American Prince

American Prince

Sierra Simone / Aug 22, 2019

American Prince I ve been many things I ve been a son and a stepbrother An Army captain and a Vice President But only with Him am I a prince His little prince Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense only

  • Title: American Prince
  • Author: Sierra Simone
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  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
  • I ve been many things.I ve been a son and a stepbrother An Army captain and a Vice President But only with Him am I a prince His little prince.Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me But men like me aren t made to be happy We don t deserve it And I should have known a love as sharp as ours cI ve been many things.I ve been a son and a stepbrother An Army captain and a Vice President But only with Him am I a prince His little prince.Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me But men like me aren t made to be happy We don t deserve it And I should have known a love as sharp as ours could cut both ways.My name is Embry Moore and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States for now.This is the story of an American Prince.

    American Prince New Camelot Trilogy, by Sierra Simone I m not asking either of you, my husband American Prince, told mostly from Emery s POV, is a masterfully complex and interwoven tale of seduction, lust, sex, jealousy and love boosted by themes of political intrigue power, greed, betrayal, scandal, conspiracy and danger Alternating between unfolding current events and flashbacks, American Prince A Memoir Books Written with humor and grace, American Prince is a testament to the power of living the life of one s dreams This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this American Prince Directed by Tommy Pallotta With Steven Braverman, David Cash, Lanie Grainger, Natalia Iswara After being forgotten for years, the filmmaker revisits Scorsese s lost documentary American Boy and it s raconteur subject, Steven Prince. American Prince New Camelot Book Kindle edition by American Prince New Camelot Book Kindle edition by Sierra Simone Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading American Prince New Camelot Book . American Prince SUSAN WARD BOOKS From the author American Prince is a smoking hot second chance romance, filled with twists you won t see coming, as Khloe and Damon fight for their happily ever after And like all Parker Saga books, this romance is filled with the angst, humor, and heat readers expect from the Manzone family. American Prince by Sierra Simone, Paperback Barnes Noble American Prince by Sierra Simone I ve been many things I ve been a son and a stepbrother An Army captain and a Vice President But only with him am I a prince His little prince Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me. American Prince Sierra Simone American Prince I ve been many things I ve been a son and a stepbrother An Army captain and a Vice President But only with him am I a prince His little prince Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me But men like me aren t made to be happy. Prince America Official Music Video Live in Nice Jul , Mix Prince America Official Music Video Live in Nice, France October , YouTube Prince and The Revolution Baby I m a Star Live Grammy American Women Who Became Princesses An American investment banker with an MBA from UCLA, Florida born Kelly Jeanne Rondestvedt married Hereditary Prince Hubertus of Saxe Coburg Gotha in Prince musician Prince Rogers Nelson June , April , was an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and filmmaker Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prince was known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, extravagant fashion sense and

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    1. Sierra Simone strikes pure gold with American Prince. Embry's story has set the standard for top of the line, beautifully written, smart erotica. This is the one I'll measure all the others against. It's filled with heartbreak, lust, sacrifice, and above all else, love. It's perfect. As I always say, romance readers are smart and we should read books worthy of our intelligence. This is the book we've been waiting for.

    2. Unbelievably brutal and beautiful, AMERICAN PRINCE was on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL! I've never felt this much POWER from a romance in a VERY long time. I'm a mess. After finishing it last night, I was absolutely worthless the next day. I found myself walking around in a daze, wondering, hoping, and dreaming of a happily ever after that seems so far away. Sierra Simone, you made it HURT SO GOOD. I love AND hate you for it. I'm not going to share anything about what happens in AMERICAN PRINCE, because [...]

    3. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! American Prince, book 2 of 3. How Embry Moore became the second most powerful man on earth while earning the love of his King & Queen!“Embry holds my husband’s heart in his hands and he doesn’t even know it. He’s too busy looking at the details of Ash’s faces to see the expression, too busy being in love to see how loved he is.”Books in trilogy should be read in order:Book 1: American QueenBook 2: American PrinceBook 3: American King“I’m not as [...]

