The Lilac Bouquet

The Lilac Bouquet

Carolyn Brown / Jan 22, 2020

The Lilac Bouquet Come hell or high water Emmy Jo Massey will have a wedding After three generations of Massey women with children out of wedlock she wants the whole town of Hickory Texas to witness the legitimacy

  • Title: The Lilac Bouquet
  • Author: Carolyn Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Come hell or high water, Emmy Jo Massey will have a wedding After three generations of Massey women with children out of wedlock, she wants the whole town of Hickory, Texas, to witness the legitimacy of her union with Logan Grady But dream weddings aren t cheap So she accepts a highly lucrative stint as a home health assistant to retired realtor, and town recluse, SethCome hell or high water, Emmy Jo Massey will have a wedding After three generations of Massey women with children out of wedlock, she wants the whole town of Hickory, Texas, to witness the legitimacy of her union with Logan Grady But dream weddings aren t cheap So she accepts a highly lucrative stint as a home health assistant to retired realtor, and town recluse, Seth Thomas a decision her great grandmother Tandy is dead set against.Seth isn t happy about it, either The eighty two year old doesn t want a babysitter much less a Massey something he makes clear when Emmy arrives at his house, an empty mansion built for the woman who broke his heart But as Emmy stays and the two eventually open up to each other, she learns the reason behind a feud between Seth, Tandy, and Logan s grandfather Jesse Grady that goes back six decades She also uncovers a secret that forever changes how she sees her past and her future

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        Hi I m twenty five years old and movie star gorgeous The camera added thirty plus years and a few wrinkles Can t trust those cameras or mirrors either Along with bathroom scales they are notorious liars Honestly, I am the mother of three fantastic grown children who ve made me laugh and given me story ideas than I could ever write My husband, Charles, is my strongest supporter and my best friend He s even willing to eat fast food and help with the laundry while I finish one chapter Life is good and I am blessed Reading has been a passion since I was five years old and figured out those were words on book pages As soon as my chubby little fingers found they could put words on a Big Chief tablet with a fat pencil, I was on my way Writing joined reading in my list of passions I will read anything from the back of the Cheerio s box to Faulkner and love every bit of it In addition to reading I enjoy cooking, my family and the ocean I love the Florida beaches Listening to the ocean waves puts my writing brain into high gear.I love writing romance because it s about emotions and relationships Human nature hasn t changed a bit since Eve coveted the fruit in the Garden of Eden Settings change Plots change Names change Times change But love is love and men and women have been falling in and out of it forever Romance is about emotions love, hate, anger, laughter all of it If I can make you laugh until your sides ache or grab a tissue then I ve touched your emotions and accomplished what every writer sets out to do.I got serious about writing when my third child was born and had her days and nights mixed up I had to stay up all night anyway and it was very quiet so I invested in a spiral back notebook and sharpened a few pencils The story that emerged has never sold but it s brought in enough rejection slips to put the Redwood Forest on the endangered list In 1997 Kensington bought two books for their Precious Gems line Two years and six books later the line died with only four of those books seeing publication But by then Avalon had bought a book and another, and another Ten years later the list has grown to thirty nine Last year Sourcebooks bought the Lucky Series which is in the bookstores now They ve also bought The Honky Tonk Series which will debut with I LOVE THIS BAR in June and will be followed by HELL, YEAH, MY GIVE A DAMN S BUSTED, and HONKY TONK CHRISTMAS.Folks ask me where I get my ideas Three kids, fifteen grandchildren, two great grandchildren Note I was a very young grandmother Life is a zoo around here when they all come home In one Sunday afternoon there s enough ideas to keep me writing for years and years Seriously, ideas pop up at the craziest times When one sinks its roots into my mind, I have no choice but to write the story And while I m writing the characters peek over my shoulder and make sure I m telling it right and not exaggerating too much Pesky little devils, they are I have a wonderful agent, Erin Niumata, who continues to work magic and sell my work I m very lucky to have her and my editors who continue to believe in me.Happy reading


    1. The age-old question of 'where do I come from?' is what drives this tale of a young woman determined to live-down her family heritage even as she seeks to discover it. It was interesting to discover that this story has the distinction of being both an early work and a later work by the author so there is a feel of her early writing and also the maturity of her latest writing efforts. I would also like to point out that regular fans of Carolyn Brown might go in expecting her usual light, fun down [...]

    2. Every time I start to read a new Carolyn Brown Women's Fiction story I think that there is no way she could ever outdo the previous story. Once again Carolyn Brown has proven me wrong. I just loved this book! I think it is now my absolute favorite! The author's characterization skills are phenomenal. She has the knack of being able to make her characters very realistic. No cookie-cutter characters here. They are not all sweet and full of fluff. No there are some mean ones, some very stubborn one [...]

    3. The Lilac BouquetBy Carolyn BrownThe town of Hickory is rife with rumors and secrets that go back more than sixty years. The impact they have on the lives of the people living there, along with a love story, family feud, a new outlook on life and the discovery of long lost family form the basis of this story.This story grabbed me within the first few pages. Emmy Jo is the central character in this story. She takes a job as an assistant to Seth Thomas, the town recluse to help pay for her wedding [...]

