The Lies of Spies

The Lies of Spies

Tim Tigner / Sep 19, 2019

The Lies of Spies The American president sent him The Russian president caught him The free world is counting on him But he doesn t remember Journey beneath the diplomatic veneer of international politics and beyond th

  • Title: The Lies of Spies
  • Author: Tim Tigner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The American president sent him The Russian president caught him The free world is counting on him But he doesn t remember.Journey beneath the diplomatic veneer of international politics and beyond the reach of conventional military operations into the epicenter of clandestine affairs where diplomats dance and spies collide in wars that never make the news.As the next stThe American president sent him The Russian president caught him The free world is counting on him But he doesn t remember.Journey beneath the diplomatic veneer of international politics and beyond the reach of conventional military operations into the epicenter of clandestine affairs where diplomats dance and spies collide in wars that never make the news.As the next step in its expansionist agenda, the Kremlin devises a covert coup far devastating than Bin Laden s most dangerous dream With the American economy in his crosshairs, Russian President Vladimir Korovin picks suitable pawns and pulls sizable levers, initiating the boldest gambit the world has ever seen Halfway around the world, the White House develops a plan for derailing Russian aggression A way off the books, high risk, high reward plan American President William Silver identifies the perfect person for his impossible mission former CIA operative Kyle Achilles With their plans in place and their spies undercover, each president is confident that he has outplayed the other until everything goes wrong.The Lies Of Spies will keep you guessing from first page to last with the suspenseful twists and unpredictable turns readers expect from Tim Tigner Don t pick it up at night if you plan to work in the morning.

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        Tim began his career in Soviet Counterintelligence with the US Army Special Forces, the Green Berets That was back in the Cold War days when, We learned Russian so you didn t have to, something he did at the Presidio of Monterey alongside Recon Marines and Navy SEALs.With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tim switched from espionage to arbitrage Armed with a Wharton MBA rather than a Colt M16, he moved to Moscow in the midst of Perestroika There, he led prominent multinational medical companies, worked with cosmonauts on the MIR Space Station from Earth, alas , chaired the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and helped write Russia s first law on healthcare.Moving to Brussels during the formation of the EU, Tim ran Europe, Middle East, and Africa for a Johnson Johnson company and traveled like a character in a Robert Ludlum novel He eventually landed in Silicon Valley, where he launched new medical technologies as a startup CEO.In his free time, Tim has climbed the peaks of Mount Olympus, went hang gliding from the cliffs of Rio de Janeiro, and ballooned over Belgium He earned scuba certification in Turkey, learned to ski in Slovenia, and ran the Serengeti with a Maasai warrior He acted on stage in Portugal, taught negotiations in Germany, and chaired a healthcare conference in Holland Tim studied psychology in France, radiology in England, and philosophy in Greece He has enjoyed ballet at the Bolshoi, the opera on Lake Como, and the symphony in Vienna He s been a marathoner, paratrooper, triathlete, and yogi Intent on combining his creativity with his experience, Tim began writing thrillers in 1996 from an apartment overlooking Moscow s Gorky Park Twenty years later, his passion for creative writing continues to grow every day His home office now overlooks a vineyard in Northern California, where he lives with his wife Elena and their two daughters.Tim grew up in the Midwest, and graduated from Hanover College with a BA in Philosophy and Mathematics After military service and work as a financial analyst and foreign exchange trader, he earned an MBA in Finance and an MA in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania Thank you for taking the time to read about the author Tim loves to correspond with readers like you You are welcome to reach him through or directly at tim timtigner.Tim gives away a paperback every week on If you re feeling lucky, look for him under the Popular Authors heading Meanwhile, consider visiting timtigner where you can get one of his eBooks for free.


    1. Simply Brilliant. This is my sixth Tim Tigner book, and I have loved every one of them. This is a very well written and clever book. I like a story that can keep me guessing, and there are plenty of twist and turns to make this a very enjoyable read. The Manhattan Project, code named by the Russians as “Sunrise”, would give the Americans total control of space and everything up there for only 70 Billion dollars. The most important thing they would control is the Satellites, which scares the [...]