    4. "I couldn't breathe. Actually couldn't breathe; the air twisted in my chest" That sums up how this book left me.  It’s utterly breath-taking!  If you haven’t read this series yet…WHY?!  Trust me; you need this in your life.Here’s the breakdown:  American Prince picks up where American Queen leaves off.  Greer has been kidnapped.  It chronicles the events during and after her rescue.  And SO MUCH happens.  But most important, there are flashbacks that give us an intimate view of t [...]

    5. Sometimes I am so glad that I can swear on reviews because I want to swear (remind me to untick the Facebook link so my boss doesn't see me all sweary).Fuckety, fuck, fuck! Fuck the world. Fuck Abilene. Fuck Morgan. Fuck Merlin. Fuck Achilles. Fuck Patroclus. Fuck my Little Prince.Life is unfair and I am going to sulk and sulk and sulk forever. Even getting tickets for RARE 18 (London baby) won't stop me sulking. Even a trip to the great gin God in the cupboard won't stop me sulking. Even a sno [...]

    6. 5 stars! American Prince wrecked me in the best way possible. That ending… I can’t even. Seriously, you all who read this book when it was first released…. how did you even function? I am so grateful I waited and I was able to jump straight into American King. This book was not an easy read. I loved it, but it broke my heart and tore me up. These books are super steamy, but also incredible angsty and emotional. This review will be short and sweet because I’m reading American King now, an [...]

    7. LIVE! GET IT!!!➦But in all honesty, I guess what I'm trying to say is that➦If you thought the first book in this trilogy was hot then this I can't even. I don't even know how to describe this book to you. This was like American Queen on steroids. lol One thing I do know for sure - this is the best erotic novel I've read to date. I'm blown away and speechless, Sierra Simone:➦If you are like me and you love in depth character development and complicated plots with whole lot of scorching scen [...]

    8. **Spoiler*Update 14/03/2017At chapter 24I've suspended disbelief. Scandal, the TV show, appears more realistic than this book. That scene at Melwas's fortress, when Embry agrees to have sex with Greer has to be the most nonsensical plot manipulation ever. Of course, we KNOW now why the author wrote it as such. Pure, unadulterated, BS.At chapter 16This book will not pass close scrutiny. There's a good story there I'm sure but it's lost in the narrative, and being in Embry's head is disturbing. Co [...]

    9. Sometimes when I'm reading a book, I find myself slowing down my reading pace as the end gets closer. It's weird: I both desperately want to know how it ends, yet I desperately don't want it to end.Such is the case with American Prince, the magnificent second book in Sierra Simone's erotic, intrigue-filled romance trilogy. This review will contain spoilers from American Queen, the first in the series, so if you haven't read that, I suggest you do and then come on back here.We last saw Ash and Em [...]

    10. OH MY GOD! I I can't even put into words how I am feeling right now. I'm shocked. I am blown away. I did not see that coming. I had an idea of how this book would go, but no. It went into a complete different direction. I'm speechless. This book was EVERYTHING. Full of unbelievably hot moments, but also heartbreaking moments. I would go from screaming "NOOO", to having to take a moment to gather my wits because whew, talk about a girl overheating reading those sexy scenes. This book was a roller [...]

    11. 5.0 starsTitle: American PrinceAuthor: Sierra SimoneRelease Date: March 7, 2017Book 2 of 3After reading American Queen, I couldn’t wait to read American Prince. I was hoping and praying that American Prince would be just as good as American Queen. Well, I’m happy to report that I was just BLOWN AWAY by the second installment in this series! I binge read this book in one sitting. Embry’s story is nothing short of incredible. American Prince is not your average erotic romance. It’s so much [...]

    12. Good god what do I say about this book. Anyone who knows me knows that American Queen was my favorite read of 2016. I really had no clue where American Prince would go. I just knew I had to get my hot little hands on it as soon as possible. Let me start off by saying Sierra Simone writes with such depth and detail. You are fully emersed in the story whether before or after. Because you will see this story is told from 2 povs and from 2 different periods of timeIf you think you have an idea of wh [...]

