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Vanguard Jack Campbell returns to the world of the New York Times bestselling Lost Fleet novels with a new action packed military science fiction series that explores the founding of the Alliance and the men a

  • Title: Vanguard
  • Author: Jack Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781101988343
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jack Campbell returns to the world of the New York Times bestselling Lost Fleet novels with a new action packed military science fiction series that explores the founding of the Alliance and the men and women who fought to create it Earth is no longer the center of the universe After the invention of the faster than light jump drive, humanity is rapidly establishJack Campbell returns to the world of the New York Times bestselling Lost Fleet novels with a new action packed military science fiction series that explores the founding of the Alliance and the men and women who fought to create it Earth is no longer the center of the universe After the invention of the faster than light jump drive, humanity is rapidly establishing new colonies But the vast distances of space mean that the old order of protection and interstellar law offered by Earth has ceased to exist When a nearby world attacks, the new colony of Glenlyon turns to Robert Geary, a young former junior fleet officer, and Mele Darcy, a onetime enlisted Marine With nothing but improvised weapons and a few volunteers, Geary and Darcy must face down warships and ard soldiers or die trying As battles rage and pirates take an increasing toll throughout the colonies, the only hope for lasting peace lies with Carmen Ochoa, a Red from the anarchic world of Mars, and Lochan Nakamura, a failed politician They have a plan to lay the groundwork for mutual defense that could someday grow into an alliance But if their efforts don t succeed, the growing power of aggressor worlds could turn regions of space founded on freedom into battlefields between the first interstellar empirese first interstellar empires

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        Jack Campbell is a pseudonym for American science fiction author John G Hemry.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information John G Hemry is an American author of military science fiction novels Drawing on his experience as a retired United States Navy officer, he has written the Stark s War and Paul Sinclair series Under the name Jack Campbell, he has written four volumes of the Lost Fleet series, and on his website names two forthcoming volumes He has also written over a dozen short stories, many published in Analog magazine, and a number of non fiction works.John G Hemry is a retired United States Navy officer His father, Jack M Hemry, also served in the navy and as John points out was a mustang John grew up living in several places including Pensacola, San Diego, and Midway Island.John graduated from Lyons High School in Lyons in 1974 then attended the US Naval Academy Class of 78 where he was labeled the un midshipman by his roommates.He lives in Maryland with his wife and three kids His two eldest children are diagnosed as autistic and suffer from Neuro immune dysfunction syndrome NIDS , an auto immune ailment which causes their illness, but are progressing under treatment.John is a member of the SFWA Musketeers whose motto reads The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword, but the Wise Person Carries Both.


    1. 2 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2017/06/24/I really wanted to like my first venture into the military sci-fi of Jack Campbell, but sadly it was just not meant to be. To be fair though, Vanguard is the first book of The Genesis Fleet, a new prequel series to Campbell’s The Lost Fleet which I have not read, so it’s possible that I may be missing some of the context required to fully appreciate this book. Still, to the novel’s credit, I also think it was set up to be a perfect [...]

    2. Iskreno rečeno moram reći da sam malo razočarana ovom knjigom. Pitka je i akcija, kada je ima, je odlična i drži pažnju ali ono što se dešava između akcija joj.Priča je ok, malo klišeirizana ali služi svrsi ali gde me knjiga gubi su sami likovi. Oni jesu fino napisani ali interakcija između likova je tako kruta i jednodimenzionalna da skoro boli da se čita. Sada ne znam da li je to bio problem i ranije kod mister Džeka ali to nije bolo oči pošto su pretežno svi bili vojnici a o [...]

    3. Things are changing. . . the discovery of the jump drive has led to massive expansion of human colonization. And a breakdown of the social order where old Earth might be obeyed.One character is the only former naval man on one colony threatened by a ship for protection money. Two other characters were stranded by pirates among the other passengers, and find their rescuers as rapacious. One just is trying to escape her past as a Red, from Mars. Conflict and troubles, involving a boarding party, a [...]

    4. Jack Campbell is one of my favorite military Sci-fi authors. I am a big fan of his “Lost Fleet Series” and its various spine-off series. This new series, “Genesis Fleet” is set in the time before the “Lost Fleet”, in other words, it is a prequel to the “Lost Fleet Series”.War weary Earth refuses to be the policeman of the universe any more. Without a universal policeman to keep order, the pirates and two-bit plundering dictators are in full force. The four main characters to emer [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book. It's not perfect. But it was entertaining enough. My main complaint about the first few volumes of the Lost Fleet, which were the first of this author's books that I read, was that it didn't really focus much on the people, and instead focused more on the numbers and the battle maneuvers. This books is pretty much the opposite, which I quite enjoyed. It has a sort of dystopian feel to it, rather than the military sci-fi that Jack Campbell is most well known for. And I [...]