    4. 2.5 stars Overall, this was just ok for me. I didn't really connect with the characters. They were so full of spite and hateful to each other and their respective grandkids. And one was a preacher! Then, wham! - all is forgiven! This also has some holes in it with timeline and so on that I hope gets fixed before it is actually published.**Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.**

    5. Five stars: An amazing tale of secrets, love, loss and living life to the fullest.Tandy is furious at her great granddaughter Emmy Jo. Emmy Jo has gone and taken a job working for the reclusive Seth Thomas. There has been bad blood between Seth and Tandy for over sixty years. Emmy won't back down because she is determined to have her dream wedding, even if Tandy doesn't like her fiancé. Emmy will prove to the town once and for all that a Massey woman, after three generations of children born ou [...]

    6. I've been reading some real mediocre books lately so I figured it would be better to venture out and read something with a little more substance.I've read CB before and have enjoyed her books. They're well written with a decent story that I can lose myself in for a few hours after the kids have gone to bed :) I wanted to rate this more than 3.5 stars but in all honesty, I couldn't get past one of the characters. Tandy (Emmy Jo's great grandmother) was a real bitch 60 odd years ago and she's stil [...]

    7. I always enjoy one of Brown's amazing cowboy romances but this was the first contemporary romance of her's that I've read. She was as fabulous in this as in every other book of hers I've read. The humor and romance that you have come to expect from her stories are here along with a pretty good mystery. While I did miss the handsome cowboys, Logan was pretty darn outstanding. Wow, just goes to show that CB might be getting even better with age.

    8. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was so elated to get a book. As Carolyn Brown is one of my favorite authors, I couldn’t believe my luck at getting the opportunity of reviewing an advanced copy of The Lilac Bouquet. Confession time- the first time I read through it, I forgot I was supposed to review it. I was so engrossed in the story, I just didn’t look at from an “I need to do a write-up for this” aspect. So I waited a bit and reread it, and it was still so good, I got even [...]

    9. Nobody does Women Fiction better then Carolyn Brown! The Lilac Bouquet just about killed me! I cried buckets! My heart hurt for Seth and Mary, Nora and Matthew went through. Her Women Fiction book especially The Wedding Pearls, The Lavender Sky and now The Lilac Bouquet make me so emotional and cry that I sometimes forget that this is the same author that made me snort ice tea when reading Wild Cowboy Ways, Darn Good Cowboy Christmas and The Red-hot Chili Cook Off. I I finally got smart and now [...]

    10. With 77% of reviewers giving this offering 5 stars I was greatly disappointed in what I found. Having read nearly half of the book I simply could not continue. So-called Christian people who are bigoted, judgmental, unforgiving, and condescending seem to make up the bulk of a rather large cast of characters. The heroine, if you can call her that, demonstrates a complete disregard for Christian morality by secluding herself with her fiancé to play bedroom games as often as she can. Thankfully, t [...]

    11. Come hell or high water, Emmy Jo Massey will have a wedding. After three generations of Massey women with children out of wedlock, she wants the whole town of Hickory, Texas, to witness the legitimacy of her union with Logan Grady. But dream weddings aren’t cheap. So she accepts a highly lucrative stint as a home health assistant to retired realtor, and town recluse, Seth Thomas—a decision her great-grandmother Tandy is dead-set against.Seth isn’t happy about it, either. The eighty-two-yea [...]

    12. This was a solid, entertaining book. I enjoyed the feisty main character and it wasn't overly heavy on the romantic stuff. There was a little mystery to it (who was the grandfather? what was the source of the long-time feud?) and the supporting characters were also interesting. The narration was good and seemed to capture the personalities of the characters.

    13. I downloaded a copy of this book from NetGalley to review. First, I hate the cover. Yes, it is nice but I expected more from Montlake Romance. To this reader, it looks like someone went and purchased a stock photo, threw on some text and that was it. The cover is generic and does not show any promise to a good story. I should have taken my opinion of the cover and not wasted my time reading this book. I found problems with the story very early. First problem. In location 729 it states the follow [...]

    14. What a sweet story! Small towns can be wonderfully supportive while at the same time cruel. The author does a great job showing both sides of Hickory. I also liked the characters: Tandy as a no-nonsense head of the family and her great-granddaughter Emmy Jo. My favorite character was Seth, an octogenarian who made something of himself against all odds. I look forward to listening to more of Carolyn Brown.Go Cards! L1C4!!

    15. With a family history that includes three generations of Massey women having children out of wedlock, Emmy Jo Massey is determined to have a big, formal wedding with as much as possible of the town of Hickory, Texas in attendance. Raising the money for the big wedding includes taking a two-month job as a home health aide to town recluse Seth Thomas.Her great-grandmother, Tandy, is absolutely opposed. She wants the child she raised when her granddaughter died going nowhere near Seth Thomas. Of co [...]

