Women Who Love Psychopaths

Women Who Love Psychopaths

Sandra L. Brown Liane J. Leedom / Jan 25, 2020

Women Who Love Psychopaths The first book EVER written about the women who have loved psychopathic men What are your temperament traits that have contributed to being attracted to and tolerant of the most dangerous of people

  • Title: Women Who Love Psychopaths
  • Author: Sandra L. Brown Liane J. Leedom
  • ISBN: 9780977801329
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first book EVER written about the women who have loved psychopathic men What are your temperament traits that have contributed to being attracted to, and tolerant of, the most dangerous of people Sandra has done it again She has rewritten the Women Who Love Psychopaths Book an already Award Winning Book to include some of the newest and most compelling evidence onThe first book EVER written about the women who have loved psychopathic men What are your temperament traits that have contributed to being attracted to, and tolerant of, the most dangerous of people Sandra has done it again She has rewritten the Women Who Love Psychopaths Book an already Award Winning Book to include some of the newest and most compelling evidence on Neuro science and what brain differences actually exist in borderlines, narcissists, anti social, sociopaths, and psychopaths From brain region mal formations to brain circuitry and brain chemical differences, these new sections of the book will blow away any theories about this being merely willful behavior on his part Additionally, lots of new information about recovery and treatment that came right from The Institute s own Model of Care Approach we designed that is being implemented in psychiatric hospitals From the last few years of treating survivors, we now have a clear and compelling approach to recovery And learn even MORE fascinating aspects of why Sandra believes these relationships are highly connected to trance, hypnotic inductions and your own high suggestibility Find out what you need to do to protect yourself from entrancem.

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      437 Sandra L. Brown Liane J. Leedom
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      • Sandra L. Brown Liane J. Leedom

        Brown is also the CEO of The Dangerous Relationship Institute A Relational Harm Reduction and Public Psychopathy Education Project She holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and has been the former director of Bridgework Counseling Center, a multi faceted mental health program for trauma disorders and psychopathology She has provided program development for hospital inpatient and outpatient programs, designed and ran residential treatment programs for multi pathological diagnosis clients, and worked in Domestic Violence and other outpatient settings She has provided training and consultations to other therapists regarding treatment issues of psychopathology, trauma disorders, and pathological love relationships She is the author of six books, including How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved and Counseling Victims of Violence Liane J Leedom, M.D is Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut She has a B.S in Psychobiology and a Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Southern California She completed advanced training in psychiatry at Harbor UCLA and Yale New Haven Hospital She spent 10 years in private practice where she specialized in treating severe mood disorders in women Liane is very concerned with the well being of at risk children, including those whose parents suffer from mental illness These children carry genetic risk for mental illness and can be subjected to harsh environments due to the problems of their parents She has authored three books including, Just Like His Father A Guide to Overcoming Your Child s Genetic Connection to Antisocial Behavior, Addiction and ADHD Liane also operates ParentingtheAtRiskChild, a web site in English and Spanish, that provides important parenting information to parents around the world source ,


    1. Okay, this is a tough review for me, because it's kinda serious and sobering.Many of my friends (as well as myself), are fans of the Alpha male, and in much of the erotica I read these guys have a titillating effect on the female protagonists, such as an instant fierce flame of attraction, overcome by his aura of virility, melting at his intense gazing, electricity at his touch, the excitement at feeling so wanted, of him making her feel as she were the most desirable woman in the world, leavin [...]

    2. Unlike many "personal psychology" books, this one was not written to make a buck, but with an urgent sincerity towards addressing a much ignored problem in our society. The author comes across as an impassioned activist who has spent years combating the insidious and dangerous phenomenon of psychopaths. The approach in this book is victim oriented, attempting to identify the character traits of the women most susceptible to the crafty deceit of these predators. One significant revelation is that [...]

    3. Wouldn’t you like to be able to recognize scam artists before you got cheated out of your life savings? Wouldn’t you want to identify Losers before you become romantically involved with them? They say that one learns more from experience than from books, but that’s not necessarily the case. Bad experiences can cause so much financial and emotional devastation that recovering from them becomes very difficult: for some, even impossible. How many times have you run across women who date the s [...]

    4. This book should be recommended reading for all women (especially young adults) regardless of whether they have endured a 'relationship' with a psychopath. With 1 in 25 people considered to be psychopathic (including narcissists and sociopaths) this is the most under-informed form of domestic abuse.

