Black Hat Hacker

Black Hat Hacker

Soraya Naomi / Aug 19, 2019

Black Hat Hacker A standalone Although part of the Chicago Syndicate world Black Hat Hacker is a complete standalone and can be enjoyed either with or without reading the rest of the series You don t know me But that

  • Title: Black Hat Hacker
  • Author: Soraya Naomi
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  • Page: 349
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  • A standalone Although part of the Chicago Syndicate world, Black Hat Hacker is a complete standalone and can be enjoyed either with or without reading the rest of the series.You don t know me.But that s only because I don t want you to.I have the most lucrative job in the country as a hacker in the notorious underworld I ve built entire systems and destroyed evidence forA standalone Although part of the Chicago Syndicate world, Black Hat Hacker is a complete standalone and can be enjoyed either with or without reading the rest of the series.You don t know me.But that s only because I don t want you to.I have the most lucrative job in the country as a hacker in the notorious underworld I ve built entire systems and destroyed evidence for career advancement while stealing and exploiting data for personal gain I m the black hat hacker for the Chicago Syndicate and hold all the dirty secrets of the most powerful men in the U.S in the palm of my hands, just a keystroke away from mass ruination.However, no one knows my dirty secret, a decision from my past that s just aching to blow up in my face and shatter my future Especially when a certain wavy haired brunette begins to demand my attention with her odd ways and her carefree attitude.She s a woman who makes me go against everything I ve ever believed.A woman whom I m forbidden from having my usual one night stand with, even if she was available.A woman whom I have to keep from getting herself killed, whether she likes it or not.You don t know me, but neither does she yet Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards 2014 winner of Best Breakout Novel For Fallon Chicago Syndicate, 1.

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    1. I've been a huge fan of Soraya Naomi and her Chicago Syndicate series ever since I read For Fallon and she's still pumping out greatness. As far as mafia romance stories go, BLACK HAT HACKER definitely held its own. I've been intrigued by Henry from when he was first introduced and I was ecstatic that he was getting a book too.The author did a brilliant job with Henry's character development. Although I would have loved to get more of his background from his perspective, she gifted me with just [...]

    2. US ➜ amzn/2lj05y3 CA ➜ goo/wddPTt UK ➜ goo/MNg4cR AUS ➜ goo/6P4GipThe storyline of book 6 was:I couldn't put this book down and haven't really read anything like this before. The mix between steam, action, flow, and mystery is so intriguing without overshading the romance, which is what the story is all about. An alpha hacker, a young man who has become a high ranking member, has an off the charts hot friendship with the boss' sister. Her characters are well-developed yet again with some [...]

    3. The hacker is live!!! Free in KU. US ➜ amzn/2lj05y3 CA ➜ goo/wddPTt UK ➜ goo/MNg4cR AUS ➜ goo/6P4GipWhat a fantastic book! The alpha hacker is intelligent and dangerous and oh so sexy. He's protective and a badass hacker with a huge secret!!! The way the hero and heroine interact is witty and hot and angsty at the same time because so much is happening around them, and I feel as if I live through it. Scenes play out vividly in my head because of the author's intriguing and intricate stor [...]

    4. This is my first book by Soraya and I was not disappointed. This is a book about Mary, who is the sister to the main men in the Chicago Syndicate and Henry who is not only the hacker but the 5th of the top five men in the Chicago Syndicate. Mary and Henry have an unusual friendship that is filled with sexual tension and innuendos. Mary starts to develop feelings for Henry but he keeps shutting her out and pulling away. Henry is trying to do everything in his power to keep her safe but it seems t [...]

    5. Black Hat Hacker is a complete standalone from the Chicago Syndicate world--Soraya did a great job of making it where you won't be lost if you haven't read any of the other books in the series--but if you have happened to read the other books, it's an awesome, AWESOME addition to the series! There's lots of action, romance, and suspense as Mary and Henry, a friends-to-lovers couple, are absolutely put through the wringer, and I have to mention that this book has two heart-wrenching scenes that a [...]

