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Isprinsessan Huset var dsligt och tomt Kylan tr ngde in i alla vr r En tunn hinna av is hade bildats i badkaret Hon hade b rjat anta en l tt bl aktig ton Han tyckte att hon s g ut som en prinsessa d r hon l g En i

  • Title: Isprinsessan
  • Author: Camilla Läckberg
  • ISBN: 9789170013928
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Huset var dsligt och tomt Kylan tr ngde in i alla vr r En tunn hinna av is hade bildats i badkaret Hon hade b rjat anta en l tt bl aktig ton Han tyckte att hon s g ut som en prinsessa d r hon l g En isprinsessa Golvet han satt p var iskallt, men kylan bekymrade honom inte Han str ckte ut handen och r rde vid henne Blodet p hennes handleder hade f r l nge sedan sHuset var dsligt och tomt Kylan tr ngde in i alla vr r En tunn hinna av is hade bildats i badkaret Hon hade b rjat anta en l tt bl aktig ton Han tyckte att hon s g ut som en prinsessa d r hon l g En isprinsessa Golvet han satt p var iskallt, men kylan bekymrade honom inte Han str ckte ut handen och r rde vid henne Blodet p hennes handleder hade f r l nge sedan stelnat K rleken till henne hade aldrig varit starkare Han smekte hennes arm, som om han smekte den sj l som nu flytt kroppen Han v nde sig inte om n r han gick Det var inte adj , utan p terseende.I debutromanen Isprinsessan f rl gger Camilla L ckberg handlingen vintertid till sin hemort Fj llbacka och l ter morden v xa fram ur sm stadsandans s mre sidor Hon tecknar ett portr tt av ett slutet samh lle d r alla, p gott och ont, vet allt om varandra och d r det yttre skenet har stor betydelse N got som under fel omst ndigheter kan bli desdigert

    Camilla Lckberg Author Fans of Camilla Lckberg s Fjllbacka series and comic book lovers alike, rejoice Celebrated comic book authors Lenie Bischoff and Oliver Bocquet now present the graphic novel adaptation of the most read book in the Lckberg series, The Ice Princess. Ice Princess Ice Princess was typical family fluff that was an enjoyable hour and escape from the tensions of real life With that in mind, it was a great success as entertainment and release from stress. Siberian Ice Maiden The Siberian Ice Maiden, also known as the Princess of Ukok Russian , the Altai Princess Russian , Devochka and Ochy bala Russian , the heroine of the Altaic epic , is a mummy of a woman from the th century BC, found in in a kurgan of the Pazyryk culture in Republic of Altai, Russia. Camilla Lckberg Jean Edith Camilla Lckberg Skld, under en period Eriksson, fdd augusti i Fjllbacka, r en svensk civilekonom, deckar frfattare och entreprenr.Hennes romaner utspelar sig i eller kring hennes fdelse och uppvxtort Fjllbacka p Sveriges vstkust Camilla Lckberg Camilla Lckberg was born on August , in Sweden as Jean Edith Camilla Lckberg She is a writer, known for Fjllbackamorden I betraktarens ga , Tyskungen and Fjllbackamorden Havet ger, havet tar She has been married to Simon Camilla Lckberg , den frie encyklopdi Jean Edith Camilla Lckberg Eriksson fdt august i Fjllbacka er en svensk forfatter.Hendes bger foregr i eller omkring Fjllbacka p den svenske Kattegatkyst, hvor hun ogs er fdt. Hun er uddannet civilkonom, og bor med sin mand og deres to brn i Enskede. Bibliografi Romaner Lckberg har skrevet ti bger i serien om Erica Falck og hendes mand, politibetjenten Vykort Birgitta Lindeblad Dttrar VYKORT Dubbelkort med kuvert , X , cm Grattiskortet Doris Visa priset Grattiskortet Felix Tillbaka Swedish Thrillers Suspense Mystery Online shopping for Books from a great selection of Crime, Suspense, Spies Politics, Supernatural, Psychological Thrillers, Historical at everyday low prices. TV Camilla Lckberg Fjllbackamorden Julen var det premir fr Fjllbackamorden en av de strsta svenska dramasatsningarna ngonsin Seriens manus r nyskrivna och Camilla Lckberg Yksityiselm Lckberg on ollut naimisissa kolme kertaa Ensimmisest miehestn muusikko Micke Erikssonista, jonka kanssa hnell on kaksi lasta, Wille niminen

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        Born in 1974, Camilla L ckberg graduated from Gothenburg University of Economics, before moving to Stockholm where she worked for a few years as an economist However, a course in creative crime writing became the trigger to a drastic change of career Her first four novels all became Swedish bestsellers L ckberg s books are always set in or around her birthplace, the small Swedish west coast town of Fj llbacka.


