Sex, Lies & Nikolai

Sex, Lies & Nikolai

R.J. Lewis / Aug 25, 2019

Sex Lies Nikolai Poverty is a bitch and life isn t a fairy tale College was never in my cards Jobs will never come easy to find There is no Prince Charming itching to rescue me I m completely alone destitute and des

  • Title: Sex, Lies & Nikolai
  • Author: R.J. Lewis
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  • Page: 212
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  • Poverty is a bitch, and life isn t a fairy tale College was never in my cards Jobs will never come easy to find There is no Prince Charming itching to rescue me I m completely alone, destitute and destined to struggle until the end of my days Destined to be sucked into a world of debt because as much as I m pushing away the only option that sits in front of me, it s tPoverty is a bitch, and life isn t a fairy tale College was never in my cards Jobs will never come easy to find There is no Prince Charming itching to rescue me I m completely alone, destitute and destined to struggle until the end of my days Destined to be sucked into a world of debt because as much as I m pushing away the only option that sits in front of me, it s truly the only one I haveNikolai is my only hope Problem is, he s a dangerous Russian with a questionable past, and I find out soon enough just how far I must go to earn his help.

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        New York Times and USA Today bestseller, R.J Lewis, is the number one bestselling author of the Ignite series and the Loving Lawson series She was born and raised in Ontario, Canada She did a bit of travelling, residing in Western Australia for six years, before returning to Canada and settling down in Vancouver with her family.In her spare time her hobbies include travelling, reading, savouring every moment with her family She has been writing all her life and looks forward to sharing her stories with readers who are interested in character growth and romance of the unconventional kind For news on upcoming books, you can follow her on facebook rj.lewis13


    1. As usual, R.J. Lewis delivered a great story! I love dark romances. Captivity, coercion and blackmail are the types of themes that have me making one-click purchases. When I read the blurb for this book, I knew it'd be right up my alley. 'Sex, Lies & Nikolai' proved to be "softer" than I'd anticipated, while still conveying the bleakness of Alina's situation. Struggling to survive from one day to the next, Alina is forced to take drastic measures when her junkie mother robs her blind and aba [...]

    2. 4 STARSR.J. Lewis delivers a solid read in the heart of poor area our heroine works in a deli type store where the dangerous and sexy Russian, Nikolai Sokolov is the only thing interesting in her life. Alina’s mother is a junkie and is completely unreliable and so she is her five year old sister’s only source of love and money. When her mother leaves Alina doesn’t have many options before they are thrown onto the streets. She decides to approach Nikolia for a loan but what she gets is a pr [...]

    3. It's really strange when I rate a book this high. I know this book it's not going to be for everyone and that's ok. I loved loved the heroine and if my friends know me well they know I get annoyed really fast with the heroines in books. Like I said I loved this heroine I felt her struggles caring, providing and protecting her 5 year old sister. When I started reading this book I was crying reading the h's inner dialogue her struggles she rather go hungry and she went hungry than to let her baby [...]

    4. 3 StarsOverall Opinion:This was ok. I liked it more than I thought I would, but the abrupt ending really ruined it for me. There was not nearly enough time with them as an actual couple and them not hiding their feelings/desires for an actual relationship. It was like they danced around each other, had their "arrangement" (view spoiler)[she slept with him for money (hide spoiler)], then they love each other and get HEA epilogue. There wasn't much in between. We also got some time jumps between t [...]

    5. I'm not sure where to start with my review of this book on one level it's a dark depressing read Alina is twenty-two and her life is bleak, every minute of every day is a struggle she was born and raised in abject poverty and there's no way out, she struggles to earn enough to cover the bills and rent, she's always hungry and looks like a junkie. Her mother is an alcoholic and totally unreliable leaving Alina to look after her five year old sister Scarlett. To say her life is depressing is a hug [...]

    6. Another one added to my DNF shelf that I tried and tried to finish but couldn't. Alina grated my nerves so damn bad. At 66% I'm waving the white flag. Ugh! Usually I love RJ Lewis but this one didn't work for me:(

    7. I can't get enough of R.J Lewis's books. Every time I think that she can't get any better, she surpasses my expectations.The real life struggels weaved with just the right amount of danger, with an added touch of sinister characters and an unlikely budding romance make for a great story.I know that Nikolai is a fictional character, doesn't mean i can stop dreaming. I want that man for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between!I lock eyes with the woman that’s been plaguing my thoughts [...]

    8. GTFU @ 75%Sorry I just kept waiting for an actual storyline that didn't involve her screwing him and feeling like a whore afterward but still taking his money.

    9. "The best of the best" This was a beautiful love story between two very damaged people. I cried and cried and then cried some more over the tragic situation Alina and her little sister Scarlett had to endure. Hungry and poor, working so hard trying to make ends meet when those ends were growing longer by the minute. Little Scarlett wearing shoes that were to small causing blisters on her feet. It literally broke my heart. Nikolai has not had a easy life either. Being a ruthless killer for the Ru [...]

    10. RJ Lewis is just that author that never ever let's me down. I can always count on her books for pretty much anything. I LOVED this book! I was completely clued to my kindle for hours. There's a lot of truth to her words in This story, and knowing it had some personal references to her past made it more real and devastating, but just as addictive as ever.RJ writes the most addicting characters. I love them, I hate them. I'm confused, happy, She takes you on these rides and this book was know diff [...]

