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Submarine Hello I m Oliver Tate the protagonist My ambitions are as follows To find out why my father sometimes stays in bed for days at a time To find out why my mother s getting surfing lessons and proba

  • Title: Submarine
  • Author: Joe Dunthorne
  • ISBN: 9780670067459
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hello I m Oliver Tate, the protagonist My ambitions are as follows 1 To find out why my father sometimes stays in bed for days at a time 2 To find out why my mother s getting surfing lessons and probably from a hippy looking twonk 3 To lose my virginity before it becomes legal in just over a year.There are other, lesser characters in the book Jordana, whoHello I m Oliver Tate, the protagonist My ambitions are as follows 1 To find out why my father sometimes stays in bed for days at a time 2 To find out why my mother s getting surfing lessons and probably from a hippy looking twonk 3 To lose my virginity before it becomes legal in just over a year.There are other, lesser characters in the book Jordana, who is my love interest, despite her eczema Zoe, whose only real school friend is a dinner lady I feel sorry for Zoe, which, in turn, makes me feel better about my own life Then there s my friend Chips, an outstanding bully He made our Religious Education teacher cry This book might not change my life But there is no telling how you will react.

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        Joe Dunthorne was born and brought up in Swansea, and is a graduate of the University of East Anglia s Creative Writing MA, where he was awarded the Curtis Brown prize.His poetry has been published in magazines and anthologies and has featured on Channel 4, and BBC Radio 3 and 4 A pamphlet collection, Joe Dunthorne Faber New Poets 5 was published in 2010.His first novel, Submarine, the story of a dysfunctional family in Swansea narrated by Oliver Tate, aged 15, was published in 2008.


    1. Ever wondered what it would be like if Wes Anderson got drunk on vodka and watched the entire box set of The Inbetweeners in one night?Reader meet Submarine. Submarine meet reader.Aah, and herein lies the conundrum.For I really dislike The Inbetweeners (I know, I know… I have received many a horrified glare when I have divulged this information. I just don’t find it funny because I’m a horrible, stuffy prude) but I adore Wes Anderson.This could have gone either way and I think I knew this [...]

    2. One of those few cases where the film is much better than the book. :-(Don't get me wrong, I loved the 2010 film Submarine, it was an amazing experience to watch. But the book? Well, I'm not much of a fan of pervy sex jokes or fart jokes, and at least the film spares viewers of those for the most part. The book had a number of lines that made absolutely no sense, trying so hard to be obscure and intelligent that it failed to get to any sort of point. It has its moments of true humor and good wri [...]

    3. Things I've learned from Submarine (I planned to list 100, but I got tired of the game rather fast):- you are a triskaidekaphobic if you are afraid of the number thirteen- it's OK to spy on your parents in order to find out things about yourself ( I recently discovered that my mother has been typing the names of as-yet-uninvented mental conditions into Yahoo's search engine: 'delusion syndrome teenage', 'over-active imagination problem', 'holistic behavioural stabilizers' - a nepenthe is somethi [...]

    4. Maybe it's just me but doesn't everything get compared to The Catcher in the Rye? A modern day version, a version crossed with Godzilla, Holden Caulfield on speed, best thing since sliced Salinger? I choose to discount these comparisons for three reasons: hyperbole, im always disappointed and most importantly, I distinctly remember finally reading it and wondering what all the fuss was about.Joe Dunthorne's debut novel about teenage angst, alienation and rebellion in Swansea in the late 1990's w [...]

    5. I picked this up in a bookstore because it was at a discounted price and the first few pages really caught my attention. Oliver Tate as a smart albeit eccentric teenager struck a chord with me, and at first I felt I could relate to the character. I enjoyed the character's analytical view of the world around him and the humour that comes with it, but that's about where it ends.Oliver Tate does things which most teenagers may threaten to do after an argument, but would never dream of doing in real [...]

