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Breaking Monsters lurk where you least expect Charlotte has always felt ordinary compared to her two best friends at the prestigious Weston Preparatory Institute Not enigmatic and daring like Ariel or beautifu

  • Title: Breaking
  • Author: DanielleRollins
  • ISBN: 9781619637405
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Monsters lurk where you least expect Charlotte has always felt ordinary compared to her two best friends at the prestigious Weston Preparatory Institute Not enigmatic and daring like Ariel or beautiful and brilliant like Devon, Charlotte has never quite met the standards of the school or those of her demanding mother But with Ariel and Devon by her side, none of that matMonsters lurk where you least expect Charlotte has always felt ordinary compared to her two best friends at the prestigious Weston Preparatory Institute Not enigmatic and daring like Ariel or beautiful and brilliant like Devon, Charlotte has never quite met the standards of the school or those of her demanding mother But with Ariel and Devon by her side, none of that mattered They became the family she never had.Until the unthinkable happens Ariel commits suicide And less than a month later, so does Devon.Everyone accepts the suicides as tragic coincidences, but Charlotte refuses to believe that And when she finds mysterious clues left behind by Ariel, Charlotte is thrust down a path that leads to a dangerous secret about Weston Prep There s a reason Weston students are so exceptional, and the people responsible are willing to kill to protect the truth

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    1. Honestly? I think this was just too flippant about suicide to be an enjoyable thriller. Or likeranormal prep-school sci-fi story??? I'm not even sure what it is. But I'm rapidly realising the if you stick a whole bunch of characters in a high-achiever school you get:• girls who are cruel sociopaths for no real reason• murder• the main character will be nice and unassuming• conspiracy theories• threat of expulsion• ONE SINGLE BOY THAT EVERYONE WANTS BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE BOY ON TH [...]

    2. I was sold at prep school with a hint of paranormal, but that doesn't seem like what we got. I didn't read the first book of this series, but companion novel usually means that you don't need prior knowledge. Now I'm wondering if it would have helpedI struggled with Charlotte. I understand being upset about the suicide of your BFFs, but it felt like her inner monologue was glamorizing suicide. She kept thinking things about "not being brave enough" to join her friends in the dark. There was an i [...]

    3. *ARC provided by Bloomsbury in exchange for an honest review*This was my first book by Danielle and I am abso-freaking-lutely a fan of hers now! As soon as I read that this was a suspense/thriller type of book, I was all for it. No questions asked. The dark undertone that it seemed to ooze with every page made me too giddy for words and I wanted it to last a lifetime. Going in, I knew NOTHING about this world and I just found out that I read the 'second' book in the series. They actually seem to [...]

    4. Breaking definitely delivered the venomous thriller it promised. It was short, sharp and shiny. I managed to whizz through it in one evening, the very night that it appeared on my front door. It helped that the beginning was edgy and drew me in but I will say that it didn’t quite manage to perfectly pace the intensity throughout the story. Maybe because of the character’s mild reactions to the twists and revelations? I understand why they acted like they did but their passivity really dampen [...]

    5. DNF at 17%. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.I am really sad about this. I loved her first book in this series, and when I saw this book would be a book set in the same universe + boarding school + mystery? I just had to have it. I just needed to read it.Sadly, I can't like Charlotte, I wonder how she is even still at that school, if it is so prestigious as it is said it is. Then again, I can do a good guess and I think the word we are looking for is money. :|S [...]

    6. Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.While BREAKING certainly met its goal of being a thriller, I was mostly disappointed with the book. The hints of the supernatural were disappointing and though it kept my interest, there were too many questions left unanswered for me to be completely satisfied with the read.To be fair, I read BREAKING in one sitting. It kept me completely glued to my seat, and I was desperate to know how it ended while I was reading it. Once I finished and thought abou [...]

    7. Win (sort of). Ah. I loved every second of this book too and could not put it down! I hope there are going to be more in this series. And if you haven’t decided that then please do decide. I want more! ANd if you read this book you will too! Brilliant series so far!

    8. I received this from Netgalley in return for an honest review2.5 Stars.Charlottes' two best friends committed suicide and she want to find out why. While packing up her things in her dorm after being 'asked to leave', the private and prestigious boarding school she attends, she discovers a bottle with the instruction 'drink me' so naturally she does. This turns out to be one of three clues and so she convinces her mother and the dean to give her one last shot. What she doesn't tell them however [...]

    9. *3.75 Stars*I was provided an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Charlotte’s two best friends both killed themselves in the last few months. She is obviously devastated but she’s also certain that something was up with them… Just before being asked to “take some time off” from school, she finds a clue that one of her friends left her. That clue is labeled 2/3.After packing and deciding to give up, she changes her mind and wants to go back to school to figure the whole t [...]

    10. The book "Breaking" by Danielle Rollins was all in all a very dramatic and interesting book. It is about this girl named Charlotte that had always been a distant and quite person. Charlotte didn't live up to the other kids that went to their school. Neither did Ariel or Devon that's why they all got along. But next thing she knows both of her best friends have committed suicide and she has no idea why. But she finds a bottle that was from Ariel and she drinks what was in it. Soon she starts to l [...]

    11. While I enjoyed the characters that Danielle created, the story did not have that pull I'd expect to go along with the mystery aspect. Overall, it's a forgettable story that I wanted more from.

