The Goat

The Goat

Anne Fleming / Feb 26, 2020

The Goat When Kid accompanies her parents to New York City for a six month stint of dog sitting and home schooling she sees what looks like a tiny white cloud on the top of their apartment building Rumor says

  • Title: The Goat
  • Author: Anne Fleming
  • ISBN: 9781554989164
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Kid accompanies her parents to New York City for a six month stint of dog sitting and home schooling, she sees what looks like a tiny white cloud on the top of their apartment building.Rumor says there s a goat living on the roof, but how can that be As Kid soon discovers, a goat on the roof may be the least strange thing about her new home, whose residents are both sWhen Kid accompanies her parents to New York City for a six month stint of dog sitting and home schooling, she sees what looks like a tiny white cloud on the top of their apartment building.Rumor says there s a goat living on the roof, but how can that be As Kid soon discovers, a goat on the roof may be the least strange thing about her new home, whose residents are both strange and fascinating.In the penthouse lives Joff Vanderlinden, the famous skateboarding fantasy writer, who happens to be blind On the ninth floor are Doris and Jonathan, a retired couple trying to adapt to a new lifestyle after Jonathan s stroke Kenneth P Gill, on the tenth, loves opera and tends to burble on nervously about his two hamsters or are they guinea pigs Then there s Kid s own high maintenance mother, Lisa, who is rehearsing for an Off Broadway play and is sure it will be the world s biggest flop.Kid is painfully shy and too afraid to talk to new people at first, but she is happy to explore Manhattan, especially the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park, where she meets Will, who is also home schooled and under the constant watchful eye of his grandmother As Kid and Will become friends, she learns that Will s parents died in the Twin Towers Will can t look out windows, he is a practitioner of Spoonerism, and he is obsessed with the Ancient Egyptian Tomb of Perneb.When Kid learns that the goat will bring good luck to whoever sees it, suddenly it becomes very important to know whether the goat on the roof is real So Kid and Will set out to learn the truth, even if it means confronting their own fears.

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        Anne Fleming is the author of five books Pool Hopping and Other Stories, shortlisted for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, the Danuta Gleed Award and the Governor General s Award the critically acclaimed novel, Anomaly Gay Dwarves of America, also shortlisted for the Ethel Wilson poemw, a book of poems shortlisted for the BC Book Prizes Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize and The Goat, a novel for children Her non fiction has been published in a raft of anthologies, including Persistence All Ways Butch and Femme, Great Expectations Twenty Four True Stories About Childbirth, and You Be Me.Anne grew up in Toronto and lived in Kitchener, Ontario for a chunk of time before moving to Vancouver, where she received her MFA from UBC Her fiction has won National Magazine Awards, been commissioned by CBC Radio, and widely published in magazines and anthologies A highly regarded teacher of creative writing, she has been on faculty at both UBC campuses, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and the Banff Centre for the Arts She now divides her time between Vancouver unceded Coast Salish territory and Kelowna unceded Syilx territory , where she teaches at UBC s Okanagan Campus She likes to cross country ski and play the ukulele, although not necessarily at the same time.


    1. My video review: youtu/inCf9n7Q2JYI won The Goat in a giveaway, and am quite happy I did. It took me about half-way into the book to realise I've heard of it before. One of my professors mentioned that her friend had written a book about a goat living on top of a building in New York city. Wow you think with how niche that is I would have picked up on it earlier.The Goat was a quick entertaining children's book with a surprising amount of real life issues. Issues such as: dealing with extreme s [...]

    2. DNF. And that doesn't happen everyday.I made it 1/4 the way through it and never got into it. It is a short book, but I don't think my middle school students will make it past page 5. Confusing, too many characters, and not much happening. I bet I'll weed this book in three years with zero circulations. Boo. I put a lot of time and thought into ordering and hate when I have a bust. `

    3. A "full-length work for young readers" featuring a mountain goat living on a swanky Manhattan building, a little girl and her family visiting that building from Toronto, and a cast of oddball characters from within and around it. Short, peculiar-in-a-good-way, cute, entertaining, while managing to say some age-appropriate serious things about life without being at all heavy-handed about it. Quite enjoyed it.I do, however, have a grumpy leftist coda: I was jarred out of the book at one point by s [...]

    4. Loved this fast-moving modern fairy tale. Kind of a mix between A Man Called Ove or My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry, Harriet the Spy, and an old-fashioned children's bedtime story. Also, IMHO, it's adult fiction masquerading as a children's book.

    5. First sentence: Once there was a mountain goat who lived in New York City. Premise/plot: A goat lives on the roof of a New York City apartment building. Only a few residents have spotted the goat--and its rumored that if you do see him, you'll have years of good luck. But most don't believe the rumors are true--about the goat being real or about the goat bringing luck. But one person definitely believes, a kid named KID. Kid teams up with her new friends to find out all she can about the goat.My [...]