    13. Wow. This was a journey!!Let's seeThe previous book worked us through Greer, the heroine's story.This one shows us what happened with Ash and Embry during their time as soldiers before they even met Greer, through Embry's POV, but Greer's story still continues in the present as do all of theirs as well.The previous book ended with a cliffhanger and we immediately pick up from there.The men have to rescue Greer without breaking the news to the nation and then the three will have to deal with a sc [...]

    14. There are stories that you think you know from the beginning. Stories that are always predictable. Boy meets girl. They fall in love and live happily ever after. This. Is. Not. That. Story.I thought I was ready for my American Prince. I had it all planned out in my head. I met him when I read American Queen and fell in love. What I got from American Prince was so much heartbreak, pain, and SEX!! So much SEX!!! All the SEX!!!! Did I say SEX!!!!! Dirty SEX!!!!! Passionate SEX!!!!!!! HOT SEX!!!!!!! [...]

    15. My Name is Amie, and I SERVE at the PLEASURE of the VICE PRESIDENT!!! OMGWAD!!!The WORDS that come to mind for AMERICAN PRINCE would have me banned from ALL OF SOCIAL MEDIA I will say that EMBRY MOORE ( and you see were ALREADY MARRIED) has got my WHOLE HEART Never has a male character in a BOOK took me away as EMBRY has This man is COMPLEX in all the right ways, LOVING from the depths of his SOUL willing to make whatever sacrifices to ensure that the ones he is most devoted to feel as if they w [...]

    16. 5 I NEED MOORE STARS!!!I want to be Embry Moore's everything. #INeedMOORE!!! I'd let him do all the things to me. ALL. OF. THEM.But HOLY CHRIST. What did I just read? An epic journey. An experience. A mind fuck. Oh god. I don't think I can handle everything I read. It was brilliant. It was beautiful. It was BEYOND sexy. Oh and the FEELS. So many I can't even think of them all! I'm a mess! And god almighty, I loved every word. HARD.OK. I'm just going to get right to it. NEVER. EVER have I read se [...]

    17. All's fair in love and war and this does not necessary need to make sense. In love and war most of the times the actions have absolutely no reason or logic behind them. They are what they are.If there is love and lust at the same time, the effects are intensified. Thus forgive me, but I will not review a marvelous piece of unblemished art. I never liked this kind of books anyway. What I read is a beautiful example of a mainstream (by its irregularities) story. What I read is a heartbreaking, bre [...]

    18. “Do you taste that?” I ask, pressing the pads of my fingertips onto her tongue. “That’s the taste of the pussy I’m about to fuck.” Okay, I'm full! Ash and Embry, thank you very much for this delicious meal. I look forward our next meeting :D OH MY GOODNESS! What an amazing story is this? I literally devoured it and you have no idea how much I enjoyed it. :D This was one of the hottest book I have ever read. Trust me, I have a lot of wet panties to prove that because my laundry box is [...]

    19. 4.25 Triad STARSWhat a great cliff ! I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next book. "Is it ruined? Did I ruin it?"This is for you cousin AbileneP.S. What is up with Merlin? Is he magical? Does this guy get his own book?

    20. 2* unpopular & spoiler STARS! American Queen left us hanging with Greer's kidnapping on her wedding night. A bit recap, Greer Galloway is a grandchild from ex-Vice President of United State. She married Maxen Ashley Colchester aka Ash, the President and became First Lady. Those two involved in forbidden love relationship with Embry Moore. But there is more than love Anyway, I was curious to read this story but the reality sucks. Let me explain⇒ American Prince told from from dual POVs, Emb [...]