    6. An excelent start to a new series set centuries before his Lost Fleet work. Not beholden to knowledge of the previous books to enjoy, but with a few easter-eggy references to the themes of the predecessors that reward the long-time reader.

    7. I liked the original Lost Fleet novels, so I keep trying Campbell to see Sigh. OK plot, standard lectures on management techniques, cringeworthy romance. Apparently only Gearys are worth noting in history. Nope.

    8. full disclaimer: I LOVE Jack JG Campbell Hemry.whenever I read a book and rant "why didn't they write this" or "Why did they write that?!" Jack Campbell comes along a short time later and delivers the book that I asked for as if he had my house bugged by the NSA. Also he is ON FIRE! popping out best sellers twice a year like a coked up 25 year old. end disclaimer.Vanguard. Value for time/money. well worth the read.-yes this is a prequel, and it has the traditional weaknesses. the parents / ances [...]

    9. I am going to admit I was a little lukewarm to the idea of a prequel series set at the beginning of the Alliance in the Gearyverse. I wanted more Geary or more Drakon/Iceni; after all, we sort of already knew that the Alliance was successfully founded - where's the fun in that when we knew the outcome?Was I wrong. wow! Vanguard is more of the same that we came to expect from those other novels - and when you're talking the Gearyverse - that is not a bad thing at all. We're introduced to the Gear [...]

    10. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/As much as I loved the Lost Fleet series (all of them) this fell a bit flat for me. Likely the narrator from the Audible version I listened to had something to do with it. But it was a case of too many characters, not enough interesting action, and people I just didn't care to follow. As well, a lot of it felt like something I have read before in a Campbell book, just rejigged. Things picked up in the end nicely but it was a hard slo [...]

    11. Good start to a series by the great Jack Campbell, I still prefer the lost fleet series. looking forward to his next book.

    12. This is an read and great for people who have read the other books, by Jack Cambell as it fives a backdrop, to his Genesis series, but saying that, though I did enjoy the book, I didn't gel with the characters,

    13. 3.5 starsRead this review in its entirety at The Book Nympho       If you have enjoyed Jack Campbell's other series, Lost Fleet and Beyond the Frontier, and Lost Stars,  Genesis Fleet will feel familiar. The writing style, space opera and military strategy all line up with the others. Vanguard is the beginning of the world, a prequel. The politics swing from democracy to dictator, not unrealistic to life, without finding a happy medium. The good guys and bad guys are clear but people can be [...]

    14. In this pseudo-prequel to the Lost Fleet series, Jack Campbell takes the action back hundreds of years to a time of great change. Humanity has recently perfected the jump drive, the first practical FTL transportation, and thanks to this, new colonies are popping up everywhere. At the same time, the new transportation networks are causing the collapse of the old order. Earth is no longer capable or willing to be the arbiter of peace in this chaotic new world and it's become increasingly apparent [...]

    15. Fans of The Lost Fleet series and its progeny should enjoy Vanguard. Although Rob Geary seemed like a copy of John "Black Jack" Geary, just in different circumstances, the other characters did not seem like carbon copies of other Campbell characters. Jack Campbell writes battle scenes as well as anyone. He puts his protagonists into seemingly impossible situations as many authors do. Campbell's solutions are far more plausible (or less unbelievable) than most authors. I knew that Rob Geary was u [...]

    16. I truly enjoy reading series novels, especially space opera. But when you get to ten to fifteen-plus novels in a universe, it is daunting to try to start reading that new author. Fortunately, sometimes authors make it easy.Vanguard is the first book in the new Genesis Fleet series. Well-known author Jack Campbell is taking a break from his best-selling Lost Fleet/Lost Stars series to go to what amounts to a "prequel series". This is perfect for me because I don't have to ALREADY be familiar with [...]

    17. Audiobook Story: B, Narration: A Not a review, just some thoughts for personal reference. Spoilers. This is a prequel to the Lost Fleet/Black Jack Geary books that go back to the days of the declin/withdrawal of Earth (and the old colonies) from space affairs and the turbulent early days of the new colonies. The story tells how idealistic independent colonies become prey to more aggressive forces and realize they need to work together to thwart the growing threats. We even see the birth of the S [...]

    18. Another spin-off from Jack Campbell's 'The Lost Fleet' series, with this one taking place centuries before the events of those novels (and their own other spin-off series'), back when mankind has omly just begun to colonise the stars.Like the intial series (and it's first set of spin-offs in the 'Beyond the Stars' series), the main character in this is once again a Geary: like his descendant, a fleet officer in the Navy who just happens to be the only such on the brand-new colony world of Glenyo [...]

