more cognizant of the "secret" lives of my students.

    6. Wow! You May Already Be a Winner is such a cute, heartbreaking, funny and comforting read! I loved it from the start until the end. The story is about a 12 year old girl, Olivia, who has to be independent and able to take care of herself and her younger sister, Berkeley, since nobody is. To be able to get through the day, she imagines a world where everything is good. She subscribes to many contests so they can be rich and have an easier life. She seems to think that she has to take care of ever [...]

    7. Olivia lives in a trailer park with her mom, little sister Berkely and a variety of characters who live nearby and are just as much a part of her family. She deals with missing her absent father by entering as many contests as she can and emailing him frequently. Olivia also makes up scenarios in her head that make her feel better about certain situations and paint her as a hero that she wants to be. The book is full of run on sentences, as we are inside Olivia's head, and she really seems frant [...]

    8. A beautiful and hard story. My favorite kind. And while I'm reading more middle grade than I have ever before, I have an issue with pat endings. I am a proponent of realistic albeit unfortunate endings because they need to feel authentic and ultimately Ellis resolved the book with readers understanding the Olivia would "be okay" now that there's a semblance of a family back together where everyone has had time to heal in some way. The premise is that Olivia has had adulthood thrust upon her when [...]

    9. The sarcasm of Raymie Nightingale. The bleak, innocent narration of Room. This is the darkest middle grade book I have ever read. It shattered my heart and it’s not even written to be a tear jerker. The 12-year-old protagonist, Olivia, tells the story in such an innocent, aloof way that is really kind of chilling when you realize the drama that’s going on behind the scenes. As a teacher who has mentored kids like Olivia and who has had to call DHR on behalf of kids like Olivia, I was just ho [...]

    10. Sometimes you read a book that leaves your mind as soon as you close it, and sometimes you read a book that you can't stop thinking about long after you've finished it. You May Already Be A Winner is a story that touches on some very difficult topics and has one of those characters that you just can't forget. Olivia is 12 and lives in a trailer park. That may not sound very memorable but Olivia is practically raising her little sister Berkley, she does everything around the house, and is even tr [...]

    11. * 3.5/5 * I happened to come across this ARC at a library, where they have a couple shelves where people can buy books by donation. Normally, ARCs are not for resale, and I let them know that. I did take the book, as it seemed interesting. Right from the very beginning, Olivia has a voice. A wildly, sometimes somber and morbid, but highly imaginative voice. Olivia is 12. Her sister, Berkeley - Berk - is 5. They live with their Mum, LeAnn at Sunny Pines Trailer Park. Their Dad left the year prior [...]

    12. - 4/5. I received a free book of this book from the publisher via a giveaway."You May Already Be a Winner" tells the story of thirteen year old Olivia, a young girl with a wild imagination living in Sunny Pines trailer park. After her dad leaves the family (just temporarily, of course, to work as a park ranger), Olivia's mom struggles as a single parent and leaves Olivia with the responsibility of caring for her five year old sister, Berkley. Frequently letting her imagination get the better of [...]

    13. A very good book for middle school readers; it may be confusing for younger or struggling readers because the main character and narrator tells lies to help her cope with her current life--father gone, mother struggling to keep everything together. This book would be a good introduction to unreliable narrators. It is a bit long, but worth reading.

    14. Olivia is trying to keep it together for her family. Taking care of little sister Berk. Helping her mother out because she can't seem to do it on her own. Writing to her father that is away and doesn't write back. Plus entering all the contests she can to win big time! Enjoyable audio book!

    15. Olivia is an easy character to cheer for. Everything I want to say about her would be a spoiler. Just read it. You won't be sorry.

    16. Quite frankly, I love it. I love Olivia.The write up for this book should be scraped, it doesn't do it justice. Olivia Hale is an older sister who feels responsible for everything. Olivia Hale is trying to keep her family together and convince herself that everything is going to be okay. Olivia Hale is really, truly 12, and will teach you life lessons without ever preaching a word. Olivia Hale is about to find out who her friends and family are, and you'll love going along for the ride.

    17. Thank you to NetGallery for this ARC. Loved the stream of thinking free style writing. The characters felt very real and you can't help but pull for Olivia and her sister and her new best friend as they deal with family changes. The author really gave me sense of hope and community as well.

    18. You May Already be a Winner by Ann Dee Ellis was made available to me as an ARC courtesy of Netgalley and the publisher. The story and characters are engaging and the perspective from a 12 year old precocious girl is well done. Premise: family fallen on hard times, told from the imaginative and caring older daughter's point of view. I felt that there were three very especially touching themes which I most appreciated: that of the older/younger sibling bond (exceptionally well done), the bond of [...]