    6. Oliver Tate is a Welsh teenager with a penchant for theatrics and complicated words. He is our narrator. Our author, Joe Dunthorne, punctuates his book with clever turns of phrases, keeps his sentences succinct and uses natural phrases that flow together well. His writing is fantastic. He gives Oliver such a unique voice, making this entertaining and easy to read. But there's an errant sadness that runs through this book. Oliver is coming of age and realizing that he cannot control his life--tha [...]

    7. In most cases books usually outshines their movie counterparts. At least, it seems to me. I thought I would never watch a movie that is arguably better than its source material. I have to say for this cases movie was better. But first I have to admit that I have watched the movie first and I was mind blown by it, especially in the “hiding tonight” song scene and in the ending. And obviously the soundtrack by Alex Turner was superb. So first the complaints—1. I basically didn’t get the ti [...]

    8. i found this book tremdeously disappointing. it caught my eye at the bookstore, i guess because of the dust jacket. i'm a sucker for design, seriously. a jacket can make or break a book for me (see my review of ruined by reading for another example). however, i was smart & i exercised restraint. i left the book sitting on the shelf & got a copy from the library instead. thank god! it's the story if a disaffected welsh teenager, a boy. he suspects that his parents are having marital troub [...]

    9. Cuando he terminado de leer Submarine mi primer pensamiento ha sido:¿Qué m̶i̶e̶r̶d̶a̶ acabo de leer?La lectura de este libro ha sido en varios momentos divertida, ya que los pensamientos del protagonista en algunas situaciones son bastantes particulares, pese a ello lo veo como un libro carente de emociones.Es ligero de leer, aunque pienso que pudo haber sido mucho mejor, ya que los tramas y los personajes se podrían haber desarrollado mucho más. No he conectado con este libro, me he d [...]

    10. Submarino es una de esas novelas que contienen todos los ingredientes para salir bien parada de una cita conmigo: referencias extraordinarias; un protagonista adolescente, curioso, excéntrico, inteligente pero socialmente inepto, que intenta asumir el control sobre sus hormonas mientras cree contemplar cómo se desmorona el núcleo familiar sin que él pueda hacer nada por evitarlo; además, una prosa aguda y desenfadada que deja entrever como quien no quiere la cosa sorprendentes reflexiones s [...]

    11. I picked this up because I ADORED the film version. There are some pretty gaping differences b/w the two the biggest being that in the book, Oliver just kind of annoys me. In the film, he is much more sympathetic (though not relatable to me) and I do think the right scenes were left out of the film version.The style was hilarious and I'm pleased at how very Welsh it all seemed. By that I mean I really got a sense of Oliver's place in his world and the place where he lives. I recommend you see th [...]

    12. I wanted to like this, but I really couldn't get into it that well. It felt like the story wasn't really progressing that much and sometimes I would actually forget what I was even reading, because it all seemed so random and messy. Didn't live up to my expectations!

    13. I read this in a matter of days, closed up in my stink hole (sink hole) of a room, coughing violently and slathering vaseline on my peeling lips. It comes at no surprise that this book reminded me of first love ended and turned into old love, parents, and dead dogs. This book is also a movie. I saw the movie roughly a year ago and received the book as a gift soon after that. I've been listening to the movie soundtrack ever since. It is one of the few constants in my life. Who am I kidding? Most [...]

    14. Review from BadelyngeMaybe if Joe Dunthorne's Submarine had clothed its covers with far fewer off the mark testimonials, I would have been a little more forgiving in my judgment of this book. But for the sake of balance alone somebody has to pooh-pooh all the best thing since Catcher in the Rye statements. To live up to such statements Oliver Tate (our narrator) would have to seem like a real character - but he never does. Maybe he was never meant to. Submarine sort of lives in a skewed reality [...]

    15. you'll love this book if you're into:- homophobia - sexism - racism- fatphobia - abuse (gender violence) apology - abuse (bullying) apology- rape apology - pedophilia-related jokes- religion-related jokes

    16. En la parte de los agradecimientos el autor menciona que concibió la historia originalmente como un relato breve, publicándolo en internet. No fue hasta recibir una entusiasta acogida que decide convertirla en novela, trabajando en ello durante un curso de Escritura Creativa. Una vez leída, es inevitable notar que se trata de la primera novela de un autor joven (actualmente de 31 años). Es entusiasta, actual, divertida, tristealegre. Lamentablemente, hacia el final, desvaría y el sabor fina [...]

