The Good Girl

The Good Girl

Kerry Cohen Kerry Cohen Hoffmann / Aug 23, 2019

The Good Girl EVER SINCE HER brother Mark s accidental death year old Lindsey has become the good girl good daughter good friend good student She places everyone s needs before her own Secretly though she s

  • Title: The Good Girl
  • Author: Kerry Cohen Kerry Cohen Hoffmann
  • ISBN: 9780385736442
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • EVER SINCE HER brother Mark s accidental death, 15 year old Lindsey has become the good girl good daughter, good friend, good student She places everyone s needs before her own Secretly, though, she s frustrated by her family s silence about Mark she wishes she had the nerve to tell off one of her so called best friends, a queen bee who wants the new boy at scEVER SINCE HER brother Mark s accidental death, 15 year old Lindsey has become the good girl good daughter, good friend, good student She places everyone s needs before her own Secretly, though, she s frustrated by her family s silence about Mark she wishes she had the nerve to tell off one of her so called best friends, a queen bee who wants the new boy at school for herself and she longs to ditch obligations that prevent her from starring in the school musical But instead of speaking her mind, Lindsey does something else she starts to steal and immediately wonders how good she really is.All the pressure to be what others expect fuels Lindsey s impulse to take things Each time the risk becomes greater, and each time she thinks she ll be caught Wants to be caught And then, finally, she is

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      • Kerry Cohen Kerry Cohen Hoffmann

        Kerry Cohen is the author of Loose Girl A Memoir of Promiscuity Seeing Ezra A Mother s Story of Autism, Unconditional Love, and The Meaning of Normal Dirty Little Secrets Breaking the Silence on Teenage Girls and Promiscuity as well as three young adult novels Easy The Good Girl and It s Not You, It s Me Her essays have been featured in The New York Times Modern Love series, The Washington Post, Brevity, Literary Mama, and many other journals and anthologies.


    1. "The Good Girl" is a realistic fiction novel by Kerry Cohen Hoffmann. It tells of a straight- A student who cannot act the way she wants to because of her family and her position as sophomore ambassador at school. Lindsey 's parents divorced after the death of their son, Mark, and Lindsey is forced to live with her father who does not take care of them and who is away a big part of the time at meetings, and her temperamental sister. Her mother, meanwhile, lives with her new husband and stepson i [...]

    2. My rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsThe fast-moving plot doesn't allow for extensive character development, which I would have liked to have seen more of, but its pace should appeal to reluctant readers. Although teens will find the subject matter interesting, there are almost too many issues to deal with in a book of this length. Occasionally, the conversations among the teens seem forced, but readers will likely overlook it for a plot that contains plenty of angst and a touch of romance. The book is [...]

    3. Not so good. I haven't given a book only 2 stars in a while and while I feel sort of bad doing it, it's refreshing to not read a spectacular book for once. Good Girl had a good concept: overly stressed girl finally loses it and steals from her classmates and family. Bad execution. I was expecting the stealing to reach a larger level and that the most significant steal would be a large object, not just betraying the trust of her employer. I also expected bigger repercussions like police involveme [...]

    4. I was not terribly impressed with The Good Girl. The titular Girl’s family is in chaos. Her older brother died when he accepted a ride home from a drunk friend. Parents divorced in the aftermath. Dad is a shrink who can’t notice that his surviving daughters are broken; Mom moved across the country to live with a new guy and mother his kid. Youngest sister acts out. So the Good Girl holds everything together. This is her role.But she isn’t held together, not at all. So she starts stealing. [...]

    5. This was a pretty quick read. Lindsey has always been the straight-A, good girl. She is an ambassador at school (there is only one per grade), and she hangs out with the popular Claire, so she feels well-liked. But after her brother Mark is tragically killed in a car crash, her family starts falling apart. Lindsey feels like she has to be the strong one, but after a while she has a hard time keeping up with her good girl reputation. To cope, she starts taking things, starting with money from her [...]

    6. Lindsey seems like your goody two shoes: she gets good grades, shes student ambassador for the entire 8th grade, she also is nice and respectful to her entire family. Seems pretty goody two shoey ish right? Not for long. Lindsey attends a private school in New Jersey called BCD which is for all the rich kids (it has boys at the school too not just girls.) Lindsey is trying to get over her brother Mark`s death and by getting over it she decides to steal-a LOT! She takes anything she can find in a [...]