    2. Not bad, but not great. There are some clever bits, but then soap-opera cliches crash into the techno-thriller. I thought maybe it would become Get Smart but it never got funny. There are better spy novels, or even funny spy novels. I liked it enough to finish it, but I would not read any more in the series.

    3. Overall was a decent book. I am looking for something enthralling and makes me forget where I am and this book just got me there but barely. Warning!!! Plot spoilers ahead.A lot of the story line was not very believable especially when the two top secret agents got together with each other. Also, Achilles being a super spy, in the beginning that he succumbed so easily to the opposing force and then was put on an island and brainwashed into believing he was married seemed so way out there. The wh [...]

    4. Spy games.Read all the books Tim Tigner wrote, they all excellent. Highly recommend to everyone to read them. But I had a hard time with this book, definitely it's not for the long ago retired female readers. Also what's going on between the Russians and our government over Syria, and hacking. Keep asking myself could this kind of conspiracy be happening or happen one day?

    5. I was a Beta reader for this book, just getting back to reading the officially released version. Like the subtle changes that were made and still loved the story. Spies for both Russia and the USA find themselves working together, figuring if they don't, they'll both be wanted dead by both countries. Fast paced action, likeable characters, suspense and a twist of romance make this a fun read.

    6. This was greate twists and turns made it so I was skipping my chores to keep track of the spies' progress. I hate to give any spoilers away, so I won't, but just know that Achilles lives up to his name and read this book!

    7. Tim has weaved yet another suspenseful tale. He spins a very believable story complete with political agendas, corruption, and suspense. This book stands alone, (having not read any of previous books before - now I will be reading ALL of his books). The twists, turns, and nuances keep you frantically turning the pages- hard to put down. (I mean you can catch up on sleep, right?) It was the specifics that really sold a certain event during the story regarding a major twist (no spoiler) Collins' c [...]

    8. Excellent second story in the Kyle Achilles story line. The characters are believable; the action is ongoing and left me wanting to see what would happen next. I will definitely read more of Mr. Tigner's book and can't wait for the next Kyle Achilles book. (Will Max and Zoya be in the next one???)

    9. “Everyone in Washington’s a lawyer, dear.”The movie star handsome, ‘man’s man’ Tim Tigner comes to his role as a novelist specializing in political intrigue with a rich background. His academic preparation is a combination of mathematics and philosophy with psychology and radiology, but after academia his instinct for investigation and thrill seeking led him to serve in the Green Berets, specializing in Russian and Soviet counterintelligence. When Perestroika/Glasnost ‘opened’ Ru [...]

    10. WOW! Tim Tigner just keeps getting better and better. And the fact that the author is a Special Forcesw trained Soviet Counterintellengence "expert" make the current geopolitical situation appropriate foundation for an white-knuckle military techno-thriller whose plot COULD be taken from current headlines. Tigner certainly does know how to pace his plot and develop his characters. This book is very hard to put down. Indeed I was fortunate to be "on vacation" in the Rocky Mountains and had the lu [...]

    11. Espionage par excellence!Author Tim Tigner does it, again, bringing us an especially exciting sequel to his first Kyle Achilles book, "Pushing Brilliance." The characters are vividly portrayed, the writing is clear and precise, and the action is superb! And that the author draws upon his own experience, both from the world of business and from his time spent in military "special operations" is quite apparent, and only serves to add authenticity to the book. Tigner can definitely count me among [...]

    12. A Tangled Web of SpiesIf you're looking for an intricately plotted thriller with dueling conspiracies at the highest levels of the US and Russian governments, here's your book. A plan is hatched in the Kremlin that will fulfill Russian President Vladimir Korovin's dream of expanding the Russian Empire while bringing the US to its knees and eliminating it as a superpower. US President William Silver, who recently survived a plot against him by Korovin, is determined to take him down once and for [...]

    13. GREAT SERIES CONTINUES. The Lies of Spies is the second book in the Achilles series. This book can be read as a standalone. Though I highly suggest you read the first book (Pushing Brilliance) to have some of the backstory on Achilles. There is a lot of violence.The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that info here. The author did a good job of summarizing what happened in Pushing Brilliance for new readers to give them a better understanding of Kyle Achille [...]