    6. Wow! Soraya is true to her style of mafia men and did not disappoint with her 6th book. Although it's part of the series it can be read as a complete standalone. It's a good build up with a lot of action as you read on. It was very hard to put down.Thank you for the ARC ♡

    7. Absolutely loved Black Hat Hacker! From the title all the way through till the very end!Henry is a sexy hacker trying to fit in the role he has in Chicago Mafia. But deeper than that he wants to feel and belong somewhere. He's a dominant,protective loyal man. He thinks he can't love and doesn't want a real relationship because of a past bad experience.Mary is a beautiful sassy young lady. She has the biggest heart and because of that she finds herself in unsafe situations. She longs for a perfec [...]

    8. Wow!!!Let me start with the fact that I have been a fan of this series since the first book. With each one it seems like I use the same line - "This is my favorite one of the series so far!" Well, nothing has changed. Soraya Naomi's writing and character development just continues to improve. She knows just how to keep the story flowing you the reader hooked. All the twists and turns will leave you gasping and eager to know what happens next. I stayed up way too late finishing this one up!While [...]

    9. This has a different feel to it than the others in the series as you could read this one as a standalone. Henry is a relatively new member of the syndicate and he's a bit of a mystery an intriguing mystery. He's the hacker the computer guy but he's no geeky nerd, he's just as at home with a gun as he is behind a computer. Mary and Henry have chemistry in spades but their relationship is full of ups and downs. Henry has a big secret that the syndicate can't find out about, if Mary finds out they [...]

    10. I love Soraya and her Chicago Syndicate series. Soraya really has this genre of mafia romances down to science - she excels at writing these books. And Black Hat Hacker just adds to her awesome collection.Black Hat Hacker can be read as a standalone and be just as amazing. We met Henry is previous books but we never knew much about him other than he's an exceptional hacker. Mary is the sister of Adriano and Carmine but isn't much involved in the syndicate business. She's enrolled in college but [...]

    11. Awesome, AWESOME Soraya another brilliant addition to the series, Mary and Henry story just had so many twist and turns in it, had me grip to find out how it would all end, have no fear you get no spoilers here, I would recommend this book to everyone plus the rest of the books in the series. PRE-ORDER LINKSUS: amzn/2l2CrprUK: amzn/2kGFUhHCA: amzn/2lBf3mbAU: amzn/2lhgCp1

    12. ARC provided by author for an honest review.Reviewed by Melissa.This is book 6 in the Chicago Syndicate series. That being said it is the first that I have read. Did I fell the need to have read the other five novels first? No, I found I was able to figure it all out as I went. There were plenty of details given about the different characters that you were able to following along. I will go back now and read the other five though. I crave to find out more about the head men of the Chicago Syndic [...]

    13. Wow!!! This book is truly amazing! It grabs you from the beginning and just won't let go! Twists and turns. Rollercoater ride full of emotions. A very in depth of characters and details. The plot was fabulous!Alpha Henry, a black hat hacker, is not only sexy as hell but has a tremendous secret. One that could cost him the woman he loves as well as his death by the Chicago Syndicate that he works for. He's very protective over his loved ones.Fiesty Mary is the little sister of Adriano, the head o [...]

    14. Once again, the next book in this series is a hit! Henry and Mary are full of passion, adventure and danger at every turn. The chaos is what makes this a great book. It is part of a series, but it can be read alone. Suspense throughout! Book was gifted to me.

    15. This book was AMAZING. I've wondered about Henry from the other books in this series. He will not disappoint. Mary is his boss's little sister and his "friend". The sparks fly when Mary and Henry are together! I couldn't put this book down!

    16. I haven't read any books by Soraya Naomi before, so this was a real surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, even though I had never read any of the previous Chicago Syndicate stories. Ms Naomi wrote this book in such a way that it can be easily read as a standalone. Her descriptions and details allow for a new reader to follow what has previously occurred and get stuck into the current story. To me, that's a sign of good writing, as you are not "forced" to read the earlier books in the series.I [...]

    17. Five Fabulous Stars! This is the sixth book in the Chicago Syndicate Series and be read as a stand-alone novel. Henry is fifth in command with the Chicago Syndicate and he is also the resident Black Hat Hacker. Mary is the sister of the number one and number two men in the Chicago Syndicate and she is a beautiful, kind-hearted woman. Mary and Henry are good friends but there is a spark between them of something more. Henry would like more then a friendship with Mary but he keeps pushing her away [...]

    18. I have loved Soraya's books for a long time. I didn't think anyone would come to close to my favorite book boyfriend of her series (Luca)but BOY does Henry come close.Henry was a foster kid who didn't have the easiest life growing up. After being taken advantage of by a woman, Henry decided he'd rather be with computers than people. He has a hard time trusting people and believing in good things, mainly love. He's a hard worker though and he has done a great job working his way up through the Sy [...]