    6. I liked the premise of this story, but I felt the adult points of view diluted the story and will be uninteresting to the intended audience. If it had stuck with Kid telling the story it would have been stronger. Also, way too many issues going on for this short a book.

    7. Great characters. I'm not sure what the target age range is for this book. I wouldn't recommend it to many young readers because the story seems a bit over their heads. But I would recommend it to any adult who loves to read MG fiction.

    8. What a lovely book! I expected it to be charming. But I was also pleasantly surprised by the darker subjects it tackled - growing up in the shadow of 9/11, extreme shyness/social anxiety, agoraphobia, age and health issues, and so on. It's a slim volume and a lighthearted story, but packs quite a punch between the lines.

    9. A rumoured goat on the roof of a New York apartment and girl named Kid determined to find it lead a cast of characters, residents of the apartment building, atypical to those I usually find in juvenile novels. Deftly balanced between touching scenes, like a mourning son fulfilling his father's wishes and others clever and charming and even slapstick comedy involving the goat, a dog named Cat (Catherine the Great) and a fire escape. A mystery yes, but more than that, a story about facing fears an [...]

    10. Last year, I was immediately taken in with two titles from independent Canadian publisher Groundwood Books: A Boy Named Queen and Kabungo. Both of those short novels were entirely their own being, unusual and great, stayed with me through the course of the year, and ended up my on best of 2016 lists. Now in 2017 and almost halfway through, the year I think I might be able to say that Groundwood Books has done it again with Anne Fleming's The Goat: one of the most wondrous, curious, heartbreaking [...]

    11. From my blog review.A goat on the roof a New York city apartment building? That is indeed the case in Anne Fleming's The Goat from Groundwood Press. The lives of a diverse group of apartment dwellers become entwined in this short, but rich story. Using a third person omniscient narration, Fleming moves readers from one character to the next -- goat included. It may sound fantastical, but is done so convincingly that I'm ready to go look and see if there is a goat on my building's roof!

    12. In The Goat a girl named Kid moves into an apartment building near Central Park. She hears a rumor that a goat lives on top of the building, though very few have seen it. Legend says if you see the goat, you will have seven years' good luck. Kid thinks her family needs good luck, so she sets out to see if the goat is real. "Who is this book for?" I asked myself multiple times while reading The Goat. It's not for me, I knew that much early on, despite the beautiful cover and the perfect size of t [...]

    13. You might not believe it, but in New York there lives a most unusual resident upon the top of a building. Most of the tenants don't even know that it is there, and why would they think it would be, mountain goat's aren't commonly found in stone jungles. The Goat isn't just about a goat though, sure it does give this young creature's point of view from time to time, and it does explain how it got there, but really it is about a group of people who all, metaphorically speaking, see greener pasture [...]

    14. What did I think? Eh.I only read it because someone in a group had recommended it, and I guess we have different tastes in books. I only kept reading because I thought it would get better, then I was so close to the end that I just finished it.The third-person omniscient perspective is confusing, I felt it should've been first-person through Kid's eyes. And (to agree with a previous reviewer) this book deals with too many adult feelings about adulting to be relatable to the middle grade students [...]

    15. Clearly I was not the target audience for this book. I just didn't get it at all. The main protagonists are all adults; their stories stand front and center. Kid and Will are kind of on the edges of their orbits, never fully developed. They both have a briefly mentioned and briefly exhibited personal issue with which they must deal, Will's being the more serious. They both have a coming-of-age experience, but we really don't know much about them, and so it felt very false to me. We do however, k [...]

    16. This was a strange little book; while I get that it's *intended* for children (older kids, younger teens), it doesn't really *feel* like a kids book. There is delving into the deep waters of adult themes and events, and there were a number of times in the 150 pages that I thought to myself, "really, kids book, REALLY??" More than anything, this feels like a kid-friendly portion of a much larger, longer and more adult book, full of vignettes and storylines that flow through the building, taking i [...]

    17. This book started out like every other young reader novel, but with* hints at social anxiety, *phobias,* brief 9/11 mentions in a respectful and realistic way,*blind people who can do everything that seeing people can do, *a dog named cat, *a kid named kid, *a cat named fleabag,*A man struggling to recover from a stroke who likes to poke fun at his wife.*His wife who loves him dearly.* and a goat on a roof that may or may not be a reincarnation of someones dad, this book was a surprise that fell [...]

