The Dolls

The Dolls

James Patterson Kecia Bal / Jun 19, 2019

The Dolls The dolls are perfect lovers perfect companions perfect killers Investigative reporter Lana Wallace has covered many crimes of passion in ten years But nothing will prepare her for the dark secrets

  • Title: The Dolls
  • Author: James Patterson Kecia Bal
  • ISBN: 9781786531223
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • The dolls are perfect lovers, perfect companions, perfect killers.Investigative reporter Lana Wallace has covered many crimes of passion in ten years But nothing will prepare her for the dark secrets ofe dolls.

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    1. One of the interesting aspects to the BookShot collection is the vast array of topics that emerge from the various author combinations, serving up a little something for every reader to enjoy. Working alongside MasterClass Co-Author Competition Winner, Kecia Bal, James Patterson presents this story that is as eerie as it is futuristic. After working the crime desk in Chicago for a decade, journalist Lana Wallace arrives in Boston to work the business section and sharpen her mind in a new environ [...]

    2. Creepy with a farfetched storyline -- or is it so unlikely? A gripping read that has you thinking about the technology in our lives and just how far it might go.

    3. Well, that was and weird! When I first saw the cover of this book, I thought I knew what it was going to be about. I was wrong. That was not what I expected. Far-fetched, yes, but still an entertaining story. One of the better Book Shots I've read.

    4. This book was great and had short chapters which made it easy and fast to read.Lana, a reporter comes to Boston only to find herself wrapped up in a fiery case where two millionaires have been murdered. With her friend, Kat and her on the case, Lana delves deep into the story that includes sex, money, AI, and lust. What is going on with these murders? Who is killing them and for what reason?Soon Lana finds herself face to face with the answer and it’s chilling and jaw dropping to find out what [...]

    5. The DollsThis started out okay but went downhill very quickly. This was so farfetched. I don't even know what to say about this story except I really didn't care for it.

    6. Loved this book. Unlike other Bookshots I have read I felt that this one had an ending and did not leave you hanging.The story is rather scary when you stop to think we are not all that far, technology wise, for this to be a reality.Really enjoyed the read.

    7. Dolls with heartI'm not a big fan of Book Shots.Yes the stories are intriguing but there isn't enough time for character development. That's what I love about James Patterson books, his character development's what keeps you coming back. I always feel shorted afterwards.

    8. Started off as 2 stars book, got to 5 stars somewhere in the middle, then I lost it somewhere. I don't know. Maybe I'm just not tailored for this short story form, or I'm just lately on a spree of books that didn't realise their potential.

    9. 1,5*It's difficult to classify this book, but I guess I could say it was a sci-fi thriller. Quick pace, good world-building. But I found relationships between characters really odd and that put me off.

    10. The Dolls by Kecia Bal and James Patterson is a fast-paced, action-packed story that is sure to creep you out with how realistic it feels.The story follows the main character Lana as she uncovers some unsettling facts about a company while conducting investigative reporting. Dark secrets are revealed, and her life will never be the same after this story.This story is eerie because it doesn't feel completely out of the realm of possibility. Furthermore, the themes of distrust and secrets permeate [...]

    11. This was a very interesting concept and storyline - which I really enjoyed. However I felt, because it was a short read, it lacked the chance to be truly intense and gripping. It's certainly got the potiental to be rather thrilling but because of it being only 132 pages long, it was interesting but rather rushed. This storyline really would of been better as a full novel. The ending disappointed me a little as well because it was rushed but it did give the impression of maybe a second book??? Ho [...]

    12. Started this on the spur of the moment and went straight through. I know there has been mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. It's an interesting concept, though hopefully not likely. I could see this as a full novel.

    13. Realistic human robots? Patterson took a walk on the sci-fi side for this one and it was pretty good.

    14. I enjoyed the book, however this is the first time I've read book shots, too short. The story pulled me in immediately, but ended far too soon. The characters were not fully developed before the book ended. I will think twice before reading another Bookshot, but on a positive note it only took a day to finish the book!

    15. Sandra is as human as you can get. I need a follow up!As creepy as it was having these female AI's being created, it was heart wrenching to read how they were used and abused. Lana was trying to make a fresh start and ended up investigating some disturbing murders and making lifelong friends. I need to know what happens next. Will she fight for Sandra, can she bring her home?

    16. Reporter Lana Wallace stumbles onto an almost unbelievable story tied to the knifing murders of three men. Beautiful dolls, “perfect” companions, may have something to do with the murders. Or are they the victims? Lana intends to find out, but doesn’t realize she’s placing herself in grave danger.This BookShots tale takes an intriguing notion and veers into quasi-science fiction territory. Limited character development, an issue with most BookShots, is a slight drawback, but the story gr [...]

    17. I loved the book, just did not like the way it ended it sort of left me hanging wondering what happens? I was a little disappointed with the ending unless there is another book after this that will pick up where this one left off????