    19. OMG! OMG! OMG! I cannot get enough of The Chicago Syndicate! These men are HOT, HOT, HOT! I don't know how Soraya does it, but boy she writes the best mafia men and women with amazing storylines that keep you turning pages!!! Her writing has you feeling it all! There are so many twist and turns you never see coming and this story was full of them. This book is a standalone, but having read them all I got to see how much Henry has grown. He is now much more vocal, a rising member in the Syndicate [...]

    20. Ahh yes! Let me begin by saying I did the happy dance while waiting in the school pick-up line when I got this book!! Oh how I love them, yes it may mean I have no life and I am sad- EH that's ok, as long as amazing authors such as Soraya Naomi keep writing me these fantastic books I am happy to stay in fiction land!Wow, where do I start? The author IMO did an excellent job giving this standalone enough detail, for those who have not been fortunate enough to read previous books to understand the [...]

    21. I have found my new book boyfriend!!! Henry is Black Hat Hacker for the Syndicate. He's jaded and goes through alot of woman. But has never promised them anything. Then he meets the Boss's little sister Mary and his life as he knows it changes,and he's not sure why. Mary has a way of getting into trouble for the right reasons and Henry's always there to bail her out even when she doesn't want him to. Through there friendship something grows between them. But there are forces against them. Will t [...]

    22. Absolutely loved this book. It's the first Chicago Syndicate book I've read but that didn't matter. I didn't feel like I was missing anything at all other than wanting to go back and read the others hoping they are half as good as this was. There was plenty of action and suspense to keep me interested. Some twists I didn't see coming. Henry and Mary were perfect for each other. The easy friendship they shared and the push and pull they had with each other was great. I definitely recommend this b [...]

    23. Loved it!I have read all the other books in the Chicago Syndicate and could not wait to finally read the Hackers story. I was surprised of his background and and the twist that came with.nt want to give any spoilers. I wasn't sure how i felt about Mary at first she was a little annoying, but she proved to be a strong h. I like seeing how Henry grew as a person and Mobs next head guy.Its always nice also reading what the others form the series was up to.I know it can be read as a standalone but i [...]

    24. Soraya has done it again. I never can put her books down. Henry is so darn sexy. I love this Chicago Syndicate series. I can't wait for the next one. No spoilers hereat means you have to go read this one too for yourself!

    25. Henry and Mary's story much continues within the syndicaten't want to give any spoilers but our questions are answered and wow just wow Henry and Mary's story goes deepry very deep.d just when you think you have it figured out you get blasted out of left field and realize there's so much you are still learning alwAys can't wait for more!

    26. I received this as an ARCAnd as always Soraya did NOT disappoint!! An amazing author. Couple scenes had me in a major panic! I will not spoil the fun. Can read alone but I suggest reading them All. I love this series and have reread them several times. I wish I could give a 10 star rating!!!!

    27. "When he loves, he loves hard and at all costs,"****4.5 Stars***I read a lot, and these past few weeks I have been in a never ending book funk! Until Black Hat Hacker was placed on my lap. My eyes were glued to the pages, my heart was racing, it felt as if I was watching a movie! Black Hat Hacker was a hot thrilling suspenseful novel! Henry was the guy that always kept to himself, hiding his inner demons of his past. While working with Adriano, his boss. He sets sites on his loving sister Mary. [...]

    28. AMAZING!Soraya is a new to me author, and this is the first book I have read of hers This book is part of a series, but it can be read as a stand alone. I wasn't lost while reading this book, and I can say that I WILL be buying and reading the rest of the series. The story is as romantic as a mafia story can be, I couldn't put the book down and read it within a day, which was quite a feat as it is a long book - needless to say I didn't get much adulting done. I absolutely loved the characters, a [...]

    29. Love love loved this book! If you're looking for suspense, drama and holy hotness then this book is for you. Henry is such a sweet bad ass Black Hat Hacker that I was drawn to immediately. He has secrets that slowly make their way out as you get further into the story and I like having the point of view of both him as well as Mary. Who's Mary you ask? well she is the sister of the leaders of the a Chicago Syndicate and yeah she has feelings for Henry but tries to fight them as much as possible. [...]

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