    21. OMFG!!!! BEST FCK'N STORY EVERRRRRRRRR!!!! I can't even right now. Omg omg omg OMG!!!!! NOW THIS IS A MIND FUCK. This is how you do it!!! SIERRA SIMONE IS QUEEN.Review to come. <3_____________________________UPDATED REVIEW: 3/7FEELINGS COMING IN 3, 2, 1….If you’re looking for a story that makes you say, “I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN. I CAN’T EVEN, I AM UNABLE TO EVEN, I HAVE LOST MY ABILITY TO EVEN, I AM SO. UNABLE. TO. EVEN.” Well then this is the series for you.Click HERE to r [...]

    22. 5 Wowza StarsThis story picks up right where American Queen left off and it is full steam ahead. Besides having to address the major cliffhanger, this book is really the meat and potatoes of the trilogy. It is told in past and present events and the full extent of Ash and Embry's relationship is brought to life. The backgrounds in stories can be very important. They set the tone and the direction for the present. You are able to understand things in the present that otherwise might not make sens [...]

    23. 4.5 StarsIt’s no secret American Queen by Sierra Simone is one of my favorite erotic romances of all time. I’m drawn to dark, taboo and boundary-pushing romances that break the mold and step all over it and Sierra Simone delivered that in spades with the first book in this intoxicating trilogy. To say I was eager to read American Prince, is a gross understatement. I’ve been stalking Sierra’s social media like a ravenous dog, eager for any scraps from her writerly table. So was American P [...]

    24. Get it here: US * UKI had some issues with the previous books hotness level but American Prince definitely picked up the pace some. Not only did we get more scenes between Ash, Embry, and Greer we also got the added bonus of seeing more of Ash and Embry's past. I really liked that this story went back to when they first started their affair because it let me connect to them more than I had before. There's also a lot more drama involved in this one which actually turned out to be a good thing. I [...]

    25. 3.5 ★'s This is Embry's book and to be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about him. He went from ~sort of~ being endearing to I just felt he needed to get over himself especially towards the end. I really hated what he put Ash through even if he felt he was doing the right thing. There's a lot of history about him and Ash meeting and what went on when his step-sister, Morgan, came into the picture. (Okay, my heart did go out to him on that one.)Then, Greer comes into the picture and again, I'm f [...]

    26. What an ending. I couldn’t help laughing cause the story was just all over the place in the last couple of chapters. I liked American Prince but I didn’t love it. I was definitely entertained but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could feel a connection between the characters. I felt the sex overshadowed the story and don’t get me wrong I love steamy sex scenes but it just became to much at times. I felt every interaction with Ash, Embry and Greer was resolved with sex and it becam [...]

    27. American Prince is the second book in the American Queen Trilogy and after that cliffhanger in American Queen I was ready to jump in. This series is crazy, crazy addictive and takes you on a crazy journey.Thankfully the story picks up right where American Queen left off. This is pretty perfect because I needed to know what was going to happen! What I did like about this book is the background we received from Embry and Ash. This book really focused on getting to know their past and understanding [...]

    28. BLAHHHHHH. I LOVED the first book, but there were just waaaaaay too many things in this one that rubbed me the wrong way and I really didn’t enjoy it. Note: major trigger warnings for rape/abuse.

    29. Okay, inspite of some obviously infuryating and illogical mostly impulsive reactions I ve had while reading this story due to some, well, inconceivable plot uravellingI found this story quite adictive, in generalCauseere are so many devious ploys, secrets, political games, blackmails, sex, lots of sex, possible scandals and fuckin LIES, LIES, LIESAnd after reading it, I feel just like the main character of this book, the Vice President-Embry Moore.And suddenly I feel nothing but exhaustion. For [...]

    30. American Prince is the second installment in Sierra Simone's trilogy titled: New Camelot. While the dramatic cliffhanger and a few other happenings are consistent with some variations of the mythical King Arthur's legend this ongoing story appears to be based on, they may throw some readers off as being a bit too imaginative on Ms. Simone's part. Not to worry though, actual story-progressing events are few and far between in this installment. Based on my personal reading experience, the bulk of [...]

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