    1. I had heard only good things about this book, but it seems this year I'm not being lucky with my readings.In no particular order, the things that bugged me the most were:1. This is a murder mystery novel, so there are clues the protagonists investigate to resolve it. The only problem is Läckberg tells the reader the clues after everything is resolved. Yes, the reader is excluded from the investigation, i.e. the fun of this kind of books.2. There are blatant timeline mistakes. For example, check [...]

    2. First published as Isprinsessan in Sweden and in 2004, I read and enjoyed the English translation by Steven T. Murray published in 2010.Lackberg’s prose is spirited and fresh and her contribution to the Nordic Noir genre of crime fiction is well stated. Telling the story of an unusual murder in the Swedish village of Fjällbacka, with some interesting twists and turns, the author’s greatest achievement here is her crisp characterization and filling the narrative with a cast of colorful playe [...]

    3. TONS OF SPOILERS TO SAVE YOU THE EFFORT OF READING THIS HORRIBLE BOOK: Could this be worse? We have one family that runs a town and the 100% evil, snooty aristocratic mother with TWO sociopathic sons (one natural, one adopted). The natural one rapes both boy AND girl children. The adopted one sets fires and commits fratricide before the age of 12. There's a 100% piggy grope-y police chief without redeeming qualities. There's a 100% piggy, grope-y brother-in-law without redeeming qualities (he pr [...]

    4. No es una obra maestra del suspenso, pero logró mantener mi interés y la intriga por saber quién era el asesino. Además, mezcla varios otros componentes que rondan el entorno de Erica, la protagonista, como la relación que nace entre ella y uno de los policías encargados del caso y la violencia intrafamiliar que sufre su hermana (que a mi parecer no quedó suficientemente resuelta).Me gustó el estilo de Camilla Läckberg y la forma en que va presentando los acontecimientos, por ejemplo, e [...]

    5. I’m shocked. The cover of this book boasts that this is an international bestseller. The back of the book says, “Ice-cold suspense from Sweden’s new Agatha Christie.” This book was not very good. Normally I’d say that maybe there was something lost in translation, but I don’t think that’s the (whole) problem.And now a list of grievances:1. It seemed like all the characters who were good guys were pretty/handsome. And the bad guys (or people you were supposed to dislike) were fat an [...]

    6. This has to be one of the worst mystery novels I've read so far. In fact, I'm not even sure if it's supposed to be 'mystery'. More like 'character discovers x clue, reader is not told what it actually contains, character suddenly reveals it much later on in a really dramatic, Scooby-Doo fashion'. And this happened throughout all the book. Then there was the narrative. In the beginning, I thought it was a translation issue. Verbal tenses seemed inconsistent, there was some really awkward phrasing [...]

    7. After finishing Stieg Larsson's fabulous trilogy, it is only natural for me to hunt for more Swedish authors writing criminal-genre novels and Camilla Läckberg happened to be the next one on the list - at least in my town library's list.It is quite funny how Swedish writers tend to write their books in a batch of three - as a trilogy and Isprinsessen - which literally means "The Ice Princess" in English is the first of the three. Another similarity with Larsson's book that strikes me the most i [...]

    8. H Camilla Lackberg είναι η νέα πολλά υποσχόμενη Σουηδή συγγραφέας της αστυνομικής λογοτεχνίας. Η “Παγωμένη Πριγκίπισσα” καταφέρνει με μέσα από την κεντρική ηρωίδα την η Ερίκα Φαλκ, μια νεαρή συγγραφέα να μας χαρίσει ένα ξεχωριστό μυθιστόρημα γεμάτο μυστήριο και αγωνία χωρίς να π [...]

    9. This was my first book by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I always like reading books set in Scandinavia and this one gave me lots of lovely descriptions of snow and beautiful Swedish settings. I enjoyed the romance between Erica and Patrik and felt it only added to the overall story. The mystery was suitably mysterious and I solved it just before the police did except that the solution was so horrible I did not want to believe it. I raced my way through this book and only put it down o [...]

    10. Se é a Agatha Christie que vem do frio não sei, até porque Christie não nasceu propriamente num país tropical. O que Camilla Läckberg fez muito bem foi inserir um crime incomum num local pacato que conhece como ninguém (Fjällbacka, na Suécia, é afinal a localidade onde a escritora nasceu), criar uma teia de personagens com passados bem estruturados e segredos recônditos, e convidar o leitor a deslindar tamanha urdidura, o que torna a tarefa de pousá-lo muito difícil. Deixou ainda pr [...]

