Real Good Love

Real Good Love

Meghan March / Feb 20, 2020

Real Good Love From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes a sexy new duet with a hero you won t want to miss I ve had my fair share of bad boys but nothing prepared me for what it was like to be with a re

  • Title: Real Good Love
  • Author: Meghan March
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes a sexy new duet with a hero you won t want to miss.I ve had my fair share of bad boys, but nothing prepared me for what it was like to be with a real good man.Logan Brantley changed everything.Somewhere along the way, what started as a fling became the best part of my life He makes me want all the things I ve never had,From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes a sexy new duet with a hero you won t want to miss.I ve had my fair share of bad boys, but nothing prepared me for what it was like to be with a real good man.Logan Brantley changed everything.Somewhere along the way, what started as a fling became the best part of my life He makes me want all the things I ve never had, like forever and happily ever after, but nothing worth having comes easily Everyone is betting on us to fail, but I m ready to fight for this real good love Real Good Love is the conclusion of the Real Duet and should be read following Real Good Man.

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        Meghan March is a New York Times, 1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of over two dozen titles She has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure She s also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she s ever had She loves hearing from her readers at meghanmarchbooks gmail.


    1. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

      *****FOUR STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by Author”You’re it for me, Banner. The one. I’d given up on finding the perfect woman for me, but you showed me I hadn’t been looking in the right place. Who knew I had to go all the way to New York City?”REAL GOOD LOVE is the incredibly sensuous and action-packed conclusion to the REAL DUET series by Meghan March. Ms. March has created one seriously sexy alpha male book boyfriend that has me wondering if maybe I need to make a trip down S [...]

    2. 4.5 'My Pie' Stars!Since I hate to wait when I know there is going to be a cliffhanger, I obviously waited until Real Good Love released to read the whole duet. So, this will be my review of the two books not just the second.The Real Duet is another spin-off of Meghan's Dirty books and this time she introduced the love story between Logan Brantley and Banner Regent. Logan is a hot mechanic, friend of Holly (the heroine of the Dirty Billionaire trilogy) and Banner is Greer's best friend (the hero [...]

    3. A wonderful conclusion to the duet. I didn't feel like the story was dragged out so I'm very thankful for that. Loved the characters. Recommended :)

    4. ****4.5 Stars****“Everyone is betting on us to fail, but I’m ready to fight for this real good love.”“Real Good Love” by Meghan March is the conclusion to the “Real Duet” and should be read after “Real Good Man.” One thing I absolutely love about Meghan March, is that, while her books can end on cliffies, she never makes her readers wait too long in between books. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this one after reading “Real Good Men” which left me wanting more, a lo [...]

    5. This was so good! I was very eager to read it after finishing Real Good Man, and Ms. Meghan March delivered in spades. The story is full of witty dialogue and sexual innuendo and the chemistry between Logan and Banner is off the charts. Logan is yummy, sexy and scrumptious and so cute you can’t help but fall in love with him. Turns out Banner couldn’t help herself either. The heat between them is fairly combustible! I enjoyed the small town gossip mill, which the author nailed to a tee. In a [...]

    6. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Real Good Love Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐After that stroke of a cliffhanger, I along with everyone else couldn’t wait to get their hands on the epic conclusion of Banner and Logan’s story. Meghan March didn’t waste any time in pulling you back in to the small town craziness and if you think you’ve seen their kind of drama before? Think again. “Who would’ve thought that a guy from Kentucky I was never supposed to meet would change my life. Picking up right where book one left o [...]

    7. A great conclusion to an amazing duet =))I thought that this book would be one I could predict, not at all. The things that happened, the things that DIDN'T happen, I was off but, gawdddd I loved it. I absolutely love a book that surprises you, this book did that, and made me swoon, laugh, and shiver with giddiness almost the whole damn time!!! Logan & Banner are a match made in book heaven❤️❤️ I love their passion and I love them!!

