Double Cross

Double Cross

Lissa Ford / Dec 08, 2019

Double Cross Happily ever after wasn t supposed to be this complicated At last Jude Anderson and his lover homicide detective Rowan Muir are settling into domestic bliss Or so it seems Rowan says all the right

  • Title: Double Cross
  • Author: Lissa Ford
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  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Happily ever after wasn t supposed to be this complicated At last, Jude Anderson and his lover, homicide detective Rowan Muir, are settling into domestic bliss Or so it seems Rowan says all the right things, and the sex is still hotter than ever But something isn t quite right, and Jude can t put his finger on what it is Then Jude s sister drops a bombshell that she sHappily ever after wasn t supposed to be this complicated At last, Jude Anderson and his lover, homicide detective Rowan Muir, are settling into domestic bliss Or so it seems Rowan says all the right things, and the sex is still hotter than ever But something isn t quite right, and Jude can t put his finger on what it is Then Jude s sister drops a bombshell that she s getting married and guess who gets to throw the bachelor party It s all puppies and rainbows and wedding plans until murder rears its ugly head The case involves a close friend, old grievances, and conflicts that set Jude and Rowan on a collision course that could tear them apart Double Cross is a 66,000 word novel of mystery, romance, banter and sexytimes It is intended for mature audiences.

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    1. ****4.5 Stars****I'll keep this short.I loved Double Cross despite being the lowest in steam in this series so far. Colour me surprised when it turned out to be the best one considering I am all for a hot book. The mystery in the story sucked me in, making the lack of male/male action going almost unnoticed. Hats off to the author.Now, let me address my only issue in the story. I knew ahead what was coming because I asked a friend. Yet, I could not help feeling disappointed at the end. I wasn’ [...]

    2. Sometimes love does not seem to be enoughJude's arm tightened around Rowan. The sleep-thickened words came out of the darkness. “I want you to be happy here. With me.”Rowan's sleepy eyes snapped open. “Baby, I am happy here with you.”“You sure?”“I--”I just don't want to get used to feeling happy, because if I do, it will disappear. It always does.Oh dear! The last statement pretty much sums it all up. This book was definitely the best in this series so far. After declaring their [...]

    3. Double Cross is not a stand-alone so you’ll need to read Doubleback and Double Down first to get up to speed on Jude and Rowan’s story. Believe me, it won’t be too much of a hardship. They’re two great books, and I think Double Cross is the best book of the series.It all started with those boxes. Those damn boxes Rowan brought to Jude’s house once they moved in together which remain unpacked five months later. Jude sees them as the tangible reminder of Rowan’s inability to commit to [...]

    4. 4 StarsWe meet up again with our happy couple, our strapping tour guiding fisherman and tenacious homicide detective, after their hearts have spoken and love has been declared. They are living together, but bliss is short lived. Rowan's new captain has a large grudge against him and is making his return to the force anything but a smooth transition after his injury. But the real trouble begins when Jude's prickly neighbor calls him over to verify that remains he has found on his property are in [...]

    5. Full Review to Come - I really enjoyed this series. I am now anxiously waiting for the 4th book (well, really the 5th if you count book 2.5) anyways, I am not a huge fan of how this book ended - I feel like we were just revealed this HUGE issue and Boom - done. However, with that being said - this was my favorite book out of the series. You got to watch these two really fight for what they have so yeah, loved that aspect. oh, and did I mention these two are sexy as hell?

    6. Great mystery in this one and loved the sex scenes! Rowan and Jude are both stubborn men, so they end up in many fights, but their love for each other is much stronger than their stubbornness. I could just see the love between them, because of the words of Ms Ford. I look forward to the fourth book!

    7. Originally reviewed at Sinfully.After the first two books in the series (you really shouldn’t read this as a standalone) there is little doubt that Jude and Rowan love each other and are better together than apart. The problem is that both of them have a stubborn streak. Rowan is constantly afraid that once he commits and gets comfortable his happiness will be taken away. Jude still hasn’t fully come to grips with the fact that he is no longer in law enforcement. He enjoys running his fishin [...]

    8. Another murder case to solve.A new supervisor to get used toStill more relationship problems between Jude and Rowan to work through.And then this ending!!!!!I really hope book four will be released soon!4,5 stars

    9. 5 months have passed and Rowan and Jude have moved in together. Rowan has yet to unpack all of his things which is Jude feels is cause for alarm. Rowan and Jude are communicating better than before but still not enough. Each is holding things back.A murder investigation brings everything to a head. Rowan’s new asshole boss and Jude trying to clear a “friend’s” name cause tensions to rise. Consequences must be faced.The story was entertaining and kept me engrossed trying to figure out wha [...]

    10. I received an ARC copy from the author in return for an honest review.I was so thrilled to get this sequel about two of my favorite guys. Jude and Rowan are back and trying to adjust to living their lives together. They've had a few months of downtime as Rowan recovered from his injury but he's back to work now. He's got a new boss and the boss seems to have it in for Rowan. Then a dead body is found nearby. Rowan's on the case and Jude can't help feeling his investigative instincts kicking in. [...]

    11. Rowan and Jude. I missed them like crazy and it was so good to be back in their life. I have reread the first two books numeral times and I was excited to learn more about them. And woha, I learned much more. Movingboxes. Especially not moving movingboxes are a great deal in this book. Rowan has moved in with Jude, but a lot of his boxes are still full. Why won't he unpack them? Is it because he is busy with work or because he won't 'really' comit to Jude. The later is what Jude thinks, but Rowa [...]