    18. I'm so glad I ended up liking this as much as I did! I picked it up intending to be a quick fix for inbetween reads, and at £1, I couldn't say no.The Dolls ended up really reminding me of Channel 4's Humans, as it shared a similar story of very life-like AI's learning emotion. I seem to find that this is my favourite kind of sub-genre within the Sci-Fi complex as I often find myself feeling very empathetic to the AI's, which in this case was the dolls, particularly Sandra, and favoured her pers [...]

    19. This eerie book reminds me of the Stepford Wives. Robotic dolls are made for man’s pleasure but two of the men have been killed by a vicious stab wound to the chest and their dolls have not been found. Lana Wallace is the new reporter and went to interview Elliott Farr, the man responsible for making the dolls. When she finds a photo of herself attached to a whiteboard, she freaks out and calls Detective Andre Davies. She tells him about Sandra, a doll that Lana has befriended. They go to the [...]

    20. I have to admit this book surprised me. A new reporter in town begins to investigate two twisted murders and stumbles across something unusual. The two dead men are very wealthy and have a unique type of toy in common. With very little information being given out, two female reporters begin to investigate the murders. They find the dead men have one thing in common, robotics. Just not your normal robot. Their robots are the perfect companion, female, beautiful, submissive. Or are they? How did t [...]

    21. A good mystery with sci-fi overtones. Lana Wallace is starting over - a new city, a new job at a newspaper, and is shadowing the crime reporter for a few days. The assignment is a grisly murder and then another one using the same method. But the police are stonewalling about what really happened and Lana can't keep her investigative genes down. She discovers that the victims all had a robot - sex doll made to their very specific desires. Those dolls are now missing.Each step in her investigation [...]

    22. I love these bookshots. Perfect for car trips or plane rides. I feel so accomplished reading an entire book in one sitting. This one was great, perfect for lovers of Westworld or the ideas of AI and what can be done with it. It wasn't hard to pick up on where they were going with the story, but kept me entertained and intrigued. I'd actually like to see another one pick up where this one leaves off. I really liked the characters and would enjoy reading more about them and following their stories [...]

    23. One of those short stories James Patterson collaborates with another author.A slightly "science fictiony" story of robotic pleasure dolls, developed by a firm to sell mainly to men, for, well, pleasure and slavery - ie- the little woman at home doing the housework and the bidding of her owner.Suddenly some rather rich men are being murdered and some of the dolls rebel- they are getting their own personalities.An OK read, would maybe have been better if longer and the characters more fully develo [...]

    24. Creepy, futuristic stuff going on in this bookor, are we there now?! Oh, my goodness, to think that there could be robots, engineered to be as human-like as possible, in "perfection" of what we think we want in partners to sate our desires, without the emotional connection/commitment to another, is such an example of our deep ego and self-absorbed ways of interacting with one another. These "dolls", so to speak, become manipulated for further evil when they become murderous at the hands of the e [...]

    25. As a certified "geek" I am sad this was only a bookshot. Kecia did a great job increasing my concern and fear of the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). (if you aren't concerned - you should be!)This story is about a relocated crime reporter who moved from Chicago to Boston to begin writing about "business" and get off the murder trail. But on her first day the two paths cross when 2 business men are stabbed by an unknown assailant and there are no hints of the doer.Her path leads her into a s [...]

    26. Wish the book was longerI wasn't ready for the book to end. I wanted more of Lana and Sandra, and I hope there will be another book about these characters. It was a quick, enticing read. I love Mr. Patterson's books, and this was no exception. Though Bookshots are meant to be short, it was still well crafted from character development to word choices to plot. I'd recommend this and all the rest of the Bookshots series to any fan of Mr. Patterson's.

    27. This was an excellent short little read/listen that was completely different from anything that I've ever read before, which I think, is half the reason I liked it so much! It wasn't too out there that it was not enjoyable, just perfect really!Listening to this made me want to run out and find a bunch more Bookshots for those times that I feel like I need a quick read!Overall, I really enjoyed it and loved the empathetic main character!

    28. The Dolls is a James Patterson BookShots book. Like the other BookShots books I have read, I enjoyed the quick read. I'm not sure I could have made it through a full length book as the pacing of The Dolls was not quite lightening quick. I enjoyed the idea behind The Dolls and I enjoyed the characters, but the book seemed to linger to the end. I enjoyed the Sci-Fi aspects of The Dolls and I enjoyed the detective story. That is the reason for the four star review.

    29. Definitely an interesting concept to this story, I've never read anything on a remotely similar subject which was appealing to me. Once it got going I really enjoyed this book and was eager to find out who was behind the killings. It wasn't necessarily a let-down but I found the ending a bit lacklustre, and although it wasn't a cliffhanger the ending has frustrated me cause there was no comeuppance for the killer and the wrong person went down for it. Doesn't take away from the story though.

    30. Creepy concept. What if dolls that are so realistic they are indistinguishable from humans really existed. And, what if someone was controlling those dolls, bending them to his/her will. What would happen? The Dolls centers around one possible scenario. The book is chilling and will send goosebumps up your spine. And the chill doesn't stop when you read the last page. Once you finish the book, you can't help but wonder what else these dolls could do.

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