    8. Got to luv X-ManThis book was just brilliant. I was dying to know what was goin to happen with Banner and Logan. After the small cliffy's at the end of the first book I was curious to see how things panned out. I wasnt disappointed at al so much happened in this I couldn't keep up. Some serious stuff was happening and it was only a matter of time that Banner and Logan were goin to get caught up with it. There relationship was so much stronger in this book they suited each other so much and there [...]

    9. 4.5* my sexy man STARS!!In the end of Real Good Man, Logan Brantley found something unexpected from Banner Regent's temporary house and it ate him alive. She has urgent matter and went back to NYC. They're almost fight but Banner quickly explained it. Both Logan and Banner agreed to be casual, but she's realize Logan isn't just a fling. Unfortunately, Banner's matter in NYC consume her time and some woman in Gold Haven already swarmed her man.Banner's still the same with her sexual activity with [...]

    10. Meghan March has done it again and delivered with the Real Duet a cheerful, hot and engaging story. She somehow combined successfully humor and sexy, into a novel, that will make you unable to put it down until the last page. The storyline was fresh and the pacing was carefully planned to expertly balance the excitement and heat with the quiet, every day moments. Banner and Logan were amazing together and they balanced each other out perfectly. The ease of their relationship was my favorite par [...]

    11. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review A smoking hot conclusion that will be sure to revv up your engine!!!In this final conclusion of the Real Duet, Meghan March turns up the heat and excitement as Logan and Banner’s relationship face the ultimate test of being apart for some time. In Real Good Love, the story picks up where it last left off and Banner must handle some business and legal stuff back in New York City. While back in NYC, Logan misses her badly but he knows that [...]

    12. THREE REAL LOVE STARS."The only woman I want is you."Meghan March has once again provided a nicely packaged romance duet that is sure to get hearts racing. I really liked this duet as a whole and even though I wasn't bowled over completely I certainly didn't regret my time spent with these characters. I loved the easy nature of the story telling and with a sassy heroine and swoony hero there wasn't much left to dislike. Why not five?While 'Real good love' rounded of this duet nicely, sadly some [...]

    13. This is one of those rare cases where I liked the conclusion to a duet better than the first book.The small cliffhanger from the previous book is addressed right away, and I’m happy to say Banner and Logan handle things in an adult manner so it doesn’t result in extended unnecessary drama. The story unfolds at a quick pace with different side plots to capture your interest.Banner continues to be the talk of the small town as she and Logan grow closer, and she handles the trifling women in he [...]

    14. Book 2 in the real duet is a conclusion to the romance between City girl Banner Regent and sexy mechanic from Kentucky Logan Brantley who first meet through texting and mutual friends then later more intimately when banner is forced to move to Kentucky by losing her job and her apartment. The romance and drama continue to surround these two characters as they fall more in love with each other. I love Meghan March books but I would have to say this one is not on the top of my list but is still a [...]

    15. 2 stars because it made me laughThe main reason I finished this book I wanted to know what else will be thrown at the heroine. After massive slut shaming in the 1st book you can add accusation of wanting to trap a hero by being pregnant, wanting to swipe the best man of a small town by being shameless slut and and and. I almost expected her to be suspected of being involved in Invasion of the Lizard People, but no such luck.But I learned a lesson! Since you kindly take your time to read my ludic [...]

    16. 4.5 starsSo, at the end of Real Good Man we were left with a bit of a cliffy right? Banner has returned to New York after the death of her old neighbour, Myrna and Logan has discovered something that could change everything for them.When Banner arrives in New York she is given news that makes her realise that Myrna didn't dislike her as much as she thought and that Karma has arrived to repay her.Meanwhile, Logan is busy working to a deadline to get Boone Thrasher's car restored in time for the d [...]

    17. The absolute MASTERPIECE of romantic duets!If you fell in love with Logan Brantley in REAL GOOD MANyou ain't seen nothing yet!"How can you do this to me?""Because you were fucking made for me."You might be surprised to know that I just recently discovered Meghan March's work, and I need you to know that EVERYTHING I've read by her has blown me away, this romance duet included. There is just something about her characters that resonate with me deeply, and emotion after emotion flies off of every [...]