    12. I was given an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.This is the 3rd book in the series of Doubleback. The book opened with what would seemed to be a normal newly cohabiting couple. I realized early on that I should've started from the beginning since I hadn't read the first two books in the series. I'm so glad I did too. I think by going back and buying and reading the first books of the series let me understand Rowan and Rude better than if I had just read this one alone.The mystery is a [...]

    13. DNF @ 50% - HUGE FAIL. This one isn't for me at all and in skimming forward and to the end, I know this with absolutely unwavering certainty. I'm out. If a 4th book comes out (because this one ends on a cruel cliffhanger) I MIGHT check it out. But, as it stands, I do believe I'm done. Btw - did the author REALLY have to do that to Rowan?!!? What was the point of that?!!? No. Contrived. Pointless plot device. Rowan has been through enough!!

    14. The Blogger GirlsOh my God, I do believe this author is trying to kill me. Here I was, thinking book three would culminate in Rowan and Jude finally getting their act together, finally getting past the drama that is intent on destroying their relationship, and finally moving away from murder and mayhem. Well, no, not even close. This round was probably the most emotional for me as I’d kept expecting things to settle down but instead they were heading in the opposite direction. And now, I am of [...]

    15. This is a great trilogy -- each book better than the last. They definitely need to be read together and in order. Normally I'm not a huge fan of established couples but Jude and Rowan are so appealing and real feeling and so is their relationship. Each man is likeable but with definite faults and shortcomings just like real people. At times I found myself thinking why are you being such an asshole then as their motivations or back story was revealed I'd find myself liking them even more than bef [...]

    16. 4.5 stars! I really like this series. There's sexy times with plenty of dirty talk. Also, Jude and Rowan are both complex characters and very much their own men. They don't always see eye to eye, which is very realistic. Most people, even when they love each other, don't always see things the same way. It causes angst and conflict, two imperfect people going toe to toe over what they believe is right, a thread of love keeping them together. They have to answer the question: Is love enough? The m [...]

    17. This is a great series.I received an arc of the third book in this series for an honest review but couldn't find a way to leave my review before it became available on . So is my review of all three books in this series.What a fantastic series! Jude and Rowan seemed to be at cross emotional roads through most of their relationship. Lack of honest communication was their biggest problem. Pride, personalities, and how they each handled their work ethic and protocol were their constant areas of con [...]

    18. To me this is the best book in the Doubleback series so far. Not only the mystery was better in this book but the emotions potrayed by both Jude and Rowan was so real and I truly felt every emotions that both the MCs went through. There were a lot of ups and downs in Rowan's amd Jude's personal live but that didn't detract from the mystery.Oh man that ending, I really hope that this isn't the last book in the series. Overall I would definitely recommend this book to all Doubleback series fan and [...]

    19. As a fan of the first 2 books, Doubleback and Double Down, I was really excited to start the next book. Jude and Rowan have a complicated love, but it is a strong one. If they could get their communication skills up to date. At some points I found myself yelling at them, and then cheering for them 5 minutes later. This book was more about the case and their emotional relationship than their physical relationship. There were still s few steamy parts, but I enjoyed the emotional growth the pair we [...]

    20. Damn. Things were finally getting good, then more bad stuff happened, and now I am stuck waiting for a book 4 that is supposedly coming at some point.Don't worry, this is not a cliffhanger. Jude and Rowan's story could end here but I think I need the whole thing wrapped a bit better with a nice bow to be completely happy.Double Cross has the same mix of criminal investigations and relationship issues as the first two books in the series but the murder case in this one was the best story so far w [...]

    21. In the last book, I was pissed at Rowan. In this book, I wanted to slap Jude several times. What the heck was he thinking? This title is perfect for what was going on, not only between certain unnamed characters (don't want to spoil the plot), but also between our MCs (as in one word). I was so frustrated with the boys. It's true that sometimes love just isn't enough. I really wanted them to break up. There were some editing issues that bothered me. Another thing I didn't like was the use of the [...]

    22. Highly Emotional but so GoodThe Doubleback series is great fun and full of twists and turns. In book 3, what I loved the most is how real these characters are. I see them as real people. They have past struggles and tons of bumps in the road, but they are kind, loving, and smart men who work and play hard. There is a young man who died. And it hurt. There is a religious subtext to this story. Not my favorite thing but I totally loved this book. Lissa Ford is an awesome writer.

    23. Eh, it was okay, I guess. A lot of unnecessary angst and nobody listening to each other to instead go off and do their own thing, but the plot was interesting enough. The ending wasn't enough to make me love it though; everyone's still angry until suddenly all is solved with a glockenspiel - not really my kind of HEA, that.

    24. 3.5 stars. Didn't really get why the sister's wedding was so heavily featured and think it occurred at the expense of the MCs' relationship development.

    25. 4 Heart ReviewThis book is one of the many reasons why I love established couple books. I feel in love with Jude and Rowan right from the start of book 1. These are two Alpha males that really only let their guard down around each other. But that also means they can hurt one another pretty greatly. In book 3, Rowan and Jude are still fiercely loyal but aggravatingly stubborn and scared.Still healing from the shoulder wound he received from the psycho in book 2 Rowan is assigned desk duty and a n [...]

    26. 3.75-4 starsI received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest reviewJude Anderson and Rowan Muir are living together at last. But loving each other is not enough to make a living together work, and both men have issues that bring about trouble. In the middle of an investigation, with a new boss who shows clearly his dislike for him, Ro finds himself trying to control Jude’s unsolicited help, and wondering if he is willing to sacrifice his career to keep his lover…Engrossing. I have [...]

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