Night Watch

Night Watch

Josh Lanyon / Aug 18, 2019

Night Watch Three years ago investigative reporter Parker Davidson barely survived a brutal attack by his psychopathic ex boyfriend It s given him a dim view of romance When Parker s ex escapes from a maximum sec

  • Title: Night Watch
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Three years ago investigative reporter Parker Davidson barely survived a brutal attack by his psychopathic ex boyfriend It s given him a dim view of romance When Parker s ex escapes from a maximum security prison, LAPD Lieutenant Henry Stagge is tasked with making sure that Parker doesn t end up a victim a second and final time Most cops believe Parker got what he deserThree years ago investigative reporter Parker Davidson barely survived a brutal attack by his psychopathic ex boyfriend It s given him a dim view of romance When Parker s ex escapes from a maximum security prison, LAPD Lieutenant Henry Stagge is tasked with making sure that Parker doesn t end up a victim a second and final time Most cops believe Parker got what he deserved, but over the course of a few very tense hours, Henry begins to wonder if there s to Parker than he thought Second chances happen in the strangest places and at the strangest times.

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    1. 3.5 stars. Mini review posted August 28, 2016I sat down beside him on the sofa. “Henry, did anyone ever tell you you’re a really nice guy?” “Sure.” He sounded amused. “I’ve heard that a few times. It’s code for dull.” I shook my head. “Anyone who thinks decency and reliability and kindness and courage are dull is an idiot.” “You sure woke up on the right side of the bed. Don’t worry. I know who and what I am. I’m okay with being dull.”I whispered, “I hate myself f [...]

    2. Hard to rate because of the length of it, but still kept me completely entertained for the entirety of the short story. So 4 stars it is.Obviously I'd like more. When wouldn't I?The story itself is so very Lanyon. Which I love. Amateur sleuth, hulking cop love interest. The whole nine yards. Except in this case it's more like 2 yards because of the length.Still, wonderfully written and awesome. No such regrets spending the money on my favorite author.----Josh Lanyon: the only author I would give [...]

    3. Despite the short length, and the story practically happened within one night (?) but this was one of those moments where it totally clicked with me, you know? It felt very contemplative and personal. I was reading Parker and Henry's conversations like my life depended on it. When I read it, I felt like I was listening to an intimate midnight radio show, where I ended up thinking a lot about life choices, including the dark side of being human. The ending was typical Lanyon, a spark of hopeful n [...]

    4. Sometimes, I'll find myself reading book after book feeling like I'm missingmething. I can't pinpoint it. I can't describe it. And then I read a Josh Lanyon book, and all is back on track. It's like Lanyon is my laser beam to find my way back to enjoying books. I'm not quite sure what the magic is. It could be simplye amazing writing. It could be that Lanyon's words just DO IT for me. It could be that I have confidence in what I'm gonna get and I am so rarely disappointed.Night Watch was a "lase [...]

    5. Lanyon. What do I say about this one that is any different than what I say about the others? Even the ones that aren't 42 pages?It is torture. It is never enough. And they always freaking end like that. But, I love it, I always come back for more even when I KNOW it is going to go down like this.When I saw 42 pages I just knew I was screwed.I was. It was worth it. Good stuff. I will just have to use my imagination to see what would maybe happen next.

    6. Before reading Josh Lanyon, I had a love-hate relationship with short stories. Some of them stuck with me, had a lasting impact (whether I wanted them to or not), but usually in an unpleasant way. It seemed that short stories, like literary fiction, had to end on a dark note, or a melancholy note, or a knowingly noir note. They reinforced the sadder and darker sides of life. There were times when I loved that, my more cynical times. And finally times when I avoided short stories almost altogethe [...]

    7. An emotion-packed story with thought-provoking message. I can wholeheartedly recommend this.To say it shortly—I wish we had more Parkers and Henrys in the world. People who have seen bad things happen but who still believe in empathy, compassion and kindness. People who still care and who still hope. People who believe that doing the right thing is worth all the effort. People who still believe in love.

    8. Wow, I really liked this and as usual with a Josh Lanyon book, I was left wanting MORE! It wasn't anything like I expected though. This was just really a great, short little book. If there would have been a little bit of sexy times, it would have been perfect.Off to search if there is a Christmas coda for Henry and Parker!UPDATE: There is a coda. Yay! Although my heart almost didn't survive this update!joshlanyon/2016/1

    9. Wow. Such a short story but it tells so much, beyond the elements of the crime, and into the mindset of these two lonely men. Loved decent honest Henry and his insight: Here’s what I think. I think there’s a little bit of darkness inside all of us. I think there are times every one of us has to fight to keep that darkness at bay. And I think part of how we keep the dark at bay is by looking out for each other, taking care of each other. Loving each other.