    14. Tim Tiger's Achilles series keeps me awake at night. The stories he spins are frightening - all the more so because they are so damn plausible. In Lies of Spies Achilles is captured while planning a high - stakes secret mission for the President. He escapes, taking a famous Russian actress as hostage (she was involved with the kidnappers) and makes his way back to the USA to discover he is wanted for treason. While trying to figure out how to clear his name he stumbles onto a plot to destroy the [...]

    15. Tim Tigner's background in counter-intelligence shines through in this, second of a series, thriller. His hero, an ex-Olympic athlete and US Agent is once again set to foil the enemies of the State whilst off the books because of what has gone before.Nominally I suspect marketed as an airport page turner, which it achieves admirably, what sets it apart is the characterisations and believable motivation - particularly of the bad guys. No black hat "because they're bad" here, instead everyone take [...]

    16. I was given a beta version of this book by the author for feedback. It is the second in the Achilles Healy series. After the first book, Pushing Brilliance, set the bar high, this thriller had a lot of work to do. But it did it! A fast-paced thriller, it kept me turning pages as quickly as I could manage.In this story, Achilles takes on a top secret mission only to be betrayed and deemed a traitor. Chased by agents from both super-powers, he finds himself forming an unlikely alliance. Working wi [...]

    17. This is an action thriller of epic proportions!! Achilles, the primary character, has no prior military or covert experience. He's just a natural athlete, an adventurer, a risk taker. He works for POTUS. He always gets the job done.Russia has a mole in the White House. They know everything, all of the secrets.There plotting an attack on America that will devastate America. Politically, economically, the militaryeverythingr years to come. Russia will return to its former glory. China will get bla [...]

    18. Fabulous StorytellingTim Tigner hasn't disappointed me yet. I've read all his stories and they are all brilliant. This book is no exception. I love the unexpected friendship that blossomed between Achilles and Max, the Russian spy. They made a great team that put their mission on track. A mission that was fantastically thought out and twisted in unusual ways. I can't wait to see what Tigner comes up with next.

    19. This is a really fun and exciting spy book. I liked this better than the first Achilles book in this series. Once again, an exciting book that is hard to put down. I loved the new characters and hope to see more of them in future stories in this series. Mr. Tigner makes every chapter a page turner. Great read

    20. What a ride!!!This was an amazing spy story that kept me on the edge of my seat. In his acknowledgments Mr. Tigner states that it is hard to surprise the readers without confusing them but I think he has accomplished that here. This novels keeps your brain spinning. Absolutely recommended.

    21. WowTim Tigner is one of the best authors in the international spy thriller genre. Every one of his books is a great read and a great ride. This one is no exception. His characters are compelling. The action is well plotted and nonstop. This being only the second book in the series, I'm look forward to following the Achilles saga for years to come.

    22. This book had you captivated from the first page to the last. Tim has produced another thriller that encompasses action science and politics in a masterpiece of literature! I can't wait for the next Achilles book!Dick Hill has once again had a top notch performance and brought this book to life with his telling of The Lies of Spies!

    23. Great thrill-ride! I enjoyed this story on several different levels. While I have never considered climbing Lover's Leap, I have taken many photos of it, since it's only minutes away. It was fun to read about an area I'm familiar with. This book will keep the reader fully engrossed to the end. I look forward to more!

    24. Great Read!Excellent storyline and style that kept my attention from start to finish. If, like me, you enjoy clandestine operations and suspense thrillers, this is a must read! Strongly recommend!

    25. Tim's best so far!I forget how I came across Tim's books, but I'm glad I did. It is fun to watch an author progress and evolve. Read his books in order, you won't be disappointed.

    26. Solid ThrillerI really enjoyed the many directions and complex plot lines. I also like the fact that author does his research in order to portray realistic places and technology.

    27. A thrillerAchilles is a seriously tough guy & will make a great central character for the many adventures to come. Tigger has serious talent

    28. This was an excellent read. Kept me turning pages quickly and wanting more when it ended. Really liked the characters and would like to read a sequel or a few more sequels.

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