    5. I was asked what kind of women attract the narcissist (and psychopath) - I just finished reading Sandra L. Brown, M.A.'s Women Who Love Psychopaths. This is an AMAZINGLY encompassing work and I'd say that coming through a relationship of inevitable harm, I found it relief-exploding in the evaluation of women who suffer from such contact. I said repeatedly that I felt my goodness was turned against med she categorizes just what and why this occursd "codependency" isn't in the mix. Women connected [...]

    6. “award-winning author”? well, I guess there are a lot of awards out there these days.Christiane Northrup recommended this book in one of her talks, so I hunted down a copy (my training is in law, psychology, and mediation, and I’m particularly interested in “relationship issues.”)“Women Who Love Psychopaths” contains some useful information about dysfunctional and dangerous relationship patterns; unfortunately, it’s poorly written and desperately in need of a good editor. I don [...]

    7. Yes, a highly discomforting, accurate five stars is given. Ladies, get over the idea of the alpha male. There's no such thing. You may be paving the way for an alpha-psychopath. It can happen to ANY person, no matter how strong and intelligent they are. Psychopaths are predators who pounce on a person when they're vulnerable. The psychopath is patient, persuasive, and deceptive. They are the most exciting, magnetic person you've ever met. But, beware! They be cray!This book also sheds light on t [...]

    8. This is a very informative book which is easy to read, not too techinal or "clinical" I maintain that it should be required reading for all women. I believe the author is well-educated and experienced in this field and does a wonderful job communicating what women should know about pathological men. However, the grammatical and typographical errors throughout this book are distracting and somewhat diminish the professionality of the text.

    9. Never has a book, since the Bible, impacted my life in such a positive way. This is a must read for any teenage girl or woman. Because of my circumstances it took me an entire year to read, process, and finish. I recommend this book quite often to women who come to me looking for advice. It literally helped save my life!

    10. Perhaps the best book I know that no only introduces the concept of psychopathy, but shows how and why they are able to destroy the lives of so many women. The information applies to so many levels. Highly recommended.

    11. I seriously thought she had been following me around with a tape recorder!!! She nailed this topic and has great insights on the how when why that really helped me move on to the healing part.I was so stuck in the why of it I could not move to the next step! All I can say is THANK YOU!

    12. If you think maybe you should read this book, then you should definitely read this bookOr, listen to her mp3s - hearing her voice helps. Also, there are some good interviews with her on SoundCloud.

    13. InformativeI was told to read this book from my therapist. I figured out a lot by reading it. It helps to understand pathological people and how to stay away.

    14. This book should be read by every girl in the world so that she will know and understand the signs of abuse!

    15. I think the clinical psychologists must read this book as compulsory.A very good book for every one who is inquisitive in knowing the human personality traits

    16. I've always been fascinated with psychopathy and the numerous personality disorders, so this book was an extremely interesting read for me.

    17. Very helpfulThis book has opened my eyes to the long term effects from relationships with psychopaths and ways to heal afterwards.

    18. I find the book's title awful and shameful, because it is like this is a book for, or about Ted Bundy fans or lovers. Psychopath is not a synonym of killer, but that's what the media shows and most people believe, so the title would mislead the wide possible public. Yet in some parts of the book it is hinted that women are aware or become aware of what monsters those men are and they love these men anyway. The book's speech "you are kind, smart, loyal, committed, you have empathy, then they will [...]

    19. Solid info; needs to be proofreadThe information given in this book is very enlightening, and I've already recommended it to several people based on the descriptions of victim traits alone. I especially appreciate how the author gives a lot of hope for recovery and points out how we need more public education about psychopathy. I'm not sure I agree with the author's take on hypnosis as a manipulation tool. While I'm sure some people do it intentionally, it still seems a bit farfetched to call it [...]

    20. A must-read for all teenagers, female and male, who are beginning to date and anyone else who wants to avoid predators. This book is written for women but easily translates for men and is the best psychology book that I have read - brilliant, concise writing with a focus on self defense. Brown mixes traditional psychology with the latest neuroscience. Fascinating to learn that psychopaths choose outgoing, high-achieving, sensitive and altruistic women because they love to crush strong people. Th [...]

    21. Required reading for all women. I did not know it at the time, but I *believe* was married to a pathological lying sociopath. The reason I say, *believe* is because I am not a licensed psychologist.

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