99 Bottles of OOP

99 Bottles of OOP

Sandi Metz Katrina Owen / Jan 22, 2020

Bottles of OOP Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it Likewise everyone has an opinion about what good code looks like but those opinions don t help you create it This book fills t

  • Title: 99 Bottles of OOP
  • Author: Sandi Metz Katrina Owen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: ebook
  • Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it Likewise, everyone has an opinion about what good code looks like, but those opinions don t help you create it This book fills that gap It explains the process of writing good code, and teaches you to achieve beautifully programmed ends by way of extremely practical means What It s About99 Bottle Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it Likewise, everyone has an opinion about what good code looks like, but those opinions don t help you create it This book fills that gap It explains the process of writing good code, and teaches you to achieve beautifully programmed ends by way of extremely practical means What It s About99 Bottles of OOP is a practical guide to writing cost effective, maintainable, and pleasing object oriented code It explores Recognizing when code is good enough Getting the best value from Test Driven Development TDD Doing proper refactoring, not random rehacktoring Locating concepts buried in codeFinding names that convey deeper meaning Safely altering code by following the Flocking Rules Simplifying new additions with the Open Closed PrincipleAvoiding conditionals by obeying the Liskov Substitution PrincipleMaking targeted improvements by reducing Code SmellsWhat Makes It Unique We are practical people We love beautiful code but we re committed to getting things done 99 Bottles of OOP enables both of these desires It teaches a practical technique for getting things done that leads, naturally and inevitably, to beautiful code.This book contains an extended refactoring, and it details the rationale behind every change It is a hands on workbook rather than a list of theoretical ideas It explains how to use the principles of object oriented design to guide, not just the final arrangement of code, but each decision about what line of code to write next.It teaches the theory of what good OO looks like, but even better, it supplies step by step guidance about how to achieve it.Who Should Read It The lessons work for programmers with a broad range of experience, from rank novice to grizzled veteran The code examples are written in Ruby, but this book is not about Ruby it s about object oriented programming and design Regardless of your background, applying these techniques will make your code easier to understand, simpler to change, and satisfying to contemplate.

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        Sandi Metz Katrina Owen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 99 Bottles of OOP book, this is one of the most wanted Sandi Metz Katrina Owen author readers around the world.


    1. This is not just a book on OOP, it’s basically a full blown OOP course you can follow along at your own pace wherever you are. The domain is so simple that anybody can grasp it in a very short time, no need to know anything about bikes - looking at you, POODR… :DThe whole thing is quite ambitious, as Sandi and Katrina say in the preface “it turns out that everything you need to know about Object-Oriented Design (OOD) can be learned from the 99 Bottles of Beer song. Well, perhaps not everyt [...]

    2. Really great book, I devoured it in 3 days. The style is very similar to Kent Beck's "Test Driven Development by Example": it describes concepts of object oriented, refactoring and good design working iteratively on a very simple exercise over several chapters (the 99 bottles of beers). I would have never thought that such a simple code could be source of so many challenges and inspiration ("horizontal refactoring" and "Flocking rules" are very interesting practices as well as kind of mindsets). [...]

    3. This is an astonishing book about OOP and good coding in general. It's great both for people that want to bring back memories but also for newcomers that just learnt coding (although they should certainly read the references that the book provides as well).

    4. Much like Kent Beck's TDD book, 99 Bottles is a chance to pair program with Sandi and Katrina. During the programming, you'll discover at least four fundamental techniques for refactoring, each of which justifies the purchase, along with concrete examples of how to apply the concepts to real code. I recommend this book to all object-oriented programmers, whether you are using Ruby (as per the specific examples in the book) or C#, Java, TypeScript, PHP, et al.

    5. Read it again after the last two chapters had been published. Fantastic book! as mentioned in previous comments this is a full blown OOP course! you may see familiar techniques in case you've been doing OOP for a while however, it totally worth reading. It's perfect to be read after the Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby (also from Sandy).