    18. An extra short loosely based mystery novel critically acclaimed with multiple starred reviews that just hit the fan for me. A girl moves with her family to the United States to be home schooled while her mother produces a play in New York City. She begins to befriend a varied cast of characters who live in her building all struggling with their own issues. They all become interconnected during the girl's pursuit to prove whether or not a rumored goat living in the building that gives good luck t [...]

    19. I will read basically anything goat related (or fox, or raven). It is a weakness. Also, the cover is adorable.However, I'm not entirely sure what was going on with this story. I would never read this as a kid, or suggest it to a kid. It's preachy with its many *many* moral messages, and tries to pack an emotional punch that it just can't pull off. And ho boy is there a lot of trauma here about loss, especially parents (the goat loses its mom, the guy who catches the goat ignored his dad until he [...]

    20. On the surface, this is an enjoyable and sweet short novel (just 150 pages) for children. Author Fleming deftly deals with some darker issues, such as Kid’s debilitating stranger anxiety, and the fact Will was orphaned as a baby when both his parents died when the Twin Towers fell. But the central themes are of friendship, love, acceptance, and courage in many different forms, and Fleming has created a sweet story that can be understood on several levels. While this is decidedly a children’s [...]

    21. The Goat is a superbly crafted novel with realistic characters and a heart warming ending. Middle grade readers will be transported to New York City where a goat is living atop an apartment building. Kid has moved in temporarily since her family is dog-sitting and her mother is starring in a Off-Broadway play. Kid has anxiety issues but manages to meet a boy who has a fear of windows. Together, they try to discover if the goat really does live on the building. Every character that the Goat inter [...]

    22. IS there a goat on the top of a ritzy New York apartment building? The rumor is that seeing it will bring luck and Kid needs some luck. In truth, all of the residents of their building need some luck, including the goat.From the completely oddball premise to each well drawn character, I enjoyed every element of this tale. Fleming blithely ignores a lot of the usual tropes in children's books. Adult characters are everywhere, the children in the story have caring parents or guardians, and there i [...]

    23. An odd but enjoyable little book about a kid named Kid, a dog named Cat, and the cadre of characters in a New York apartment building that happens to have a goat on the roof. Or does it?The book is both short and sweet. The characters are distinctive and heartfelt, and the plot while not complicated is engaging. My only real point i find myself stuck on is that while there are kids at center, this is really a story about how the adults that they interact with have their lives and outlooks altere [...]

    24. There's a goat on the roof of a Manhattan apartment building. At least, Kid thinks there's a goat. After moving into a new short-term apartment with her theater-people-parents, she hears rumors of a mountain goat and his strange choice of home. With a couple new friends from the building, she tries to track down this mysterious penthouse grazer. A wacky novella with a nice Wes Anderson vibe, with its robust cast of characters, most of them eccentric adults. Fans of Kate DiCamillo's humorous work [...]

    25. I never know what makes a children's book actually for children. The protagonist is a child, it's a short story and the language is fairly simple, but the secondary characters are adults with adult problems. Such problems as grieving the loss of a parent, recovering from a stroke, caring for a partner, professional anxiety and writer's block to name a few. I came across this book after reading an interview with the author on the 49th Shelf. I couldn't resist the description of the book about a g [...]

    26. My daughter picked this book up off the ‘New’ book shelf at our library. It has a cute little cover and takes place in a NYC high-rise (seems right up our alley). The blurb inside the front cover sounded cute so I thought I’d crank through it and pass it back to her before she even knew it was gone. The book is geared toward 9-11 year olds so maybe there’s enough action for that age reader? The storyline picked up in the last 20 pages or so as the goat chase ensues, but overall I was hop [...]

    27. Quirky NYC story about a goat on a roof so this should be up my alley, but it just didn't click for me. I didn't laugh where I think you were supposed to laugh and I really wanted more connection between the various characters. Also, with so much hinging on adult problems and anxiety (aside from Kid and Will), I'm not sure who the audience is here. Mild spoiler: I thought the most moving storyline was Kenneth who didn't go on that last trip with his Dad before he died.

    28. What an unusual book. There are different story lines that all converge beautifully, several humans who do not meet the average kid lit mold, and the viewpoint of a goat living on top of a NYC apartment building. I will recommend this to a friend who has a child with a reading difficulty, and to one of my star readers with a different point of view.

    29. A kind, wise, funny, sad, and quick-to-read middle-grade story. Although loaded with complicated characters struggling with difficult and all-too-real situations that could easily overwhelm the reader, Fleming's appealing light but matter-of-fact tone and often easy, sometimes over-the-top humour keeps it all manageable and fun. (In places I was reminded of the absurd/funny/terrible misadventures of some of Polly Horvath's characters.) Anne Fleming's first kid's book (I think) -- I hope she writ [...]

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