    7. 4 étoilesUn petit livre qui se lit rapidement et vite. On y retrouve Lindsey, une jeune fille à l'apparence parfaite. Elle est la meilleure élève de sa volée, elle est populaire, jolie Mais sous toute cette couche de perfection, se cache une jeune fille torturée par la mort de son frère, petit à petit, l'équilibre précaire qu'elle avait trouvé va se fracturer. Cette perfection va se mettre à la peser. Petit à petit, elle se met à voler des objets.Je n'avais jamais vu un roman sur [...]

    8. I did not like this book. It was kind of stupid and anticlimactic, and very cliche. The description made me think that something BAD would happen, not just, "Oh look, I guess I'm not the BEST STUDENT IN MY ENTIRE CLASS anymore. In fact, my life is better now than ever!" (And yes, that needed to be all caps because they repeated it SO MANY TIMES. I get it. The title told me. Lindsey is, in fact, a GOOD GIRL.) I really don't feel like getting worse grades is quite the terrible result of stealing t [...]

    9. As I was reading this book, The Good Girl, it reminded me of the book Stickey Fingers by Nikki Burnham. The whole teenager stealing scenario is what brings these two books to have anything in common. A teenager stealing things uncontrolably because of heartache from the situation at home.I liked this book because it left me interested the whole time. You would never know what she was going to steal next, something important? something that could get her in a lot of trouble? or would it just be s [...]

    10. I really liked it!! I liked how the author made the characters and I felt really bad for Lindsey. The author did an amazing job with Lindsey and Kyle's relationship. It was a nice,short read and there were only a few parts i thought needed improvement thus,not thinking it was an amazing read but a read where i really liked it.I imagined Kyle as Ross Lynch even though it says in the book that Kyle had curly brown hair. I just imagine characters however i want to regardless of the book's descripti [...]

    11. I found this one deep in the tbr pile and picked it up b/c I needed a quick read and hoped this would be one to offer my girl reluctant readers. The premise looked promising. Unfortunately, the story did not deliver. Instead, cardboard characters, almost laughable assumptions, repetitive litany of complaints, disconnected and random scenes, and a climax that was so totally unbelievable, I am trying not to feel that my intelligence was insulted.

    12. As an adult who appreciates ya fiction, I have to say this book is pretty poorly written, dumbed down and youth deserve something a little better. I was intrigued by the idea of a teen that steals to find control in her life but I don't think it was well handled.Loose girl wasn't my favorite book, but The Good Girl isn't any better.

    13. This girl wasn't good at all. It just goes to show how one little crime can turn into a big deal. She stole 20 dollars from her dad and that's when it all started. Then she started stealing other stuff. Every time she stole something she fears of getting caught. It's almost like she wanted to be caught. Then, finally she gets caught. I'm not gonna ruin the ending but it was pretty good.

    14. The pyschological side of this book was extremely good. The author has had job experience dealing with this type of emotional problem, so she managed to make the criminal detail fascinating. However, the climax sucked. I actually reread it to see if there was more that I was missing. The back of the book, and all through the story was just a bunch of hype, because nothing happened essentially.

    15. In Tho Good Girl, you really learn how quickly a person can change, and what consequences your actions can have. Lindsey has a hard time controlling her stealing when her brother dies, mom moves away, and is faced with her first real crush. Soon everything she's worked so hard for is taken away with one phone calll

    16. Après la mort du frère de Lindsey, elle continue d'être le meilleur élève de sa classe, même si leur mère déménage pour vivre avec un autre homme en Californie. Mais au fil du temps, la belle Lindsey commence a voler et bientôt elle ne peut pas s'empêcher.

    17. Ce livre se lit très vite, mais il était malheureusement trop jeunesse pour moi. Le personnage principal est trop naïf et les événements sont assez prévisibles. Toutefois une lecture fluide que je peux conseiller à de jeunes adolescentes.

    18. Subtracting the bad language, which I really could have done without, the book was well written and very real. I could understand Lindsey's struggles and desires and her fear. The story was inspirational and I was very drawn in, hoping as she was that she would be caught.

    19. Because all girls who experience loss and lack of attention need to find themselves by acting bad. Thanks for promoting that. At least she have back the stuff she stole, but the premise still sucks.

    20. by my neighbor, another ya about a girl dealing with the break up of her family by stealing. I cried at the part I was supposed to.

    21. i love how one day shes a good girl then she starts turning into in a klepto i just love the consept of this book

    22. It was okI felt like it brushed the surface of a number of issues and would have liked to see some more exploration but maybe this book is to start the conversation

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