    6. If there’s any fault with little book on object-oriented programming, it’s that it sometimes feels slow—especially if you already know where’s it’s headed. But that’s exactly what makes it great. It goes through the logic of every step in the thought process—even parts that are “easier done than said.” There’s nothing left to mysterious hand-waving here.I’m going to go on record and predict that this will be a classic. It brings clarity to many of the misunderstandings that [...]

    7. Very clear writing and step-by-step walkthrough of refactoring, with explanations for why to make certain choices. If you get a chance to take her in-person workshop, definitely do that, but this is a good companion resource if you don't have that opportunity or need a refresher.

    8. The book describes a program that prints the 99 bottles song, and more importantly the detailed steps of refactoring the program. The task seems to be pretty simple, but in fact the average, basic code for the solution is far from ideal, and the book explains how to improve it. From this point of view, it's a perfect fit. I'm impressed by the detailed explanations of the refactoring process.It's also interesting to compare it with this article: fsharpforfunandprofit/pos , which describes several [...]

    9. This book has written for a pretty wide audience (TBH I think that this audience is too wide). I'm not sure that it's worth reading for experienced software engineers, there are no things that will blow your mind, but I'll definitely recommend this book for junior/middle-level devs. Please, guys, don't ignore practice! Try to write your own solution of 99 bottles and then see, how it differs from Sandi's solution. Even better if you'll be repeating refactoring step by step, as shown in the book. [...]

    10. This book is definitely among the top 3 best books about programming of all time. Sendi Metz and Katrina Owen lead you to the solution of a well know problem. Not too complex and not too shallow, just at the right level that allow them to exemplify how to make decisions about code design at every step of the way, all guided by tests. Can't recommend this enough, I will most certainly read multiple times.

    11. TDD and refactoring seem so obvious and straightforward when Sandi Metz walks you through them. This book almost convinces me to mend my evil habits and TDD everything. Almost, but not quite. Very much worth reading, but in the end I consider it another in a suite of useful techniques for developing good code, not the only way to do it.

    12. Fun and enlightening read. If you're a developer, regardless of your experience, this is a great book to have in your bookshelf. It certainly made me want to review my code and see where can I apply all these new knowledge.

    13. Great practical guide on refactoring by coding the 99 bottles problem. The explanations given for design choices are detailed enough for a relatively novice developer to understand. Reader is left with a number of easy to remember strategies for methodical refactoring.

    14. Great book – it provides a step-by-step guide for a rigid software design process. An easy-to-read and practical advice on refactoring, TDD and object design.

    15. Enjoyable writing style and very informative, for experienced and novice developers alike. It's worth having a go at the sample problem, it's deceptively not-as-simple as it seems!

    16. A very gentle and exemplary intro to OOP, even though the code is in Ruby I would recommend this book to any developer who wants to learn / refresh their knowledge of core OOP principlies.

    17. I’m fascinated by the way this book challenged many misconceptions of mine on so many levels. Sandi Metz not only writes truly elegant code, but is a fantastic guide through her mental process.

    18. I will probably do more vertical refactoring even if horizontal refactoring allows you to write better tests.

    19. Refactoring should start with baby steps, until we start to observe a pattern or we understand the problem better.Red is not a sign of failure, but something we yet understand, discover it.Trust the process, trust the recipe, they are proven.The author introduces a way to refactor codes, it's called the Flocking Rules. It may seem tedious at first but it simply let you discover the problem easily, and will save you a lot of time and frustration.Squint test lets you know if you codes have conditi [...]

    20. Still in beta but already a great book on object oriented programming. A simple song of 99 bottles is all it takes for Sandi Metz and Katrina Owen to explain the design decisions one can take to turn a piece of code into an easy to understand solution.

    21. Easily one of the best programming books I've ever read. Great overview of OOP and walk-throughs of best practices: from how to approach testing, refactoring and even naming things.

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