    17. This is an interesting book, which is very funny and relatable. I think it's definitely something I will read again in the future!

    18. Hay libros buenos que están mal escritos y libros malos que están bien escritos… Me atrevería a situar a Submarine en la última parte.Aunque, siendo sincero, estaría exagerando tildando como ‘mala’ per se la obra de Joe Duntharne.Originalmente publicado como un relato corto en una página de Internet, la gran cantidad de seguidores y comentarios positivos que generó el cuento motivó al autor a expandirlo y publicarlo como una novela. Más tarde, Richard Ayoade adapta el libro a a la [...]

    19. Oliver Tate is the most interesting character that I've ever read. Hands down. I loved the way he thought in words. I loved his "words of the day". I smiled whenever I knew what one of the words meant, and it was nice to learn a new word when I didn't. I loved the British school boy humor and language. I loved his way of thinking, even if it was extremely twisted at times. I love how he said everything that came across his mind, and it was so truly narrated. It was so nice to read a book where y [...]

    20. (4.5 stars) This was a superb piece of literature. It was just the right dose of quirky without being pretentious, and it was hilarious without exploiting that factor. I was extremely amused during this entire novel, and though not a lot occurred it was compelling nonetheless. I have seen a few reviews that mentioned this, and have to agree that it is resemblant of The Catcher in the Rye with it's witty, troubled, male protagonist and somewhat lacking, yet gripping, plot. I will additionally app [...]

    21. I was in was in the mood for something that would make me laugh and for the most part, this read did the trick. Joe Dunthorne’s SUBMARINE is not the usual coming of age tale. To one extent Oliver Tate, of South Wales, is intelligent, awkward, funny, weird and quirky which is kind of typical of an adolescent protagonist character; but on the other hand he was so much more… I don’t know, off maybe? In fact quite unexpectedly, Oliver was a bit intense for someone his age, an over thinker and [...]

    22. I was introduced to the novel through Ayoade's magnificent film adaptation. But the book met my fairly high expectations! I laughed throughout. Dunthorne has a talent for description and similes. The protagonist, Oliver, is an introspective, intelligent 16 year old who struggles to understand the motives and desires of others. He consistently fails in his attempts of psychologically adjusting his parents and girlfriend to how he feels the world should be arranged. Oliver is a submarine that want [...]

    23. U ovom slučaju mi je zapravo predivno što se knjiga i film dosta razlikuju. Submarine će mi zauvek biti jedan od najlepših i najdražih filmova. Knjiga naravno ima dosta momenata koji nisu završili u filmu, ali i obrnuto; i tu se vidi ta lepota shvatanja i prenošenja umetnosti. Džordana mi je simpatičnija u knjizi, dok je Oliver veća budala, ali i dalje ga obožavam (on je osoba koja je u stanju da kaže za font da je romantičan). Sad samo nisam sigurna da li da žalim što nisam bila [...]

    24. Este libro me ha dejado con una sensación extraña. Un vació pero a la vez una felicidad. Reí y casi llore con este libro. Simplemente una montaña rusa de emociones. Oliver Tate se ha convertido en uno de mis personajes favoritos por su sarcasmo, su ingenio y sus extraños pensamientos. El final fue muy abrupto para mi. cambie la pagina y en vez de estar el siguiente capitulo estaban los agradecimientos, pero me doy cuenta al ser un final que no esperaba el libro me ha gustado mas. Pensare e [...]

    25. De verdad, hace tanto tiempo que no tardaba tanto en terminar un libro. Lo llamaré el libro más "Meh" que me he topado hasta el día de hoy. El personaje de Oliver es increíblemente falso, no sé si sea una cosa de adolescentes galeces pero, de verdad, es un adolescente muy extraño.

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