    11. I'm sitting here after reading this book straight for six hours and I am just speechless right now.I don't have the words right now. The raw emotion just screamed from the pages and I cried about a dozen times. It's not an emotional kind of read that will exhaust you. It's the kind of crying when you feel connected to another person, like watching a family member go thru hell and not being able to do anything about it. That was alina for me. I've never read a story where I was so hooked on the h [...]

    12. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Alina): 22yrs old Hero (Nicolai): late 20s?Plot: 5/5Grovel: none neededCheating: noneHEA: yes!Triggers: child abuse (no explicit details)Average score: 5/5Best Line: “I refuse to be a sad story passed along and torn apart.”Worst Line: “You’re officially a whore, Alina.”Personal Review:This was a terrific emotional romance about a woman trying to support her younger sister with no money and a ex-mafia man who will do [...]

    13. 3.5 starsSex, Lies & Nikolai was an ok read for me. I really wanted to love it because I did love Nikolai and Alina. I understood Alina's issues and my heart broke for her situation. I loved them together, but I guess for me I just needed more. So much was centered around the arrangement that I think by the time it turned around it was to late in the story. I did love the HEA because hey I'm that kind of girl. I will definitely read more from this author because I do love her stories.

    14. I'm a huge fan of this author's work!! This one was good just a tad slower than I like. The premise was interesting but given the storyline I wanted just a bit more drama. I look forward to more from Ms. Lewis!!

    15. RJ Lewis is a natural born story writer. I got so immersed in the story. It felt as if I was there, watching it, feeling the emotions and the struggles. Both the H and h are believable characters with a tortured past, trying to get themselves out their bad situations. Nikolai is very likeable character. He is strong, manages to leave his ex-mafia life behind and really into Alina. Alina the sole carer of her younger sister Scarlett is trying hard to make ends meet, dirt poor and leaving on scrap [...]

    16. I would have to give this book 4.5 stars, I really like this author and this book did not disappoint. You have Aliana who is trying to make it int his hard world while caring for her little sister all the while doing it by legal means while some try to turn her into doing illegal things. Nikolai is grwat, he is an alpha male who is intrigued with Alenia and wants her for himself. Nikolai knows Alenis's phlight and tries very hard to help her but what he asks for might justbe to much for her to g [...]

    17. I skimmed thru KU. I stopped around 50% mark. I needed more emotions between the MC. The writing didn't engage me.

    18. 3 STARS Not a bad book, just couldn't get into it, I think it was just bad timing. *Ratings might change if I reread it.

    19. I love everything RJ Lewis, and this is possibly my favourite of all her books, and it's a standalone, (which I think is a first for her), and it's a dual POV which is my favourite. I pretty much read this book in one sitting, I was hooked from the first page. Both Nikolai and Alina appear to be exact opposites, but they have so many similar traits, they are both stubborn, they both lie to themselves and each other, and they are both extremely loyal and passionate. This beautifully written story [...]

    20. That was surprisingly good, actually.When you pick up a book just because the title made you laugh, you're not bound to have high expectations. Especially, when it's about a Russian ex-mafia guy, who owns a pawn shop and an incredibly poor girl. Talk about cliche. But, as I said, the romance was much better than expected mostly because it was so more touching and softer than the other books that deal with such themes usually are. I even cried twice because of Alina's desperate situation and I ho [...]

    21. 4.75I loved it. I've read some of her works but this is the one i liked better.And the H he really is one the best. I'm so glad the author didn't make a series out of this story.

    22. First and foremost: (view spoiler)[ I consider this book a safe read. Neither Nikolai or Alina were virgins. They both had very sad and sordid pasts, and were not virgins by a long shot. Yet when they were together they bad both been celibate for some time. Alina had not been with anyone in 5 years and Nokolai had not been with anyone for what I deciphered as 2 years. There is discussion about their sexual pasts, but not with each other, more so an internal dialogue. They are only with each othe [...]

    23. ★4 Stars★I am such a big fan of this author. Every time a new book is released by her, I get excited! Because I know I'll be in for something dark, dangerous, sexy, possibly heartbreaking, and really really good - this book delivered on all fronts. Alina, Nikolai and little Scar made for the most addictive read I've had in a while. The daily encounters Alina and Nikolai had immediately made me itch for more. He was so mysterious, she was so tough - and learning more about them both made this [...]

    24. I wasn't a big fan of this one, well actually I wasn't a fan at all.The heroine at first glance seems like she is doing all she can to survive.But I had so many problems with this story.She lives in the worst parts of town, her mom is a junkie, she is the keeper of her baby sister, she works for some russian that barely pays her but she is so beautiful. Why not strip?She herself admits she isn't afraid of any job, so she skips the stripping and goes straight to prostitution, and the way she acts [...]

    25. I can't even speak right now. I feel like ive swallowed sand. if you're a mother, this book will hit you hard. it made me look at my kids and just sob because I cant imagine going thru that pain but if I did I know id do as alina did and no matter how hungry I got id put them before me.

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