    19. Overall a very enjoyable book. Nothing really stands out to make it great, and it has a few shortcomings that bring down the overall quality of the novel, but it's still a good read.*SPOILERS AHEAD*The only issue that I have with the book is the ending. Not just for the sheer injustice of the council's "reward" for it's two heroes (which made me quite angry with that group), but rather how it was done. Yes, this is the kind of thing that can, and I dare say does, happen in the world. People do g [...]

    20. Jack Campbell goes back into starfaring exploration history with a new series set hundreds of years before the events in his "Lost Fleet" series. For me, this seemed kind of like a way for him to reboot the series, stepping away from the massive scale battles that the series ended with, and returning to a much smaller theater which allowed him to focus on developing new characters. Just one strange issue with this, however. It seems that some of the characters are direct ancestors of the protago [...]

    21. First ReadI won this book as part of a Goodread's giveaway and was delighted to do so.I tend to go through phases of reading different genres, my current favourite being historical fiction, so I was pleased to have the opportunity to read something different. I've never read hard scifi or military scifi before, concentrating instead on reading over 250 Star Trek books and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book.I'm not going to say too much in case I reveal spoilers by mistake, [...]

    22. For anyone that has followed my reviews in the past, either here, at SFFWorld, or over at Walker of Worlds, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet books featuring John ‘Black Jack’ Geary, both the original series and his Beyond the Frontier sequel series. And while I haven’t reviewed them I was also very much into his Lost Stars series that occurred during the same timeframe as the Beyond the Frontier books, but focused on the Midway star system after the collapse of [...]

    23. In the Vanguard (hard from Ace) of the land rush following the discovery of a faster-than-light drive, brings a lack of interstellar law. Neither the original colonies , nor Earth want to enforce any regulations the new colonists expect. Jack Campbell starts his tale on the new colony world of Glenlyon which finds itself threatened by another colony that had bought discarded destroyers to get tribute from weaker worlds. Robert Geary, former fleet officer is asked to help defend his new home and [...]

    24. A terrific start to a series in Sy-Fy land. Poor little Glenlyon the only town on a newly colonized planet. When the Scatcha, dark mean Empire from Star Wars planet comes a-calling there are not defenses, especially in space. Rob Geary a former Old Earther (yes that's us) volunteers to defend the planet with a small little nothing of a ship, and he wins.Meanwhile there are other characters in this story that are going down the well from different planet to freedom, yet they rudely tricked into a [...]

    25. I didn't think I would like this series so it took me awhile to give it a try. Turns out I was wrong, I do like the series. I thought it would be close in time to the Lost Fleet series but it is not. It is set many years before that series and it gives it a fresh feeling. I love the three main characters. Robert Geary, a young former junior fleet officer, Ninja, a computer hacker and Mele Darcy, a onetime enlisted Marine are on a planet that has just recently been colonized. When danger comes th [...]

    26. The prequel to The Lost Fleet, Vanguard starts to pave the way for the books in the Lost Fleet series while absorbing the better parts of Lost Fleet and Beyond the Stars.Action starts instantly, dropping the reader straight into an buildup to the climax, and although there are a few parts where the plot goes flat, the epic battle at the end leaves readers in suspense, albeit all too brief, and sets the scene for future books.While not entirely as advertised on his webpage, Campbell does a good j [...]

    27. It took me a little while to get into this book, but I ended up enjoying it. I thought it was an entertaining read and the plot was mostly engaging. The characters were a little flat at times and I wanted a bit more character development. Having said that, I did still like them. I haven't read the other series set in the same world, so I don't know how they relate but I didn't feel like I was missing anything significant, if that makes sense. Basically you can read this without reading the other [...]

    28. 3.5 stars.As a fan of the later Fleet books and offshoots I definitely wanted to read this book. Campbell has started to write a series on Mages and Mechanics, but the first book didn't grab me. My hopes was this book would bring me back to the entertainment value I had prized in the original Fleet books.It did so partially. While the work was handled with the same skill and story telling of the original, it also felt perhaps too much like the original Fleet books. In particular, the characters [...]

    29. Pretty weak I thought and not up to the standard of the other books.Very slow to start as we are introduced to characters and their life views and they are all a bit clichéd to be honest. As is the action to be honest, smart good guys being far cleverer than the bad guys and constantly overcoming incredible odds.Basically in the future law has broken down the further from Earth you get, the new colonies are finding that they have to protect themselves but have no funds or military capability. T [...]

    30. I would honestly say 4.5 stars only because in an older series the author made an in story joke about how science fiction sometimes made things magically work out and this time it felt like that's exactly what was happening in certain scenes but at the same time given the setting and the state of the universe it all really does make sense and then the story is awesome anyway. Loved the book. I have read the author's last work in Lost Fleet and Beyond The Frontier, both of which are. Favorites of [...]

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