    12. I devoured this book. The pacing was intense and the story drove me to keep reading. I read with horror, with tears and with curiosity. I loved the characters and I'm quite excited to read the sequel because I assume with that ending, there will be a sequel.

    13. Super quick read and easy enough story to follow. It was slow to build up speed. I had to get about 60% through before something really happened. The ending felt rushed and maybe a little predictable but it read like a stand alone. I'm slightly curious about the next book.----When I requested this ARC, I did not know it was the companion novel to Burning. It does not read like a companion novel so I can say if you choose to read this without reading the other, you will be okay.Charlotte, the MC [...]

    14. I don't know what compelled me to request this book. I hated the first book, which isn't a good start. I think it was the cover, or the synopsis, or maybe I just decided to give the companion novel the benefit of the doubt. Breaking, however, did not land high enough on my scale to either make me enjoy the book or save it from its predecessor's fate. I didn't like Breaking. I thought it was glamorizing suicide. I thought it was over-dramatic. But, most of all, I thought it lacked the umph nece [...]

    15. Last year I read a very creepy and fascinating book called Burning. So when I received the companion novel last week from Bloomsbury Australia, I couldn't wait to read it.Charlotte attends a prestigious boarding school because her mother is a very busy doctor who travels a lot. Weston isn't the ideal home, still she's managed to make two friends who are more like family. But when Ariel and Devon commit suicide within a month of each other, Charlotte's left all alone and with so many questions.N [...]

    16. You can find this review and others on my blog shades0fpaper.wordpress "But I dream of the woods again. Shadows and laughter and running. Searching for the two people I can never find."Ugh, I really was considering whether writing a review of this book or not, because honestly? I feel like I don't know what to say about it. Did I enjoy it? Probably. Did it blew me away? Definitely not.The thing with this book and what made me buy it in the first place was the cover and because I wanted to read s [...]

    17. 3.5 StarsHERES WHAT I LOVED:The dark and gritty, almost fairy tale-like quality of Ariel, Devon, and Charlotte. It almost read like magical realism with a sci-fi twist. I adored the dreamy, twisted idea of them being archetypes of fairy tale princesses whose mothers either abandoned or neglected them and all they had was a sisterhood. Yes, that. Yes.The characters are imperfect. In fact, they arent even really likable for the most part. The more Charlotte reminisces about Devon and Ariel, the mo [...]

    18. 4.5 Stars'Breaking' is an incredibly well done YA thriller that fans of the genre are going to devour. Mysteries and thrillers are at the top of my favorite genres, and by this point it's a bit hard to fully capture my attention. This book grabbed me right from the very beginning and sucked me into Charlotte's world. I ended up reading the entire novel in one sitting. I loved all the twists and turns, the secrets and lies, and the supernatural aspects the author included. It made the story uniqu [...]

    19. This was my first book by Danielle Rollins. Breaking is the companion novel to Burning. I did not read the first book in this series, but this companion novel almost seems like it could stand alone and does not need prior knowledge. I really wanted to like this book. It had all the ingredients and making of a 5-star YA thriller/mystery, but it just came up short. The characters were not fully developed. With Charlotte being the main character, she was the one to be the most developed. But, even [...]

    20. *Thanks to NetGalley and Bloomsbury Children's Books for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.*'Breaking' tells the story of teenager Charlotte Gruen, a senior at Weston, a private boarding school for privileged and talented students. I notice that in the description of the book, it says that Charlotte attends The Underhill Preparatory Institute - not sure if the name of the school was changed after that was written? Neither here nor there. Breaking is a companion book to 'Burnin [...]

    21. I received this ARC from the publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review. Breaking is the exciting follow-up to Danielle Rollins' Burning! Though, it's considered a companion novel, I would still recommend reading Burning first. There will be characters and events from there that will be mentioned in this one that without prior knowledge of them, it might leave you a bit confused. I found Breaking to be a bit more.erious t [...]

    22. Reviewing this from the perspective of my teenage self (though that is becoming far away and long ago): A fast-paced read, Breaking mixed realistic fiction with a bit of the supernatural. (Characters may or may not die from being burned alive--from the inside out.) Character development was a bit lacking--I didn't find myself caring much about them. But all in all, it was fun and easy and had stuff teens would probably like: make-out scenes, teens "being bad," adults being evil/"the enemy," a my [...]

    23. Breaking by Danielle Rollins is a young adult novel that is scheduled to be released on June 6, 2017. Rollins writing style is very addictive, capturing your attention and holding on till the very end. The plot line is very intriguing yet sad at times. The story is about Charlotte who is a very quite person who is somewhat of a loner. She just isn’t like the other kids at her school. Neither is Ariel or Devon which is why they always get along. Soon the story takes a sad and dark turn when bot [...]

    24. DNF 15%I usually attempt to at least get halfway through a book before I put it down, but there were two things about Breaking that irked me. TW//suicide mention, rape1. This book romanticizes suicide.Though it's not as bad as some other YA books I've read, it still treats suicide as something scary/taboo, and cool, which is not a viewpoint anyone should support. It made me uncomfortable. Not only that, but the main characters personality traits were a) defiant, and b) apathetic, which just did [...]

    25. This one was entertaining enough but I was really losing interest towards the last 40%. I think it took so long for answers to finally start coming to light that I was just getting bored and ending up skimming from page 250 on. :-/ I do think the concept was great but the pacing was just off for me.

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