    10. This is what I love and made me fall in love with Lanyon short stories that are too short and yet just long enough to make you feel fulfilled but leave you wanting more. Lanyon's short stories are like that one dinner where everything from the food to the company to the atmosphere was perfect but you can never quite recreate it Man and Ugh. I really REALLY hope this is just a taste to what we will get from Parker and Henry as this read like a wonderful beginning to long series that I desperately [...]

    11. As chapter one of a longer book, yes. On its own - no. Lanyon's ability to create an intriguing set-up is certainly in evidence, but the ideas and situations don't have space to go anywhere. So, a romance is shoe-horned into a day and a night; the suspense situation that's been built up in the first few pages is demolished harmlessly within a paragraph. Now I know there are some short stories that work well as vignettes - heavy on atmosphere, and with unresolved endings - but Josh Lanyon doesn't [...]

    12. I enjoyed this short story of a reporter under protective custody because his ex-lover, a serial killer, has escaped from prison. As Parker and his police lieutenant body guard drive through the desert to a deserted house where they hole up, hoping the killer will be captured, we learn Parker's back story and see the gradual unfolding of attraction between two decent men who have been grieving their pasts. Lanyon is an excellent writer who knows how to move a story forward and express the nuance [...]

    13. It's amazing how much emotion and insight Josh Lanyon can pack into a short story, the sharp focus on a character's life that makes that character feel so very real, and how every little detail is so well placed to mirror, at least to some extent, the character's inner feelings: bleakness, doubt, regret, but from that emerging hope and love and a new beginning.

    14. My one complaint, it was too short, would have been great to have this as a full length novel with Parker working on the release, realising how he has been played, the breakup, the fallout, and then this.

    15. I have a hard time giving shorts more than 3 unless they're extraordinary or really hit my specific likes, but this is definitely one of Lanyon's better shorts. Parker is an investigative reporter who moved heaven and earth to free the man who became his lovery to find out that Ricky really was the killer everyone thought he was. So at the time the story opens, when Ricky has escaped, he's naturally gunshy about the idea of love. Enter his police protector Henry. There's only really the three ch [...]

    16. This was too short. 2.5 stars rounded to 3I liked the characters but didn't have enough space to really appreciate them. The premise was quite interesting. I would have loved a more detailed account of how Ricky and Parker met, how the psychopath managed to deceive Parker, how and if he had killed all the alleged missing persons and victims. I wanted to wallow a bit more in Parker's anguish and self loathing and fear of his ex-boyfriend. I wanted to breathe in the misery of not feeling safe and [...]

    17. bianchianita1971/2Credo davvero che questa sia la prima volta che un romanzo di Josh Lanyon mi lascia non del tutto soddisfatta. Vi spiego: la storia parte in maniera molto intrigante con un giornalista investigativo che viene posto sotto la protezione di un poliziotto taciturno, dopo che il suo ex (uno psicopatico omicida che ha tentato già di eliminarlo) evade di prigione. I due trascorrono un giorno e una notte in un bungalow nel più assoluto deserto, imparano a conoscersi, a fidarsi e capi [...]

    18. This book is very introspective, by choice I believed, the result was the classic Josh Lanyon story with a slightly different flavour. The book began in the middle of the story, interspersed with back stories every now and then. The tone, for me, felt slightly distanced and not very personal. But it also felt very real and uncompromising. It was tense to read due to the anticipation but (view spoiler)[there were no actions to be found here, in either directions. As the bad guy ran for Mexico, in [...]

    19. Oh, I want more. I want to know what happens between these two when they leave the cabin and go back to LA.I have read quite a few novellas recently that cried out to be made into full length novels and this was certainly one of those.I think the relationship between these 2 could be so hot.Had it been longer than it would have been a 5 star read for me.

    20. More of a vignette than a complete short.What was there was decent, I guess but there was just not enough there for me to have a real opinion of it other than I don't feel it was worth the $2.99 that I paid for the story.

    21. It's unclear to me why anyone would rate a book lower because of it's length. This is a very short book, with only 65 pages in it. It took me less than an hour to read, but every minute I was riveted as the book told the story, in flashback of how Parker was duped by this attractive killer who almost killed him. After escaping from prison, his whereabouts unknown, it is decided that Parker needs protection from the police. Henry volunteers. The story, as they head up to Parkers cabin in the high [...]

    22. 4 StarsWell, that was not what I thought it would be; I'm used to there being some level of drama, action or suspense in a JL story. And while there was some suspense, there was little to none of the others. Instead, we get an introspective character piece that I really liked, too! Breaks my heart that someone so dedicated to social justice got burned that way - that someone took advantage of a good man's trust and love. Kinda awesome that it turned out to be an equally moral and dedicated cop t [...]

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