    11. H Camilla Lackberg is a new promising Swedish author of crime fiction. The "Frosted Princess" manages through its central heroine Erika Falk, a young writer to give us a unique novel full of mystery and suspense without failing to focus on the lifestyle and values ​​of Swedish society. Love, loneliness, domestic violence, alcoholism, pedophilia presented sometimes subtly and sometimes directly around the axis of the murder of Alex, who is found dead in a bathtub by her childhood friend, Eric [...]

    12. Beginning with her 2002 novel, Isprinsessan, Camilla Lackberg has been a popular crime fiction novelist in Sweden. In an obvious attempt to capitalize on the current wave of interest in Scandanavian crime fiction in the U.S Lackberg's first novel has now been published here as The Ice Princess. Erica Falck, a writer, returns to her small hometown of Fjallbacka, a Swedish fishing village, to deal with family matters in the wake of her parents' deaths. No sooner does she arrive, though, when her b [...]

    13. Partamos de la base de que el libro no es gran cosa. Pero que si buscas simplemente algo con lo que entretenerte, cumple de sobra su función. Tiene algunos fallos que me resultarían intolerables en el caso de que me hubiera tomado esta lectura en serio, pero como no lo ha sido, simplemente me resultan anecdóticos:En primer lugar, la distribución cronológica de los hechos es confusa. Más que confusa, diría que está incluso equivocada, aunque no pondría la mano en el fuego por esta afirma [...]

    14. Now that I had a night to sleep on it, I thought I share some of my thoughts about this book. First of all, let me tell you that if you love this book, that is ok. I love some really terrible books and I am not ashamed of it and neither should you. Nevertheless, I want to talk a bit about why this book just did not work for me. When I suggested this book as a read for my Read Around the World Bookclub it was on the basis of the marketing for this book as a "hard-hitting Scandi-crime novel that e [...]

    15. Nói chung cuốn này đối với mình chỉ tầm tầm thôi, ko thật sự đặc sắc. Truyện có thể nói là hơi bị ít plot twist hoặc cũng có thể nói là hơi bị nhiều plot twist chưa đủ nặng đô :| Chưa kể mình thấy nội dung các kiểu lỏng lẻo, nghiệp vụ điều tra không được đầu tư chú trọng (đặc biệt là công tác khám nghiệm hiện trường và bảo vệ hiện trường), phá án dựa nhiều vào tình cờ v [...]

    16. Pretty dreadful. I'm not quite sure how I read the whole thing--in little bits and pieces over the semester, I think--maybe that prevented me from seeing its full lameness? Dunno. Turns out not all Scandanavian crime fiction is fantastic.

    17. Light and shadeErica Falck has returned to her home town of Fjällbacka to sort out the belongings of her parents who have recently died. But she is soon in the middle of the investigation into the death of her childhood friend, Alex, found frozen in her bathtub with her wrists slit. At first it looks like suicide, but it soon becomes clear that she was murdered. Alex and Erica had been very close as children but had grown apart as children do, and then Alex and her parents had left the town. So [...]

    18. 2,5*"Είσαι ερωτική,ευφυής,υπέροχη στο κρεβάτι,αλλά πάνω απ'όλα,και πιο πάνω κι απ'αυτό,είσαι υπέροχη στην κουζίνα.Τί παραπάνω μπορεί να ζητήσει ένας άντρας;"Αποσπάσματα σαν το παραπάνω με έκαναν να στριφογυρίζω τα μάτια μου κάθε 10 σελίδες.Στερεοτυπικές χαζομαρίτσες,κλισέ στη [...]

    19. Relembro - principalmente a mim próprio - que certo tipo de policiais abdica da acção para construir as suas personagens, com uma característica chave que guia as suas acções do início ao fim. Não esperem evolução das escassas camadas de personalidade desta gente.Também, os pormenores técnicos da investigação que deveriam ser rotineiros (como procurar os últimos números de telefone marcados pela vítima) acabam por servir de peças escondidas do puzzle ou o facto da narração se [...]

    20. ¡Mira que son raros estos nórdicos!O, como decía mi buen Obelix, ¡Están locos estos nórdicos!Ya he leído el primero de la afamada Lackberg y aunque reconozco que la ambientación y es muy, muy buena y el estilo escribiendo me gusta (sin paarse tampoco), no me he llegado a gustar por dos razones :1.- ¡¡Hombrenomejodas!!, la que se monta para al 95% se le ocurre quien es el (o la) culpable y va donde él (o ella) y sin ninguna prueba confiesa de plano¡hombrenomejodas!2.- Que son muy raro [...]