    19. This was a quick read and had some enjoyable parts, but I feel like it would be confusing and emotionally heavy for the target audience.

    20. This is the first book I've read by this author. *You May Already Be A Winner* reminds me of an American Jacqueline Wilson book. The mother is as flawed as the one in *The Illustrated Mum*. Except in this book I couldn't work out the mother's motivation. Her reason for keeping her children out of school and denying them basic needs seemed to be about pride, and worrying that people would think she was poor. This felt very early 20th century to me. Are there really people in modern America who wo [...]

    21. Olivia Hales lives in Sunny Pines Trailer Park, but she dreams of life outside the bounds of the trailer park. She wants to turn time back to the days when her family was all together. Her love for her family abounds, demonstrated by the various ways she takes care of her mom and sister. In her mind's eye, money could solve their multitude of problems, so, at twelve, Olivia has found the solution. She just needs to win big; that way she could really turn the life of her family around. Very deter [...]

    22. I had the opportunity to read a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a review. This middle grade novel taps into the stress that so many young people have placed on their shoulders by the inability of their families to manage their households. When money issues, jobs, and daycare problems become the responsibility of adolescent children, it affects every aspect of their lives - especially school. Unfortunately, many kids are placed in these circumstances, where they are forced [...]

    23. Copy provided by the publisherOlivia's family lives in a trailer park and has been struggling ever since her father walked out. Her younger sister, Berkeley, is unable to go to child care because she's had a cough, and since their mother needs to go to work, Olivia has been staying home from school. She is very conscientious about making sure her sister does school work, plays outside, and has her meals, but it's not an ideal situation. Eventually, the school demands that Olivia goes back. She's [...]

    24. Olivia is a character that is full of life, which is a funny thing since she begins her story with, "One day I sunk to the bottom of the pool and died." It turns out that she did not die, but she does have very vivid daydreams. The daydreams are a way to escape from the unpleasant parts of her life, things like having to stay home from school and watch Berk, cleaning the trailer and fixing dinner because her mom comes home too tired to do it, or writing emails to her father that are never answer [...]

    25. This book is about a girl named Olivia who is a lot like any other girl. She is full of hopes and dreams and longs for adventure and romance. Unfortunately, her home is full of some problems, such as her father is gone, and won't answer any of Olivia's emails. Not only that, but her mother works all the time, and refuses to accept any charity or do anything government funded. Olivia is told to stay home and watch her little sister, who can't go to daycare because they can't afford it. this book [...]

    26. All Olivia knows is life inside the Sunny Pines Trailer Park. She can tell you all about her neighbors, as she sits outside with her younger sister nearly every day on the trampoline left by the people next door. Olivia is much older than her twelve years of life because she is faced with caring for her sister, and herself, while her mother works long hours barely getting by. Their father abandoned them and throughout much of the story, Olivia is in denial about him really being gone simply beca [...]

    27. Review copy provided by NetGalleyThis was one of those books that wasn't so much meant to be enjoyed as it was to be experienced, and probably discussed. Told in an often-rambling, stream-of-consciousness style and revolving around the life of an adolescent girl whose family life is coming apart at the seams, this was a tough story to want to read. It portrayed a bad situation honestly, with all the problems blossoming way beyond what the main character was prepared to handle. Virtually no one i [...]

    28. As someone who's spent my career working with and advocating for children, books like You May Already Be a Winner appeal to me. When I read the description of the book, it reminded me of two of Kate DiCamillo's books (Because of Winn Dixie and Raymie Nightingale-both of which I loved), and the cover is perfection. I found the narrative a bit harder to follow in this novel, however due to the "stream of consciousness" approach of the first person point of view. The MC Olivia was dealing with way [...]

    29. You May Already Be a Winner by Ann Dee EllisYou May Already Be a Winner by Ann Dee Ellis is listed as Children’s Fiction, Middle School. The book is heart wrenching and poignant. I was unable to put it down. Olivia Hale has hope and gumption. Hope things will get better, if she could just win a million dollars and gumption to keep on trying. Since her dad left Olivia’s Mom has struggled. She has been working and trying to stay up to date with the bills. Olivia has been left alone to take car [...]

    30. ~Disclaimer~ I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~13 year old Olivia lives in a trailer park with her mom and little sister. Her father has been gone for almost a year without contacting them. Olivia writes him letters and emails about her life asking when she will be able to see him again. It has been months s [...]

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