    16. Great read. Pulled me in from the beginning. I love a good mystery or cozy mystery. Emmy comes from a line of strong women that have made mistakes and continued their reputations of being on the wrong side of the tracks. Set in a small town where everyone knows everything before you even do it, the story is about a young woman on the verge of getting married. Her family has been at odds with her love's family for generations and both sides oppose the union. Emmy is determined to marry not only f [...]

    17. I think I have become a book snob. This is the type of book I loved to read in my free time back in high school. Not very deep or profound. But it was an easy read, fairly predictable and I loved the two main characters. Seth an 82 recluse that lives in a huge mansion by himself and the whole town avoids him. And then Emmy Jo the young girl hired to take care of Seth after he had hip surgery. Emmy Jo is doing it for the money to plan the wedding if her dreams. The whole town thinks she is crazy [...]

    18. Couldn't finish. The story did not hold my interest. Didn't like the characters. Much ado and spite about nothing. Boring.

    19. This is a good book if you like a happy ending. I do like a happy ending. It wasn't too sappy, and I enjoyed the sass of the females throughout the story. The backstory was interesting, and helped to carry the plotline.

    20. Must Read! So I've read several books by this author and have enjoyed them all however, this by far my favorite. Maybe it's because I fell in love with Emmy Jo and Seth or because I have a soft spot for the elderly and a high sense of right and wrong and I loved how Emmy Jo was so passionate about the injustices that Seth and his family suffered at the hands of others. It's a great story about love, friendship, kindness and forgiveness.

    21. While the ending was sweet, and I really loved Seth, something about this book wasn't really working for me. This felt like two teenagers (but they're in their 20's) confusing a mutual love of sex and cheeseburgers for actual love. And the rest is people who spent a lifetime holding a grudge and living full of hate. Overall, the story wasn't particularly moving, but wasn't terrible.

    22. The Lilac Bouquet takes all the best parts of author Carolyn Brown and spins them into a historic romance. Past and present collide when one woman sets out to change her future. A feud that began with a broken heart has left it's mark on six generations of Massey's and Grady's. Can one determined woman break the spell of tragic heartache that began so long ago and still achieve her own happy ending? A sweetly penned story of forgiveness and redemption that brought tears to my eyes.

    23. This was the essence of life in a small town, where families have lived for generations and everyone knows everyone else's business. I loved the characters who are all about what Carolyn Brown writes about. She gives us feisty, sassy female characters of all ages, who know their own mind and live their lives accordingly. But she gives them heart and soul at the same time. Her strong male leads are the right balance for her female leads. Emmy Jo Massey is determined before she marries the love of [...]

    24. Lovely story for the ages.Carolyn Brown is a fantastic author of books about cowboys but The Lilac Bouquet is a beautiful story of a young girl who is raised by her great grandmother and has always called names by kids in school because she has no father. Now she is a grown woman going to be married and wanting to find out all the secrets held by her great grandmother band two old men who knew each other their whole life but don't talk and haven't for sixty years.A beautifully told story that wi [...]

    25. Book InfoPaperback, 302 pagesExpected publication: March 28th 2017 by Montlake RomanceISBN 1503943550 (ISBN13: 9781503943551)Other Editions (3)Source:Netgalley EARCBuy book fromB&NBOOK BLURBCome hell or high water, Emmy Jo Massey will have a wedding. After three generations of Massey women with children out of wedlock, she wants the whole town of Hickory, Texas, to witness the legitimacy of her union with Logan Grady. But dream weddings aren’t cheap. So she accepts a highly lucrative stint [...]

    26. I bought this book on spec at an Audible sale. It was a quick read and I found it to be entertaining. The characters were mostly well done, though I thought more about Jesse and his take on the whole situation would have added to the story. I was a little annoyed at the religious aspect included in the story, but didn't think it was too much. Not everyone even attends church. I was completely gratified that the church goers were portrayed as hypocrites in relation to Mary Thomas. It does no good [...]

    27. I really enjoyed The Lilac Bouquet. Carolyn Brown always writes books that I enjoy reading and this one was no different. In this story a young girl becomes the assistant to an elderly man as he is healing from surgery. This is a small town so everybody knows each other and there are some long held disputes that cause three of the characters to hate each other. The elderly man is a rich recluse and people are afraid of him but when the main character goes to take care of him what she discovers i [...]

    28. WOW! Where do I begin? This is the first book that I have read in a long time, that has pulled my heart strings. From the moment I started reading this book I was captivated. The characters were so real and developed, emotions were strong and raw. The spit fire Emmy Jo and recluse Seth were in for a grand ride and the twists and turns pulled the reader in deeper as each word was read. I can not praise this book enough. It was a good feeling light read that told the story of how one simple act st [...]

    29. I would describe this story as "cute and sweet". Emmy Jo is a precocious young woman, and saccharine "cute" with the way she talks to the old codger "Seth". It becomes transparently obviously where this story is going. She's in love with Logan. Her great grandmother hates Seth and Logan's grandfather, and Emmy Jo has made it her mission to find out why. As a Christian, who loves Jesus, it upsets me when I read characters who are not only preachers-- but Christians-- who hold so much hate in thei [...]

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