    21. Los libros de misterios y asesinatos suelen gustarme, y si está ambientado en el frío nórdico ya tiene mucho ganado. En este caso, a parte del asesinato estándar, hay muchas subtramas que abordan temas del maltrato, adicciones, abusos sexuales y se agradece que no sea todo un monotema.El desenlace estuvo a la altura, no dejó cabo sueltos y aunque se sabía que el asesino sería una mujer volcaba mis sospechas en otra persona, con lo cual ha sido muy grato equivocarme.3,5/5

    22. Scrittura fruibile e storia con degli incastri piuttosto logici, a lettura ultimata.Da salami in testa i personaggi, tagliati con l'accetta e un po' banalotti nei cliché che veicolano; si poteva fare di più anche su certi passaggi narrativi, altamente improbabili e inseriti con la sola esigenza di mandare avanti la trama.

    23. Os livros desta escritora sempre me despertaram muita curiosidade, mas só agora consegui ler um. Tem sido descrita pelos editores e pelos leitores como tendo características de outros autores de livros de mistério e crime. No entanto para mim Camilla Läckberg escreve de uma maneira muito própria. Gostei especialmente do ar casual das personagens, das dicas que deu em relação a resolução do crime e de todas as pontas soltas que deixou até ao fim para surpreender até à última página. [...]

    24. رواية بوليسية من الدرجة الأولىحبكة أكثر من رائعة، والكثير من القصص الفرعية الرومانسية والإجتماعية التي أغنت النص كثيراالرواية بتحكي عن كاتبة بتسافر إلى مسقط رأسها بعد موت والديها في حادث سيربتستقر لفترة إلى أن تسوي أمور الجنازة والدفن، في ظل هذه الأثناء بتكون هي أول من يرى [...]

    25. Ojalá éste, por eso de ser el primero, sea el peor libro de entre todos los que ha escrito esta autora hasta la fecha, porque de otra manera no entendería a qué se debe que tenga la fama que tiene y que sus libros se vendan de la forma casi compulsiva en la que se venden.Un libro del montón… y por ser benévolo. Con personajes que parecen metidos con calzador para llenar páginas y con una historia que a veces parece un despropósito; de tan aire fresco a la novela policíaca que pretend [...]

    26. I feel so lackluster about this book that it's not even worth posting a review. Maybe I would have been shocked to discover who the murderer was, if I'd had a chance to solve the mystery, but I didn't. The characters often find important clues that we aren't allowed to see (for example, finding a piece of paper with something important written on it, which we're told, but we don't know what it says). For me, that's a fail on the writer's account. When I have access to the information, and the op [...]

    27. Comencé este libro con un poco de miedo, porque sentía que sería parecido a los libros que he leído de Asa Larsson que por si queda alguna duda, no me gustaron para nada.Generalmente mi problema con las sub-tramas en libros policiales es que son completamente innecesarias y solo sirven de relleno y este hecho solo se ve reforzado en el final donde convenientemente son puestas a un lado en favor de resolver el caso. Así que fue una grata sorpresa para mí al ver que este libro tenía varias [...]

    28. I suppose that a book that kept me in bed reading all day deserves at least 4 stars. Might delve into Scandinavian thrillers more often. Yet still amazed at the quantity of coffee these Swedes drink.

    29. Het verhaal heeft weinig spanning, maar is een mooie vertelling van hoe de moord heeft kunnen gebeuren. Er is een flinke diepgang in de hoofdpersonen; ze worden goed neergezet en dat is prettig. Zo ken ik politieman Patrik Hedstrøm nu goed genoeg om deel 2 van de serie in te gaan. De verhaallijn is goed uitgewerkt, duidelijk verteld en verrassend genoeg. De tragische samenloop van drie families in het kleine dorp Fjällbacka aan de Zweedse kust is het thema. Geloofwaardig uitgewerkt en een plez [...]

    30. كتابي الرابع عشر لعام 2018💙لا يستهويني الأدب البوليسي كثيراً ولكنني قررت القراءة بعد توصيات عدة من أشخاص أثق برأيهم وبصدق أحببت هذه الرواية كثيراً و لذلك سوف أقرأ باقي الأجزاء المترجمة إلى العربية قريباً.إريكا الكاتبة المفجوعة بوالديها والتي تعاني من أزمة كبيرة مع أختها تك [...]

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