    18. Оказа се, че цялата история е много забавна и с много секс, а и с крими нишка. Логан и Бенър са чудна двойка, а тя с нейните реплики към консервативните членове на обществото направо ме разбиваше. Нямаше никакви превземки или преструвки - каквото й беше на ума, това й беше и на [...]

    19. Woohooo - you guys December rocks!!!Here is a chance to win a signed paperback copy of BOTH books in this series - it's INSANE!!! I want to keep them for✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ This review is dedicated to my good friend Tijuana from TJ Loves Books Blog without her, there wouldn't be a review at all.I've been on a Meghan March audiobook binge trip ever since I listened to Bad Judgment in Janu [...]

    20. Добрееее, изненада, поредните ми 5 ***** за Мегън Марч. Какво да кажа ох, прекрасна, великолепна, уникална. Тотално различна от почти всичко, което чета тези дни. Започваме там от където приключихме в Real good man. Бенър заминала за Ню Йорк, а Логан открива нещо шокиращо. Той е шокиран, [...]

    21. DNF @37% unratedI'm going on a Meghan March break because all I can hear with this one and the last one I listened to by her is repetition. I have been a fan of her 'Beneath series' but I hear too many similaries in male and female characteristics and dialogue. Temporary break up.

    22. It's difficult to write a review for the duet and not to reveal too much. You need to read the first part to enjoy this continuation. So go and read my review of the Real Good Man, where you can get to know how the story begins and about what all of this is.“New York may be the center of the world in a lot of ways, but it’s no longer the center of my world.”Real Good Love is the conclusion of Banner and Logan story. This couple has a few problems in this part to deal with. Who would have t [...]

    23. I enjoyed Real Good Love so much more than the first book Real Good Man. This was face paced, so much fun, filled with action and sexy as hell. I loved Banner. She was so down to earth this time around with so much fight in her, when it came to those ignorant women who terrorized her. Logan kept on being the Real Good Man, who knows how to pleasure his woman and believe me Banner was very satisfied. In and out of his bed. He certainly also had a very dirty mouth but his love for Banner was all c [...]

    24. Let me tell you my absolute favorite part of this book (besides the witty banter and the scorching hot chemistry between Logan and Banner)when they were faced with issues or misunderstandings, they addressed them head on. No tip-toeing around the issues, no long separations out of miscommunication or anger. Nope. They strapped a pair on and hashed it out right then and there. How refreshing is that?I adored this conclusion to Logan and Banner's story, and can I just tell you that every time he c [...]

    25. What started out as a FlukeTook on a Life of its OwnNYC GalSmall Town Kentucky GuyTurns out they had more in common then they could ever have imaginedFor both got smacked by what they each brought to the tableAnd now the only thing they both want is a Real Good Love - January 17th 2017 Real Good Man/review/showFor more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

    26. ***AVAILABLE NOW - FULL REVIEW***5 VIBRATING CROWNSMeghan March has crafted an action packed, sexy as hell, conclusion to The Real Duet. From the opening pages, readers are thrust back into the action of this story, and the suspense, intrigue, romance, and steamy goodness doesn’t ever let up until the final pages of the book, resulting in one heck of an EPIC ride.Banner is still hands down one of my favorite characters. Every single time she opens her mouth to put someone in his or her place, [...]

    27. Well the Real Good Man duet was a really good one. The story of Creighton and Holly is still my favourite of the series but now I have a soft spot for Logan and Banner as well. I liked how they both changed and made the other feel safe in their life and relationship it was nice.

    28. 4 sexy, loved-up stars!This book picks up right where Real Good Man left off, and continues Banner and Logan’s love story.“Who would’ve thought that a guy from Kentucky I was never supposed to meet would change my life?”The book begins with Banner and Logan’s new relationship put to the test with them doing the long distance thing. But with steamy texts, phone sex and unintentionally hilarious naked skype sessions, they are keeping the passion alive while they are apart. Banner’s tim [...]

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